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Nutmeg, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHi everybody, I'm Nutmeg.

My friends at Cat Depot describe me as a beautiful, sweet, and shy girl. Being shy isn't a bad thing in my opinion, I just like to take my time when meeting new people. I'm worth the wait, and I think you'll agree.

I'm almost two years old and am coming up on my one-year anniversary at Cat Depot. That means I've been here nearly half my life. I like it here, but I am ready for my furever home.

I like to play and get along well with other kitties. My favorite thing is chasing the red laser pointer. That dot is so much fun. I suspect the humans control it, but that doesn't matter.

I wanted to let you know that although I prefer not to be picked up, I love head-rubs. So when you come meet me, just be patient and I'll warm up to you.

Yours truly,


Wilbur, adoptable cat at Cat DepotA Friend Like Me

Hi y’all!

My name is Wilbur and I’m a three-year-old brown tabby. I am very laid back and just love to chill.

I am in the Friends Like Me Program at Cat Depot. Friends Like Me provides emergency medical care and treatment to Cat Depot cats and kittens who are sick, injured or have chronic illnesses.

You see, I was found under a tree in a yard. I had a broken pelvis and an injured knee. The great news is that I have recovered and can get along fine now.

You may notice that my right eye looks a tad swollen. I was treated for an abscess under that eye and am on the comfortable road to recovery. I’m in good hands.

I am very much an optimist and, although I may have had a rough start, am ready to love my new family with my whole heart.

Yours truly, WIlbur 

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