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Cat Depot's Longest Residents

Meet our longest residents!

While we strive to make the Cat Depot experience as pleasant as possible for resident cats,
no pet should have to spend extensive time in a shelter. Read more about our current longest residents,
consider meeting them, and help them find their way home.

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Stardust (Resident since September 24, 2015)


A plus-size model who loves to have fun and explore, this seven-year-old beauty is our longer resident. Stardust is FIV+ but please do not let that scare you. FIV+ kitties can lead normal lives, and this sweetheart would love to live her life with you.

Stardust has a generous sponsor who has donated a six month supply of her special diet to go home with her upon adoption.

Kurtie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Kurtie (Resident since October 8, 2015)


This beautiful, affectionate eight-year-old continues to hope she will be adopted. She yearns for human company and enjoys hopping onto the laps of visitors, where she remains perched, purring with pleasure. Smart, lovable, and social, Kurtie needs a home to call her own. 

Lexington, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Lexington (Resident since October 22, 2015)


If you are looking for a sweet and affectionate love bug for the holidays, Lexington is a great choice. Rescued from a roof top in last year's flood in South Carolina, this three-year-old survivor enjoys interacting with people. 

Dressed for the holidays, she has sleek dark fur, accented by her white back paws. Lexington spent several months recuperating in our medical facility and now has a very special purr. 

For the holidays, she dreams of being someone's constant companion.

Oscar, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Oscar (Resident since November 5, 2015)


Oscar, a nine-year-old gray gentleman, has been writing letters to Santa, telling the jolly man in red what a good boy he is. On his wish list is catnip, treats, and a family to love him. Oscar believes love and generosity exist. This season, please prove him right and take him home with you.

Cupo, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Cupo (Resident since December 15 2015)


Cupo roamed the streets of Sarasota alone and suffering with a broken jaw. Over the past year, this sweet two-year-old recuperated and is now playful, healthy, and happy. Cats like Cupo who have been deprived of food tend to overeat, uncertain of their next meal, and Cupo has become a little chubby. If you visit her, don't give her any treats, even if she gives you lots of kitty kisses.



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