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Senior Affairs Advisor

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 49

Greetings cat fans,

Happy spring! Everyone around here loves this season. It was a little warmer for me this week when I was out on the catio.

We have a new mayor again. Her name is Sally. We did get to have lunch and meow together. She is very sweet and I'm teaching her the ropes. Sally and I have both be here a while and we are hoping someone will 'dopt us soon. Any ideas for us, cat fans?

We also have two new kitties in the Save Our Seniors program. Come meet Zailey. She is a very sweet and affectionate tortie who will meow at you to join her in the pod, loves head-rubs, and is known for making biscuts. She is waiting to meet you.

Also, Jasmine has joined us. She is a beautiful, loving, black and white kitty. Jasmine had a stroke, so her head tilts a bit, but she will spend hours on your lap. She is cleared by medical and ready for a home.

I am hearing rumors of a special event for us senior cats. I'm not sure of any of the details yet, but everyone around here seems to be meowing bout it. I hope food is involved.

Wishing you a good weekend and hope you will come visit me and my friends, and maybe even 'dopt us. I will be on the catio, sunning myself, and dreaming of my fur-ever home.

Lovingly yours,

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 42

Greetings fellow cat fans,

Top o'the morning and happy St. Patrick's Day to all. I just know some human will put something green on me today!

Why green?

Do I look good in green?

I'm not sure what this holiday is about, but I heard it's something about luck. I'm hoping for some luck to get 'dopted. I'm still here, wishing someone will love me so much they take me home.

I'm a good listener, affectionate, and will talk with you about anything.

Typist came by today to rub my head and told me not to give up hope.

Have you heard the good mews? Momma got 'dopted. I never got to meow with her, because she was 'dopted so quickly. Maybe one day I will get a promotion and become Meow Mayor. I am very wise.

I don't know who the new Mayor is, but I take my duties seriously and will set up a meow-lunch as soon as possible.

I have more good news: we have two new kitties in the S.O.S. program. Come meet Bow. He is a shy and very sweet kitty in Joe Bob's Caboose. I don't know yet who the other one is, but I can't wait to meet them both.

Come visit me on the catio, and my friends. Maybe we can look for a four-leaf clover together?

Have a great weekend.

Lovingly yours,

Senior Affairs Adviser to the Meow Mayor

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 35

Greetings fellow cat fans,

It's me again. It has been an exciting week and I hear it will get even more exciting tomorrow. First, we have a new Meow Mayor: Momma. I hear she is very nice. She reminds me a lot of Bernard. We have been trying to meet, but our secretaries have been unable to schedule lunch. Hopefully this will happen soon - we have a lot to meow about.

Also, we have a new cat in the S.O.S. program. You may have seen him on Facebook. His name is Virgil and he is quite handsome. He is 15 years young and very much a gentleman. I have been meowing with him regarding our program and teaching him the "ropes." I hope you will visit him and all my friends.

I hear that tomorrow is Cat Depot's Gala, "Stop in the Name of Love." It should be quite fun with food, dancing, raffles, and a silent auction. Why wasn't I invited? I could have been the DJ. I love Motowon songs like Baby Kitty, Stop in the Name of Kitties, and more. Maybe someone can sneak me in. Just put a boa around me and I'm all set.

I'm still hanging out on the Catio, wishing for my fur-ever home. Please stop by and give me head-rubs and maybe even think about 'dopting. me. I have a lot of love to give. 

Lovingly yours,

Senior Affairs Adviser to Momma, Meow Mayor

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 28

Greetings fellow cat fans,

I'm sure you have all heard the good news. Crinkle, our Meow Mayor, found his fur-ever home over the weekend. I am very happy for him as he has been waiting a long time. We meowed before he left. He told me to keep my spirits up and that someone will come along and pick me too. He also meowed that maybe I should come inside sometimes instead of being on the Catio. 

I love the Catio. That's why we live in Florida. But maybe he's right. I am sweet, lovable, and just want someone who can love me back.

