If you have adopted a Cat Depot kitty and would like to tell your story or give an update on your new family member's progress, we would love to hear from you! To tell your kitty's "tail," please Send Us An Email with a short story and a photo of your Cat Depot graduate.

Smith is enjoying his forever home


Smith is doing great!  My 4 year old totes him around like a sack of potatoes and he tolerates it somehow. He is still pretty calm. My other two girls enjoy him as well very much!
He was the perfect Christmas cat. We put his box/carrier under the tree on Christmas morning and the girls heard him meowing.  He jumped out when Alexis opened it. It was really cute!
Thanks again, 
Joy Cowart
Rory is enjoying his new home


Rory has completely acclimated his new environment. He gets along greatly with his new friend, Zander. They spend most of the day sleeping together, as cats do. It's incredibly cute!



Morgan is enjoying her forever home


Morgan came into my house, and it was like she immediately knew she was home.  She kept her eye on her little step-brother (a dog) for a while, but they quickly came to an understanding; she is the princess and he is her loyal subject!











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