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Priscilla, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI need a Best Friend Furever!

I am very sad and need someone to pet me and tell me everything will be okay. You see, my human passed away. I was sure I was set for life, but one day, I was alone.

I'm grateful to be here at Cat Depot, but I'm worried too. I heard the kittens meow that they're the popular ones and an older girl like me won't be adopted.

I'm thirteen and I have many good years left in me, but it's hard to ignore what they're saying.

Hopefully, my adorableness will help me find love again. I'm a Turkish Angora and my white fur is soft like a cloud.

Would you come visit me? Maybe sit with me for a bit? I understand if you can't take me home, but I'd really like you to.


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