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Zag, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I be the Zag to your Zig?

My name is Zag, and I'm looking for a Zig to complete me. Teehee.

Seriously though, I'm a cheerful young cat from Arcadia. I'm a boy, and the humans here at Cat Depot think I'm about five months old. You know what that means? I'm a kitty teenager! In other words: I'm a lot of fun.

I roamed around the streets - that was scary - but Animal Services picked me up and took me to Cat Depot. Ever since I arrived, I've been working on charming everyone I meet.

I'm friendly, playful, and I love to both wrestle and cuddle. I get along with everyone. I like kids, cats, dogs, anyone who'll let me hang out.

Most of all, I like to be by a human's side.

What are you doing right now?

Can I help? 


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