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Black Cat Appreciation Week

Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We think black cats are wonderful, and we're making the day a full week.

Adopt a black cat or kitten between August 15 and August 21,

and receive a $20 gift certificate to Columbia Restaurant


Black cats are among the most common of all cat colors. The gene for black is dominant in cats, and a black cat will always pass their color gene on to their kittens. That doesn't mean all kittens from black cats become black, but they have the gene.

Male kittens inherit their color genes from their mother, and a male kitten from a black mom will always be black or blue. Read more here!

Did you know, black cats are considered good luck in many countries?


Adopt a black cat!Top 10 reasons to adopt a black cat

  • They look like little panthers
  • They're always dressed for a party
  • Holding a black cat is very slimming
  • When you love a black cat, luck will smile at you
  • Black cats match any decor
  • Black cats are a great accessory to any outfit
  • They don't care what color you are, or wear
  • Love knows no color
  • You will get a friend for life
  • They are the least likely to be adopted


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