If you have adopted a Cat Depot kitty and would like to tell your story or give an update on your new family member's progress, we would love to hear from you! To tell your kitty's "tail," please Send Us An Email with a short story and a photo of your Cat Depot graduate.

Quito, happy in his furever home

Quito, celebrating the first year in his furever home

A year ago today I adopted Quito and he has been such a wonderful addition to our home. We named him after the capital of Equador.


Tyler, relaxing in his furever home

Tyler, relaxing in his fur-ever home

Tyler has definitely settled into his new home with me. Adore him. So glad we found each other.


Dusky and Angel Eyes, happy in their furever home

Dusky and Angel Eyes, happy in their forever home

Dusky and Angel Eyes are doing great in their furever home. Dusky plays fetch and Angel is a cuddler. We are completely in love with them.


Gus Gus, happy in his furever home

Augustus (Gus Gus) also known as Tanto

We've had Augustus, aka Gus Gus (formerly Tanto) for just over two weeks now, and like his name sake, he rules the house like a Caesar. He has a small tree (a larger is in the mail), plenty of new toys to chase around, and a dog that (Go Gus's amazement) won't eat him when attacked. He still loves the mouse he came home with.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all you do, without you I wouldn't have found my furry little ball of energy.


Marie, happy in her furever home

Bailey, also known as Marie

Just wanted to send you a picture of our happy cat, Bailey. (Aka Marie.) She is a good girl.

Thank you again for all you do.

Riva and Bob.

Happy adoption story

Bubby, also known as Bubba

I wanted to share a recent picture of Bubba. I adopted him in May. He has made himself right at home with me and his sister Emmie, and he is doing fantastic. I altered his name a bit - we call him Bubby.

Thank you for letting Bubby join our happy family.

Teri C.

Anna, adopted from Cat Depot

Anna - also known as Pip Pip

Anna is the best cat I could ever have adopted. She is awesome, very playful, but also loves to cuddle.

She also loves her Cat Depot bag, she drags it everywhere in the house and sits on it. 

Just wanted to send this photo in and thank you guys for giving me Anna.

Aya O.

Marietta, happy in her new home

Violet, also known as Marietta

Marietta is doing great. We've decided to call her Violet and we love having her with us. She's curious and very friendly, and she has made herself totally at home.

Thank you for everything you do at Cat Depot. Violet and I appreciate it!

Coral N.



Sukai is a happy boy. He is doing wonderful and we can't imagine life without him. He greets visitors, brushes up against their lets, and wants love. He follows his new dad like a puppy.

Thank you!

Shiitake, adopted from Cat Depot


Shiitake here... It has been awhile, just thought I'd check in. Although my mom re-named me Sinatra, the rest of my family tends to call me "Mr. Meow Meow" because I am a very spoiled little guy. I meow constantly until I get my way, and it usually works, because I'm so cute!

I will be nine months old on May 8th. Boy how time flies! I've gotten so big. Mom adopted me last November when I was only 12 weeks old. She says she can't imagine life without me now.

I sleep at the foot of her bed every night and sometimes I wake her up to let me under the covers for snuggles. It's hard to have a bad day when you get to wake up to these baby blue eyes every day.

Oliver and Luna

Oliver and Luna

Oliver and Luna are very sweet and enjoying the house, which is like a giant playground to them. Took both to the vet for a "new cat" check-up yesterday, and they purred the whole time, even on the vet's "table."

Thank you!

Charmaine F.

Squirrel, happy in his new home


Hey guys, Squirrel here, checking in! My new family calls me Shadows, and I've got my very own castle to be king of!

My new sister Nyani is still kinda jealous of me, I think, but we're getting along really well for only a week of knowing each other. My fluffy new brother Ying-Yang doesn't seem to mind me. I love chasing after his big ol' tail!

I have so many things to play with and so much clean, soft space to run around. This is way better than the parking lot where you guys found me!

Thanks for taking such good care of me while I was at the depot. I'll see you all soon for my check-up.

Happy adoption story LE Phant

L.E. Phant

L.E. Phant is doing great. She is so affectionate, and she's adjusting very well. So lucky to have adopted her!

Robin W.

Dexter, happy adoption story


Dear Cat Depot,

I was adopted almost a year ago (4/24/15), and I wanted to tell you how happy I am! (Except when my Mom runs the vacuum, then I'm not too happy, as you can see in my grumpy picture.)

My Mommy said when they saw my picture online that it was love at first sight, and they drove right over to Cat Depot to adopt me! She tells me every day that I am the best kitty in the whole wide world.