I also have other good news. We have three new cats in the S.O.S. program: Luke, Virgil, and Delilah. Luke is eight and quite regal looking. He's also very sweet. Delilah is a beautiful 15-year-old with a sweet disposition. She is also very affectionate. Virgil is a docile 15-year-old gentleman. 

I meowed with them and am helping them acclimatize to Cat Depot. I hope you will come visit them.

Typist came to see me. She gave me head rubs and I was in heaven. I heard that humans like head rubs too. Are there cat massage therapists? She could be one if there ever were. We cats love our head rubs.

I hope you will come visit me and maybe even 'dopt me. I am more than ready for my fur-ever home.

Have a great weekend.

Lovingly yours,
Senior Adviser to the former Meow Mayor, Crinkle

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 21

Greetings fellow cat fans,

This Sunday is the Academy Awards. Typist explained to me that movie actors, actresses, and directors will be acknowledged and rewarded with a gold statue. I think gold is something people want. I hear the statues are very pretty.

Anyhow, Typist told me I was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role in Cat Depot's A-CAT-emy Awards, and I won! I do love to sing and meow. Come visit me and I'll show you my talents!

I heard Crinkle won Best Actor in a Leading Role. I saw his picture on Facebook. He was wearing the cutest bow tie. I have quite the accessory myself.

It has been a very quiet week. Typist tells to keep my spirits up and that someone will come along soon. Maybe since I won the award and am dressing up someone will be curious and come see me - and Crinkle too. We make quite a pair.

When it comes to the other senior kitties, Trickster was off her perch the other day. She is quite pretty. Torrie is our new gal, in JoeBob's Caboose. You can take her out on the porch and she'll sit on your lap.

I hope you enjoy the Academy Awards. I will probably be sleeping and dreaming of my forever home on Sunday night.

Lovingly yours,

Senior Affairs Adviser

Shumara with toys

Shumara Speaks - Day 14

Greetings cat fans,

It has been quite a week. First, I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day. Crinkle did ask me to be his Valentine. Although the holiday doesn't involve treats (or chocolates) for us, we still had a great time. He is a great Meow Mayor.

We were both excited to see Shadow and Gizmo find their fur-ever homes. Crinkle and I hope they are happy, but still wonder why no one picked us. We are friendly, loving, sweet, and have so much love to give. Cat Depot takes good care of us, but we hope it happens soon.

Have you visited the other two S.O.S. kitties lately? 

Torrie is new. I hear she is a Manx cat with a beautiful coat. She is in JoeBob's Caboose.

Trickster is with me in Jack and Lucy's Place.

I was so excited to receive a package of goodies from our good friend Mike in Texas. He sent some to Crinkle too. They package included treats, a mouse with catnip, many balls and balls with bells, a vibrating mouse, and a wand. He is so thoughtful and I am so grateful he thought of me. Of course I'll share the goodies with my buddies, we all love to play.

Thank you so much, Mike!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Come visit me. I'm usually on the Catio, but I love company.

Lovingly yours,
Senior Affairs Adviser

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shumara Speaks - Day 7

Greetings fellow cat lovers,

Shumara here. I finished my first full week as Senior Cat Advisor and met with all the kitties in my program.

Trickster is very sweet and tends to be up on one of the perches. We meowed quite a bit, she isn't sure why people don't stop to see her. I suggested she move down a bit so people can see her more. What do you think?

Shadow was running around when I caught up with him. He's a love.

Gizmo is fun and likes head rubs.

As for Crinkle, we meow all the time. He was so welcoming to me in my new position.

I heard there is a holiday when you have a sweetie who is your Valentine. Treats may be involved. Maybe Crinkle will be my Valentine, I hope he asks me. And, I hope someone will 'dopt me this Valentine's day, so I will have someone to be my special human Valentine.

