If you have adopted a Cat Depot kitty and would like to tell your story or give an update on your new family member's progress, we would love to hear from you! To tell your kitty's "tail," please Send Us An Email with a short story and a photo of your Cat Depot graduate.

Former Cat Depot kitty, Katniss found her forever home!

Katniss - I'm Home!

Dear Cat Depot, 
I just got home with my new mom, Mic, and I love it here! The other cat, Hawki, went flying under a bed when she saw me, so I pretty much have the place to myself right now. Mom will deal with the two of us together a little later.
I was really hungry and ate a good lunch when we got home. And no worries…I won’t overeat.  
I ventured out to see what this place is all about…and I found all the cat toys. OMG - I think I died and went to heaven!
Mom has a lanai here and I love being out on it, too!!! I feel wonderful breezes since we live on the third floor. Soon I hope to bask in the sun with Hawki.   
Thank you for taking such good care of me for so many years. I love all of you and will miss you, but I know my new mom will love me and treat me like a queen…like all of you did. 
Love, Katniss (and Mom)
Razzle is a happily adopted Cat Depot kitty

Razzle (formerly Mickey)

We have had Mikey (now Razzle) for a week now and we love our new addition to our family! He has really bonded with our son.
As for our other kitty, they enjoy chasing each other around and playing with their toys together.
I'm so thankful to have found Mickey, he's a perfect match for us!


Happy Adopted Cat Depot kitty, Gabby


The Lady Chairman of the Board says "hi" to you all. She is managing her company beautifully, but misses you as well.
Thanks so much for getting us together!


Former Cat Depot kitty, Baby, found her forever home.


Dear Cat Depot friends,
I wanted you all to know that Baby has settled into her new home fabulously. She has a brother that is the same age and he wants to play with her and often gives her a little chase which she seems to enjoy. Sometimes Baby just starts running through the house, jumping over things and diving under the furniture just for fun.
Baby can often be found snuggling with me on the couch because she loves to be scratched and it seems to make her sleepy. She follows me around the house and calls out to me if I’m out of her sight and she can’t find me. Baby loves to eat and has even put on a little bit of weight in the last week, which she needed. She loves to be brushed and have her ears and eyes cleaned. She will do anything for attention! Baby has found her forever home.
I can't thank you enough for having such a fabulous facility, organization and wonderful volunteers who made this process exceptional for me. This was my first pet adoption and I will be sure to recommend Cat Depot to my friends and family who are considering cat adoption. Kudos to you and all that you do!

Warm regards,
Shelley O.
Kubla Khan is a happy, adopted Cat Depot kitty.

Kubla Khan

I wanted to let you know how Kubla Khan is doing in his forever home. He has blossomed into the happiest, most content, most loving cat imaginable. After a few days of discovery he visibly relaxed and now seems to enjoy his new territory. 
He has plenty of toys and other things to keep him interested and is VERY receptive to strokes and cuddles. Cats have been a part of our family for longer than I can remember and I can confidently say Kubla Khan is probably the best so far.
We continue to have difficulty taking pictures of Kubla Khan since he nuzzles the camera as soon as it comes out. However, I have attached a picture of him at his most stationary. He truly has no problem falling asleep next to us, on us, between us... 
Thank you for everything you do at Cat Depot. We will continue our support and visit the other cats into the future. 
Sincerely, Richard T. and Kubla Khan
Happy Adopted Kitty, Siya

Siya (formerly Jelly)

We adopted Jelly (now Siya) recently.
Our son has autism and he's not super fond of touch, but he warmed up to this special kitty. He sat down to play with his iPad and after a few minutes, Siya overcame her shyness and cozied up to him. An hour later, they were still sitting on the bed together.
Thank you all so much – Siya is amazing!
Katie M.


