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Priscilla, adoptable cat at Cat DepotIs there room for a pretty lady like myself in your life?

I am very sad and need someone to pet me and tell me everything will be okay. You see, my human passed away. I was sure I was set for life, but one day, I was alone.

I'm grateful to be here at Cat Depot, but I'm worried too. I heard the kittens meow that they're the popular ones and an older girl like me won't be adopted.

I'm thirteen and I have many good years left in me, but it's hard to ignore what they're saying.

Hopefully, my adorableness will help me find love again. I'm a Turkish Angora and my white fur is soft like a cloud.

Would you come visit me? Maybe sit with me for a bit? I understand if you can't take me home, but I'd really like you to.



Monster, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI need a Best Friend Furever!

My name is Monster. Not as in a bad monster, but a cuddle monster, or maybe a cookie monster. I'm writing to you because, I need a best friend furever and I was wondering if you'd be interested in the position.

I was found wandering around downtown Sarasota with a severely injured back leg. Eventually I ended up at Cat Depot. The vets here tried to save my leg, but it was in too bad a shape. I'd limped around on it for a long time.

I missed it in the beginning, but I'm learning to get around on three paws, and I'm relieved not to be in pain anymore.

I'm a happy-go-lucky boy. I like to cuddle and I'm very affectionate. I get along with other cats and don't dislike being at Cat Depot, but there's something missing in my life. You know, that special purrson who'll sit with me in the sofa and watch TV every evening, pet me good morning and have breakfast with me, all those little things that make a relationship special.

If you're thinking it might be you, come see me! If we hit it off, you can bring me home today.


Frittata, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'll be super cuddly!

Meow there, my name is Frittata.

I was on my own and wanted a home so bad I tried to make one on some humans' roof. They said it would be better to live inside a house and brought me to Cat Depot.

I've been a little overwhelmed here, but once I connect with a purrson, I'm super cuddly. I'm good with other cats, and kids. You want to take me home, right?

I can greet you every day when you come home, listen to your stories about your day, and watch TV with you. If you like to read or work on the computer I'm sure I can help with that too.



Buffy, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAny chance you'd pet my face?

I'm Buffy. I came to Cat Depot from another shelter that was too crowded, and I was scared at first. I've spent some time in a foster home to help me adjust, and in that environment I could really show my affectionate purrsonality.

If someone were to take a chance on me, I'd be their best friend for all my nine lives.

I like to be petted on the face, and I get along with pretty much everyone. Dogs, cats, it's all good. Once I get to know you, I might even strike up a friendly conversation.

Would you come visit me? I'd love to have some visitors.




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