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Cookie and Kiera - Cat Depot Featured Cats

Take Two - We're Small...and Cute!

My name is Cookie and my sister, Kiera and I came to Cat Depot when our owner had to move. We were heartbroken - we thought we would be living out our golden years together in our comfortable, safe home. We are both 11 years old and it’s very scary to have to start over at this stage in our lives.
It’s been quite a change for us and being the new kids on the block wasn’t easy – especially for Kiera. She was terrified of everything so I played the part of the protective “big” brother and I made sure no one bothered her. But she was still so frightened that she would just stay in her bed all day. Then she started to get “bed sores” on her legs from staying in one place, so I got worried. I talked to the volunteers and staff here and asked them if we could find a quieter environment for us so that Kiera could have a chance to get acclimated and be less stressed. 
So we now reside in Miss Lynn’s office. It’s very comfortable here and Kiera is coming out of her shell. She’s started to venture out from her bed under the desk and is even purring and rubbing against people – just like the old Kiera! And me? Well I’ve been having a great time exploring and hanging out with Miss Lynn. I’ve been assisting her with her work and she says I’ve been a big help.
Now that we are feeling much more secure, we are ready to find a new home. We definitely need to be adopted together because Kiera needs me and, although I don’t like to admit it, I need her just as much. I don’t know what I would do without my sister.
Ever the worrywart, Kiera thinks that we’ll never find a home because people don’t know that we are here.  We are sort of hidden away, but I know that if I get the word out, people will find us. We have so much love to give and it would be a waste for us not to share it. So please come meet us and spend some time with us – Miss Lynn doesn’t mind at all; she said she likes the company.
Twinkle wants to shine for you

I'm Your Lucky Star

My name is Twinkle and I'm a dilute Tortie. And, yes, you can count on me to shine for you! 
I would love to lounge on the lanai in the evenings and gaze up at those beautiful stars while lying in your lap. We can count shooting stars together.
Of course, I’ll always keep an eye out for any flying bugs that come near…I still have that hunter instinct. Did you know that my favorite constellation is Orion?  He is also ‘The Great Hunter’ - my idol. 
Let’s do dinner on the lanai tonight and watch the stars - there’s nothing on TV anyway. With your love and attention I will twinkle brighter than anything in the night sky. Just watch me stretch out, purr and share my love with you. And, I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite star to admire – you!
Cat Depot Featured Cat, Johnson

The Purrfect Match

My name is Johnson and I very well could be the man, er - cat, of your dreams.
Since signing up for Match-up.com, I have received all kinds of winks and whistles. Never could I have imagined being chased by so many ladies! But since my profile does include a gorgeous picture and my interests range from loving to snuggle to making you feel very special…..who could resist me?
As far as talents go, I’m not much of a cook, but wow, do I love to eat. How does an evening out at Owens Fish Camp sound to you? YUM!
I am particularly good at the couch potato thing and I’m not into water sports but I do appreciate a good belly rub. If you shower me with affection, I promise to return the favor and lavish sweet attention on you. My gray and white fur is so soft that I know you will not be able to keep your hands off me. 
So, what do you say? How about a date? I know I’m your perfect match!
Cat Depot featured kitty, Misty

Dancing Her Way Into Your Heart

Hello - my name is Misty (actually it was Misty II since there was another Misty here when I arrived, but I’m the only one here now). I usually sit by the door to my suite so that everyone passing by can admire my beautiful grey fur coat. Once you get past my elegant beauty, you will see just how friendly and loving I am. I love to weave in and out of visitors’ legs. I’m quite the dancer, you know – I can twirl and dip with the best of them! Is it any wonder that “Dancing with the Stars” is my favorite show?
I’m looking for a dance partner who will sweep me off my paws and take me to my forever home. I will provide you with unconditional love and hours of good-looking company. You will definitely want to show me off to your friends! All I ask in return is that you help me maintain my good looks by brushing my long tresses and making sure that all of my accessories coordinate with my gorgeous green eyes. 

