Yarnall Dabney, Volunteer at Cat Depot

Yarnall Dabney

Hometown: Yarnall was born in New Orleans, grew up in Tampa, and moved to Sarasota in 1978.
How you got started at Cat Depot: Yarnall visited Cat Depot in March to see what our facility was all about. She then went on our website and learned all she could about Cat Depot. Since joining Cat Depot, she has jumped in full force and has run the gamut on everything from stuffing envelopes, evening feeding, and even helped with spring cleaning! As you can see Yarnall is willing to help with all aspects of volunteering at Cat Depot.
What do you like most about volunteering at Cat Depot:Yarnall is a cat person, but she is also a people person and likes to socialize with people who visit Cat Depot. She is starting the process of becoming either an Adoption Ambassador or an Adoption Assistant, but whatever she decides, Cat Depot is very lucky to have her on our team! 
Yarnall has raised a Golden Retriever named "Elsa," a white Sheltie named "Pigeon," and she was adopted by "Bug," the cat that she named after the "Y2K Bug." 
Some of Yarnall's favorite extracurricular activities include yoga and pilates. She comes from a sailing family and was an avid cyclist, even having the opportunity to cycle in Italy with 28 other women. She also volunteers with SPARCC and dabbles in playing bridge.
Thank you, Yarnall, for all you do for Cat Depot. It is greatly appreciated!
Samantha Craig, Volunteer at Cat Depot

Samantha Craig

Hometown: Samantha moved here from Dearborn Heights, Michigan in 1994. She said the reason for the move was because she was tired of the cold and especially the winters!
Intricate part of Cat Depot: As a volunteer for Cat Depot, Samantha went into the Woman's Exchange Sarasota facility one day to discuss a partnership with Cat Depot and the owner immediately said yes! A beautiful partnership was then forged. 
The Woman's Exchange Sarasota is a non-profit consignment shop supporting the arts in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Instead of taking items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, please bring items to Cat Depot. These items are taken to the Exchange and any items sold for Cat Depot, the funds come back to us! A win-win experience for people and cats/kittens alike.
How you got started at Cat Depot: Samantha heard about the new Cat Depot facility and how they were going to have a carnival to promote the opening, so she decided to stop in for a tour. Unknown to her at the time, the lady who gave her a tour was Linda Slavin! After the tour Samantha immediately signed up to be a volunteer and the rest, as they say, is history.
Samantha feels such compassion and a deep connection to animals and feels they are a part of the family. She has two beautiful long hair cats at home who recently had a grooming session that took 3 hours! We always heard that beauty takes time :)
Samantha would also like to send a shout out to Margit Marquardt, the Retail Manager here at Cat Depot for all her help and support with the Woman's Exchange Program. Thank you, Margit!
Thank you, Samantha, for your generous and continued support of Cat Depot.
Click here for more information about Woman's Exchange Sarasota. 

Deborah VaughnDeborah Vaughan

Deborah's favorite activity is fundraising for the kitties. She's been involved with several major Cat Depot fundraisers helping secure much needed donations. During the past two years, Deborah used her exceptional fundraising and leadership skills to serve as the Gala Committee Chairperson.
Thank you, Deborah, for your generous and continued support of Cat Depot.


Cat Depot Volunteer Kim Schebel

Kim Schebel

Kim's favorite duty is giving facility tours to visitors from out-of-state or out of the country. Kim shares that the best thing about being part of Cat Depot, besides helping kitties, is the friendships she has forged with fellow volunteers and staff. Kim recently received The President's Volunteer Service Award at the Gold Level for contributing more than 500 volunteer service hours to Cat Depot in a single calendar year. 
Thank you, Kim, for your generous support of Cat Depot.
Featured Volunteer Meighan Monroe

Meighan Monroe

Unlike other volunteers who work in our center with our cats, Meighan supports the cats by working for the animals as our proof reader. Meighan ensures that our print and digital publications are grammatically error free to help us maintain our professional appearance. 
Thank you, Meighan, for making us look good and for your generous support of Cat Depot!
Cat Depot Volunteer, Nancy Adamo

Nancy Adamo

Nancy works with our Cat Care team helping with the all important morning cleaning. Nancy also enjoys spending time with the shy and newly arrived cats and then seeing them gain the trust and confidence they need to eventually get adopted.

Thank you, Nancy, for going above and beyond to help the cats (and people) at Cat Depot. 

