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Summer Camp at Cat Depot


Critter CampSummer is almost here. Sign up for Critter Camp 2017!

Cat Depot's summer camp will have fun activities, guest organizations and animals, and Cat Depot cats, of course.


Pets, Pets, How do I Choose?

June 12 - June 16
8-10 years of age

This innovative camp is designed to be a fun and interactive program, offering the knowledge needed to be a responsible pet owner. Campers age 8-10 will get the opportunity to interact with cats, llamas, turtles and more.

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Exploring the Natural World

June 19 - June 23
11-12 years of age

This summer camp week will teach participants age 11 to 12 about the natural world around us, how we impact it, and how it impacts both us and our pets. From plants toxic to pets to stranded wildlife, this week takes campers on an adventure of learning and empowers everyone to be an everyday hero.

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Career Camp

June 26 - June 30
13-16 years of age

What does it take to work with animals? This camp gives an insight in different careers such as veterinarian, animal trainer, pet therapist, and more. Campers age 13-14 will have the opportunity to interact with Cat Depot cats and other animals.

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Camp hours for all sessions: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day

Registration Fee: $200 per child. There is a 10% sibling discount.
The fee includes camp T-shirt and a snack.

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Critter Camp 2017

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