Learn the Basics of Cat Grooming


How to Kitten-Proof Your Home: 

Step 1: Making a cat-proof room for your new kitten  

 It should be a small room with a door that closes all the way.

  • Room essentials: Food and water, litter box, towels, blankets, toys, bedding and a scratching post.                                               *Remember to place the litter box far away from the food!


Step 2: Preparing the rest of the house  

Grab an adult to help you remove items around the house that might be dangerous for your new kitty: 

  • Poisonous plants 
  • Plastic bags
  • Small, chewable objects
  • Electrical and phone cords
  • Hanging blind cords
  • Household cleaners and pest poisons
  • Strings (yarns, floss, threads, etc.)

Step 3: Rounding up your valuables

If you or your family members have any important items of sentimental value, make sure to put them all in a safe and secure place that your cat won't be able to reach.

Step 4: Making sure your new kitty stays out of "off-limits" rooms  

Cats should never be allowed in the garage because there are too many dangerous materials in there.  You also might want to make sure the cat stays out of any baby rooms in the house, by making sure the doors stay closed.

Step 5: Final check!  

Now it's time to pretend you are your new cat and try to see the house from its perspective.  Get down on your hands and knees to look around to see if you notice anything - like candy or sewing needles - that you might have missed when you were standing. Also, make sure to always monitor your kitten as it explores!


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