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Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotSearching for happily furever after

Dear human,

My name is Carmen. I'm a special girl looking for a special purrson, and I have waited here at Cat Depot for a long time - I arrived April 4th last year when my owner fell ill and couldn't care for me anymore.

What's so special about me?

Well, I only have three legs, and I'm front declawed, so I have reason to be uncertain of the world around me. I compensate through talking and it scares many potential 'dopters - they think I'm going to bit them, but it's just my way of communicating. I enjoy being high up, so I can keep track of the world around me.

One of the volunteers sometimes lifts me up and carries me around. I make a lot of noise when he lifts me, but once he holds me I love it. I enjoy when he carries me around the corridors, letting me look at things and people.

What else... I am eleven years and ten months young. I enjoy watching TV, and that's something we could do together. You could munch some popcorn and I could have some cat treats.


Cookie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

My name is Cookie, because I'm so sweet.

Hi everyone,

Remember me, Cookie? I'm still at Cat Depot, and I'm still longing to go home. I am so bored here you can't believe it.

Let me back up a little. I am ten years old and I was born in West Africa. I came to the USA with a military family, what an exciting journey that was! Being here was great, until my purrson went into an assisted living facility and couldn't bring me. That was in July last year, and I was welcomed to Cat Depot.

During my first months here I was optimistic. I'm cute, and it shouldn't be all that hard to find a new home. I was wrong; it's too hard to compete with the kittens.

Things took a turn for the worse and I was very sick for a while. The medical staff diagnosed me with diabetes and made me take medicine. It made me feel better, but not a fun experience.

With peace, quiet, and a diet, the veterinarians have stabilized me so I don't need insulin shots anymore. I still need special food though, and it is important that I'm fed on regular times and keep my weight down.

There was a fundraiser for me, and my adopter will get a year's supply of my special food! I also come with two free glucose tests in the shelter clinic, to make sure my diabetes is kept in check. And you know what? I'm sponsored with Bow-Tie himself. I actually went to live with him for a while. He took very good care of me and helped nurse me back to health.

Why do so many do so much for me? I've asked myself the same thing, and the humans here say I'm cute and lovable. I'm very friendly and I love human company. Other cats make me jealous and I worry I'll lose my purrson.

Come visit me and talk to the staff about me, they will verify that I'm a great cat. I am so ready to leave Cat Depot and find a home of my own. Could it be with you?


Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotAzalea, because I'm beautiful like a flower.

My name is Azalea. Like the flower, you know. I think that means I'm pretty - I hope that's what it means.

I was left behind when my owners moved. Luckily, a neighbor found me and took me to Cat Depot. This environment intimidates me, but if you come look for me, I appreciate being petted, and I love head rubs. What else... I'm seven years old, so I'm an adult and know how to behave.

I would really like to get out of here. Can I go home with you?


Jack, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sweet, shy boy seeks family

Hi there! I'm Jack. I can be a little shy when I first meet new people, but once I get to know you, I will love you with all my cat's heart. I love to play, but more than anything, I love affection.

I'm a boy, almost three years old, and the humans say I can be talkative. Some think I don't purr, but that's just because I'm quiet and gentle - I purr, but at a pleasant low volume.

I just returned to Cat Depot from a foster home, because the humans felt I needed a break from the shelter. I spent some time in a real home and it was wonderful. Now I'm back, ready to find a purrson of my own.

My foster mom took a lot of photos of me and wrote about things I like. You can read her letter here. And, there's a video of me here.


Jessie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Be my one and only!

Excuse me, would you be willing to hold this toy? And maybe move it just like that? Because I really like to play, and it's better when you're two, doing it together.

My name is Jessie, and I'm just a year and a half old, so I still have a lot of energy. Did I mention that I like to play? I'm pretty small and athletic, and I'll do anything to get attention.

People here at Cat Depot say I'm bad at sharing. I guess that's true, it's just that... There's only so much attention to go around, right, and if there are other cats they might steal it all so there isn't enough left for me. I worry about things like that.

Anyway, if you want a best friend to share your days, I'm here waiting. I'm good at computers too, and I can keep the keyboard warm for you while you're off doing other things. A warm keyboard types better than a cold one, so having a keyboard warmer is a big plus. Just one of the many free services I offer.

