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Bow-Tie is the spokescat for Cat Depot's Friends Like Me program

Friends Like Me is a Cat Depot Program to provide emergency medical care and treatment to Cat Depot cats and kittens who are sick, injured or have chronic illnesses.

Bow-Tie is a special needs cat who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He was malnourished, parasite and flea infested, had broken teeth, severe tartar, inflamed gums, a missing tail, deformed ear, hairless and bleeding skin, and limping badly. Living in filth, eating trash, insects and rodents, without human attention or affection, he had no chance for change unless rescue came from outside the house.

After receiving medical treatment at Cat Depot, Bow-Tie was placed in a foster home for special care and nurturing and soon thereafter his foster mom adopted him. With the help of his mom, he has gained proper weight, has a full coat of healthy fur and no longer limps. 

Bow-Tie is carrying on Mighty Lou's legacy and has taken on the role of "spokespurrson" for Cat Depot's Friends Like Me program. He now accompanies his mom around southwest Florida promoting this program to help homeless cats and kittens. He is especially determined to raise awareness of the dangers of hoarding and to speak up for cats and kittens suffering in hoarding environments.


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Read the stories of the Cat Depot kitties who will benefit from your generosity




Milo is a little over eight years old and in our “Save Our Seniors” program. He’s described as a friendly boy who came down here from Tampa. True to the breed, his orange coat signifies that he’s really laid back. He would be the purrfect addition to your home. Milo is prone to bladder crystals and had a surgery to prevent any complications. He is on a special diet and his new family should monitor him for blockage.



Athena, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAthena

Athena was found in Tampa together with her kittens and taken in by another rescue that helped her through motherhood. Then, she arrived to Cat Depot to get help to restart her life. She had a hernia that was repaired by the medical team. She is now on the adoption floor waiting for her forever family.  




Belle, adoptable cat at Cat DepotBelle

Belle is dressed up in black, waiting to be the belle of the ball. She was scared and upset when she arrived to Cat Depot, but settled in once we discovered and treated her severe periodontal disease. She also has bladder stones and eats a special diet to dissolve them without surgery. 



Torrie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotTorrie

Torrie is a beautiful, refined lady who likes head and chin scratches. She'd be comfortable curling up on your bed for a nap. She was relinquished because of inconsistent litter-box use. As is often the case, the cause was medical and not behavioral. This beautiful girl is now on a prescription diet to battle constipation.



Bonanza, adoptable cat at Cat Depot







Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



Shumara is a sweet and loving girl with periodontal disease. She may need further dental procedures in order to remain healthy and happy. 



Wilbur, adoptable cat at Cat DepotBow


Bow came to Cat Depot when his family moved to England. He had a lump removed and is now ready to find a new home. He hopes for a loving family and promises to purr for his 'dopters every day.


 Oprah, adoptable cat at Cat DepotOprah


This lovely girl and her kittens came to Cat Depot from a high-kill shelter, and her examination showed she had been shot several times with both a BB-gun and a .22. To make things even worse, she was very likely shot right before giving birth. She had to endure the pain of bringing her kittens to the world at the same time as suffering through being shot, and still managed to raise her kittens on the streets. Today, she just longs for a home of her own where she can enjoy life.




Francine is eight-and-a-half-year-old brown tabby. She is in our “Save Our Seniors” program. She is a friendly, active girl, who loves to play. Francine is deaf, so she won't come when you call her, but she’ll chase anything she sees. Her fur-ever family will have to keep an eye on any sneezes because Francine has a history of upper respiratory infections.


Toulouse, adoptable cat at Cat DepotToulouse 


When Toulouse came to Cat Depot, he had to undergo surgery to remove stones from his bladder. He now eats special food to prevent further stones from forming. He is an easy-going boy who loves to be petted all over. He'll roll around to make sure you don't miss a spot. 




Rico is a handsome and friendly boy, but can be shy until properly introduced. He has a chronic running nose and is also FIV+. 


Ranger, adoptable cat at Cat DepotRanger


Ranger can be a bit on the shy side until he gets to know you, and once you're Ranger-approved, he is a loving cat who wants to snuggle. He has blocked tear ducts, causing his eyes to water.



Marilee, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMarilee


Marilee is an outgoing and friendly cat who loves lapsitting. She has no tear ducts, and this causes her eyes to water.



