Cat Depot's mission is to save lives, find loving homes, and provide the resources and education to improve the destiny of homeless cats.

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Accomplishments in 2013

1. Rescued over 900 homeless cats and placed 846 cats and kittens into loving homes. 550 cats and kittens were sterilized in-house.

2. Worked with local animal welfare groups to increase adoptions and decrease euthanasia.

3. Community Cat Program:

 - Community Food Bank distributed over 11,600 lbs. of dry food and 8,880 cans of wet food to those supporting feral cats, and those who are in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets. Cat Depot provided 1,120 personal pets with food and assisted over 3,689 community cats in Sarasota and Manatee County

   - Loaned traps to individuals and animal welfare organizations to capture injured cats and colony cats for sterilization. 

- Grant awarded to spay/neuter 95 community cats and personal pets.

4. Increased foster care volunteers by 45% which increased rescued kittens from 400 to over 500, reducing euthanasia. 

5. Continued Cat Depot Emergency Response Team (CDERT) efforts with partner ASPCA, along with Humane Society of the United States and Best Friends Animal Society. CDERT deployed to second largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history.

6. Increased community education and rescue classes, including CPR for pets and humans, cat behavior and communication lectures, and honored veterinarian presentations.  


Goals for 2014

1. Find homes for 1,000 homeless cats and kittens. 

2. Increase public resources to improve rescue efforts and reduce euthanasia. Work with local Trap/Neuter/Release groups to take their feral kittens and transform to adoptable cats.

3. Provide 1,500 lbs of dry food for community cats and personal cats every month.

4. Continue Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ASPCA for disaster work in FL and the U.S.

5. Review potential for community wellness center, and offer opportunities to local community for low cost vaccines and microchips.

6. Increase grant funds for Trap/Neuter/Release of all community cats registered in Cat Depot Community Cat Program.


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