Come visit me. I'm here at Cat Depot, waiting.

Bianca, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Pretty girl seeks exclusive relationship

Hi there! I'm Bianca the Bengal.

I am affectionate, active, and yearn for leaving Cat Depot to go home. I'm looking for an exclusive relationship without other cats to steal your attention away.

Nice people found me when I wandered outside on my own and brought me to Cat Depot. In the past, someone de-clawed all my paws, and trust me, being on your own like that is not a pleasant experience. I was relieved to find myself among kind people. Not to mention food...

What else do you need to know? Hmm... I'm pretty, and I'm very soft. I like chatting, and if you talk to me, I'll probably answer. I have a pretty loud meow, but I'm not angry, just talkative.

Will you be my hero and take me home? Come see me!

Love, Bianca

Yoshi, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Distinguished gentle soul in search of a chin-scratch

Would you by any chance have a chin-rub to spare? I'm Yoshi, and I'm in need of a furever home.

I came to Cat Depot in March 2015 when my purrson passed away. I was determined to find a new home quickly - I'm a low-maintenance cat with few demands on life besides some food, clean water, and a place to put my bed - but all the kittens teased me and said a cat my age would be at the shelter forever.

Closing in on a year, it appears they were right. I don't know why - I'm fourteen, but I still have some good years left in me. And who wouldn't like a large, calm, feline friend? If you're looking for someone to hang out with, come see me. We can watch TV together, or I can supervise whatever goes on in your home.

Squeakers, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Laid-back charmer in search of a lap

Meow, meow, purr... Oh, I forgot to speak human, sorry 'bout that. My name is Squeakers, and I'm looking for a best friend forever. I'm soft and affectionate, and I make a great companion. If you need someone to welcome you home and warm your lap, I'm your girl.

I'm ten years old, and came to Cat Depot almost a year ago when my family couldn't care for me anymore. They had me since I was a kitten, and saying farewell to them was hard on both them and me.

My roommate says I have the cutest purr. According to her I sound almost like I'm cooing. I know she likes the sound, so I make sure to do it every time she touches me.

What else... I've been working on my computer skills, and I like to eat. I mean, I really like to eat, so the humans here at Cat Depot put me on a diet. Boo for diets.

Come see me. I'd love to meet you.

Carmel, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Well-behaved kitty with love to share

Hi, How are you?

My name is Carmel, and I would like to share my story with you.

Years ago, my brother and I were adopted from Cat Depot. We were kittens and went to a loving home with a very nice couple. I lived the good life - until our parents died and we ended up in the shelter again! Carter, my brother, took it easy and was pretty happy. He has already been adopted into a wonderful home.

This ordeal was much harder for me. The loss of my beloved parents, losing my loving home, and arriving to a stressful shelter environment made me stop eating and I got very sick. I was placed in a foster home and spent almost two months there, recovering.

Now I'm here, happy and healthy, ready to go home with you. I like it here at Cat Depot - people are nice and take good care of me - but I would much rather live in a real home. I don't need much, just shelter, food, water, and your love! I will love you back with all my cat's heart!

I am an adult cat and I know hot to behave. I can be shy in the beginning and don't do well in a busy household, and I'm afraid of loud noises. Like, the vacuum cleaner. I like people and cats, I love being petted and would enjoy making biscuits on your belly, and I love scratching posts. I play with toys like a kitten and would be great at keeping you company during the day.

If you are a hard worker, I will wait for you in my cat bed during the day. When you return from work I will greet you at the door and meow for food and company. I would also love sleeping in your bed, if you allow me to.

Please, let's go home together!


A ray of sunshine whenever you need it!

Sonny is a ray of sunshine. He is friendly and affectionate and always ready to greet you at the door. According to Sonny, gentle chin scratches make the world go round.

This laid-back gentleman also loves helping out with computers, and here at Cat Depot he keeps a watchful eye on all documents and office equipment. He knows that his good looks will get him far, but matches his handsome appearance with a loving demeanor.

He always has a sunny disposition, but is best in a home without other cats.


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