Pinto in her forever home


Hello Cat Depot Volunteers and Employees,
I just wanted to give you all an update on Pinto! She has been doing great in her new home. 
She and the current cat resident, Ammo, have been slowly getting acquainted. They are warming up to each other and becoming more tolerant of each other. We still keep them separated while we are at work, but we generally don't have any problems when we are home. 
She has adjusted to the new organic food very well- seems like she loves it. She is also fond of warm towels. 
I hope all is well at Cat Depot. I wanted to thank your wonderful team for helping us pick the purrfect kitty for our home.
Yvonne D.
Bugs found his forever home


Two years ago I lost my favorite cat, Mister. I had looked and looked for a pinstripe grey tabby since then to no avail. Then I visited Cat Depot. And there he was. Bugs.
I was vacationing at St. Pete Beach at the time, so I had to get Bugs back to Texas with me. And a month later, he took his first of many airplane rides.   
Once we were back on Texas soil, I had to introduce him to his new sister, Abigail, a 60 pound Goldendoodle!  YIKES.   
As you can see all went well. Bugs was never afraid. He was cautious but very bossy. Bugs is definitely the dominant one in their relationship. They are truly in love.  
Thank you, Cat Depot, for rescuing the perfect cat for us…and Abigail. 
Maple and Dutchie are happy adopted kitties

Maple and Dutchie

Maple and Dutchie had a busy few days getting used to their new home, Maple bravely began exploring her first day here. Dutchie took advantage of her hiding spot under the couch to rest up before coming out to say hello.
We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt these two beautiful souls.
Nalani and Ryan


Pita and her adoptive family

Pita (formerly Strudel)

Pita is wonderful and definitely loved by Caylen (5) and Mason (3). We got her a week after we lost my husband and their daddy, so she has been wonderful for my kids.
Thank you! 

Whitney R.
Cinder is a happy adopted Cat Depot graduate

Cinder (formerly Art)

Art is now named Cinder for his brown undercoat that comes out in the sun. We adopted him on February 5th and we have been unbelievably happy with him. 
He spent the first week under our bed but now he's out all over the house and playing/tormenting the other cats. He still isn’t in love with the dogs, but he ignores them or just stays away. 
Cinder has really started to show his personality and he plays all day with a ridiculous amount of toys. He likes to sleep and cuddle with us and he purrs all the time. He is such a sweet kitten and a happy addition to our family!
Shauna L. and Megan M.
Mecca - happy adopted Cat Depot kitty


We brought Mecca to his forever home after the PawPurrs Walk adoption event. He loves to lounge around the house, his favorite place being the bathroom sink. And, he especially loves cuddling up with his canine sister ,Molly! 
Thank you, Cat Depot, for making our family complete! 
Lena H.
Happy Adopted Cat Depot Kitty, Slinky

Slinky (formerly Gobble)

Gobble has been renamed "Slinky" and he is doing excellent!
Slinky has been growing like a weed and he's made friends with our other cat, Kate. He has a wonderful personality. He lives to play and snuggle. He has really become part of the family.
Thanks so much for everything!
Christy J.


Lucy is reunited with her mom and dad


I believe it is unusual for a family who has to turn a cat over to Cat Depot to later adopt the cat, but I am so blessed to be one who has done so. Losing Lucy after 13 years of devotion has haunted Hank and me since June 2013. 
We adopted Lucy and Violet in 2000 from the Birmingham, Alabama shelter and when we fell upon hard times in 2013, we came to Cat Depot to ask for help. We could no longer afford to care Lucy and her sister, Violet, and we didn’t have enough gas to drive them to Animal Services. We asked Cat Depot to drive them there and, without our asking, they took mercy on us and accepted our girls so they would have the chance to find new homes.
Violet has been blessed with wonderful new parents. It seems that God brought us to visit the girls the very afternoon Violet's new parents were choosing her. We figured we wouldn't have that blessing twice and each time we came to see Lucy, we knew she might be gone too. 
Humans should be so lucky receive the love and attention that Cat Depot gave to Lucy. Andee knew Lucy and understood that she is a diva extraordinaire. She saw through the scared, homeless cat facade to the inner diva that is Lucy! THAT is the level of love the staff gives their charges.
Missing Lucy in my life has bled me to the core and, when circumstances finally changed where I could give Lucy a home again, I wondered if I dare ask if I could be considered to bring her home again. THANK YOU, CODY, FOR MAKING 02.07.2015 THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!
I saw the Facebook comments and wanted to show Lucy’s fans how she is doing. Lucy has assimilated pretty seamlessly back into our world. She spent the last two evenings on the couch beside me, purring soooo loudly she could be heard across the room.
Juliet M.

Jingles and JaxJax (formerly Boonie)

After just one week in his new home, Jax had become best buddies with Jingles and Macy. He quickly warmed up to Macy, my 95 pound “gentle giant,” Doberman. And he loves playing hide and seek with Jingles, my other kitty.
 Macy and Jax
Jax is so very sweet and we love him very much! 
Have a great day! 


