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Cat Depot Featured Cat Scooter

Active Male Seeks Active Forever Home

Scooter is my name, and playing is my game. I am a laser pointer enthusiast, feather fanatic and a catnip connoisseur. I am looking for an active family who also is mentally stimulating, as I enjoy a great conversation and being cuddled, almost as much as I like playing.  
When I am not playing, I like to lounge around and daydream of finding my forever home. If you are looking for a new active family member and love playing, please come in and make my daydreams come true.  
Tuna, Cat Depot Featured Cat

Buff Male Looking for a Lifetime of Laughs

Hello, my name is Tuna! I am a five-year-old, buff-colored male (I bet you thought I was the other kind of “buff”—gotcha!) who loves to laugh. As you can see, I am a real jokester. I enjoy playing with anything that moves and making people smile. 
I would love to find a family whose members have a good sense of humor and loads of love to give. If you would like to smile and laugh even more, I am your perfect match. Stop on by; I have a joke to tell you!
Tuna is one of our Positively Purrfect Kitties - Find out what's included in his adoption fee!
Cat Depot featured Cat, Puma Thurman

Puma Thurman
Super Model Searches for Super Home

I am an ambitious one-year-old female with dreams of becoming an actress/super model. Along with my big dreams, I also have a big heart and I'm ready to love a forever family. Outside of being an aspiring model/actress, I enjoy the simple things in life: cat naps, laser pointers and being brushed (I have to be super model-ready at all times). 
I am looking for a loving forever home and a family who will be supportive of my dreams. If you have experience with giving great chin scratches and can do hair and make-up (a model needs an entourage!), have your people call my people. 
Cat Depot Featured Cat

Optimistic Feline Seeks Life of Adventure

My name is Oreo. I am a curious nine-month-old female. I am extremely lovable and open-minded. My view on life is “the treat bowl is always half full,” and there is adventure in every situation. In my spare time I enjoy lizard watching, laser pointer chasing and making new friends. 
I believe that everyone you meet is another potential friend and I never pass up a chance to introduce myself. If you also view the world as your cat tree and are looking for a new life and best friend, come in and see me.
I cannot wait to meet you!


Carmichael Cat Depot Featured Cat

Prince Charming Seeks Fairytale Ending

I am tall, dark, handsome and eagerly searching for my true love’s kiss. Do not let my size fool you; I may be big boned, but I am a sucker for love. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry, watching romantic comedies, star gazing and quoting Shakespeare.  
I am your typical hopeless romantic. I love unconditionally and would fight dragons for my one true love. I would love nothing more than to live happily ever after with my forever family.
If you are in need of a Prince Charming and believe in fairytales, come find me. I will be appropriately waiting high up in my kitty castle. 



Mewtini will make the perfect pet


While we can’t tell you much about Mewtini’s past, we can tell you that she is just a year old and she is a top shelf choice. Mewtini has one of the most stunning coats you will ever see and she will let you brush her for hours.  And like her namesake, she goes with everything – other cats and all types of people.
Mewtini does like to look her best, but she isn't afraid of letting her hair down and cutting loose. Bust out a laser pointer and she goes crazy! Mewtini intently hunts down that little red dot with lightning-fast reflexes.
So whether you are looking for a cuddler to relax with you on the couch or a playful pet to help you have some fun after a long day at work, Mewtini should be at the top of your menu.

Cat Depot Featured Kitty - Katniss

Quiet Lady Looking for Love

My name is Katniss, I am a quiet (but not shy) 6 year old tortoise shell kitty.
I’m looking for a nice quiet home in which to settle down. I would much rather spend a night inside, watching a romantic comedy over a nice game of cards than go out on the town. I have a fondness for fine dining, Frank Sinatra, and bird watching. 
I would love to find a family with a similar interest for the quiet things in life. And, if there is a comfy lap for me to curl up in and a gentle hand for daily brushings, that’s even better. If you feel that this person could be you, come in and see me. I’ll be waiting patiently and quietly. 


