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McArthur and Mochaccino, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Active teens searching for their teen matches 


Hi guys, it's Mochaccino and McArthur! We are both one-year-old, active cats, who came back to Cat Depot after our humans couldn't keep us anymore.

We are cuddly, affectionate, and social cats who love to play and mess around. Belly and head-rubs are our favorites. We have a lot of energy, but we also like to nap, so we can recharge for playtime.

We both vie for humans' attention and would love to find a family with a purrson for each of us. Sharing just isn't our strong suit. We share food, water, and toys, but not attention. Our dream is to find two kids - one for each of us.

We enjoy being around kids, because we act like them. We actually act like siblings and like to irritate each other as well as other cats, because, why not?

We might not be brothers by blood like last week's features Frankie Blue Eyes and Jeffrey, but we are fast friends and we've been told we look a lot alike. Ever heard of "friend soulmates?" That's us. 

We don't need to get adopted together, we would be happy for each other if we were separated, but we would love to stick together if we can.

Next time you come to Cat Depot, come visit our pod. You'll know it's ours, because it has a "Mochaccino: Escape Artist" sign on the door. The humans are nice, but don't understand we can't wait to get out to search for our furever home. 

We both look forward to meeting you!


McArthur, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



Mochaccino, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Jeffrey and Frankie Blue Eyes, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Bonded brothers ready to charm their way to a new home

Hello everyone, Frankie Blue Eyes and Jeffrey here. Not only are we brothers, we are also best friends, and we want to be 'dopted together.


Jeffrey, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSorry for the brief interruption, humans. It's Jeffrey meowing. I'm the better speaker and typer - not to mention, the cuter sibling - so I just convinced my brother to paw the keyboard over and let me do most of the talking. I may let him cut in at some point.

Like my brother, I am an eight-month-old Snowshoe Siamese mix. Another thing we have in common is, we both like attention. We dream of going to a furever home with lots of head rubs and snuggles.

I'm pretty playful and I love company. I'm always the first to jump onto a human's lap. I just adore when a purrson comes in to rub my tummy and spend time with me. I also enjoy nibbling on everything and playing with my toys.

My brother, Frankie Blue Eyes, likes to nap more than I do, but he can definitely be affectionate and playful when he's in the right mood. He always tries to tell me he was named after Frank Sinatra, but I beg to differ. Have you heard that squeak of his? My real purrs are much cuter.


Frankie Blue Eyes, adoptable cat at Cat DepotFrankie Blue Eyes here! Don't listen to what my brother said about my squeaks. I sound cute, and I'm working on my meows.

I am easygoing and like to get my head rubbed. I am also the more handsome brother. Don't believe me? Stop by Seymour's Landing and see for yourself. My brother and I have our bags packed and ready to go for when that special someone comes to visit and take us home!

Mischief, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Just the right amount of Mischief


Hi! I'm Mischief. I know what you might be thinking, but I promise I'm not as bad as my name might make me sound.

I am seven years old and came to Cat Depot after my owner passed away. When I first got here, I was quite sad about the whole situation, because I missed my purrson. I'm doing much better now and am ready to find a new furever home.

I will be upfront with you humans - I consider myself a high maintenance cat. I love attention, but on my terms. At least until I have time to warm up to you.

That being said, I thought I'd teach you about my "zones." My back and tail area are "no no" zones. I won't be thrilled if you touch me there. But, I love being pet on my head and cheeks. Rub the side of my face for me and we can be best friends for life.

My roommate tells me I'm a brat sometimes, but I respectfully disagree. Why can't I lie on her papers and steal her chair without being teased? If you ask me, I'm a very helpful desk mate.

Hmm, what else can I say about myself... I really love feather toys, and I like playing in garbage cans. One time I played a prank on my roommate by tipping the trash can over and hiding in it. She couldn't find me and thought I'd gotten lost. That's karma for ya, right?

I want to meet more humans, because that means more chances of finding my purrson. All the humans that come to see me always go on and on about how "pretty" and "gorgeous" I am. Come and meet me so you can see for yourself!

Kurtie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Affectionate girl longs for love and attention

Greetings, humans! Kurtie's the name, and I'm so happy to meet you.

I am seven years old and came to Cat Depot after my owner got sick and couldn't take care of me anymore. I am super social with my cat friends, and gentle with my human friends.

I am very low maintenance. I don't need a bunch of toys or treats to keep me happy. All I really need is a soft blanket and a nice human to give me lots of attention. I can't think of anything better than getting a good pet and spending time with my purrson. If I'm being honest, I would be content just having some good company, so I don't have to spend my days alone.

I am comfortable with silence. But, I mean, if your hand is in my vicinity, it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to nudge it with my nose until you pet me. Just rub my head and chest and I'll be happy. I promise not to be too annoying about it.

Next time you come to Cat Depot, please stop by Maloney's and see me! I'll be waiting, in one of the cubbies probably. Come spend some time with me, give me a good head rub, and maybe take me home with you if things work out!

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Three-legged sweetheart accepting applications 

Hi there! I'm Carmen, and I am currently accepting applications for candidates to give me a furever home.

I came to Cat Depot over a year ago when my owner got too old to take care of me. My old purrson taught me to be an honest cat, so I'm just going to come out and say it - when it comes to humans, I pick favorites. I'm not looking for just anyone to take me home.

This is what I'm hoping for:

* A good cuddler
* Someone who can give me lots of attention
* A professional head-and-chin stroker
* Feather toys. Lots of feather toys.

Now for a little about myself. I love naps. My roommates here in "Taza Territory" sometimes make fun of me because I sleep so much. I don't mind the teasing, a girl has to get her beauty sleep, right?

When I'm not sleeping, I like spending time with my friends, as I am a pretty social cat. I also really enjoy watching TV. Did I mention I like feather toys?

I suppose I should also tell you about my leg situation. I had a bad infection when I came to Cat Depot. The kind vet purrson here had to remove my front leg and I'm feeling much better now. I do get a little scared sometimes, so I feel safer when I'm being carried. Don't worry though, what I lack in the leg department I make up for in love.

I will be holding interviews with potential candidates every day of the week, so please come visit me. I really look forward to meeting you!

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotMeow! I'm Mystery. 

Humans said I'd get a chance to introduce myself to the world. This is so exciting!

I am eleven years young and came to Cat Depot in October when my purrson went to hospice care. During my months here I have become a volunteer favorite. I am very helpful, and I love sitting on people. 

I'm hoping to find a home where my lap-sitting skills will be appreciated. I'm calm and I like to hang out. Maybe we can watch TV, or I can help you with whatever you like to do? I don't take up  much room, I really don't, I just need somewhere to put my bed. In return, I will give all my love.

Come see me. I've been at Cat Depot for many long months, and I am more than ready to go home.



Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotSearching for happily furever after

Dear human,

My name is Carmen. I'm a special girl looking for a special purrson, and I have waited here at Cat Depot for a long time - I arrived April 4th last year when my owner fell ill and couldn't care for me anymore.

What's so special about me?

Well, I only have three legs, and I'm front declawed, so I have reason to be uncertain of the world around me. I compensate through talking and it scares many potential 'dopters - they think I'm going to bit them, but it's just my way of communicating. I enjoy being high up, so I can keep track of the world around me.

One of the volunteers sometimes lifts me up and carries me around. I make a lot of noise when he lifts me, but once he holds me I love it. I enjoy when he carries me around the corridors, letting me look at things and people.

What else... I am eleven years and ten months young. I enjoy watching TV, and that's something we could do together. You could munch some popcorn and I could have some cat treats.


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