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Birdie has been patiently waiting for her forever home.

I Believe In Love at First Sight

Birdie’s early life wasn’t easy. But that hasn’t jaded her view on life or love.

A romantic at heart, Birdie believes in love at first sight. She is patiently waiting for that special person to come along and set her heart aflutter.

The way to her heart is a gentle touch, chin rubs and a warm lap to snuggle on. And once you earn this petite girl’s trust, her heart is yours to keep.

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat Depot

I'll Love You for All of My Nine Lives

Huddled in a storm sewer, next to a busy interstate, Misty, Storm and their three kittens were dramatically rescued in 2012. Both adult cats were dedicated,
young parents and all were united at Cat Depot.
But, Misty developed medical issues, isolating her from her family. Meanwhile, one kitten was adopted and Storm and two kittens found a home with their rescuer.
Please come visit four-year-old Misty, left behind, and still waiting for her forever home. If you open your heart to her, she will give you hers forever.
Mags is available for adoption at Cat Depot


My name is Mags and I’m one several kitties rescued in February 2014 from a hoarding situation. Pretty much all of the cats rescued along with me last year have found their forever homes. I’m one of the remaining few who weren’t as lucky. 
I'm not sure why I haven't found my special human yet. I'm not shy. I like people. I like to play - especially with feather toys. I sometimes keep to myself, but everyone needs some alone time to think.
I have done some soul-searching and I've come to the conclusion that there isn't anything wrong with me. My time has just not come yet. I know there is someone out there who needs me as much as I need him (or her).
Do you believe in second chances? I do. And I'm ready for the next chapter in my life. Hurry up and come visit me so we can start writing our story together!

Nicholas, an adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Hi there! I'm Nicholas. I got my name because I was rescued around Christmas time. 
I was found on the streets and it's still not clear to me how I got there. Once upon a time, I lived in a home where I was comfy and happy. Then my life was turned upside down. I somehow I ended up outside and, even though it's warm here in Florida, it's a really big and scary world out there.
I tried to make the best of it. I wandered around looking for humans to love me. I may look like a big, tough boy, but I'm a softy at heart. I'm a people cat - I need to be around humans. So I approached every human I could find and right before the holidays, I hit the jackpot. A wonderful woman rescued me and brought me here.
Now I’m patiently waiting to find a home. I’m looking for someone (or some family) who needs a lot of love. Like my namesake, St. Nick, I'm a very generous and giving soul. I have so much love, purrs and head butts that I need to share. My heart is bursting with affection and I promise that if you let me into your life, I will do my best to fill your heart with joy every day.
Dakota - an adoptable kitty at Cat Depot


Yo! My name is Dakota and I have a reputation of being the "party guy" around here. But what do they expect from me? I'm only 1 and a half years old - I'm supposed to be frisky and have fun. And for me, it's all about the fun! If there is a party around here, I'll be the first to know about it.
I love to be around people and when you visit I'll greet you at the door. I like to be the first one people meet when they enter my suite. I love attention. So please pet me. And grab the nearest feather toy because I'm always up for a game of chase the feather! 
I guess you could say I'm a "guy's guy." I like all sports - chasing balls, jumping for feathers, rolling around for treats. You name it, I'm your guy! I would even enjoy helping you cheer on your favorite team from the couch....as long as we are allowed some playtime before or after the game.
So what do you say? I'm game if you're game!


Winnie - Cat Depot Kitty Looking for a home to call her own


My name is Winnie and I've been at Cat Depot for about 1 year now. I'm six years old and I'm an office cat. But unlike the other office kitties, I have to share my office with another cat.
Sharing has its perks...I never feel alone, I have a warm body to cuddle with at night and I have a playmate. But it also has a downside. I'm a quiet, unassuming little lady who is not one to fight over things like food, toys and attention - especially that of the male feline species. And my roommate is, well, how can I put it? She's not so "discreet." Everything is a competition to her. She's young, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. 
So I'm really ready for a place to call my own. And, of course, a loving human to give me all the attention I deserve. I'm a bit reserved, but don't be fooled into thinking that I'm shy. I absolutely love being petted and if you will let me into your heart, I promise that I will be your friend for life!
Darcy - Southern Belle, Desperate Office Cat


