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Evan, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI hope my luck changes

Hi everyone, I'm Evan.

Some of you may remember me - I arrived to Cat Depot a few months ago with a bad wound on my face. The nice people here nursed me back to health and found me a wonderful home. Then, disaster struck: my new human passed away!

Alone again, heart-broken.

It's good to be back at Cat Depot - there's always something happening here, cats to meow with, and humans visiting. Helps me stay busy. I'm trying to look forward and meet the future.

I've been practicing my leash walking skills and working extra in the store. I'm super friendly, I love attention, and I just want someone to love.


Frittata, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'll be super cuddly!

Meow there, my name is Frittata.

I was on my own and wanted a home so bad I tried to make one on some humans' roof. They said it would be better to live inside a house and brought me to Cat Depot.

I've been a little overwhelmed here, but once I connect with a purrson, I'm super cuddly. I'm good with other cats, and kids. You want to take me home, right?

I can greet you every day when you come home, listen to your stories about your day, and watch TV with you. If you like to read or work on the computer I'm sure I can help with that too.



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