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Lil Bub helps "Friends Like Me"

Lil Bub's Big FundThank you ASPCA and Lil Bub!

Cat Depot's program for special needs cats -
Friends Like Me - recently received a grant from the ASPCA and Lil Bub's Big Fund. Friends Like Me gives treatment to cats who are sick, injured, or have chronic illnesses - a good match for Lil Bub whose fund supports special needs pets nationwide.

Thanks to this money, we can help even more cats in need. Many arrive in need of urgent surgeries, medications, and prescription food, and the program is an important step on the way to a happy healthy life with a loving family.

See more about cats in the program http://www.catdepot.org/donate/friends-like-me.aspxwww.catdepot.org/donate/friends-like-me.aspx, and read about Bow-Tie - spokescat for special needs kitties.


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