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Shelby, over four years and counting

Shelby, over four years and counting


I'm Shelby. I came to Cat Depot from Sarasota Animal Services because I was their longest resident and the humans thought I needed a change of scenery. It seemed as if they were right, because I was adopted within a month, and I was so happy to finally have a home of my own.

Then it happened. My new human couldn't care for me anymore, and I was returned to Cat Depot. I've been here ever since. I am calm and quiet, and I think this makes me overlooked by visitors. It's difficult to compete.

I love lounging in the sun on the catio, and I like watching TV. Maybe if you like watching TV too we could do it together? I also enjoy chin-scratches. I don't need much and I won't be any trouble, I promise!

Tiggy offers enchanting character and exotic good looks

Exotic good looks and enchanting character 

Hi there!

I'm Tiggy, an Egyptian Mau from Kuwait currently seeking a new residence. Cat Depot is nice, but after a while staying in a hotel you just want to go home, even if it's a nice hotel with room service!

I have an extensive resume. I speak English, Spanish, and Arabic, but the humans around me only seem to hear "Meow" no matter how much I talk. I suspect they're not really paying attention.

While I have a history as a globetrotting kitty with a passport, I would love to settle down with a family of my own. I have many talents. I am loyal and unique, I can warm your chair, talk to you so you don't feel lonely, help you as you go about your day, and take a nap for you so you don't have to be sleepy. Amongst other things, of course.

Would you come visit me? Maybe be my own human? I'm waiting at Cat Depot. Ask for Tiggy, I can't wait to meet you!

Prince Harry is waiting at Cat Depot for his furever home!

Prince Harry, Royal Purr-fection

You've heard the saying, "Someday my prince will come." Well, that day is here! My name is Prince Harry and I'm a handsome ginger boy waiting to win your heart.

I have a pretty princely existence here at Cat Depot - I spend my days in leisure. My favorite thing to do is lounge on the catio. But, I'm pretty unassuming for a member of the royal family. I don't like to flaunt my status because I want everyone to get along with me. I don't put on airs or ask people to address me as "Sir," "Your Highness," or "Your Majesty." Although, that would be pretty cool.

I'm FIV-positive. But don't let that scare you away. I'm just 1.5 years old and as long as I remain an indoor kitty, I will live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

I'm looking for someone who is in need of a kitty to watch over the castle. I don't require special quarters or a throne, just a place to eat and sleep, and a warm lap for cuddles. I will keep you company, and help you rule the kingdom.


Gracie is waiting at Cat Depot for her forever home.

Quietly Waiting

I’m Gracie and I’m a special needs kitty. I’ve heard people say that might be the reason why I’m still here after almost a year. But I’m not sure why there’s anything wrong with having special needs. My special needs are food, water and love. Isn’t that what all of the kitties here want?
I do have to take medication so I don’t have seizures and the other kitties in my suite don’t have to take any. Is that why I’m special? 
I also sometimes work in the Welcome Center greeting people. Maybe that’s why I’m special.
I’m very good at leash walking. I guess that’s special.
I’m quiet and I never cause any trouble. How special is that?
Now that I think about it – I AM special! 
I would think that there are plenty of people out there who are looking for a very special girl who is smart, talented, sweet and looking for love. My medication has nothing to do with my purrsonality. So why am I still waiting for my forever home? 
Midnight is at Cat Depot waiting for her forever home

Special and Unique Little Girl

My name is Midnight. I’m sure I got that name because my fur is as black as night. 
Yes, I’m another black kitty looking for a home. Sigh. We always seem to be the last kitties to find homes. People come to visit, but they always go right to the pretty tabbies and calicos. I just sit in my corner, dark and unnoticed. 
Every once in a while, there is a visitor who walks and in makes a beeline towards me. Those are the special people. I like those people very much. They are rare – but they are definitely out there.
The special humans see past our dark fur. Instead of just seeing a black blob, they notice our eyes – gold, green, flecked or speckled. They look at our noses and the pads of our paws – black, pink, grey, spotted or not. They see our ears – pointy, tipped, crinkled or notched. And they check out our whiskers – black, white, both, straight or curled. These are the people who take in the subtle differences in our coats. Yes, there are even different shades of black. And different undercoats. Take a look – you don’t know what you are missing!
We may be black kitties, but each of us is unique. I, myself, am unique. I could tell you about my eyes, nose, whiskers and paws. But I think that you need to experience them for yourself. Are you one of those special people? I’m one of those special kitties – come visit me and take in all my uniqueness.
Chloe is a Cat Depot kitty waiting for her forever home