I love where we live. We have a big tree by our screened patio; I like to sit out there w/ my Dad and watch the squirrels and birds. Sometimes the neighbor's cats are out on their patio, too. They seem pretty boring, though. All they do is watch me watching them.

I keep very busy here. I help Mommy with laundry and making the bed. I also help Dad put on his work boots every morning; he needs help with the laces. I'm not sure how they would ever get that stuff done w/o me! I have to take a bunch of naps to have the energy for it all, and I am a bunch of years younger than them!

Speaking of naps, I think I am due for another!

I just wanted to let you know how I am doing. Also, thank you for taking care of me and keeping me safe until I found my forever home!!! I hope all the kitties there find a forever home soon.

Much love,
Dexter Kramer Grimes

Hunter, special needs cat in his new home


I just wanted to give an update on Hunter. He's doing very well. He and Saigo love following each other around. And you were right - Hunter loves to eat. He's been gobbling up all the wet food.

He is the sweetest cat I ever had. Thank you for everything.


Gaia, happy in her furever home

Gaia, also known as Liv

A little over a year ago we adopted Gaia, known as Live while at the shelter. Every time we used anything plugged into the kitchen we had problems with the power flickering. Gaia would run to a certain part of the wall and start chittering.

After a few weeks of this we had maintenance come over - due to her behavior. The guy said we had a faulty breaker causing sparks in the wall. It would have caught fire eventually.

We wanted to send a big thank you to Cat Depot for this special little girl. She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we truly believe she saved us.

Kayla C.

Taters, adopted from Cat Depot


Taters is doing great, she seems to be very happy. She loves my son and Benjamin adores her. They spend a lot of time together and she sleeps on his bed at night. We are very happy that she became a part of the family. Thank you!

Allison P.

Yarnall snuggling in a blanket

Yarnall (Nalla)

We are so thrilled to have adopted Yarnall (nicknamed Nalla).

We had volunteered at Cat Depot for many months while also keeping our eyes out for 'the one' to add to our happy home and she fit the bill perfectly.

She enjoys 'making biscuits' (kneading with her paws), playing with her dangly fuzzy cat toy, and looking out the window at anything and everything on the move. She also likes to snuggle up with us and to hang out in her little carpeted hut (sometimes half in and half out).

The whole family just adores her!

Amy C.

Coco Bella, aka Kesa

Coco Bella, also known as Kesa

This is our beloved ragdoll, Coco Bella, adopted from Cat Depot. She loves being in high places - or sitting for six hours straight on my husband's lap. She is a very sweet cat and we already love her dearly.

Thanks Cat Depot for giving us much love through her.

Charlie C.

Truffle, adopted from Cat Depot


Here is a photo of Miss Truffle. We just adore her, and we are so happy to have her in our lives. She is truly special. We think she enjoyed her first Christmas with us.

Cat Depot is a wonderful asset to our community.

Brandy M.

Lacey, adopted from Cat Depot


Lacey is delightful! She has made herself at home and is a real cuddle bunny. She explores everything and especially loves looking out at the squirrels and the bird feeder.

She loves her toys and her scratching lounger, scratching tent, and scratching toy with the red ball she can sin. She also loves the laser pointer - especially when the light climbs up the wall; she's so sure she can catch it!

I am a teacher and she helps me prepare my courses by making sure her paws are on the computer keys. She has a lot to say.

After having lost our three beloved kitties last year, within a short amount of time, our hearts were broken and I didn't think they could possibly heal. Lacey has brought joy, laughter, and love back into our too quiet home.

Joani and Edwin

Panza and Casey were adopted from Cat Depot

Panza and Casey

Former Cat Depot alumni Panza and Casey checked in from their furever home. The 11-year-old brothers say they're happy to have found a home together, and they're having a great time.

Thank you Lynn S. for the photo!

Santa Paws and Holly were adopted from Cat Depot

Santa Paws and Holly

Santa Paws and Holly send greetings from their new home. They say they do a lot of playing, the beds are soft, and the food is great.

Thank you Julia L. for the wonderful photo!

Tonto, adopted from Cat Depot


We are so happy we adopted Tonto. He is very loving and funny. He's settling in nicely and especially loves hanging out on the screened in lanai. We live on a little lake so he can sun on the lanai and watch the ducks, squirrels, geckos, egrets, herons, and jumping fish all day. It's like a very big screen TV for cats.

