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Smokey and Bandit

Smokey and Bandit, adoptable cats at Cat DepotWe're a great team

"I want to type first."

"Okay, you go."

"What should I say?"

"I dunno. Just be yourself."

"Hi everyone, I'm Bandit. I'm the cute black cat in the photo. I'm a girl and I'm six years old. Once I get to know a purrson, I like to be carried around, and I like to sleep under the covers at the bottom of the bed. I've had a hard time adapting to shelter life, but my brother Smokey helps me."

"And, I'm Smokey. Gray, obviously. I don't like to be carried, I leave that to Bandit. But, I love to sit next to people and see what they're doing. I'm a helpful gentleman. My favorite place to sleep is on a pillow next to my human's head."

"Oooh, oooh, me, I forgot something. We love to play, and to be petted."

~ Smokey and Bandit ~

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