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Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to send a free cat e-card! It meant so much to do this for the person we sent to and you have such nice cards. I can't always get out to get a card or afford one and you made this so easy and appropriate. Thank you!

- Sunny S.

Cat Depot

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
by Christine T.
Have you ever seen so many kitties in one space?
It's a little crowded...so if you have the space
In your heart and in your home, pick out your new friend
A special little kitty, who will be faithful 'til the end
Purring at the sight of you, or your gentle touch
A feline who will let you know…you’re loved so very much
We may seem indifferent…but that is just our pride
We don’t like rejection, we keep our feelings deep inside
Some of us are older…but our needs are still the same
We still have some life in us…we’re cuddly and so tame
It only takes a little while to bring out our very best
Which one of the lot of us…on THIS day will be blessed
To have a loving master…who will feed us every day
Making sure we are cared for in each and every way
Are you the one…please say yes…sign the forms and then
Bring us to our new home…so we’ll be happy once again

Cat Depot

This was my first pet adoption and I will be sure to recommend Cat Depot to my friends and family who are considering cat adoption. Kudos to you and all that you do!

- Shelley O.


Cat Depot
The Life of a Cat: An Epic Life Story of a Feline
By Noelle P. (11 years old)
The Beginning
Darkness, then light!
A giant looms over me.
A lapping tongue strokes me,
And I breathe.
The beginning of life,
Not only brings existence,
But warmth and joy.
My first parent in sight,
My mother.
A tongue like sandpaper-
Rubbing me,
So soothing.
A low, thundering purring,
So comforting.
Like a pool of calm water.
If Mother is water,
Then Father is flames.
Running, Jumping,
He always wants to play.
My father keeps me bright and active.
He has the fire spirit.
First steps
My first steps,
I gingerly pad along.
Wobbles, topples,
I fall.
I won’t give up,
I walk, unbalanced,
And then I start to prosper.
Now I scamper,
Then I zip by.
I am a runner.
Rough and tumble,
With my dad.
Bat and jump,
I’m bored of lag.
I leap and twist,
And roll in leaves.
I love playing,
Oh! A feather! I sneeze.
Stealthy paw steps,
Each sneak right.
Hunting gives prey
Quite a fright.
Pounce on squirrels,
Nip at mice,
A wandering vole
Will pay the price.
The Fields
Dandelion fluff,
Right on my nose.
I sneeze a tiny snuffle,
And everything EXPLODES!
I snooze in soft Dreamland,
With my mom,
And we rest in fuzz
All day long.
The Lake
Splish, splash,
The fish swims by.
I dunk my paw in,
It’s cold! Oh my!
I paddle along,
Slicing through the water.
I swim in cold liquid
As the day gets hotter.
Farewell, Home
I’m all grown up,
It’s time to leave.
Goodbye, Mother,
Farewell, Father.
I pad away,
From my only home,
To start a new journey.
A New Home
Mountains, deserts, and the sea,
None of them are right for me.
Maybe I’ll stay in a human’s house?
Eh, no, I want to catch a mouse.
I want to be wild and free!
Oh look! A home in that tree!
So now I’ve found my second home,
With my tree and leafy dome.
Mates for Life
I’ve seen many cats
Pass my tree.
Yet none of them
Are right.
One day, I look at the reflecting water,
And I see a cat right next to me.
Hello, stranger. What brings you here?
This cat is right for me.
I pick them, and they pick me.
We are mates forever.
Mewling squeals,
Oh, they’ve come!
Joy fills the air.
Excitement makes me numb!
I love that fuzzy fur,
And those tiny paws,
Kittens, oh kittens!
Their cuteness has no flaws!
Old Age
I lay in my tree,
The sun tickling my fur.
My limbs are stiff,
My pelt is graying.
It’s time to retire.
Sunbathe in the Light
The sun,
Light and warmth.
I rest in its stroking grasp.
It provides a petting massage,
With its heated fingers.
The sun is so comforting
For an old cat like me.
My body rests.
My soul slips into a quiet, peaceful land.
I am a young cat,
Prancing in the grass.
Sleep gives me memories.
My old home, the lake, the field,
My parents and my kittenhood.
Sleep is an old cat’s paradise.
Death’s Meaning
My friends, death isn’t bad.
My soul just floats away.
The real me is the inside.
The spirit, not the outside.
Death is calm.
There is no reason to be sad.
Death is a spirit
Floating to the heavens.

Cat Depot

Cat Depot shows compassion and care to local animals, but that is not all they do. They support cat owners and potentialones too, which is why I think this nonprofit is the best in Sarasota; they help animals and humans at the same time. Cat Depot has found a perfect balance of serving the community by providing a thriving business model and supporting advocacy for improving the life of cats through education and raising awareness. The best thing that Cat Depot has done is opening their doors to give humans a chance to improve the lives of cats.

- Karen S.


