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Rocket, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI would love another cat to keep me company

Hi there, human, it's a purrleasure to meet you! Wondering who this handsome face belongs to? Well, my name is Rocket.

I am closing in on three years of age, and I while I can be shy when meeting new people, I am really an affectionate and playful boy. I particularly like ear rubs. Oh, and toys. I love toys.

This might sound like a strange request, but in my dream home, there's another kitty to keep me company. I would really want to live with at least one other cat. I'm not fond of the big four-legged ones though, you know, the ones who bark. D-o-g-s, yes, that's what they're called. I don't want a dog, I want a cat.

What else... People say I have a wobbly walk due to a neurological issue. What difference would that make? It's not like everyone else are ballerinas. Okay, I might wobble, but I make up for it in purrs!

Come see me!


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