Cat Depot's Top Funding Needs

Medical Center X-Ray Machine = $53,685
With an on-site X-ray machine, we will be able to provide improved and immediate care for broken bones, obstructions, blockages and tooth extractions. Currently, we need to send injured cats off-site, which is costly, delays treatment and further stresses an already-traumatized animal.
Autoclave = $ 7,176
The autoclave is used to sterilize surgical equipment. It will double our capacity for surgeries, and increase spay/neuter.
Surgery Center Fluid Poles and Fluid Pumps = $2,730
The mobile poles are used in our surgery rooms to carry fluids that will be administered to cats and kittens intravenously. 
Surgery Pack = $990
Surgery packs consist of instruments used in spay/neuter surgeries. We are now performing spay/neuter surgeries five days a week. The increased surgeries warrant extra sets of surgical instruments for a more efficient process and will allow us to sterilize more animals.
Intake of One Cat = $150
Includes the cost of a veterinary exam, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, vaccinations, FIV/FeLV test and flea treatment. 


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