Featured Cat Depot Volunteer, Gail Pellitteri

Gail Pellitteri

Hometown: New Jersey. Gail and her husband moved to Sarasota a year ago after Super Storm Sandy destroyed their home on the Jersey shore. They decided to start a new beginning in sunny Florida.
How did you hear about Cat Depot? Gail saw the sign out front that said “Need Towels.” She gathered up all her towels that didn’t match her new home décor and delivered them to the front desk. She was invited to come in for a tour and couldn’t believe her eyes. She had never seen such a nice adoption shelter with free-roaming pods and was so impressed that the kitties were not in cages. 
Favorite Duty: A self-proclaimed laundry diva, Gail’s favorite duty is tackling mountains of laundry! And, her socialization time on the floor with the kitties is in between drying and washing towels and beds. Gail feels a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day when all the laundry is done. She also enjoys working on special projects and was invaluable in assisting with the Napier cat rescue. You can see Gail socializing with the cats in the pods, or in the laundry room, three times a week.  
Do you have a cat? Yes, one cat named Joey who moved with them from New Jersey.
Thank you Gail for all you do for the kitties and for keeping the laundry room under control!
Peggy Miller, Cat Depot Volunteer

Peggy Miller

Hometown: Peggy's hometown is Jackson, Michigan. She retired and moved to Sarasota 21 years ago. 
How you heard about Cat Depot: A friend asked me to help with a cat sale in the civic center and I was hooked.
Favorite Volunteer Duty: I like to do laundry because time goes by quickly and there is a tangible result at the end of the day. 
Do you have cats at home? We have three cats. One we inherited from our son "temporarily" five years ago; one we adopted from Nate's Honor Rescue when his original adopter returned him; and the crowning joy is the cat pictured here. He is an 8 year old, FIV-positive cat with no teeth. He had been at Cat Depot for over a year and he is an absolute joy. His name is Nigel (formerly Curacao). 
Fleece Project: Two years ago, the volunteer coordinator sent out a request for colored bedding and beds to color coordinate the cat pods. I offered to make matching fleece blankets. The first set was 20 of each color for the 10 pods, 200 blankets. That went over so well that I then made 40 beds by covering litter boxes with fleece. Recently, Cat Depot decided to stop using towels to line the cages and I made another 170 cage liners of different sizes. I also make cage beds which have fleece bumpers filled with foam. Finally, there were requests in the gift shop and now I make blankets for sale. The fleece is preferred because it washes and dries so quickly (less time in the dryer saves money.) Also, it is soft and comforting for the kitties.   
Isn't she amazing!? Our kitties, and all of us, thank you Peggy!
Yarnall Dabney, Volunteer at Cat Depot

Yarnall Dabney

Hometown: Yarnall was born in New Orleans, grew up in Tampa, and moved to Sarasota in 1978.
How you got started at Cat Depot: Yarnall visited Cat Depot in March to see what our facility was all about. She then went on our website and learned all she could about Cat Depot. Since joining Cat Depot, she has jumped in full force and has run the gamut on everything from stuffing envelopes, evening feeding, and even helped with spring cleaning! As you can see Yarnall is willing to help with all aspects of volunteering at Cat Depot.
What do you like most about volunteering at Cat Depot: Yarnall is a cat person, but she is also a people person and likes to socialize with people who visit Cat Depot. She is starting the process of becoming either an Adoption Ambassador or an Adoption Assistant, but whatever she decides, Cat Depot is very lucky to have her on our team! 
Yarnall has raised a Golden Retriever named "Elsa," a white Sheltie named "Pigeon," and she was adopted by "Bug," the cat that she named after the "Y2K Bug." 
Some of Yarnall's favorite extracurricular activities include yoga and pilates. She comes from a sailing family and was an avid cyclist, even having the opportunity to cycle in Italy with 28 other women. She also volunteers with SPARCC and dabbles in playing bridge.
Thank you, Yarnall, for all you do for Cat Depot. It is greatly appreciated!
Samantha Craig, Volunteer at Cat Depot

Samantha Craig

Hometown: Samantha moved here from Dearborn Heights, Michigan in 1994. She said the reason for the move was because she was tired of the cold and especially the winters!
Intricate part of Cat Depot: As a volunteer for Cat Depot, Samantha went into the Woman's Exchange Sarasota facility one day to discuss a partnership with Cat Depot and the owner immediately said yes! A beautiful partnership was then forged. 
The Woman's Exchange Sarasota is a non-profit consignment shop supporting the arts in Sarasota and Manatee counties. Instead of taking items to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, please bring items to Cat Depot. These items are taken to the Exchange and any items sold for Cat Depot, the funds come back to us! A win-win experience for people and cats/kittens alike.
How you got started at Cat Depot: Samantha heard about the new Cat Depot facility and how they were going to have a carnival to promote the opening, so she decided to stop in for a tour. Unknown to her at the time, the lady who gave her a tour was Linda Slavin! After the tour Samantha immediately signed up to be a volunteer and the rest, as they say, is history.
Samantha feels such compassion and a deep connection to animals and feels they are a part of the family. She has two beautiful long hair cats at home who recently had a grooming session that took 3 hours! We always heard that beauty takes time :)
Samantha would also like to send a shout out to Margit Marquardt, the Retail Manager here at Cat Depot for all her help and support with the Woman's Exchange Program. Thank you, Margit!
Thank you, Samantha, for your generous and continued support of Cat Depot.
Click here for more information about Woman's Exchange Sarasota. 

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