If you get to know me you will see that I’m a beautiful kitty both inside and out. I know that we could create a beautiful dance together.
Shelby is waiting at Cat Depot for her Forever Home

Let's Make Lemonade!

I’m Shelby and life has given me many lemons. I have been living in shelters for such a long time and I try to keep my spirits up (gotta make that lemonade!), but at times it is so hard. My sweet, unassuming demeanor and low-key personality often get me overlooked. I admit that I won’t be the one to approach you for attention, but give me a scratch under my chin and I’m all yours. 
I am very good company. I love watching television – so grab the popcorn and settle in for movie night and I will be right by your side. I don’t ask for much. Just a chance to make your day a little better…and as a result, that will make my day great!  
Look into my beautiful green eyes and let me melt your heart and bring love into our life. I know I am capable of warming your lap and bringing you joy. We can even make that lemonade – together!
Reiki is waiting at Cat Depot for his forever home

Putting My Circus Career on Hold

Hi! My name is Reiki and I love being the center of attention. I will entertain you with the best cat clown act in town. My specialties include, tongue twisters (cuz my tongue is always hanging out), stilt walking (cuz of my long legs) and making people laugh. I always thought I’d be perfect for the circus. Hey Nik Wallenda, can I walk the high wire with you?!
But the more I thought about running away with the circus, the more I realized that I would be much happier in a home with a family to love. So, when I adopt my family, I plan on letting them know how much I love them by showering them with affection. And, of course, I will entertain them with my tricks and antics. I can’t wait to join in on the family activities (I’m particularly good at the “Go Fish” card game). 
Come visit me soon to see if I’m the clown kitty you’ve been dreaming of. Oh, and if you run into Nik Wallenda, please let him know that I’ve decided to put family before my circus career. I know he’ll be heartbroken, but I need to focus on finding my home right now. 
Sidney is at Cat Depot waiting for her forever home

Does Someone Need a Hug?

When Sidney wants attention, you will definitely know it. Passersby are often tapped by her – she stands up and reaches out to let you know she is ready for some love.
A true fashionista at heart, Sidney has striking white whiskers that accent her beautiful green eyes and shiny, black coat. And with her white markings, she is always ready for formal affairs in her tuxedo.
Sidney is a lap kitty and her favorite pastime is to curl up and take a nap on the closest available lap. And, she is quite the hugger. Let her sit on your lap and she will wrap her paws around your neck and cuddle with you. Having a down day? Sidney will comfort you and give you a shoulder to cry on. Having a great day? Perfect! Sidney is ready to be happy with you.


Harley is available for adoption from Cat Depot

Lend Me Your Ears

My name is Harley. I am named such because I have a motor (purr) like a motorcycle. Along with my magnificent purr, I am also quite the talker. I love to engage any listening ear into a conversation. I’ve lived 10 years and have plenty of stories to tell. Just simply give me your lap, and your attention. 
I am looking for a forever home that has plenty of love and attention to give. If you also have a comfy couch and window for bird watching, I would not be upset.  
If you are looking for a lifelong story teller, and have a knee for me to lay my head upon, please come in and see me. I am the perfect lap cat for you. 
Over the Hill Kitty Seeks Life Partner

Over-the-Hill Male seeks Life Partner

Hello, my name is Cashmere. I was found next to a dumpster - discarded and disheartened. Without a doubt, life has physically taken its toll on me. It managed to take one of my legs and crinkle my ears, but I refuse to let it take away my positive thinking and warm heart. 
I spend my days observing life from my favorite perches and spots. Having lost one of my back legs makes walking slightly harder in my old age. But I am able to walk, and do so when needed. I must admit that my favorite form of transportation is to be carried - I like to wrap my arms around your neck.  
I am looking for a loving life partner who understands that, while I may have had a rough ride up the hill, now that I’ve crested it all I need is someone to be there to enjoy the rest of the ride with me. I do not know how many more years I have left in me, but I can promise they will be full of love, cuddles, head butts and beautiful memories. 


