Cat Depot's staff works diligently to rescue abandoned, abused, injured and relinquished cats and kittens. Once the rescued felines are out of danger and medically cleared by a veterinarian, we find safe and loving homes for these animals.

Rescued Napier cat, Pella

Looking for a home

Rescued Napier cat, Pella is anxious to get into his new home and begin his new life.


Reduced Adoption Fees for Napier Cats at Cat Depot

Reduced Adoption Fees for Rescued Cats Through April 30th!

The recent cruelty case cats are now available for adoption at a reduced adoption fee of $50 through April 30, 2014. The discounted fee includes a veterinary exam, microchip, spay and neuter, vaccines, and a starter bag of food.
“We are asking the public to open their hearts and give these deserving cats a second chance on life,” said Constance Paras, Director of Operations. “With kitten season right around the corner, Cat Depot is committed to getting these loving cats into permanent homes in the next month.” 
Napier cat volunteers

Thank You to Our Volunteers

We are so grateful for our dedicated volunteers who assisted in the care of the rescued Napier cats. As of March 25, 2014, we are no longer recruiting volunteers to assist with these cats. Most of the cats are now in suites in the adoption area and are ready to go to their new homes.

A heartfelt thanks from the staff and the Napier kitties goes out to our volunteers. We could not have reached this point without you! Thank you for your love of cats, your hard work and your support of Cat Depot.

Lucky Rescued Cats Find Their Forever Homes

March 25, 2014 - On the first day that the rescued cruelty case cats were able to be adopted, three cats quickly found their forever humans.

Spike found his forever home




Spike was the first kitty to get adopted!





Lois Lane and Ebony found their forever home



Following right on Spike's tail were Ebony and Lois Lane, who were adopted together.




Napier Cats Ready to Go Home

$50 Adoption Fees for Cats Rescued in Cruelty Cases

The cats rescued in the Napier raid have been cleared for adoption and are ready for their new homes!

Cat Depot is offering a special $50 adoption fee for cats rescued from the Napier raid as well as the Caboodle Ranch hoarding situation.

Stop in and find your forever friend!

Napier Cats Available for Adoption at Cat Depot

Good News! 

Cat Depot officially has custody of the Napier cats and can adopt them out into new, loving homes! Nine cats remain in the garage who are being treated for ongoing health issues but the remainder of the cats are now living in cat pods - Donoavan's Den and Where Are You. They are single and ready to mingle! Please stop by these two cat pods and meet the sweet kitties. 
We are taking applications for the rescued Napier cats. While you cannot take them home yet, you can complete the adoption process ahead of time. 

Rescued Napier Cats Are Getting Ready to Find Their Forever Homes

Later this week, the 33 rescued cats will be available for adoption from Cat Depot. Stay tuned!

Napier Cats Soon Available for Adoption at Cat Depot

Update on Fraud/Cruelty Case - Good News for Napier Cats

On March 6, 2014, a judge signed an order giving ownership of the seized animals to the Sheriff’s Office. The order was signed after an agreement was reached between the owners of the sanctuary and the Sheriff’s Office. The criminal investigation into possible animal cruelty and fraud continues and, at this time, no arrests have been made.
What does this mean for the 33 rescued cats at Cat Depot?
This means that they will be able to find their forever homes with loving families!
The rescued cats will be available for adoption next week. We will keep you posted!
18 of these cats are now in suites on our adoption floor and are welcoming visitors. The other 15 remain in isolation until they are healthy enough to join their friends and accept visitors.
10 Napier Cats are Ready for Foster Homes

From 34 to 33 Napier Cats

Sadly, one of our dear friends has crossed over the rainbow bridge. In poor condition, one of the 34 rescued Napier cats was unable to rally with the others. Fortunately, during her stay with us, she knew she was loved.
In celebration of her life, 10 of her friends have moved into Donovan's Den at Cat Depot. Having recovered from their illnesses, they are ready to greet the public and receive attention, playtime and love. The other rescued cats are still on the mend. 
Please come visit our new 10 additions and all of their new friends at Cat Depot. These cats are available for fostering. If you are able to give a rescued kitty a temporary home and good start on a new life, please send an email to or call 941-366-2404.


