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Curacao in his forever home

Nigel (formerly Curaçao)

Spoiler alert - this "tail" has a happy ending.
In the summer of 2012, I came to Cat Depot from a hoarding situation of 700 cats. In my deplorable housing I contracted FIV and a mouth infection that required a lengthy quarantine and the extraction of all my teeth. Add to these "negative" qualities, I was also a senior cat.  
But rather than bemoaning my chances I selected a pair of volunteers and set out to seduce them. They came regularly to hold me and brush me (with no teeth, long hair and abundant drool, I need help with grooming - don't judge).  
Dad was a tough sell saying they already had a houseful, but after a year of pleading, Mom got the genius plan of fostering me. Well, all I needed was a paw in the door and, as you can see from the photo, dad now loves me best! We watch golf on TV and take a nap everyday. (Dad says there is a Tiger who plays golf can't wait to see that.)
Thank you Cat Depot for giving me a chance!
Fondly, Nigel, née Curaçao 
Ghostwritten by Mom (Peggy M)
Chloe found her forever home

Chloe (formerly Jasmine)

Three years ago this May, I walked into Cat Depot to find a companion. I looked around, went in the enclosures and petted a lot of kitties. Then I was brought into a room that had cages in it with the kitties who had recently arrived at Cat Depot. I walked by a cage and all of a sudden this little paw came out and hooked into my sweater. I was selected.
I started to pet her and she bunted me and kissed my hand. Well, that was it for me! I came by every day to visit her until she was cleared for adoption. Her name was Jasmine, but I renamed her Chloe. 
Chloe now has a dog brother, Frankie, who I adopted almost 2 years ago from Sarasota Humane Society. Chloe, Frankie and I moved to Atlanta last year and our little family is complete. 
I love Chloe's gentleness and quiet affection. I love how she waits until I turn out the light at night and she will gently kiss my face and pat my arm until I pet her. I often wonder what her story was and how anyone could give up this loving kitty that has not one bad habit, other than being a little shy. She is my furever fur child and I adore her. 
Shelly N.
Happy adopted kitty, Sassy

Sassy (formerly Lucinda)

We adopted this cutie and what a great decision that was. She is the funniest and most loving cat ever. I never thought she would bring such enjoyment to our household. 

Thank you, 
Karin H.














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