Cat Depot Education Center


Cat Depot provides volunteers and the community with educational activities that promote awareness and knowledge of cat behavior and care. Classes include emergency rescue training, how to safely trap a cat, how to become a colony care giver, foster parent skills, bottle feeding, adoption assistants, ambassadors in our welcome center, socialization 200, clicker training, and positive behavior modification. 

In addition, every month, a speaker addresses Cat Depot's staff on specific subjects that include, zoonotic disease, common shelter diseases, new techniques in cat care, safety, and rescue.

Cat Depot hosts a variety of workshops, lectures and presentations through out the year to help grow the ever expanding knowledge base of feline care and behavior and to engage the community. For upcoming educational opportunities, visit the Calendar of Events page.

Cat Depot offers three weeks of summer camp to boys and girls in grades 2 - 5. Activities include; safety, how not to get bit, cat care, emergency care, what to do when you find a stray animal, reptile knowledge, learning and loving mini horses, rabbits and birds, K-9 dogs, therapy animals and a week long cat project, from admittance to adoption.

Cat Depot continues to expand the variety and outreach of our education programs.

Unable to take every cat into our facility, we offer a wide variety of resources and avenues for help. Please check out our library of feline-related topics and our listings of local resources.


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