Rescued Napier cat with Upper respiratory infection

Update on 34 Napier Cats

February 18, 2014 - The cats are responding well to treatments for respiratory infections and parasites. The cats overall health has vastly improved in the short time Cat Depot has cared for them since we gained temporary custody on February 7th. It is still an on-going court case and limited information is being disseminated at this time.



Cat Depot Van and Trailer

The Cats Have Arrived!

34 cats were transferred from Manatee Animal Services on Friday, February 7, 2014 by Cat Depot's Emergency Response Team. Processing began upon arrival, and the last cat was completed at 7:35 p.m. It was an amazing effort by volunteers and staff. By closing time, every kitty was soundly sleeping, exhausted from the day. For many, cleanup is in order, and warm baths will begin on Saturday.


Cat Depot Rescue Trailer


Cat Depot Trailer Arrives with Rescued Napier Cats


Rescued Cats Being Carried in to Cat Depot


Cat Depot's Emergency Response Team moves the rescued cats into their temporary shelter.

Temporary Shelter at Cat Depot for Manatee Raid Rescued Cats


Volunteers prep cages for rescued cats at Cat Depot


Cat Depot Volunteers Prepare Cages for Rescued Cats from Napier Farm Raid


Cat Depot Shelters 30 Cats from Manatee Hoarding Raid

Cat Depot Shelters 30 Cats Confiscated by Animal Services in Manatee County Animal Hoarding Situation

February 7, 2014 - Cat Depot reached out to assist in the care of 34 cats confiscated by Manatee County Animal Services earlier this week from a possible hoarding situation at Napier’s Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary. Emergency sheltering has been set up for the rescued felines at Cat Depot. Read Story.

Cat Depot is asking for volunteers to help with daily sheltering care (feeding, cleaning, and socialization). Two daily work shifts are available: 8:00 am to 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Volunteers interested in helping, please email Corey  or call (941) 366-2404.

Cash donations are also needed to help defray the cost of medical care and food. Click here to donate. 

Cat Depot Rescued Hemi from a Car Engine on Siesta Key

Kitten Rescued from Engine of Car

February 3, 2014 - Cat Depot responded to a call from Siesta Key where a kitten was found living in the engine of a car. Cat Depot Emergency Response Team (CDERT) member, Anthony Wright, responded to the call. Once on the scene, Anthony was able to coax the wailing kitten out from the engine with kitten food. The starving kitten was alert and alert and seemed unharmed. Anthony safely rescued the little bundle of fur and brought her to Cat Depot for examination.

Appropriately named, Hemi is just three months old. This fluffy ball of  cuteness is currently under the care of Cat Depot’s veterinarian. And, while the engine she was found in may have provided her with some warmth, Hemi now has a soft, warm bed to cuddle up in while she recovers from her ordeal.

Once Hemi has full medical clearance from our veterinary team, she will be available for adoption.


Rescued Kitty named Sherlock Holmes

Rescued Kitty Has a Mystery to Solve

January 31, 2014 - Cat Depot received a frantic call from a concerned citizen regarding a neighbor's pet cat who was left behind when the owner moved. Sherlock Holmes was abandoned not once, but twice. His first family moved out of the apartment complex and didn't take him along. He was left outside and the kind neighbor fed and cared for him as best she could.
Sherlock's luck changed when a new tenant moved into the apartment and she took him in and made him her own. Unfortunately, his new owner had to move away. She promised she would come back to get him, but after weeks of waiting, Sherlock realized he was alone once again.
His kindly neighbor fed and cared for him but she realized that she wasn't able to provide for him on a regular basis. That's where Cat Depot comes in: we rescued Sherlock Holmes from life on the streets and are providing him with a safe place to live until he finds his forever home. 
Sherlock Holmes is happy to be free of his former life of uncertainty, but he is determined to solve the mystery of why he keeps getting left behind. He is a sweet, affectionate boy who wants nothing more than to give unconditional love to that lucky person or family.
Help Sherlock put this crime of abandonment behind him so he can believe that life on the streets is over and that he will be safe and sound from now on.




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