Bruce Konarske Featured Cat Depot Volunteer

Bruce Konarske

Bruce is an active Cat Socializer, Adoption Floor Ambassador and foster caregiver for Cat Depot. Bruce enjoys leash walking cats and taking on the challenges of working with shy and under socialized cats both at home with a foster and in our adoption center. 
Thank you, Bruce, for your enthusiasm for helping cats at Cat Depot.
Nancy Colby and Mighty Lou

Nancy Colby

Nancy's favorite volunteer duty at Cat Depot is working on the Friend Raiser Committee. This committee brings new or potential supporters and donors to our center to introduce them to our organization.
Nancy shares that the greatest thing she has gotten from Cat Depot is Mighty Lou, of course.  "The joys of living with a special needs cat cannot be measured," said Nancy. Mighty Lou continues to be a shining star at Cat Depot, but he is a far greater star in Nancy's heart and home.  
Thank you, Nancy, for your continued support of the cats at Cat Depot. 
Read more about the adventures of Mighty Lou and his feline friends on the Cat Depot Blog.
Amy Greene

Amy Greene

Amy is a dedicated foster caregiver for our orphaned kittens. Amy has been caring for at least one baby kitten in her home every week since March of this year. She loves bottle feeding!

Thank you, Amy (and the Greene family), for helping raise orphaned kittens and giving them a chance at life.



Dana Burnett

Dana Burnett

Dana volunteers in several areas at Cat Depot. Among them she enjoys working with potential adoptive families and holding and comforting special needs kitties.

Dana also participates educational and fundraising events. She really gets the cats' attention when she helps with our nightly feedings. "The cats really love me at those times!" Dana jokes.

Thank you, Dana for donating your precious time to our organization. 
Rita Barnsby and Bobby Kittle Featured Volunteers

Rita Barsby and Bobby Kittle

Husband and wife Rita and Bobby are quite the dynamic duo. They are both Adoption Ambassadors and help welcome new visitors, show people around the center and support the Adoptions team. In between talking with potential adopters, they love spending time with the kittens. In fact, they recently adopted a partially blind kitten from Cat Depot. On occasion, they have also been foster caregivers for orphaned kittens. 

Thank you, Rita and Bobby for loving our cats and kittens as if they were your own.

Rebecca Paulson Featured Volunteer

Rebecca Paulson

Rebecca volunteers in the Treatment Room with our veterinary technician Stacy. Rebecca loves to spend time with the cats who are under the vet's care whether they have injuries such as a broken bone or recovering from an upper respiratory infection. Rebecca feels strongly that extra snuggling and attention is great for their recuperation and her reward is their purrs.
Rebecca is working on a degree at New College and plans on continuing her education to pursue her dream of being a veterinarian specializing in shelter medicine. 
Thank you, Rebecca for your service to Cat Depot!
Karen Liberi Featured Volunteer

Karen Liberi

Karen has been supporting Cat Depot in many ways. She attends our fundraising galas and events and she socializes with the cats in our adoption center. Karen has also helped with administrative projects, including making telephone calls and data entry.  Karen is always willing to pitch in wherever she is needed.
Thank you, Karen, for being a supporter of Cat Depot and for your kindness and generosity!

Maureen Hadley

Maureen's favorite activity is to socialize with the cats. She particularly loves to spend time with the FIV+ cats.

As a Front Desk Ambassador, it's fun for Maureen to meet people who are visiting from different parts of the country. She delights in showing them around and showing off our beautiful center. 

Thank you, Maureen, for being an important part of the Cat Depot team. We appreciate you! 

Pam Bell-Wasik & Brent Wasik

Pam and Brent contribute to Cat Depot in many significant ways. Brent is happy to help where he is needed most from collecting auction items for gala events to donating cat toys. Although they both love socializing with the adoptable cats in our center, what they enjoy most is being foster caregivers in their home. They have successfully fostered several cats who have now been adopted in other new, loving homes. They are currently fostering Lucy Lu, a beautiful grey female cat.

Thank you, Pam and Brent, for opening up your heart and home to Cat Depot cats!



Nancy Ferraro

Nancy shares her knowledge of cat communication with prospective Cat Depot volunteers by serving as an Assistant to the Volunteer Manager. She is always delighted to facilitate new volunteer orientation sessions and help new volunteers understand what the cats are telling them through their ears, eyes, whiskers, tails, and fur.

Thank you, Nancy, for lending your talents to Cat Depot!


Dee Seymour

Dee helps facilitate the Greeter and Tour Guide Ambassador program. This has been especially satisfying because Dee has been able to utilize some of the skills she developed in her career, and this volunteer position has given her a definite purpose at Cat Depot. When not working with her fellow animal-lovers, Dee has several furry friends that she likes to spend time with.  

Thank you, Dee, for your enthusiasm for cats and commitment to Cat Depot! 


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