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Sally Says


Sally, ad adorable and adoptable Cat Depot catSally Says - Day 7

Hi everybody,

My first week as Meow Mayor has been very eventful. I meowed with my feline friends around the 'doption floor about what they'd like to see happen under my leadership. I feel confident in my abilities to live up to their expectations.

Many people have come to see me because they heard I am the new Meow Mayor. They also come to visit Shumara, the Senior Affairs Adviser. I guess humans like to meet the leadership around here, which I think is pretty flattering. Do you think these blogs have something to do with that?

Another one of the "Desoto Kitties" went home this past week. Sunshine was 'dopted by a loving family. Tippsie and I are very happy for her. We are the last two rescued from the hoarding situation and will be coming up on our one-year anniversary at Cat Depot in May.

You can find me playing or relaxing in Taza Territory. I'm enjoying all the visitors so please come by! 


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sally Says - Day 1

Hi everybody,

It seems as though being Meow Mayor gets kitties 'dopted in no time. Momma was only Meow Mayor for one week before going home with her new family.

There were rumblings about me being named the new mayor and it became reality. I'm so excited!

My name is Sally, it's nice to meet you. I'm a five-year-and-ten-month-old calico. The other cats meow that I'm an energetic lady. I certainly love to play, especialy with the laser pointer.

Just like Momma, I was one of the 26 "Desoto Kitties." We were saved from a hoarding situation. Now there are only three of us left at Cat Depot: Tippsie, Sunshine, and me.

I have been staying in Taza Territory with some of my friends. I'd love for you to stop by and meet me.


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sally - Meow Mayor

After a successful campaign among the Cat Depot cats, Sally will soon take her place as Cat Depot's seventh Meow Mayor.

This quiet and gentle five-year-old observes and notices everything going on, and meows she thinks she will be able to make fair and just decisions to benefit all cats.

Sally came to Cat Depot in a rescue operation in 2016 and has seen many sides of life. She knows the good and the bad, and hopes to draw on her experiences to comfort new arrivals and help them build confidence.

She says, "There is a home for everyone, and during my reign, we will find them."

Keep your eyes on this space for more on Sally. She hopes to publish her first blog post soon.

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