Cat Depot Featured kitty, Birdie


Birdie, a gorgeous tuxedo kitty with silky soft fur, is one of our Napier rescue cats. She loves to be petted. Just have a seat and Birdie will crawl right up to cuddle with you. You’ll know how happy it makes her by the loud rumble of her purrs.
Of course, at just under two years old, Birdie is also a very playful cat. She likes to chase feathers on a string and is fascinated by laser pointers. She also enjoys the company of the other cats. When they are not running around, Birdie likes to be the surrogate mom and grooms the younger cats in her suite. 
With her gentle and loving nature, it’s easy to see why Birdie is the ideal candidate to be your next companion.
Kona is Cat Depot's Featured Cat


At just 15 years young, Kona has seen the world. This handsome orange and white tabby was found as a stray in someone’s front yard. When brought to Cat Depot, we scanned his microchip and found that it belonged to the Honolulu Humane Society. No one knows how Kona made the trek from Hawaii to Florida, but his journey isn’t over yet.
While Kona likes to take a lot of cat naps throughout the day, he always finds time for fun. His favorite toy is a toss-up between feathers on a string and a laser pointer. Both bring out his inner kitten. And after playtime is over, he looks for a lap in which to sit for a good brushing.
You can help Kona put his explorer days behind him, so he can unpack his bags and settle in as your Hawaiian Mea Aloha (loved one). 
Cat Depot Featured Cat, Tink


Tink came to Cat Depot in January of 2013 when her mom went into a nursing home. She is middle aged, and full of life when you bring out a laser pointer. Tink enjoys the company of other cats and dogs. She may have a small frame, but this girl likes to eat. 
One of her favorite activities is lounging on top of a cat tree watching the birds on TV. Tink is not the most outspoken cat in her pod. Instead she waits quietly for you to come to her. Just give her a few good chin scratches and she will melt in your hands. Tink loves to sit in laps and would be the perfect “couch potato” companion.
Come visit Tink today - she is patiently waiting for you. 


Pella is Cat Depot's Most Enthusiastic Kitty


Pella is one of over 300 animals who were rescued as part of a local cruelty case investigation. He was in pretty rough shape at first, but it never dampened his spirits. FIV positive, Pella has recovered from some minor ailments and is now ready to begin life again in a loving home. 
He can be found enjoying his new-found freedom in Suite Monroe. There seems to be no limit to Pella's desire for both fun and love. He keeps himself entertained with the variety of toys in his pod and is happy to engage the other cats in play. Always eager for attention, Pella sits at the front of his cage with paws outstretched, hoping to get a passerby to play. While he loves being petted and brushed, his favorite thing is to rub all over people’s shoes.  
Stop by and visit with Pella and you’ll immediately see why he is this week's winner for most enthusiastic!


Coco, Cat Depot Featured Cat


Coco has traveled down a rough road on her journey to find a forever home. She was rescued from a terrible hoarding situation along with 700 other cats, and she has lost all of her teeth due to a gum condition called stomatitis. She's never lost her sweet disposition, though.
Even without teeth, one of Coco’s favorite activities is eating - both dry and wet food. She's addicted to television and loves watching the sea birds on the cat sitter video in her suite. She is always looking for affection from visitors and one of her favorite things is being brushed. When she’s brushed, her unique and rare white undercoat shines through.
With her beautiful, extra soft fur, Coco is this week’s winner for “Best Coat.”


Cat Depot Featured Cat Velvet


Velvet is a "tri-pod" kitty. She lost her leg as a kitten. She was most likely hit by a car when she was living on the streets as an unwanted stray. Her unfortunate circumstances haven't deterred her one bit, though. She is full of life and looking forward to her future in a loving home.
With her sleek black coat and striking green eyes, Velvet acts as official greeter at the door to her suite. Her goal is to get the attention of all the visitors. She knows there’s a happy, safe home out there for her and she’s determined to find the right person to bring her to it.
With her positive attitude, Velvet is this week’s award winner for “Most Hopeful.”
Sidney Cat Depot Featured Cat


Sidney came to us because the person that she lived with for the last four years passed away. As heartbreaking as her story is, Sidney is hopeful that she will find a new forever home.

Sidney is a beautiful tuxedo cat with plenty of personality. She likes kids, dogs and other cats. She still has a kitten’s playfulness, and she loves affection.

If a lap is offered, she will sit there and purr for hours. That is why Sidney is this week’s “Best Lap Cat.” 



Miles is a beautiful and gentle soul. He is de-clawed, has a low maintenance black coat and has the sweetest disposition.

Miles and his brother, Percy, came to Cat Depot after their owner could no longer care for them. Percy was soon adopted but poor Miles was so overwhelmed that he completely stopped eating.

Thanks to the loving care of Cat Depot’s staff and volunteers, he is now adjusting and regaining weight. Miles has really blossomed. He is greeting and bonding with new people, loves being petted and is just waiting for his forever home.



Although she can’t tell us everything she’s been through, Katniss has survived the wilderness, disease, and starvation. She is a lovely 5-year-old Torti with soulful green eyes and a mellow disposition. She loves to be petted and brushed, and enjoys being scratched behind her ears. Katniss’ purr is soft like the beating wings of a hummingbird. Although abandoned to fend for herself, she is still loving and affectionate. Spend some time with this wonderful girl and she will surely win your heart.  



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