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Cranberry found her forever home


Things I Have Learned, by Cranberry
Since I have my “forever home,” I have learned to have some manners so I can stay here and keep my new parents proud of me. 
I have learned that an opened door is not an invitation for me to fly through. Plus it is not so much fun in the garage under those big things.
I have learned to come when called. Although I don’t know my name yet, I understand “come here,” as there is always something good for me to eat.
I have learned that I CANNOT PLAY with Mom’s bird even though the bird is willing.
I have learned that “zoomies” can be dangerous when I have enough speed to be unable to stop before a wall.
I have learned that a spray bottle is not my friend.
I have learned that hearing someone say “good girl” makes me feel squirmy and happy.
I have learned that having a hug and a cuddle makes me feel loved, and I am!
Cranberry (aka CB)
Dusty's Adoption Story

Dusty (formerly Thunder)

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a kitten named Thunder. This young, tiny kitten found himself separated from his brothers and sisters and living at Cat Depot. Thunder was not unhappy with his situation and was certainly grateful for everything the kind people were doing to take care of him.
There were loving humans who came to visit him. Sometimes they would stop and talk in sweet voices to him and sometimes they would take him from his living space and pet and play with him. Those were the times he liked best of all. Of course, feeding time was high on his list of good things too.  
One day Thunder noticed a new face coming down the aisle. The man stopped and talked with him and told him what a pretty kitten he as. Thunder liked the  compliment and purred away while getting scratched behind his ears.  
To make a short but pleasant experience even shorter, Thunder had found a new home. It was a short trip to where he would be living, but Thunder didn't like the cat carrier used for transport and made sure everyone knew of his displeasure. When he was removed from the dreadful enclosure and placed on the floor of his new home, he immediately ran and hid under the sofa.  
When Thunder finally left his hiding spot, covered in dust bunnies from whiskers to tail, he earned his new name - Dusty.
Everyday Dusty finds ways to make his parents laugh out loud. He is quite the character and has been a tremendous addition to the family. Dusty has all the love and attention any kitten could put up with and is making his mark on our lives.   
Thanks to Cat Depot and all the wonderful people there for taking such good care of this wonderful little cat until we could be united.  
Carl and Elaine C.
Caprice found her forever home


Hello Wonderful Cat Depot Guardians:
Caprice has asked me to send you all a quick shout out to say thanks for taking her in and keeping her safe until she found her forever home. As you can see she is super happy and healthy and very much loved. Thank you for all you do.  
Much love from
Caprice and her forever family especially the kids, Torrin and Marlo S.


Katlessi and Swarly

Katleesi (formerly Callie) and Mr. Swarly Tucker (formerly Dewey)

Adoption Story X 2
We had been a dog-only household for some time and, after much discussion, we decided to add a cat to the mix. In February, my husband and our boys chose a sweet young Tortie (Callie) who added amusement and extra love to our home.
After great success with Katleesi (her new name), we agreed to go back to Cat Depot and adopt another! We brought home Dewey (now Mr. Swarly Tucker) and the pair have adjusted wonderfully. Katleesi has taken the "mother" role and Swarley is learning a lot from her. They have adjusted so well and it happened quicker than we thought it would.
We are so thankful to everyone at Cat Depot for the great advice.
-The W. Family
Talus happy adopted kitty

Talus (formerly Peter)

In September of 2013, my boyfriend, Cory, and I decided to stop by Cat Depot. I had been there many times and knew if he was going to find a kitty, it was going to be there. We wandered around in and out of the pens, petting all of the kitties we could get our hands on. They were all amazing cats but none of them had connected to him just yet.
Then we got to the kitten room. Cory noticed the large kitty wheel against the wall and made the comment that he's never seen anyone use it. As soon as the words left his mouth, this small tabby (at the time named Peter) climbed out of his bed and started running on the wheel, looking at Cory and meowing loudly. Cory cuddled and played with Peter for a while before it was time to leave. As we closed the door to the kitten room, Peter sat at the door staring after Cory and meowing sadly. 
A week later, Cory decided to go back to  Cat Depot to see if his kitten was still there. We traveled 45 minutes to get there and almost sprinted to the kitten room. And there was Peter, cute as ever. An hour later, the kitten was on the way home with us. He was renamed Talus and is the most adorable thing we have ever laid eyes on. We are so happy to have him in our home and our hearts.Thank you, Cat Depot for helping us find our Furever friend.
Seneca and Cory M. 
happy adopted kitty, Biggie

Biggie (formerly Rum Tum Tugger)

Biggie is doing great. He is very social and loves cuddling with us. He gets along with our other cat now - no more hissing or growling! They play a lot and even lay together, as you can see by the photo.

Thank you!
Austin F.


Fluffy (formerly Mullet)

Mullet is now called Fluffernutter or Fluffy. He is very loving and enjoys roaming the house. We couldn't be happier with this beautiful, mellow kitty.
Theresa G.
Curacao in his forever home

Nigel (formerly Curaçao)

Spoiler alert - this "tail" has a happy ending.
In the summer of 2012, I came to Cat Depot from a hoarding situation of 700 cats. In my deplorable housing I contracted FIV and a mouth infection that required a lengthy quarantine and the extraction of all my teeth. Add to these "negative" qualities, I was also a senior cat.  
But rather than bemoaning my chances I selected a pair of volunteers and set out to seduce them. They came regularly to hold me and brush me (with no teeth, long hair and abundant drool, I need help with grooming - don't judge).  
Dad was a tough sell saying they already had a houseful, but after a year of pleading, Mom got the genius plan of fostering me. Well, all I needed was a paw in the door and, as you can see from the photo, dad now loves me best! We watch golf on TV and take a nap everyday. (Dad says there is a Tiger who plays golf can't wait to see that.)
Thank you Cat Depot for giving me a chance!
Fondly, Nigel, née Curaçao 
Ghostwritten by Mom (Peggy M)












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