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Zag, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I be the Zag to your Zig?

My name is Zag, and I'm looking for a Zig to complete me. Teehee.

Seriously though, I'm a cheerful young cat from Arcadia. I'm a boy, and the humans here at Cat Depot think I'm about five months old. You know what that means? I'm a kitty teenager! In other words: I'm a lot of fun.

I roamed around the streets - that was scary - but Animal Services picked me up and took me to Cat Depot. Ever since I arrived, I've been working on charming everyone I meet.

I'm friendly, playful, and I love to both wrestle and cuddle. I get along with everyone. I like kids, cats, dogs, anyone who'll let me hang out.

Most of all, I like to be by a human's side.

What are you doing right now?

Can I help? 



Coraline, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant a new Best Friend Furever?

My name is Coraline. Pretty, right?

Typist says I'm as pretty as my name, and that I have a cute pink nose. I'll let you decide on that one.

I'm playful and I love toys, but I can be a little shy when meeting new people. Though, if someone takes time to let me get to know them, we have a wonderful time.

I think it's because I'm a little shy I'm still here. I'm only six months old, but it's easier for the more outgoing kitties to get attention.

Would you come see me? Maybe we could play a game together?

~ Coraline ~



Sprinkles, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant a new Best Friend Furever?

Hi there human, my name is Sprinkles. I came to Cat Depot because my family had to move somewhere I couldn't come. That was a sad day, but I'm getting used to this new place.

The roomservice here is great, I don't have any complaints, but I miss having a home of my own. Someone to cuddle, someone who will give me attention and pet me... And play, I like toys.

I am great at many household chores. Like, greeting you when you come home, keeping you company, holding down laundry, watching critters through the windows so they don't do anything mischievous. I'm sure we could find a suitable task.

I like other cats too, and I wouldn't mind sharing my purrson. Come see me!



Sara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWould you like to play?

Well hello there, how are you this fine day? My name is Sara, and I would love to chat if you have a moment.

First, I have the same pitch as all the other cats: I'm two years old, charming, beautiful, playful, get along with others... Bet you've heard all that before.

So, what's special about me? Why should you pick me over all the others?

I'm a gorgeous plus-size kitty, so there's more of me to love! Isn't that pawsome? Humans here say I should try to lose some weight, but I really just want a treat. Or two.




Fawn, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI love being petted!

My name is Fawn. Pretty name, don't you think? It makes me feel graceful.

I'm six years old and lived all my life with a human who really loved me. Then, our financial situation declined until my purrson said I would be better off living with someone else. I was sad to go to Cat Depot, but I understand that my family wanted the best life possible for me.

So, now I'm here, and I'm happy for the opportunity to introduce myself to the world. 

I am social, affectionate, playful, and I love toys. But the best thing of all is when someone pets me. I love when someone pets me.




Athena, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI don't think I live up to my name

I'm Athena. I'm named after the goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology.

I consider myself wise beyond my two years of age, but I'm not so good at the war-thing. On the contrary - I get along with everyone. Cats, dogs, children, adults... I'm just a friendly kitty.

Typist said the goddess of peace was named Eirene, and she was much less famous than Athena. I guess fame is good?

Anymeows, no matter what you call me, I'm still a sweet and affectionate girl.

I originally come from Tampa where someone found me and my four kittens. I was so grateful not to have to worry about food anymore. Being a single mother is tough, and being homeless is tough, but combining the two... Horror.

I am more than ready to find my furever home. I consider myself low maintenance, and I have a cute streak on my nose that goes well with my pretty eyes.

Come see me!



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