Winnie - Cat Depot Kitty Looking for a home to call her own


My name is Winnie and I've been at Cat Depot for about 1 year now. I'm six years old and I'm an office cat. But unlike the other office kitties, I have to share my office with another cat.
Sharing has its perks...I never feel alone, I have a warm body to cuddle with at night and I have a playmate. But it also has a downside. I'm a quiet, unassuming little lady who is not one to fight over things like food, toys and attention - especially that of the male feline species. And my roommate is, well, how can I put it? She's not so "discreet." Everything is a competition to her. She's young, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. 
So I'm really ready for a place to call my own. And, of course, a loving human to give me all the attention I deserve. I'm a bit reserved, but don't be fooled into thinking that I'm shy. I absolutely love being petted and if you will let me into your heart, I promise that I will be your friend for life!
Darcy - Southern Belle, Desperate Office Cat


Hi Y’All! I’m Darcy. I’m a young 2 ½-year-old princess who is looking for a castle to call my own. 
I currently reside in one of the offices at Cat Depot and I spend most of my days helping out where I can. But I’m getting pretty tired of this working life. I’m not cut out for hard labor. I’m just a delicate Southern Belle who deserves to be pampered. I belong in the lap of luxury. I imagine lazy days lounging around the house while catching up on my favorite TV shows and being served treats on a silver platter.
I’ve got the reputation of being a bit spunky and I’ve even heard rumors that some of the other kitties call me a diva. But that doesn’t bother me. I’m a beautiful gal with a big purr-sonality and I don’t have a problem with asking for what I feel I deserve.

I require daily love, affection and adoration (of course). Could you be that special person who is big enough to share the spotlight with a stunning kitty like me? I may demand a lot of attention, but I will give you lots of love in return.


Cat Depot kitty, Buddy is looking for his forever home

Young Bachelor Seeks Life of Adventure and Companionship

My name is Buddy, and I am a lively and fun-loving, one-year-old boy with an insatiable curiosity for life. I would love to find a lifelong companion who shares my vivacious outlook on life and who supports my big appetite for adventure and all the possibilities life has in store for me. 
In my free time, my absolute favorite thing to do is to walk on my leash; it helps to satisfy my need for exploring the world around me. Recently, I also began clicker training, and I have started running the agility course in the halls of Cat Depot. 
While all this is quite exciting, the real journey I cannot wait to take is the one to my forever home. If you are looking for an adventurous friend, I am the “Buddy” for you. 


Darcy is Cat Depot's Featured Cat

Darling Diva Seeks Daily Admiration

Hello, my name is Darcy—Darcy the Diva, to be exact. I am a beautiful calico with a taste for the finer things in life and a healthy dose of “cat-itude!” I am looking for a forever family in which I will be the center of all attention and love. 
I love to play with feathers, but I do not want to be bothered with laser pointers (I need to be able to catch my prey, not chase it and watch it disappear!). Some may say I am a Prima Donna, but I just know what I want out of life and refuse to settle for less than the best!
If you are looking for a beautiful kitty who promises to keep you active and on your toes, I am the purr-fect girl for you!
Manny is looking for his forever home

Slender Senior Seeks a Lifetime of Snuggles

My name is Manny. I give the saying “Great things come in small packages” its meaning. I may be on the petite side, but my heart is big and full of love. I am looking for a forever home with a family who can look past my age and see me for who I truly am: a lover, a snuggler and a couch potato. 

When I am not lounging in laps, I usually can be found watching television or training for competitive eating challenges. I may be tiny, but eating is absolutely my favorite thing to do.
If you are looking for a cuddly lap cat with a big appetite and an even bigger heart, come in and see me. Let’s talk over dinner! 




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