Teen Volunteers at Cat Depot High School Student Volunteer Service Hours

  • You must be 16 years of age or older to participate independently
  • Depending on the activities you choose, additional training may be required
  • Please complete the Adult Volunteer Application
  • If you are under 18 years of age, you will need parental consent to volunteer
  • Students needing to fulfill school service hours may volunteer for up to two hours per shift in our facility.
  • Students may elect to work on an independent community service project to gain service hours.

Service Learning Projects

Are you a high school student needing service hours? Do you want to help needy cats through a service learning project? There are many ways for teens, scouts and student classes to make a difference for the animals.

All projects must be approved by the volunteer coordinator prior to the start date and are completed from home. Here are some suggested ideas for completing a community service project to fulfill your school’s requirement:

  • Organize a donation drive and collect items from Cat Depot's wishlist.
  • Organize a small fund raising event, bake sale, car wash, etc. and use the funds to donate to Cat Depot - OR - You can use your funds earned to buy needed items for the shelter animals from our gift shop
  • Provide foster care for Cat Depot cats or kittens
  • Make home-made cat toys
  • Create a 1-minute video of cats having fun in our center
  • Or come up with your idea!

Please contact us for approval and to begin the process, or call 941.366-2404.

Teen Fostering

A new teen program promotes lifesaving foster care for bottle kittens, moms with kittens, weaned kittens, and cats who need loving one-on-one care. Teens can choose a foster duration of three to eight weeks while earning community credit for school.
Teens will learn a variety of skills, from safe handling, neonatal care, daily feeding, and health monitoring and tracking. A great opportunity for young adults to become involved and make a positive difference in our community and a lifesaving difference to the animals in their care.
For more information, contact Stacy Johnson at 941-366-2402.


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