My "typist" came to see me and talked with me, or should I say I meowed with her? (I like to talk.) I was being held by one of my favorite volunteers and purring up a storm. I told her I love being held and cuddled. I also like to dine "al fresco" on the Catio.

Hope to see you soon. All head rubs and cuddles will be most appreciated.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Lovingly yours,

Shumara Soeaks

Shumara Speaks - New Senior Advisor to Crinkle, Meow Mayor

Greetings cat lovers,

Let me introduce myself. Drum roll, please...

My name is Shumara, and I am the new Senior Affairs Adviser to Crinkle, the Meow Mayor. People tell me I'm pretty, but I will let you be the judge. I am a ten-year-old friendly girl who loves to be held and cuddled. I also talk, and if you come visit, maybe we can chat. Sometimes you can find me hanging out on the patio.

I have a bit of a sad story. I was rescued in 2012 from a hoarding situation and was originally adopted in one of Cat Depot's adoption events. I lived with a wonderful lady - she was the only real home I ever had. Sadly, she died from cancer and I came back to Cat Depot in September 2016.

I loved her so much and miss her. But, she's gone, and I can only hope to find another good home.

I meowed with Honey before she left and she thinks I will be a good advisor. I'm going to do my best. Crinkle and I are good friends. I hope good things will happen for me, like Honey and Mystery before me. I hear they love their new homes. I do have a sponsor who tells me to hang on to hope; she thinks I will find my new home soon.

I hope you will come visit me, and maybe even 'dopt me.

Lovingly yours,
Senior Affairs Advisor to Crinkle, Meow Mayor


Honey going home



Greetings to all my cat fans,

I believe!!!! I finally found my furever home. Just when I was giving up hope, someone chose me. My sponsor was right. I did find a home before my one year anniversary.

I want to thank Cat Depot (and my sponsor) for taking such good care of me, and all of you for believing in me. I hope they choose a new senior advisor soon. Crinkle needs it!

Happily yours,

Honey Former Senior Advisor to Crinkle, Meow Mayor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Honey welcomes Crinkle

Greetings fellow cat lovers and fans,

By now you know my good friend and colleague Crinkle has been appointed Meow Mayor. As I said before, if I didn't get promoted, I'd be very happy if Crinkle was chosen. He is an old (love my puns) and dear friend.

Crinkle is part of my club, S.O.S., which stands for Save Our Seniors. He is a sweet and gentle boy who loves head-rubs and cuddles. 

Please come visit him. And if you do, come see me too. I also like visitors and head rubs! 

Looking forward to working with Crinkle and getting us kitties adopted!

Lovingly yours,


Senior Advisor to Crinkle, Meow Mayor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey

Greetings fellow cat lovers,

I heard we have a new President. Is that the same as a Meow Mayor?

I also meowed with Bailey and Shadow, who are new to the program. Bailey loves to cuddle and Shadow will rub up against you as soon as he meets you. They are curious about this new place but I’m helping them get adjusted.

I must admit I am disappointed that I’m still here. My one year anniversary is soon and I really really hope I get ‘dopted before that. I don’t think any cat should be in a shelter this long, do you? Since I moved to the head honcho’s office I have been told I am a different cat, and people still come to visit me, but no one takes me home. I think people just don’t understand that how a cat behaves in the shelter is not necessarily how they would be behave at their furrever home. It’s stressful being here even though we get such good care.

My sponsor went to a lecture at Cat Depot by a famous veterinarian and she said that very thing in her lecture. Maybe someone who went heard that and will come meet me. So, if I happen to have a grumpy moment if you visit, please give me another chance. I don’t have them all the time and I would behave differently if only I had my own home.

I think it’s time to get off my soapbox and wander around and see if I can find someone to rub my head or better yet, give me a treat! I also have to find a TV so I can watch the football championships. I enjoy watching you humans bang into each other all to get a ball down a field! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.