His first vet visit went very well and he's gained a couple of ounces. We decided we shouldn't spoil him too much so he only has 3 catnip mice, 2 furry mice, a catnip fish, 3 jingle bell balls, a laser toy, a fuzzy mouse on a pole, 2 scratching posts, a teepee, a 5 foot scratching tree with a house and various perches, 2 cat beds - and whatever furniture he decides to lounge on.

He loves to cuddle with us and play. Thank you all at Cat Depot for rescuing him so we could adopt and love him.

Kathleen and Steven

Lucky, aka Baby Boy, adopted from Cat Depot

Lucky, also known as Baby Boy

"I'm sending a photo of Lucky, also known as Baby Boy. We adopted him three weeks ago with your guidance and he is perfect for us. We consider ourselves lucky to have found him.

Lucky adjusted quickly to his new environment. He is a friendly, loving, happy cat who welcomes everyone to our home.

Thank you Cat Depot for helping us overcome the terrible sadness left when we lost our beloved Stoli to the ravages of old age. And thank you for saving so many sad cats who need a forever home.

Sandy and Ray.

Tango and Mango relaxing in their new home

Tango and Mango

"Dear Cat Depot,

In January 2014 I adopted Tango and Mango, two orange tabby brothers you had in foster care. Adorable, but tiny when you got them. Now they are Sam and Max Erhart, and enormous. They are sweet, affectionate, and keep me so entertained.

Thanks for all the good work you do!

Susan E."

Dexter, AKA Lovelace

Dexter (Lovelace) enjoying his furever home

"Hello there. I wanted to give you an update - not to let the cat out of the bag - but we changed Lovelace's name to Dexter. Seems to fit him and our family better.

He is doing really well. As is he and our other cat Abraham. They play and chase each other around now, tackle and do headlocks, but no real fighting or anything like that. Dexter seems to take his cue from Abraham when the old boy has had enough, and leaves him alone.

I am so thankful for the research we did online before bringing another cat into our home. We kept them separated at first and did feedings across a closed door from one another, but there is like an inch or better gap at the bottom. Then we started cracking the door open too, and all went well. They never growled or hissed at one another while feeding across the door from each other.

On the second day, we put the older cat on the lanai and let Dexter out to roam the house for a bit. Later the second day we allowed both cats to be together for short intervals of time, including play and treats, and then we'd separate them to give them a break in case they were feeling anxious, etc. By Monday night we felt confident we could leave them out together and they've been together ever since.

Dexter has way more energy than Abraham, but Abraham has had lots of exercise these past two weeks too, which is good. We are very pleased with our choice in Dexter and bringing him home. Feel free to share our story, especially about the slow introduction and to pick a cat based on the temperament of your current cat, not on if you have a male, get a female. Temperament of the cat is the way to go, and to do a slow transition.

A special thanks to everyone at Cat Depot. Your facility is extremely clean and well thought out, and the cats well cared for.

The Schanie family.

Sake, aka Pakora

Sake, previously known as Pakora

This is our baby Sake, who we adopted from Cat Depot. Sake is a wonderful addition to our family. She is oh so sweet and full of kitty power! Our 10 year old chi, Ringaroo, loves her too. After four weeks they're finally figuring out how to play with one another.

Thank you to Patty for fostering her and to Cat Depot for allowing us to give her a forever home.

Cathi B.

Girlie and Flower relaxing in their furever home

Girlie and Flower


A year ago we adopted two cats from your wonderful facility. They were from your "chubby" pod and it was only their second day there. We were encouraged to adopt both sisters and are very happy we did! Girlie and Flower have really become a part of our family.

This photo was their first day at their new house.

 Jessica F.

Boysenberry and Mulberry relaxing in their furever home

Boysenberry and Mulberry relaxing in their new home


Boysenberry and Mulberry are doing great in their new home. We will change their names, but haven't decided on new ones yet. They are eating, drinking, and using the litter box without any problems. I am so glad we decided to adopt two kittens instead of one - they love each other dearly, and playtime is much more fun with two!

Just wanted to send a photo and let you know they are safe and sound. They have already brought so much love and laughter into our home!

Kate B.

Pumpkin Puss lounging in her new home

Pumpkin Puss 


Here I am, lounging in my new mommy's bed. I'm tolerating my kitty brother and love my doggy brother and my new home. Mommy and Daddy take wonderful care of me and let me sleep in the big human bed. I'm so thankful I had such good care from the lifesavers at Cat Depot! You gave me the second chance I needed.

My life here in Fort Myers is grand. Mommy loves me so much. Wish she'd quit kissing me so much, though. I keep trying to tell her, I'm a cat and have my dignity!