Cat Depot

My husband and I brought our cat (just adopted), to the cat care clinic @ cat depot. It's in the back of the building (almost missed it!). The vet was just awesome! I had a ton of questions and she was very patient and answered all of them. For ONCE we finally left a vet's office feeling like it was worth the trip. For a whopping $20. Along with the great price, the people there all have great personalities! We'll be returning as needed for our kitty's health care :)
- Katie M.

Cat Depot
This is the most professional shelter I've ever been to. I was truly impressed! The volunteers really care about the animals. The facility is amazing. We love the cat we got!
- Caroline E.

Cat Depot
We adopted Pumba from Cat Depot over the summer. My son has wanted his own pet for so long. Not only has Pumba been the perfect addition to our family, but the experience of owning him has been over the top! Going to Cat Depot was the best decision we have made. We were able to sit down and interact with all the little babies and choose. It is a good feeling to know that all the cats we couldn't take home that day have a safe and comfortable place to live.
- Susan H.

Cat Depot

l found that it was a haven to cat lovers everywhere. Very clean and everyone had fun. My grandchild had experience with cat sounds and body language. The staff were also very caring and were able to solve every mishap and problem everyone had. They also cared much for the cats.  Everything that you bought in the gift store went to the cats, to get new toys and caring supplies etc. We all had a great time at Sarasota's Cat Depot
- Patrico V.


Cat Depot

Pines of Sarasota have been the grateful and happy recipients of cat visits for the last few months and we so look forward to our visit dates. Bobby, Rita, Mary and the other volunteers that bring our furry friends are so kind and caring to the residents of Pines and clearly love the cats and keep them well protected while in their care. We all take so much pleasure and fun watching the expressions of delight on the residents' faces as they watch the antics of kittens around the table. It is so special for them to be able to hold the furry little kittens and have an hour of just forgetting all their pain or discomfort. It makes a huge difference in their day; the benefits are priceless and we so appreciate the gift. We look forward to a long and happy union with Cat Depot!
- Sandy, Pines of Sarasota

Cat DepotThanks for all you all do! Such a sweet first visit we had Sunday. We look forward to many more visits to play and visit the cats! Back in Long Island we adopted a cat named Wink with one eye and we heard you also had one named Wink with one eye that was adopted! Also met beautiful Tink and Blink. Happy to see also Nancy Colby my friend has some art there to help you all. God Bless~Thanks!

- Love, Paula

Cat DepotWe weren't sure what to expect when my husband found out about Cat Depot...but we were on vacation in the area and we love cats so it was worth a visit. To say we were amazed by your facility is an understatement... it was beyond our expectation. Clean, spacious and beautiful?!?!? It was all shelters should be! Your dedication to cats welfare is apparent and it makes for such a welcoming environment. And a special thanks to Andee who was so sweet and knowledgable. She was there for our 3 visits (yes we came 3 times in one week!) and even gave us a special tour. Which actually inspired to look into becoming foster parents! She truly showed so much caring and humor when it came to the cats, we were so impressed at her level to professionalism. All the staff that we met were fantastic and friendly! And if we had not adopted our last "baby" a month ago leaving empty handed would have been an impossibility... Thank you and BRAVO to you all.

- Janis, Bethel, CT

Cat Depot heartTo Whom It May Concern,
I could be abandoned, feral, stray but for sure I am a "homeless cat” with three sweet kittens who are my everything and responsibility which I take very seriously. However, there is a human who never chased me away from her property (even before I had my family) instead she always talked to me but each time I took off. Since I had my kittens I moved them many times because danger was always round and not safe for us. 
I finally moved close to the lady's house,  and I guess she must have seen my kittens playing in her yard because she started feeding us. I still had to be very careful since the lady has two cats. Since the last few weeks the lady and I (who had always my best interest) formed a great friendship between us. I trust her (first time in my life) I am not scared of her, she praises, pets me and I even allow her to pick me up and hug me. I have never experienced that lovely feeling and I admit - I love it.
This is my story, and since I have no name, I suppose I am the MAMA-CAT, or as the lady says often to me "My MIA."
- Written by Gipsy for MIA  

Cat Depot HeartIn the two years I have been working with Cat Depot, I have seen them go far above and beyond what most any other rescue would do. I have seen them provide costly veterinary care, as well as spend a great deal of time working to rehabilitate injured and ill cats so they could be adopted and live full, healthy, happy lives. Fostering and bottle-feeding kittens is fun, but seeing them adopted into loving homes is what makes it all worthwhile. I am honored to have even a small part in helping their organization succeed.
- Amy G., Foster

Cat Depot HeartFostering and then adopting Mighty Lou, a special needs cat, has changed my life completely.  The dedication and time he required in the beginning has manifested itself a thousand times over by what he gives back now as a happy, healthy cat.  Had it not been for Cat Depot receiving a cat in such bad condition and then working so hard to keep him alive and to restore his health, I would have never had the pleasure of knowing him.  Thank you Cat Depot for taking in the cats other organizations would have either turned away or given up on.  Here’s to saving so many more Mighty Lou’s together.
- Nancy C., Adopter



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