The process known as TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate return) has proven time and time again as the only effective way to manage a cat colony. Feral cats, or community cats, populate an area where two things are provided, food and shelter. When these two necessary resources are supplied community cats tend to over run the area and can become a nuisance for residents. Some may speculate that simply removing the cats will eradicate the issue. When community cats are removed from an area more cats pile in to take their place, as one leaves one comes in. This vicious cycle is known as the “vacuum effect” and is a direct response to removing or eradicating feral cats. When TNVR is practiced the colony will slowly disappear.

Responsible colony managers should participate in TNVR as well as trapping for annual vaccines. The process of TNVR will also ensure that colonies are not reproducing. A female cat can have up to five litters in one year and each litter could produce upwards of six kittens. These kittens can reach sexual maturity as early as four months old and will in turn begin to have their own litters. These numbers are staggering and can quickly over run a small area. Humane organizations agree that TNVR is the answer to feral cats and most provide spay/neuter services or grants to help the effort.

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How to Protect Community Cats from Disasters

Do you care for a cat colony and need assistance? The Food Bank is open the last Saturday of every month to assist with those who need food.  Click here for more details on the Food Bank.

Free/Low Cost TNVR

Cat Depot offers TNVR services for community cats in Sarasota and Manatee counties. For more information, please contact Cat Depot at 941-366-2404, extension 2.