The Community Food Bank distributed over 11,000 lbs. of dry food and over 8,500 cans of wet food in 2013 to those supporting feral cats, and those who are in need of wet and dry food for their personal pets.

Cat Depot provides 135 personal pets and over 400 community cats with food on a monthly basis in Sarasota and Manatee County. We are able to accomplish this with the support of our generous donors and volunteers. The Community Cat Program continues to grow, as does the need for food. Donations are always welcome in the form of dry or wet cat food. We will take open bags of fresh cat food.

Want to help and don’t know how?

• Look for sales and high value coupons on cat food, and encourage your neighbors and friends to stock up and donate
• Start a pet food drive at your work, school, neighborhood, or church Cat Depot Food Bank
• Help us by taking a count of our donations every month 
• Assist us on Food Bank Day by helping distribute around 900 lbs of food   

Basic Requirements to Receive Food

You will need proof of income, verified with one or more of the following items:
• State or federally funded welfare program
• Food Stamps
• Social Security
• SSI Disability
• Unemployment
• Pay stubs (to verify income meets guidelines)
• Photo identification

Download the Food Bank Application. 

You must agree to the following:

• To spay or neuter every colony cat and personal cat (resources provided)
• Maintain healthy living conditions for your cats
• Provide daily food and water for every cat 

Distribution Dates: The Last Saturday of every month
Check In:   11:45 a.m.
Food Distribution: 12:00 p.m.

Distribution is based on a first come, first serve basis. 

Cat Depot cannot guarantee:
• Same food every month
• Supply of food every month

Cat Depot reserves the right to limit or deny service. 

Our Commitment to You

Cat Depot Food BankWe are here to support every cat, including community (feral) cats and personal cats. Our goal is to provide essential resources to help you maintain consistent quality care for homeless cats and personal pets. 

Resources include:
• Spay and Neuter options
• Adoption opportunities for social cats and kittens
• Open forums with topics specific to colony care givers
• Education and training classes on trapping and colony care
• Loan of humane traps – seven days a week




How Can You Help?

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