Looking for a Glimmer of Hope

Hi - I’m Chloe. I came to Cat Depot when my owner passed away. 
I was 10 years old when I arrived here and I was very excited to meet everyone. I would sit by the door to my suite every day and greet visitors. I looked forward to playtime. Chasing the little red dot was my favorite. And if treats were involved, I would perform backflips! Well…I really didn’t do actual backflips, but I was doing them in my head because I love treats so much. Back then I had such high hopes that I would find my forever human right away.
Over a year later, I’ve still not found my home. And I guess I’m not that same wistful, optimistic cat anymore. The laser toy no longer brings me joy. I keep to myself and I’d rather sleep the days away. There’s less disappointment that way – I don’t have to get my hopes up when someone visits me and then leaves. 
Don’t get me wrong. I am appreciative. Everyone has been very nice and accommodating to me during my stay and I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, food to fill my tummy and a warm bed. But it’s really not the same as having a home and someone special to love. I’m not getting any younger and I’m afraid that most people think an 11-year-old kitty is too old.
I may not be a ball of fire, but I’m a quiet girl who enjoys a good chin scratch. I would love to curl up on the couch and snuggle next to you. Are you looking for a companion who is non-judgmental and unassuming? Look no further – I’m here waiting for you.


Mr. Boots and Mamma are at Cat Depot waiting for their forever home

Mr. Boots and Mamma

Hi, I’m Mr. Boots - a big muscle man (that's me on the right). But don’t let my size fool you. I’m really just a love bug once I get to know you. 
I was born into a feral community or some might say I was a stray cat. I was, fortunately, neutered but left to defend for food and shelter on my own. Then one day I met a nice woman who fed me, gave me medication and took me to the vet. But most importantly, she taught me that I could trust humans.  She introduced me to a Mamma cat and her babies that she had been feeding in the hopes that we would bond so I wouldn’t be alone anymore.   
Once I felt accepted by Mamma and the babies, I started to protect them from wild animals and feral cats. I cleaned the babies and Mamma as if they were my own family. Finally, I belonged. And we became a pack. We traveled together and protected each other. It was such a nice feeling to finally belong for once in my life!  
We would go to the wonderful woman’s house and she fed us wet and dry food and Temptations treats - YUM! She even gave us catnip which I really love and miss because I’m not allowed to have any at our new home at Cat Depot. I might get too wild!  
Every night, our little “family” would spend the night at the woman’s house and then enjoy a wonderful breakfast. She didn’t like us crossing the busy road after breakfast. Mamma always wanted to cross the street to see if her previous owners had returned and would let her in. I went along with her thinking that maybe her dream would come true. But it never did. 
I really don’t know which is worse - never having a family at all or having a family who didn’t care enough to take you with them when they moved. 
But we all knew we had a new person who truly loved us.  Unfortunately, she had other pets in the home and they didn’t have enough room for all of us. She starting searching for the perfect place for us to live. And she found Cat Depot!  
Mamma’s babies were adopted and now it’s just Mamma and me. While we are comfortable here, we really want to find a forever home with owners who will play and love us as much as we will love them. We have so much love to give.
Please come and meet us. Please understand that we’ve had a tough life, so introduce yourself slowly and quietly so that we feel comfortable and safe.  If you are right for us, we will love you unconditionally. And we will promise to make you smile and laugh every day.  Mamma and I think you are the ones we have been waiting for.  Come see us and say “Let’s Go Home!”


Cat Depot Featured Cat Dolly


Dear Prospective New Family,
I am seeking a home that is in need of a house cat with impeccable skills and manners. My owner passed away and my current residence is Cat Depot. But this is just a temporary address for me.
As you can see by my resume, my talents are numerous. My qualifications include lap sitter, leg warmer, bug catcher, computer screen duster and master couch lounger. Not only am I fun to have around, I am very resourceful and I can help with chores. When you are working on the computer, I’m more than happy to help you press the keys. Or I can just keep your keyboard warm. When you are reading the newspaper, I’m a great page keeper and I act as a paper weight so stray breezes don’t blow your paper around. Oh, and I love the comics section – Garfield is my favorite!
I have many talents to help you through your daily routine and you will still have plenty of time to nap with me afterwards. You will wonder how you ever managed without me.
I believe that my skills and experience are purr-fectly suited for the position of house cat/human assistant. And my ability to work a room will be a definite asset to your household. I am only four years old and I have so much to offer.
I hope that you will consider my application for residence. I can provide references if you need them. I promise I will not let you down.
Cat Depot Featured Cat Onyx

A Jewel in the Rough

If you are looking for the perfect black gem with just the right sparkle…you need look no further than Onyx. He is an affectionate guy who will talk, follow you around and wait patiently for your attention. He loves chin scratches and gentle petting. 
This loyal, loving kitty enjoys lazy afternoons. He is real lanai lounge lizard – the catio is his favorite place to hang out with his buddies. But lately Onyx is somewhat of a lost soul. His best buddy recently found his forever home and Onyx really misses him. 
He is looking for his soulmate now – could it be you? Please stop in and meet our gemstone – Onyx.
Onyx is one of our FIV-positive kitties. And, despite what people think, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not a death sentence. Cats with this condition can live long, healthy lives – and most have no symptoms at all. It is not easily transmitted to other cats and is never transmitted to humans.