Happy Adopted Kitties, Max and Marco

Max and Marco (formerly Santa Baby and Walter)

We've dubbed Max and Marco “The Havoc Twins,” as they love to tear through the house creating mayhem and leaving destruction in their wake. 
They each have their preferred toys. Max loves orange, plastic balls with holes in them so he can carry them in his mouth. He'll bat those things around for hours...or at least it seems that way in the middle of the night! Marco likes a fuzzy, green ball with feathers. He carries it around, making a weird meowing/burring sound as he carries it. He's also particularly fond of disemboweling it with his hind feet.
While Max has the quirk of sleeping on his back, Marco is a constant talker - we've nicknamed him Baby Squeak. He squeaks when he wants to eat and when he wants attention. He'll circle around you squeaking until you pick him up, cuddle him and then he'll start purring. Max, while equally desirous of attention, is quieter. He just comes at you (which includes climbing you, if need be). He is a big time head butter. Bring him near your face and you'll be deluged with head butts and head rubs. 
These two have brought so much fun to our lives. We've owned many cats and dogs over the years, but never two kittens at the same time. They are so much fun to watch and have us laughing all the time (or rolling our eyes). I highly recommend adopting at least two kittens, assuming one has the resources to give a good home to more than one. The difference between one kitten and two is amazing. When we adopt again in the future, we’ll get at least two kitties!
Take care,
Lou M.
Happy Adopted Kitty, Cosmo

Cosmo (formerly Clyde)

A few years ago we adopted a nine-week-old kitten from Cat Depot. His name at the time was Clyde and he had been surrendered with his sister Bonnie.
He is now named Cosmo…and he is a complete joy! Such a wonderful addition to our family! He is extremely healthy, very affectionate and, perhaps, a bit spoiled.
Thank you for all you do!
Laurie C.
Angelica and Samson

Angelica and Samson (formerly King of Hearts)

At the end of July, my husband and I relocated to Bradenton from New York to be closer to our daughter and grandkids, who volunteer as a foster family at Cat Depot. On one of our previous visits to our daughter’s house, we were fortunate to watch Angelica deliver her four babies. And, we got to see what a great mother she was when she also nursed a newborn kitten (Courage) who was motherless. We promised Angelica that if she was still at Cat Depot when we arrived at the end of July, we would become her “forever” family. We honored that promise to Angelica and also fell in love with another Snowshoe Siamese kitten named King of Hearts (now named Samson) so we ended up expanding our family by two kitties.  
Being a kitten, Samson immediately made himself at home. Because Angelica was two and a half years old and had lived at Cat Depot for a few months, she took a little longer to come around, but they are now best buddies eating together, playing together and sleeping together. You very seldom see one without the other and they have brought so much love and joy into our home.....as well as a few broken house decorations and holiday ornaments when Samson climbed the Christmas tree! But we wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you Cat Depot for giving us this wonderful opportunity and we look forward to many more years of “kitty love.”
Bev and Bill K.
Happy Adopted Cat Depot Kitties, Rose and Neil

Rose and Neil (formerly Whitley and Kodiak Jr.)

I adopted Rose (Whitley) and Neil (Kodiak Jr) from Cat Depot in May 2013. They were from different litters, but were about the same age. And, at this point they're close enough to brother and sister for it not to matter! 

Rose is very outgoing, fearless around strangers and is very full of herself. Neil is much more skittish around strangers, but he loves belly rubs from people he knows. 
Despite being almost 2 years old, neither have lost much of their kitten-ness, and love to spend their time play-fighting with each other and knocking over furniture. 
Paul K.
Jackie O, happily adopted Cat Dept kitty

Jackie O

I visited Jackie O several times at Cat Depot before deciding to make her a part of my family. On a Saturday morning in early December, I went to Cat Depot to adopt her. I got nervous when I couldn't find her. Then I was told that she was at the adoption event at the PawPurr's Walk/Jingle Paws Jubilee in Payne Park. I rushed to the park so that I could be the first one into the adoption event. I spotted Jackie O and took her home that day.
Jackie O is doing great and seems to love her new home. She’s very playful and always wants attention.
Thanks for all of your help!
Diana A.