Mugs, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMugsy


Mugsy is a friendly, affectionate, and playful young cat. She has skin allergies and needs medicine to keep the condition in check.




Linus, adoptable cat at Cat DepotLinus


Linus is a loving cat with a wonderful personality - and a wiggling walk due to a neurological problem. He walks, runs, and jumps with a swagger, but this in no way diminishes the affection he has to give.




Stevie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotStevie


Stevie is cuddly, friendly, and loves attention. He is also blind and hopes for a home where things don't move around much. He loves other cats and would love a feline friend to cuddle and play with - and follow around.



Lexington, adopted cat at Cat DepotLexington


Lexington was rescued from a rooftop during the floods in South Carolina. Due to past untreated respiratory infections, Lexington has some scarring of her nasal passages and occasionally makes strange noises as she breathes. 



Winkin, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWinkin


Winkin has some neurological issues which manifests themselves in the way he moves. He is also quite shy and many visitors to his office think there isn't a cat in there! Once he warms up to a person he loves lapsitting and purring.



Flipper, adoptable cat at Cat DepotFlipper


Flipper is a kitten who came in with trauma to her front leg that caused irreversible nerve damage. Cat Depot vets had to amputate the leg to avoid further problems. She is healing well and will soon be used to life on three feet.



Sophie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSophie


Sophie came to us when her purrson fell ill and couldn't care for her anymore. This playful and energetic girl suffers from lux patella, which means her kneecaps dislocate. In Sophie's case, surgery is not recommended and her condition has given her a unique gait.


Elizabeth, adoptable cat at Cat DepotElizabeth


Elizabeth was found in an abandoned house. This beautiful seven-year-old has a heart murmur and some arthritis and will need a calm, stress-free environment.




Ohana, adoptable cat at Cat DepotOhana


Ohana is a sweet kitten with paralyzed back legs. She has learned how to get around but will never be able to move like other cats do. As Ohana prepares to leave her foster home and return to Cat Depot, she dreams of a home of her own.




Helen Keller, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHelen Keller


Helen Keller was picked up as a stray kitten and came to Cat Depot when very young. This blind kitten has spent some time in a foster home and will soon be ready to meet the world. She hopes to find a family able to see beyond her lack of vision and provide her with a happy furever home.




Carmen is a special needs kitty at Cat DepotCarmen


Carmen is a gorgeous, 12 year young Tortie who came to us with a dislocated radius at her elbow. She also had severe arthritis in her elbow and shoulder. Because of her injury and the severity of arthritis, Carmen had her leg amputated. She has adjusted to being a three-legged kitty, but needs Cosequin and some pain medication to manage her arthritis. 



Hunter, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHunter


Hunter is a sweet boy, less than a year old, who loves everyone. He suffers a neurological issue making it difficult for him to walk. He can get around and use his litter box, but he has a wobbly gait and can't run or jump. He hopes for an understanding home where he can get lots of cuddles.




Alex, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAlex


Alex is a sweet, talkative girl who loves attention. She dreams of a furever home where she can help her person around the house and keep them company by the TV at night. She is being treated for a hyperthyroid condition and needs medication daily.




Cookie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCookie


Cookie is a sweet and cheerful cat originally born in West Africa. She came to Cat Depot because her owner fell ill and couldn't care for her anymore. Cookie has diabetes and requires daily medication along with timely meals. She has meowed with us saying she thinks in a stable and calm environment she might not need insulin the rest of her life.



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSonny


Sonny came to us when his owner passed away. He loves to work around the office, and while waiting for his furever home, he takes his chores as the Cat Depot office cat seriously. Sonny has a sensitive stomach and requires special food. 




Ruby Rose, adoptable cat at Cat DepotRuby Rose


Ruby Rose is a friendly girl who likes to help with chores around the house, particularly typing on the computer. She only has one kidney and is on medications long term. She also has all four paws declawed and won't use regular kitty litter - she needs paper litter. Sweet as can be, she looks forward to a special someone giving her a loving home with lots of cuddles.


Sammie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSammie


Sammie came to Cat Depot when his owner passed away. He is a cuddly boy who loves attention and hopes to find a new home together with his best friend, Curtis. Otherwise healthy, Sammie's eyes tear up, and he needs them cleaned daily.




Calvin, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCalvin


Calvin is a senior gentleman who was found in a back yard. He has a chronic upper respiratory infection and needs help cleaning his nose every day. He loves cuddling and sitting on someone's lap, and dreams of a quiet home where he can settle down for his golden years.


