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Bootsy, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWill you help me find love again?

Hi there! My name is Bootsy, and I'm happy to be meowing with you.

I had a great life in a great home, and then my human passed away. I'm still sad and trying to figure out Cat Depot, so don't hold it against me if I don't approach.

I need a special purrson. I've heard that my face and eyes are pretty and I hope that's true, but my paws have an unusual shape. I can get around on my own, but I need someone willing to love me the way I am.

My main interest is being petted. Especially on my cheeks and at the base of my tail. Maybe you would come see me, and tell me everything will be okay?

~ Bootsy ~


Kissa, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI had the worst of luck of the best of luck

Hi everyone, I am delighted to get this oppurrtunity to introduce myself. My name is Kissa.

I've had the worst of luck and the best of luck. I was on my own, by the side of the road - with a broken leg. It hurt so bad I could barely move, and I was certain I would starve and die. I couldn't hunt, couldn't take care of myself...

Then, kind people picked me up and comforted me with gentle voices and soft hands. They were from Cat Depot! Just like that, I had my leg in a cast, food to eat, and a bunch of new friends.

I needed time to recover and spent many weeks in a foster home. That was great. I got to sit on the human's lap when she watched TV, and slept next to her pillow at night. I kept track of the birds and squirrels through the windows, and greeted visitors.

By now, I have recovered and I'm ready to find a home of my own. I have a lot of love to give and I just know I could be someone's best friend furever.


Buffy, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAny chance you'd pet my face?

I'm Buffy. I came to Cat Depot from another shelter that was too crowded, and I was scared at first. I've spent some time in a foster home to help me adjust, and in that environment I could really show my affectionate purrsonality.

If someone were to take a chance on me, I'd be their best friend for all my nine lives.

I like to be petted on the face, and I get along with pretty much everyone. Dogs, cats, it's all good. Once I get to know you, I might even strike up a friendly conversation.

Would you come visit me? I'd love to have some visitors.




Fawn, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI love being petted!

My name is Fawn. Pretty name, don't you think? It makes me feel graceful.

I'm six years old and lived all my life with a human who really loved me. Then, our financial situation declined until my purrson said I would be better off living with someone else. I was sad to go to Cat Depot, but I understand that my family wanted the best life possible for me.

So, now I'm here, and I'm happy for the opportunity to introduce myself to the world. 

I am social, affectionate, playful, and I love toys. But the best thing of all is when someone pets me. I love when someone pets me.




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