Freddy - formerly Frederick

Freddy (formerly Frederick)

We love him!
He has a forever home and has made himself quite comfortable here. He can be fun too when he gets frisky and runs around the house. 
He and our 14 year old cat, Abby, are getting along fine - perfect fit!
God Bless,
Pat J.
Miny and Meeny - Adopted Cat Depot Kitties

Mittens and Sox (formerly Meeny and Miny)

Sisters Mittens and Sox are doing great!
We now have 2 dogs as well as another cat we previously adopted. Mittens and Sox are helping our shy kitty come out of his shell and they love the dogs.
We have a very happy family!

Meg L.

See Sox and Mittens' Ice Fishing Video!

Minerva and Bethany - happily adopted Cat Depot kitties

Minerva and Bethany (formerly Sassafrass and Elouise)

Minerva and Bethany have been in their new home for almost two weeks and they have been remarkably adaptable. They have decided to sleep on the bed at night and are becoming very good at using the inventory of scratching posts rather than the furniture.
They were in the same pod together at Cat Depot so they were acquainted, but they are now best friends who sleep together, play hide and seek and ambush each other. They are charming and loving companions who are a source of joy.
Many thanks,
Happy adopted Cat Depot kitty, Newberry


We adopted Newberry in August of 2013. He was 14 years old and had been abandoned at his vet's office. Newberry has been with us for over a year now and he is amazing! 
Less than month after we adopted him, he turned 15 and this year in September he celebrated his 16th birthday. He is healthy, strong and active and we love his little quirks. His food dish will never get close to being empty with him reminding us all the time. He enjoys snuggling in his heated baby blanket on the rare chilly nights in South Florida. And Newberry loves drinking water from the faucet - the still water in a bowl just is not as good!
Every check up with the vet is concluded with a chat about how he is likely to live into his 20s and we would love that! Newberry is a priceless addition to our family and he is very loved.
Francesca and Steph
Happy Adopted kitty, Brady

Brady (formerly Fluff McGruff)

This is Brady…formerly known as Fluff McGruff. We named him after our favorite New England Patriots' quarterback, Tom Brady, and he has already become a Pats fan!
He's cute, lovable, playful and has a terrific personality. Brady is giving us the love we need after our 20-year-old cat, Zack, passed away. He brings so much happiness to us. He is certainly a keeper!  
Here is a picture of the new “love of our life."
Thanks so much Cat Depot!
Karen and Al F.
Happy Adopted Kitty, Trixie


Hello to Cat Depot from Trixie - 

Hey there - remember me? I'm the cute on on the left - yeah, I know, mom says we both are cute. Mom, Tina, adopted me in November of 2009 when I was 13 years old. Here I am with my friend Chloee. Chloee also lived at Cat Depot and she was adopted a few years before I was.

As you can see, I'm doing great. I'm approaching 18 years young! Chloee and I love living with mom, and boy does she love us! We have toys galore, a lovely second floor lanai from which we watch the birds and lots to eat. I love running around the condo. And, just to let you know, I'm still fast! I beat Chloee every time.

We take long naps and at night we both cuddle in bed with mom. And she doesn't even mind that I snore.

Chloee and I have a great home. We just wish all animals could have as great a forever home as we do!


Happy Adopted Kitty, Hobbs


We are delighted to have Hobbs as a member of our family! He's made our home his home.  

Hobbs is very cuddly and he’s got his favorite places he likes to sleep. We've had him outside on his leash, and he loves to sit in the sun on the lanai. He's fastidious in personal cleanliness. His favorite activity is eating and the only "challenge" we have is keeping him off the kitchen table if there is food on it or when we're eating. 
We are so grateful for the opportunity to adopt Hobbs and love and care for him!
Gene and Denise S.
Happy Adopted kitty, Jerrod

Jerrod (formerly Casper)

Hi there – my name is Jerrod, although the good folks at Cat Depot briefly called me Casper in an attempt to make me seem more “user friendly.” But I’m more of a Jerrod, so my adopted family went back to that name. That’s the name my mom knew me by for over a year when she would visit Cat Depot. Their cat family was complete at that point, and, I’ll admit, I was a very scaredy cat then. Wouldn’t let anyone hold me, didn’t even like to be petted much. I had come from a bad cattery situation and I guess I was pretty depressed.

After visiting me for over a year, she finally decided that two years at Cat Depot – as nice a place as it is – was too long, so she took a chance on me and took me home. I think I stayed in one part of the house for a year or more, but that was partly because one of the other cats I live with was not very nice to me.