Hi Y’All! I’m Darcy. I’m a young 2 ½-year-old princess who is looking for a castle to call my own. 
I currently reside in one of the offices at Cat Depot and I spend most of my days helping out where I can. But I’m getting pretty tired of this working life. I’m not cut out for hard labor. I’m just a delicate Southern Belle who deserves to be pampered. I belong in the lap of luxury. I imagine lazy days lounging around the house while catching up on my favorite TV shows and being served treats on a silver platter.
I’ve got the reputation of being a bit spunky and I’ve even heard rumors that some of the other kitties call me a diva. But that doesn’t bother me. I’m a beautiful gal with a big purr-sonality and I don’t have a problem with asking for what I feel I deserve.

I require daily love, affection and adoration (of course). Could you be that special person who is big enough to share the spotlight with a stunning kitty like me? I may demand a lot of attention, but I will give you lots of love in return.
Misty is looking for her forever home


My name is Misty and I’ve been at Cat Depot for a long, long time. Over two years!
My stay here has wreaked havoc on my girlish figure. When I came here as a two-year old, I was a slender, slinky goddess. You should have seen the way the boy kitties looked at me! I really had it going on. Because of my stunning beauty, I was crowned "Miss Cat Depot" the first year I was here. 
I stayed pretty active at the beginning. It was easy with all the boys chasing me around. But as time went on and I wasn’t finding a forever home, I sort of lost my energy. I found solace in bowls of yummy kitty chow and I really looked forward to meal times.
So I decided to take destiny into my own hands. I was tired of spending my time in just one place. So I got my passport and took a trip to another suite. It was nicknamed the “chubby pod,” which I don’t think is very flattering. While vacationing there, I worked on losing a few pounds. And it paid off! 
My next trip was to another suite. I had a short vacation there and then I jetted off to one of the Cat Depot offices. I really enjoyed my time in the office. I especially liked lounging on the "Kitty Riviera." The humans call it a laptop, but to me it was a warm and cozy place to relax. But, I did miss my adoring public. I needed more people to gaze upon my beauty. Since I had such a nice stay at the "chubby pod" (and I admit that I didn't exercise much during my travels), I decided to take my next trip there again. 
And that’s where I’m hanging out now. Travel is very tiring and I'm enjoying my naps (as you can see). Please stop into Hughes Playhouse and visit me. I love attention and if you pet me, I will entertain you with stories of my world travels.
Sylvester is a senior kitty waiting at Cat Depot for his forever home


My name is Sylvester and I’m a self-made cat of almost 12 years old. Most of the kitties here think of me as the “grandfather” of Cat Depot, but I don’t consider myself old at all. I have all my wits about me and I pay more attention to things than most of those young kitties realize. I’ve always had good business sense and, before I came to Cat Depot, I was able to make quite a bit of catnip by making sound investments. But my immense fortune didn’t save me from being left out on the streets to fend for myself. And everyone knows that cats cannot live on catnip alone.
I currently reside in one of the offices and being the local tycoon, I tend to get special treatment. We have so many wonderful volunteers who like to carry me around (and I love being held, so who am I to complain?).  I look forward to those leisurely strolls around the facility so I can keep up on all of the gossip and goings-on at Cat Depot. 
I have so much love (and catnip) to give and I’m looking for someone to love me unconditionally. Being the generous soul that I am, I will share my fortune with you if you will just cuddle me forever. Mi catnip, su catnip.
Cat Depot Featured Cat, Ripple