Lovingly yours,

Senior Affairs Advisor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey

Greetings fellow cat lovers,

I'm still here. Yup. Did you know that I am now the longest resident at Cat Depot? I've been here for almost a year. I'm still wandering the halls searching for food and my potential furever 'dopters. I don't understand why no one has chosen me. I love wandering around and meowing at the other kitties. There is so much to see and do, but it's nothing like having your own family.

It's been a great week for our Meow Mayor, Stardust. Finally, after all this time at Cat Depot, she found her furever home. I am so happy for her! She is an awesome kitty. I heard they are looking for another Meow Mayor. I am hoping for a promotion but if I don't get it, I will continue to be the Senior Affairs Advisor. If it's not me, I hope they pick Crinkle. He's one of us older cats. He's such a sweet boy. I have been taking him under my paws lately. I also hears a rumor that there will be four more kitties coming into the S.O.S. program. I can't wait to meet them and share some advice with them as newbies.

My sponsor was in today and she gave me a pep talk. She keeps reminding me that my time will come. I keep asking her when. It's hard not to get discouraged but I try to keep a positive attitude. After I meowed to her, I curled up in my chair and she gave me some nice head rubs. I feel asleep and dreamed of my furever home.

I hope you will come visit me and my friends over the weekend. It gets a little lonely on the weekends when the human staff are gone. Wishing you all a nice weekend and hope to see you soon!

Lovingly yours.


Senior Affairs Advisor to the Next Meow Mayor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey - Post New Years

Greetings fellow cat fans,

Happy new year to everyone! It’s 2017 and I’m still here and ready to go home. I have been meowing with the new meow mayor Stardust and teaching her the important aspects of her job. I told her not to get discouraged that she is here still as it took some time for Bernard to get ‘dopted and now he has a really nice home. We just have to remain positive.

My sponsor stopped by to see me. She snuck some treats in because I was really feeling hungry. She’s good that way. She also followed me to the break room where she stopped me from taking some beef jerky. Why can’t I have it? It’s just meat. I went on her lap and she explained that it has some stuff in it that will make me sick. Oh well. Can’t blame a kitty for trying.

Now that I am wandering the halls, I stopped by to meow with some of my "Save Our Seniors" friends. Azalea, who is 8, is very sweet and friendly. She is called a tortie which I guess is short for tortoise. I don’t get that name at all. Then I meowed with Xena who is 10 and is a friendly girl who is also loveable and just wants to be ‘dopted and loved. She is usually on the catio so she doesn’t get many visitors but would like some. Lastly, I meowed with Noche who is also 10 and loves head and belly rubs and will charm you when you visit her. Stop by and see these sweet kitties as they don’t get many visitors and would love to have a home.

Finally, we have a new kitty who I haven’t met yet. Her name is Trickster and she is 10. I hear she has long hair and is grey and white.

Come visit me and my friends soon. We would love to go home with you.

Lovingly yours,


Senior Affairs Advisor to Stardust, Meow Mayor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey - Post Christmas

Greetings fellow cat friends,

I hope you all had a nice Christmas/Chanukah and holiday weekend. I am sure by now you have all heard that we have a new Meow Mayor. Her name is Stardust and she is a love. She is asking many questions about how to be a Meow Mayor and get ‘dopted like Bernard. As one of the longest residents she needs all the help she can get. I told her to patient like I am trying to be as I have been here almost a year. Being the Meow Mayor is a great responsibility but also will get her some publicity. She is now a STAR. Get it, STARdust… I love when I tell jokes.

I have been having many adventures now that I am in the head honcho’s office. I get to wander the halls and see where I can find new things. The other day I happened to wander into the staff break room. They had many Christmas goodies on the table. I sat quietly and patiently waited for someone to give me a treat. They took a picture but did I get any treats – NO! That is so unfair. They get to eat it all and I get no human treats. What’s up with that?

This year is almost up. I was hoping that 2016 would be my year and my fellow SOS cats to find a furever home but that seems to be fading fast. Maybe in 2017? I am so ready to be part of a family again and to give and get love.