We have since agreed to disagree, and now I venture any where I want to. Besides, he has a little arthritis in his back and can’t jump anymore, so I have the upper paw (he he). The picture you see is of me with my boy on a lazy Saturday a couple years ago. I have a girl, too, and her bed is just as comfy.

I still don’t like to be held, and I’ll never be a lap cat, but a good head rub makes me purr, and if you rub my side just right, I’ll chortle. This is about as good as it gets.

I just wanted to update those of you who were around 3+ years ago and might still remember me. I’m the one with the docked ear and one hazy eye…. Remember?  Keep up the good work, Cat Depot. I have found my forever home.

Opie is enjoying his forever home.

Opie (formerly Prime)

We adopted Prime, now known as Opie (or he adopted us - not quite sure which), almost two weeks ago. He is the most well-adjusted, loving, sweet kitten we have ever seen. 

Kudos to Cat Depot for giving these lost souls love, security and companionship while waiting for their forever homes. This is undoubtedly why your kitties are so awesome. 
Thank you for taking such good care of this little love bug. Opie is doing wonderfully and loves to snuggle. He has adapted very well to his two "brothers," although they are admittedly a little worn out from kitten play. So much fun to watch. 
Thank you for all you do for the cats and the cat lovers! 
Patty B.
Ripley is a happily adopted Cat Depot kitty


Ripley here…and I am happy to report that I found the purr-fect home for me!  
I’m quite settled in now after about six weeks of living with my new mom. Truth be told, I took over from the word go.
Lucky me…my mom has several awesome viewing points for me to survey my new kingdom, and I own the turf you humans call a lanai. Mom and her friends have already put together a nice collection of toys for me. My new favorite is this red dot thing that I’ve managed to catch a few times.  
I wanted to thank all of my friends at Cat Depot for taking such good care of me while I was passing through to my forever home. Marianne was especially nice to me! I hope all of my ole buddies there get great homes soon, just like I did. Tell them all “meow” from Ripley!
Happy Adopted Cats, Sebastian and Zachary

Best Friends: The Story of Sebastian and Zachary 

Our story began two years ago when we took in an all-black stray cat and named her Lola. Lola was special – she was FIV-positive. The streets had taken their toll on Lola, but we know we gave her the best two years of her life. We were devastated when the day came that we had to let her go. We don't know what her life was like before she appeared on our front porch, but we found comfort in knowing that when she passed, she had felt more love in those two years than she had in her entire life. 
After Lola passed, we traveled to Cat Depot in Sarasota looking for an all-black cat that resembled her. We were looking for an FIV-positve kitty, knowing how special these cats are and how often they are overlooked.
While there, we stumbled upon Zachary, a healthy, all-black kitten. We adopted him that day and then returned to Cat Depot a couple weeks later for Zachary to receive his second round of vaccines.  That is when we met Sebastian in the FIV pod. We instantly fell in love with him. He was very reclusive at first, but we accepted that, knowing that before he came to Cat Depot, he was in a cage all by himself for one full year with no socialization. 
Three weeks later, we came back to Cat Depot for Zachary's last round of vaccinations, and that very day, we brought Sebastian home. It took a couple of days for Sebastian to warm up to our two large dogs, but now everybody gets along.
Sebastian and Zachary are inseparable; they follow each other around the house. We often find them cuddling in the closet, in the spare bedroom or on their cat condo. They groom each other every day, and they are the very best of friends. 
We wanted to share our story and show firsthand that FIV-positive and FIV-negative kitties can live together happily and in good health. It is possible; we see it with our own eyes every day, and uniting Sebastian and Zachary was the best decision we ever made.  
Jackie H.
Happy Adopted Cat Depot Kitty, Neva

Neva (formerly Geneva)

Hey, what is this?  
I just read my sister Zoe’s story. She seems to get all the attention. 
My mom adopted me from Cat Depot in 2011 and I have been a loyal and devoted member of the family. On a daily basis I have to put up with the dog and Zoe and my two brothers, who like to pick on me all the time.  
I know my mom loves me with all her heart, but I think it is time for someone to pay a little attention to those of us who were adopted at an earlier point in time (not just the "newbies."). So let's hear it for ALL the kitties who have found loving homes through Cat Depot!
I guess I will go back and take my nap now.
Happy Adopted Cat Depot Kitty, Zoe

Zoe (formerly Evita)