Special-Needs Cat Seeks Special Someone

Hello, my name is Ripple. I am a one-year-old, fabulous feline. People call me a “special needs kitty," but I also am pretty special, too! I see and hear the world a little differently than most people, and by differently, I mean not quite as well. I may have slight vision and hearing impairments, but I do not let that slow me down. I think these quirks are what give me my amazing and loving purr-sonality.
When I am not napping in my cat tree, I enjoy playing with jingly toys; they are my favorite, because I can hear them better when I lose sight of them. I get along well with dogs, and I am quite the snuggler; I enjoy being held and will even give an occasional face massage. 
Due to my "special" nature, I am not fond of rapid change, and, therefore, I am looking for a loving and consistent forever home. 
If you would like to bring someone special into your life, please come and visit me; I could be just the companion you need. 
Cat Depot kitty, Buddy is looking for his forever home

Young Bachelor Seeks Life of Adventure and Companionship

My name is Buddy, and I am a lively and fun-loving, one-year-old boy with an insatiable curiosity for life. I would love to find a lifelong companion who shares my vivacious outlook on life and who supports my big appetite for adventure and all the possibilities life has in store for me. 
In my free time, my absolute favorite thing to do is to walk on my leash; it helps to satisfy my need for exploring the world around me. Recently, I also began clicker training, and I have started running the agility course in the halls of Cat Depot. 
While all this is quite exciting, the real journey I cannot wait to take is the one to my forever home. If you are looking for an adventurous friend, I am the “Buddy” for you. 


Darcy is Cat Depot's Featured Cat

Darling Diva Seeks Daily Admiration

Hello, my name is Darcy—Darcy the Diva, to be exact. I am a beautiful calico with a taste for the finer things in life and a healthy dose of “cat-itude!” I am looking for a forever family in which I will be the center of all attention and love. 
I love to play with feathers, but I do not want to be bothered with laser pointers (I need to be able to catch my prey, not chase it and watch it disappear!). Some may say I am a Prima Donna, but I just know what I want out of life and refuse to settle for less than the best!
If you are looking for a beautiful kitty who promises to keep you active and on your toes, I am the purr-fect girl for you!
Manny is looking for his forever home

Slender Senior Seeks a Lifetime of Snuggles

My name is Manny. I give the saying “Great things come in small packages” its meaning. I may be on the petite side, but my heart is big and full of love. I am looking for a forever home with a family who can look past my age and see me for who I truly am: a lover, a snuggler and a couch potato. 

When I am not lounging in laps, I usually can be found watching television or training for competitive eating challenges. I may be tiny, but eating is absolutely my favorite thing to do.
If you are looking for a cuddly lap cat with a big appetite and an even bigger heart, come in and see me. Let’s talk over dinner! 


Cat Depot Featured Kitty - Katniss

Quiet Lady Looking for Love

My name is Katniss, I am a quiet (but not shy) 6 year old tortoise shell kitty.
I’m looking for a nice quiet home in which to settle down. I would much rather spend a night inside, watching a romantic comedy over a nice game of cards than go out on the town. I have a fondness for fine dining, Frank Sinatra, and bird watching. 
I would love to find a family with a similar interest for the quiet things in life. And, if there is a comfy lap for me to curl up in and a gentle hand for daily brushings, that’s even better. If you feel that this person could be you, come in and see me. I’ll be waiting patiently and quietly. 


Cat Depot Featured kitty, Birdie


Birdie, a gorgeous tuxedo kitty with silky soft fur, is one of our Napier rescue cats. She loves to be petted. Just have a seat and Birdie will crawl right up to cuddle with you. You’ll know how happy it makes her by the loud rumble of her purrs.
Of course, at just under two years old, Birdie is also a very playful cat. She likes to chase feathers on a string and is fascinated by laser pointers. She also enjoys the company of the other cats. When they are not running around, Birdie likes to be the surrogate mom and grooms the younger cats in her suite. 
With her gentle and loving nature, it’s easy to see why Birdie is the ideal candidate to be your next companion.


Sidney Cat Depot Featured Cat


Sidney came to us because the person that she lived with for the last four years passed away. As heartbreaking as her story is, Sidney is hopeful that she will find a new forever home.

Sidney is a beautiful tuxedo cat with plenty of personality. She likes kids, dogs and other cats. She still has a kitten’s playfulness, and she loves affection.

If a lap is offered, she will sit there and purr for hours. That is why Sidney is this week’s “Best Lap Cat.” 

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