Happy New Year and stop by to see me, play with me and maybe even ‘dopt me. I love visitors and especially potential adopters.

Lovingly yours,


Senior Affairs Advisor to Stardust, Meow Mayor

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey - Wishes and Pre-Xmas

Happy Holidays! I have some mews.

I dressed up as a fairy and tried to grant my own wish for a home for the holiday. It didn't really work, but kind of; I moved into the head honcho's office. How lucky am I to be picked to hang out with this awesome lady?

I heard Jimi hung out here before he was 'dopted. I always wondered what the person in charge did, and now I know. They work very hard and have meetings all day long.

Why do they meet all the time? The meetings are about getting us 'dopted and making sure we have everything we need.

Sometimes they think I'm sleeping, but I'm really just listening to everything that's going on here. Now that I'm in the office I get to wander the building a bit too. I like it, but it's still not my forever home.

Come visit me in my new digs, give me head rubs, and maybe even think about 'dopting me or my friends in the SOS program. We would be forever grateful!

With Love,

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey - Letter to Santa Paws

Hi all my cat lover friends,

My sponsor came to see me today. I was a little lonely. Not only did I get head rubs, but I let her rub my belly. She says someone will be very lucky to have me. Anymeows, she helped me paw this letter to Santa Paws. I thought I would share it with you.

Dear Santa Paws,

My name is Honey and I live at Cat Depot, a home for homeless cats. I am 11 years young and have been here a little less than a year. Everyone here is very nice, but this Christmas I would like a home of my own. My two pod-mates, Oscar and Cupo, who have been here longer than me, got 'dopted the other day. I am so happy for them and I know they will love their new homes.

We had a big adoption event last weekend and still no one picked me. I am very sweet and lovable, and have been a good kitty all year long. Can you help me get a home for the holidays?

Thank you so much.


What do you think? Do you think someone will come for me, and for other "aged to purrfection" kitties here at Cat Depot?

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Chanukah, and hope you will consider taking me home, or at least keep me company and rub my head.

Lovingly yours,

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey, Week 4

Greetings fans, 

Did you see my holiday picture on Facebook? These silly humans dressed me in a Santa hat. Do I look like Santa? Who is this Santa and what does he do? I hear he likes cookies and milk, kind of like me who likes treats.

This past weekend was our Home for the Holidays event. Over 80 kitties were adopted, but sadly I wasn't one of them. I am writing to this Santa fellow, asking if he can please send me a forever home. That's all I really want for the holidays.

I was meowing with my buddy Oscar yesterday while my sponsor was here. We are both trying to figure out why no one adopts us. Oscar lives in my pod and is a beautiful grey gentleman who loves to rub against your leg and purrs when you brush him. He has been here over a year, and I'm approaching a year.

We are sweet, loyal, and aged to purrfection. I know we aren't kittens, but we will fit right into any family. Even though Cat Depot staff treats us so well, we want to have our furever homes where we can be loved and give love back. My sponsor told us both not to be discouraged .Just like our friends Bernard, Boomer, Amber, and Jimi, there is someone special out there for us too. Like I said in my Facebook post, come visit me. If you can't adopt me, please give me head rubs. They are the best.

Hope your holiday season is going well. Stop by and say hello to your senior advisor to the Meow Mayor, and to all the cats here at Cat Depot.

Lovingly  yours,

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey, Week 3

Greetings Cat Lovers,

Big doings here this weekend. We had something called the Subaru Challenge Home for the Holidays event, where cats were $10 to adopt and kittens $20. We had a big crowd and many of my good friends were adopted.

I'm still here, though. It has been a long time since I had my own home - almost a year - and I miss my owner. He had to give me up, because he couldn't care for me anymore. I was meowing with my sponsor today and told her not many people stop by to say hello to me.

I sit on the top of my condo, waiting for someone to give me head rubs. I am a bit introverted, but I really would love some extra head rubs. Like I've said before, I close my eyes, purr, and dream of my forever home.