I met her at Robard’s Arena in August 2012. Such a sweet little thing...she just sat there on the table with her paws crossed and uttered a soft little meow. I fell in love immediately.
On adoption day, I introduced her to an older couple looking for a cat. They took her home and I was ecstatic that a rescued kitty would get a good home. Then I saw her back at Cat Depot I found out that she had been brought back because she demanded too much attention. The love for her just kept growing in my heart and I decided to bring home my fourth kitty.  
Evita, now known as Zoe, is FIV-positive. She has no teeth, so she eats canned food – which she absolutely loves. In fact, she didn’t want to leave the kitchen when she discovered that canned food was going to be the main staple of her diet. She has since graduated to the dining room table (which is still close to the kitchen).
All four of my cats are now friends and they all get along well with my dog, Rowdy, a sheltie. I am grateful to Cat Depot for introducing me to Zoe!
Diane G. and Zoe
Happy Adopted Kitty, Ming Ming

Ming Ming (formerly Remy)

Ming Ming adjusted perfectly to our household. She loves our older, blind shih tsu and she loves to run around the house. She sleeps in bed with everyone at night.
We couldn't be happier with her. She is a blessing!
Leslie J.


Happy Cat Depot Adoption Story


Nine months after buying our first house, we knew we were missing a furry friend. So we drove an hour to Cat Depot from Tampa and fell in love with Oscar right away.
We brought him home and, after two weeks of some long nights, he finally settled in. When he isn't busy supervising the animal activity in the backyard - he likes to yell at the lizards and birds - he spends his days relaxing on the couch or at the foot of our bed.
He has been such a wonderful addition to our home and we are so grateful to have him with us. We will definitely be coming back to Cat Depot when we are ready to get Oscar a buddy! 
Thanks again,
Meghan and Ryan
Honey - Happy Adopted Cat Depot Kitty

Honey (formerly Miranda Lambert)

It’s me, "Honey," aka Miranda Lambert. I’m taking a break with my big sister. Her name is "Hannah," aka Doc who also came from Cat Depot.
I sure liked it there with you all, but my new house is really nice. There are these two big men who just love me. I think I am the apple of their eye!
I am doing well. I sleep when there is nothing else to do, but my main focus in life is to have fun. I crawl on top of the furniture and hide my toys from my older sister. Oh, I forgot to mention, that I have a big brother too. His name is "Henry," aka Popcorn and he also came from Cat Depot!
Anyway, these two other cats thought I was a stuffed toy for them to play with until they realized that I am here to stay. Hannah hissed at me for a few days, but now we nap together. She is a bit of a bed (or chair) hog, but I think she will come in handy when it gets cooler outside. And Henry acted like he didn't like me at first either, but now we play and romp a lot. I bite his tail because he is a big kitty and I can run away and get into smaller places than he can.
Anyway, I sure do like it here. Thank you for checking on me. Things are good. I am growing and getting kind of sassy but that way I am nicely letting everyone know who is in charge - me!
M.L. (Honey)
Cranberry found her forever home


Things I Have Learned, by Cranberry
Since I have my “forever home,” I have learned to have some manners so I can stay here and keep my new parents proud of me. 
I have learned that an opened door is not an invitation for me to fly through. Plus it is not so much fun in the garage under those big things.
I have learned to come when called. Although I don’t know my name yet, I understand “come here,” as there is always something good for me to eat.
I have learned that I CANNOT PLAY with Mom’s bird even though the bird is willing.
I have learned that “zoomies” can be dangerous when I have enough speed to be unable to stop before a wall.
I have learned that a spray bottle is not my friend.
I have learned that hearing someone say “good girl” makes me feel squirmy and happy.
I have learned that having a hug and a cuddle makes me feel loved, and I am!
Cranberry (aka CB)
Dusty's Adoption Story

Dusty (formerly Thunder)

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a kitten named Thunder. This young, tiny kitten found himself separated from his brothers and sisters and living at Cat Depot. Thunder was not unhappy with his situation and was certainly grateful for everything the kind people were doing to take care of him.
There were loving humans who came to visit him. Sometimes they would stop and talk in sweet voices to him and sometimes they would take him from his living space and pet and play with him. Those were the times he liked best of all. Of course, feeding time was high on his list of good things too.  
One day Thunder noticed a new face coming down the aisle. The man stopped and talked with him and told him what a pretty kitten he as. Thunder liked the  compliment and purred away while getting scratched behind his ears.  
To make a short but pleasant experience even shorter, Thunder had found a new home. It was a short trip to where he would be living, but Thunder didn't like the cat carrier used for transport and made sure everyone knew of his displeasure. When he was removed from the dreadful enclosure and placed on the floor of his new home, he immediately ran and hid under the sofa.  
When Thunder finally left his hiding spot, covered in dust bunnies from whiskers to tail, he earned his new name - Dusty.
Everyday Dusty finds ways to make his parents laugh out loud. He is quite the character and has been a tremendous addition to the family. Dusty has all the love and attention any kitten could put up with and is making his mark on our lives.   
Thanks to Cat Depot and all the wonderful people there for taking such good care of this wonderful little cat until we could be united.  
Carl and Elaine C.
Caprice found her forever home