Boston is a Friends Like Me kitty at Cat DepotBoston

Boston was rescued from a hoarding situation where he lived in deplorable conditions. He suffers from chronic kidney disease and is on a special diet. Years of neglect took a toll on his teeth, and he will be undergoing surgery to remove most of them. But none of his ailments are keeping him down. Boston is just a sweet little guy who loves cuddling and seeks attention from everyone he meets.



Gracie is a special needs Cat Depot KittyGracie

Gracie was adopted from Cat Depots as a kitten. Unfortunately, she began having seizures in her adopted home, and she was returned to us. She has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy - which means we don’t know why it’s happening, but we know that it is not caused by a brain tumor. Gracie is being treated with anti-seizure medications and will likely need to be on them for life. She is very sweet and calm and will be the perfect lap cat for someone.


Jake is a special needs kitty at Cat DepotJake

Jake is an FIV-positive kitty (read more about FIV-positive kitties) who has a history of crystals in his urine. He is a big boy with an even bigger heart. Jake was brought to us when his owner couldn’t afford veterinary treatment. He is on special food help his chronic condition and prevent further issues. Jake has a very positive outlook on life – he is so grateful to be given a second chance to find that special human who will love him unconditionally and accept him for the sweet, loving boy that he is.

Koda, a special needs kitty at Cat DepotKoda

Koda suffers from recurrent cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). This can often be caused by stress, and Koda is on special calming/urinary health food. This food helps dissolve existing crystals and prevent new ones from forming. He has told us that his stress will go away once he finds his forever home. And hopefully, in a calmer home environment, he will no longer need special food.

Manny is a Friends Like Me Kitty at Cat DepotManny


Manny is a petite, older gentleman with a big appetite. He is currently being treated with medication for hyperthyroidism, a condition which causes increased appetite. Despite his small stature, Manny has a huge heart. He is longing for a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy the company of a loving family.




Mittens is a Friends Like Me Kitty at Cat DepotMittens

Mittens is an FIV-positive kitty (read more about FIV-positive kitties) who was transferred to us from a county shelter. Shortly after he was admitted, we noticed that he was limping around his suite. Mittens had a complete dislocation of his tibiotarsal joint and amputation of his left hind leg was necessary. He has adjusted to life as a "tripod" kitty and has no problem getting round on three feet. Mittens is a handsome fellow who loves attention and treats. In fact, if there are treats around, he can move faster than any of the foour-legged kitties in his suite!


Ryan is a Friends Like Me kitty at Cat DepotRyan

The house that Ryan was living in was struck by lightning. The house caught fire and, unfortunately, Ryan was trapped inside. His face, legs and paws were severely burned and all of his fur was singed. We are treating him with antibiotics and cold laser therapy and keeping him comfortable with pain medication. He's still got a long road to recovery but Ryan is receiving the best care and love that a hurting kitty could ask for.

Samson is a special needs kitty at Cat DepotSamson


Samson is an affectionate boy who has been relinquished to Cat Depot several times.  He has a history of crystals in his urine and suffers from recurrent cystitis (inflammation of the bladder). Right now he also has a severe case of kidney stones, and he needs surgery at the University of Florida.

Valentine is a special needs kitty at Cat DepotValentine

Valentine was a long-term Cat Depot resident and unfortunately, she was recently returned to us. She is suffering from severe stomatitis, which is an inflammation of the tissues in the mouth. She was put on medications and steroids, but neither have helped alleviate her condition. She is scheduled to have her teeth removed, and we are hopeful that without teeth, her tissues will be able to heal and eating will be enjoyable again. 

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Mighty Lou

Mighty Lou was a special needs cat with diabetes. With the help of his doting mom, he was able to overcome his disabilities and he became the "spokespurrson" for Cat Depot’s Friends Like Me program. The caped crusader and his mom traveled around southwest Florida promoting this program to help homeless cats and kittens. He was especially proud of his efforts to help cats who suffered an injury or illness. Though he himself was deaf, Mighty Lou spoke loudly to his cause, and provided inspiration, happiness and laughter to all those who met him. 

Mighty Lou’s mission to save the lives of Friends Like Me continues on in his memory.

In Loving Memory of Mighty Lou, Caped Crusader
5/5/02 to 2/28/15



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