Cat Depot believes in treating every cat with humane kindness, love and care. We also know that children and adults who learn to extend kindness and care towards animals are more likely to treat other people with respect. This ongoing mission is shared with children and adults in the community through a variety of educational opportunities, field trips and tours, kid's summer camp and even birthday parties.

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Videos of the Week

Tune in every week for a cute cat

video and lesson.


Pet Grooming Salon Game

Choose your pet, bathe and groom

it, and then dress it!

Cat Facts

Check out these fun and fascinating

facts about cats and kittens.


Kitten Care 101

Learn all you need to know about

taking care of your new kitten.  A

healthy pet is a happy pet!



Photo of the Month

Meet our kitten of the month here at

Cat Depot.




Coloring Contest

Print out and color the coloring page of

the month, and then submit to become

a featured winner!