Hello Wonderful Cat Depot Guardians:
Caprice has asked me to send you all a quick shout out to say thanks for taking her in and keeping her safe until she found her forever home. As you can see she is super happy and healthy and very much loved. Thank you for all you do.  
Much love from
Caprice and her forever family especially the kids, Torrin and Marlo S.


Katlessi and Swarly

Katleesi (formerly Callie) and Mr. Swarly Tucker (formerly Dewey)

Adoption Story X 2
We had been a dog-only household for some time and, after much discussion, we decided to add a cat to the mix. In February, my husband and our boys chose a sweet young Tortie (Callie) who added amusement and extra love to our home.
After great success with Katleesi (her new name), we agreed to go back to Cat Depot and adopt another! We brought home Dewey (now Mr. Swarly Tucker) and the pair have adjusted wonderfully. Katleesi has taken the "mother" role and Swarley is learning a lot from her. They have adjusted so well and it happened quicker than we thought it would.
We are so thankful to everyone at Cat Depot for the great advice.
-The W. Family
Talus happy adopted kitty

Talus (formerly Peter)

In September of 2013, my boyfriend, Cory, and I decided to stop by Cat Depot. I had been there many times and knew if he was going to find a kitty, it was going to be there. We wandered around in and out of the pens, petting all of the kitties we could get our hands on. They were all amazing cats but none of them had connected to him just yet.
Then we got to the kitten room. Cory noticed the large kitty wheel against the wall and made the comment that he's never seen anyone use it. As soon as the words left his mouth, this small tabby (at the time named Peter) climbed out of his bed and started running on the wheel, looking at Cory and meowing loudly. Cory cuddled and played with Peter for a while before it was time to leave. As we closed the door to the kitten room, Peter sat at the door staring after Cory and meowing sadly. 
A week later, Cory decided to go back to  Cat Depot to see if his kitten was still there. We traveled 45 minutes to get there and almost sprinted to the kitten room. And there was Peter, cute as ever. An hour later, the kitten was on the way home with us. He was renamed Talus and is the most adorable thing we have ever laid eyes on. We are so happy to have him in our home and our hearts.Thank you, Cat Depot for helping us find our Furever friend.
Seneca and Cory M. 
happy adopted kitty, Biggie

Biggie (formerly Rum Tum Tugger)

Biggie is doing great. He is very social and loves cuddling with us. He gets along with our other cat now - no more hissing or growling! They play a lot and even lay together, as you can see by the photo.

Thank you!
Austin F.


Fluffy (formerly Mullet)

Mullet is now called Fluffernutter or Fluffy. He is very loving and enjoys roaming the house. We couldn't be happier with this beautiful, mellow kitty.
Theresa G.
Curacao in his forever home

Nigel (formerly Curaçao)

Spoiler alert - this "tail" has a happy ending.
In the summer of 2012, I came to Cat Depot from a hoarding situation of 700 cats. In my deplorable housing I contracted FIV and a mouth infection that required a lengthy quarantine and the extraction of all my teeth. Add to these "negative" qualities, I was also a senior cat.  
But rather than bemoaning my chances I selected a pair of volunteers and set out to seduce them. They came regularly to hold me and brush me (with no teeth, long hair and abundant drool, I need help with grooming - don't judge).  
Dad was a tough sell saying they already had a houseful, but after a year of pleading, Mom got the genius plan of fostering me. Well, all I needed was a paw in the door and, as you can see from the photo, dad now loves me best! We watch golf on TV and take a nap everyday. (Dad says there is a Tiger who plays golf can't wait to see that.)
Thank you Cat Depot for giving me a chance!
Fondly, Nigel, née Curaçao 
Ghostwritten by Mom (Peggy M)












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