Claudia Harden, Cat Depot Director of Communications Diana de Veer

Claudia Harden

Director of Communications



Diana de Veer

Director of Operations and Medical Services


Amber Montgomery Dr. Rodrigo Rius, Cat Depot Shelter Veterinarian  Picture coming soon

Amber Montgomery

Clinic Practice Manager


Dr. Rodrigo Rius

Shelter Veterinarian


Dr. Amy Lowe

Clinic Veterinarian

Cody Carlson Margit Marquardt, Cat Depot Retail Manager  

Cody Carlson

Admissions and Programs Manager


Margit Marquardt

Retail and Adoptions Manager


Tim Weeks, Cat Depot Finance Coordinator Picture coming soon

Tim Weeks

Systems and Finance Manager


Volunteer and Education Office

Volunteer and Education Office



Kelly Rynerson Donna Mickley, Cat Depot Retail Assistant  

Kelly Rynerson

Customer Service Specialist, Retail


Donna Mickley

Retail Assistant

Chelsea Bender Marianne Hight, Cat Depot Adoption Counselor Kim Bull


Adoption Counselor


Marianne Hight

Adoption Counselor


Kim Bull

Adoption Counselor


Jo Fogarty

Jo Fogarty

TNVR Specialist


Stacy Johnson, Cat Depot Lead Shelter Veterinary Assistant  Samantha Sippel  

Stacy Johnson

Shelter Lead Veterinary Technician


Samantha Sippel

Shelter Lead Veterinary Technician

Kelly McKee Kelly Varasso, Veterinary Assistant at Cat Depot  

Kelly McKee

Shelter Veterinary Assistant


Kelly Varrasso

Shelter Veterinary Technician /
Lead Surgical Technician



Heather Brown, Clinic Veterinary Assistant Sara DeJesus, Veterinary Assistant Nathalie Rodriguez, Veterinary Assistant  

Heather Brown

Clinic Veterinary Assistant


Sara De Jesus

Clinic Veterinary Assistant/Reception


Nathalie Rodriguez

Veterinary Assistant


Nancy Mackinnon Criss Bruneman Picture coming soon

Nancy Mackinnon

Clinic Veterinary Technician


Criss Bruneman

Clinic Veterinary Assistant


Dana Rodenbeck

Clinic Veterinary Technician

Picture coming soon Picture coming soon James Cathey

Sydney Brand

Cat Care Coordinator


Faline Tell

Cat Care Giver


James Cathey

Cat Care Giver


Picture coming soon Picture coming soon Picture coming soon

Grant Okin

Cat Care Giver


Jaclyn Ledoux

Cat Care Giver


Ashley Robinson

Cat Care Giver

Fawn, adoptable cat and Meow Mayor of Cat Depot Mimi, Cat Depot Cat Tester  


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Cat Tester



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