I miss Bernard, because we would meow about the state of affairs and ways to get ourselves and our friends 'dopted. I hope they choose a new Meow Mayor soon.

Anymeows, in other news, we had two new senior cats enter the program. One was a Siamese called Chylde, and he was 'dopted during the event. I've never heard a name like Chylde, but I think it's cute. The other cat was Pete, and he was really cute. He too was 'dopted during the weekend. Chester was 'dopted too, last week. I was really happy for him, I think he felt lonely, and now he's enjoying his new home.

I hope you have a great holiday, I will write again soon. Maybe I will get lucky like Mystery and Bernard and find my own purrson.

Lovingly yours,

A Home for Honey, Week 2 


This has been quite a week.  First, Bernard, Meow Mayor got ‘dopted by his furever family.  Even though I only meowed with him a short time, I consider him a good friend and I will miss him.  Rumor has it that there are a few contenders for the new meow mayor and it will be announced after the Subaru challenge next week.  Also, Meatball, a good friend of Bernard’s also got ‘dopted.  I am very happy for them and hope that someday soon someone will ‘dopt me. Have you seen the photo of Mystery in her new home?  She is SO happy!  I pawed a letter to Santa Paws that I wished that I could find those special people to take me to my furever home, and that my fellow SOS friends find homes too. 

I have been getting to know my sponsor who comes to visit me.  She tells me that she thinks I’m a bit of an introvert which means I might not run up to meet you, but enjoy someone slowly getting to know me.  I particularly like to lie on one of the beds on the cat condos in the pod.  She has been taking her time and giving me head rubs.  When she rubs my head, I close my eyes, purr and dream of my furever home. Once I know you I love to play with wand toys.  Even though I am a “golden girl,” I still like to play with my friends.  I haven’t had many visitors but that may pick up as people get to know who I am.  Be patient and I will love you right back!

I look forward to learning who the new Meow Mayor will be so we can meow together and help get us all ‘dopted.  I look forward to meeting you and maybe going home with someone!


Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

A Home for Honey, Week 1

Greetings fellow cat lovers,

I would like to introduce myself. I am the new Senior Adviser to Bernard, the Meow Mayor. My name is Honey and I am eleven years and five months young. I have been a resident at Cat Depot since February when my owner gave me up.

I am honored and humbled to take over where Mystery left off, and I hope to follow in her pawsteps to a new furever home. I am lucky to have the same sponsor as Mystery, and maybe she will bring me luck finding that home. I heard she likes to brush us, and I'm looking forward to my first brushing.

What else can I tell you about myself... I am gentle, sweet, and very loveable. I really like being with people and I am good with other cats and dogs. Bernard said I was cute in his blog, and that made me blush. I'll let you decide on that one.

Cats who are aged to purrfection like me are very loyal. I could fit right into your lifestyle, because I have already been part of a family and know what to do.

I hope you will come visit me and my friends, and perhaps think of taking me home with you. You won't regret it, I have a lot of love to give a special someone. All the other cats in the SOS program feel the same way - we just want a family.

This week is a human holiday called Thanksgiving. Mystery meowed I should mention some things I'm thankful for.

I am thankful for the good care I'm getting at Cat Depot. I am thankful for potential adopters like you, for reading my blog and visiting me and my friends.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope to see you soon.




Mystery, recently adopted Cat Depot cat

Mystery's Musings, Week 5

Greetings cat lovers,

I have some very exciting news: I have a home!

My sponsor came to brush me this weekend. She told me my lucky day was coming, and after she left some very nice people came and took me home!

I am so happy.

It was a long time coming (383 days), but I finally have a home to call my own. I just meowed with Bernard, the Meow Mayor, told him the news, and not to give up hope. I know someone will come along and take him - and all my other cat friends - home one day. 

He's thinking about who he wants as senior advisor and I know he will pick someone awesome. He has been a good friend.