Read more about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and de-bunk the myths surrounding wonderful, friendly kitties like Onyx.
Cookie and Kiera - Cat Depot Featured Cats

Take Two - We're Small...and Cute!

My name is Cookie and my sister, Kiera and I came to Cat Depot when our owner had to move. We were heartbroken - we thought we would be living out our golden years together in our comfortable, safe home. We are both 11 years old and it’s very scary to have to start over at this stage in our lives.
It’s been quite a change for us and being the new kids on the block wasn’t easy – especially for Kiera. She was terrified of everything so I played the part of the protective “big” brother and I made sure no one bothered her. But she was still so frightened that she would just stay in her bed all day. Then she started to get “bed sores” on her legs from staying in one place, so I got worried. I talked to the volunteers and staff here and asked them if we could find a quieter environment for us so that Kiera could have a chance to get acclimated and be less stressed. 
So we now reside in Miss Lynn’s office. It’s very comfortable here and Kiera is coming out of her shell. She’s started to venture out from her bed under the desk and is even purring and rubbing against people – just like the old Kiera! And me? Well I’ve been having a great time exploring and hanging out with Miss Lynn. I’ve been assisting her with her work and she says I’ve been a big help.
Now that we are feeling much more secure, we are ready to find a new home. We definitely need to be adopted together because Kiera needs me and, although I don’t like to admit it, I need her just as much. I don’t know what I would do without my sister.
Ever the worrywart, Kiera thinks that we’ll never find a home because people don’t know that we are here.  We are sort of hidden away, but I know that if I get the word out, people will find us. We have so much love to give and it would be a waste for us not to share it. So please come meet us and spend some time with us – Miss Lynn doesn’t mind at all; she said she likes the company.


Cat Depot Featured Cat, Johnson

The Purrfect Match

My name is Johnson and I very well could be the man, er - cat, of your dreams.
Since signing up for Match-up.com, I have received all kinds of winks and whistles. Never could I have imagined being chased by so many ladies! But since my profile does include a gorgeous picture and my interests range from loving to snuggle to making you feel very special…..who could resist me?
As far as talents go, I’m not much of a cook, but wow, do I love to eat. How does an evening out at Owens Fish Camp sound to you? YUM!
I am particularly good at the couch potato thing and I’m not into water sports but I do appreciate a good belly rub. If you shower me with affection, I promise to return the favor and lavish sweet attention on you. My gray and white fur is so soft that I know you will not be able to keep your hands off me. 
So, what do you say? How about a date? I know I’m your perfect match!
Cat Depot featured kitty, Misty

Dancing Her Way Into Your Heart

Hello - my name is Misty (actually it was Misty II since there was another Misty here when I arrived, but I’m the only one here now). I usually sit by the door to my suite so that everyone passing by can admire my beautiful grey fur coat. Once you get past my elegant beauty, you will see just how friendly and loving I am. I love to weave in and out of visitors’ legs. I’m quite the dancer, you know – I can twirl and dip with the best of them! Is it any wonder that “Dancing with the Stars” is my favorite show?
I’m looking for a dance partner who will sweep me off my paws and take me to my forever home. I will provide you with unconditional love and hours of good-looking company. You will definitely want to show me off to your friends! All I ask in return is that you help me maintain my good looks by brushing my long tresses and making sure that all of my accessories coordinate with my gorgeous green eyes. 

If you get to know me you will see that I’m a beautiful kitty both inside and out. I know that we could create a beautiful dance together.
Shelby is waiting at Cat Depot for her Forever Home

Let's Make Lemonade!

I’m Shelby and life has given me many lemons. I have been living in shelters for such a long time and I try to keep my spirits up (gotta make that lemonade!), but at times it is so hard. My sweet, unassuming demeanor and low-key personality often get me overlooked. I admit that I won’t be the one to approach you for attention, but give me a scratch under my chin and I’m all yours. 
I am very good company. I love watching television – so grab the popcorn and settle in for movie night and I will be right by your side. I don’t ask for much. Just a chance to make your day a little better…and as a result, that will make my day great!  
Look into my beautiful green eyes and let me melt your heart and bring love into our life. I know I am capable of warming your lap and bringing you joy. We can even make that lemonade – together!

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