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St. Catty's Weekend


Celebrate St. Catty's Weekend with us!

Adoption Event - March 16-18

Select cats will be available for a reduced adoption fee of $50


If you wear something green and adopt a cat during the weekend,

you will get a bag with green cat toys!


Cats included in the event are:


Fawn, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Fawn is a beautiful six-year-old who loves a quiet environment where she can be the center of attention. She loves playtime and has a lot of love to give.

Brutus, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Brutus is five years old and came to Cat Depot because his human had too many pets. He doesn't understand what he's doing at a shelter and meows he's looking for a human who will be patient and understanding.

Puma, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Puma is a three-year-old love bug. She loves to be held and responds with a wonderful purr. She dislikes loud noises and hopes to find a quiet home with lots of love. Her favorite things are human attention and lounging on the lanai.
Sherby, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Sherby is a beautiful orange and white seven-year-old boy. He is friendly and playful, loves toys, and enjoys lap-sitting. He does not like dogs - he meows they smell weird and should try to be more like cats.
Delaney, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Delaney is a mature lady of eleven, looking for a place to settle down and enjoy life. She loves being petted on her cheeks and will lift her head up to give a better angle. She meows she's a little overwhelmed by Cat Depot, but if she can find a purrson to be patient with her, she'll be the best kitty they ever had.
Maverick, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



Maverick's favorite pastime is sitting on a nice and warm lap. He likes children and small and polite dogs, but large and loud dogs frighten him. This handsome eight-year-old is very affectionate, and can get so excited that he drools! More than anything, he wants a furever home with lots of love.

Lady Grace, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Lady Grace

Lady Grace is a sweet girl, seven years old. She came to Cat Depot when her human passed away, and she misses her owner very much. She is a bit shy around strangers, but meows she'll come around with some TLC.
Smokey and Bandit, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Smokey and Bandit

Smokey and Bandit are siblings who came to Cat Depot when their family couldn't care for them anymore. They are six years old and make a great team.

Smokey loves to hang out with people and sit next to them. He doesn't like being picked up, but he does enjoy sleeping on a pillow next to his human's head.

Bandit also loves people, and she likes being picked up and carried around. She likes sleeping under the covers at the bottom of the bed.

Tater Tot, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Tater Tot

Tater Tot is a playful seven-year-old who loves to explore. His favorite toys are feathers and the red dot, but he doesn't discriminate; all toys are fun. He doesn't mind dogs - as long as they have manners - but he does like to be the boss of the animals in the house.
Magnet, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Magnet is a cute three-year-old girl who came to Cat Depot from Animal Services. Her past is a mystery and she won't tell us, but her future is waiting to be written. Her favorite interests are chasing the red dot and being petted.
Sakari, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Sakari is a pretty six-year-old girl who came to Cat Depot because her owner had too many pets. She's trying to adapt to shelter life, but would much rather live in a home. She meows she's a little shy, because she doesn't know what to expect, and she hopes to find a patient purrson who will give her some time.
Pookey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Pookey loves to be petted and loves to play. This gorgeous eight-year-old meows she would love to explore your home, and that she'd be a great side-kick.
Apollo, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Apollo is a love-bug. This cheerful five-year-old likes pretty much everything and looks for a family that will commit to him completely and forever.
Buffy, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Buffy had a rough start in life. She is six-years-old and has lived most of that time outside, in a pen, with many other cats. She suffered ear-mites, fleas, and allergies, and this took a toll on her. She is shy and doesn't like to be petted along her back, but she would love to sit next to a purrson and sleep the day away, feeling safe and loved.
Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Mavis is a two-year-old girl who came to Cat Depot when her owners moved across the country and couldn't bring her. Her best friend was an Australian Shepherd and she meows that getting used to living with cats can be rough when you're used to a dog. She loves being petted, she is curious, and dreams of a home with many feather toys.


St. Catty's Weekend

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