I want to thank all the nice people at Cat Depot who took good care of me, my sponsor, and fellow cat friends. Please consider adopting a senior cat. We have so much love to give, and you will get even more back than you give to us. We are aged to purrfection!

Lovingly yours,

Mystery, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mystery's Musings, Week 4

Hello my friends - and maybe one day family. Remember I told you there were some big doings coming up this week? Well, I have exciting news.

We have kicked off a program for cats like me (beautiful, sweet, adorable, you get the gist) who are aged to purrfection. It's called SOS - Save Our Seniors. There are seventeen of us here at Cat Depot, that's 22% of the adult cats here.

We are all wise, loyal, have already had homes, and can fit right in without changing your lifestyle. We know kittens are very cute, but they can be a bit rambunctious and unpredictable, don't you think? Adult cats know how to fit into anyone's routine, especially sitting on your lap and watching TV.

My sponsor comes to brush me - did I tell you I love brushing - and she tells me she can't believe I have been here the longest of all my friends in this group. I have been at Cat Depot for 383 days. 

Adult cats just want a home like we used to have, and to give back the love we know we can get from a good home.

I hear it's Thanksgiving next week. I really don't understand these human holidays. Are they giving us turkey too?

I remember my former human gave me some turkey once and it was good, but I fell asleep right away. Does turkey do that to humans too?

I am thankful for the good care I get here, and for anyone who visits and brushes me, and would really be thankful for a home to call my own.

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!


Mystery helping with cat photos

Mystery's Musings, Week 3

Can you believe it's November? Last week was my one-year anniversary here at Cat Depot. My sponsor comes by to visit with me, gives me head-rubs, and tells me good things will happen. I hope she is right. She brought a friend with her who is supposedly some head honcho here. I was napping, but the friend decided to play with me.

I loved batting the toy at the end of the wand. My sponsor took a video of me, and I will share it. Maybe you can come play with me some time? I would love that.

Also, can you keep a secret? Our SOS - Save Our Seniors - program kicks off next week. Ladies don't like to tell their age, but I'm proud to be twelve. I'm pretty, loyal, sweet, lovable, and just waiting for my chance to love someone back. Come visit me and the other cats in the program!

On today's photo you can see me help one of our volunteers snap a cat photo. I'm an excellent helper.

More next week.

Until then, 
Meowingly Yours

Mystery, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mystery's Musings, Week 2

Greetings, cat lovers. I have exciting news: November is "Adopt a Senior Pet Month!"

I have been meowing with my buddy Bernard, the Meow Mayor, in my capacity as senior advisor. We've decided to launch a program called SOS. It means Save Our Seniors. (The humans are helping.)

I am honored to be the advisor for the program. 

Last week was my one-year anniversary here. Everyone's nice to me, but I would really love a furever home where I can cuddle up with my human guardian and relax. My sponsor stopped by to rub my head, and she told me someone out there will be lucky to have me. I agree!

Please come visit us, and consider adopting a senior cat. We are loyal and sweet, and will bring you much happiness.

Meow for now.


Mystery, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mystery's Musings, Week 1

Let me formally introduce myself. My name is Mystery, and Bernard picked me to be his senior affairs' adviser and confidante. I am twelve years young and aged to purrfection. 

I've heard some humans call me a tuxedo cat, but tuxedos are worn by mails, and I can assure I am all woman. I have lived here at Cat Depot for a year, since my purrson fell ill and went into hospice. I miss him every day.

I don't know why I haven't been 'dopted yet, but now that I am senior adviser hope springs eternal. Bernard and I have meowed about it, and we think I'm still here because of people's perceptions of older cats.

I'm not old: I'm lovable. I am sweet, I love cuddling, I would enjoy sitting on your lap, and I am very loyal. I am here every day and I hope you will visit me, and maybe even take me home. There is no "mystery" to me, I promise. What you see is what you get.

Love, Mystery.

PS Thank you Linda for offering to help be my voice! 


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