Sometimes my new brother, Colby, and I sit together on the screened-in porch and watch the birds. 

I'm sleeping great and eating fine. Mommy gives me lots of one-on-one time. Glad she knows I'm special.

Gotta go - naptime is over and I just spied a new toy with my name on it.

Love from Pumpkin Puss.

Beefcake from Cat Depot enjoying his new home


Beefcake needed some time to settle in, but once he got used to his new home he has become a valued member of the family.

When we first brought him home, Beefcake instantly assumed dominance over our older cat, Atlas. Of course, this made Atlas uncomfortable and resulted in some tension between the two, including swatting, hissing, and aggression.

We put a separate food dish in our bedroom for Atlas, and waited. Within about a month, they started wandering into each other's territory, eating out of each other's food dishes, and laying next to each other. Beefcake needed some patience and time. We had considered bringing him back, but waiting turned out to be the right decision.

Today they coexist beautifully together and even groom each other regularly. My lady and I are glad we did not bring Beefcake back simply because he wasn't used to his new home!

Devin B.

Panza and Casey hanging out in their new home

Panza and Casey

Panza and Casey have added so much life and joy into the house. They are 11 years old, but still chase each other around and love to play with their favorite "Da Bird" feather toy. They like to snuggle up with me for naps, but they're always together at night, sleeping on their favorite window seat.

If you haven't been to Cat Depot yet, visit the many wonderful kitties of all ages, breeds, colors, and personalities that wait ever so patiently for their forever home.

Lynn S.

Laverne, adopted from Cat Depot, enjoying her new life


It has been a year and a half since we adopted sweet little Laverne, and she just turned 2 this April!

She has adjusted well to life in her furever home. She sleeps on my bed, usually taking up as much room as possible, loves to eat wet food, and happily greets guests.

Laverne made friends with our Chocolate Lab, Chip, within days of meeting. They practically became brother and sister! Sadly, Chip passed away about a month ago due to kidney failure. Laverne noticed the change and is extra sociable to the house humans.

She loves to play and watches the geckos and birds outside from the view of our homemade cat tower. She loves watching me play video games.

Laverne is one of the best things to happen to our family. Without Cat Depot we would never have met her. 

 Trevor H.

Bella and Bailey found their forever home together

Bella and Bailey

Dear Cat Depot,
My name is Bella (I'm in the sleeping bag). You may remember me and Bailey, the Siamese sisters. 
Thank you to all of the wonderful staff and volunteers at Cat Depot for doing all that you do for the community.
We're in our fur-ever home and we are adjusting very well. I knew it was home the minute I walked in and made myself comfortable. Bailey has been a little more skittish and taking a little longer to warm up, but our new parents work with her every day to reassure her she's safe and loved.  It won't be long before she's bossing these boys around here. Did I mention that we have new siblings to play with? Yay!!
It also helps that's we have lots and lots of toys and cat trees to play on. Oh hey, almost forgot to mention that we also have a super neat catio to explore and catch the rays on! Bailey hasn't explored yet because mom wants her to get more comfortable first. BUT I mastered the cat door in a week!
Thank you for taking such good care of us while we were at Cat Depot and insisting that we stay together. We love love, love our fur-ever home!
Well, gotta go for now. So much to do here!!
Bella and Bailey
Another Cat Depot kitty found his forever home!

David (formerly Oolong)

About two months ago I adopted a kitten who was named Oolong. His name is now David. 
I cannot express how much happiness this little guy has brought me. He is my best friend, play pal, study buddy and sleeping cuddle bug. He has a personality 100 times bigger than he is, and he makes my day every day.
I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to find this sweet gem. He has made my life!!!
Forever grateful, 
Kim H.
Former Cat Depot kitty, Miss Victoria is loving her forever home

Miss Victoria (formerly Ginger Spice)

Miss Victoria likes to “help” with the cooking. Here she is making cookies. Cat treats are never far away.  
We are so happy to have found her at Cat Depot!
Steve H.
Cat Depot Alumni, Adios is enjoying his forever home.


Adios is doing well. He now has the run of the house and, of course, his energy is endless. He always wants to play - so he has lots of toys. But he still loves one-on-one playtime the best.

John P.


Happy Adopted kitty, Lilly.

Lilly (formerly Blue)

Dear Cat Depot,
My name was Blue, but I’m now officially known as Lillian Josephine Lawrence. Actually, they just call me Lilly – and I like that. 
I want to thank you all for taking such good care of me and my four babies while I was at your facility. I am forever grateful to you for finding such a loving family for me. I now live in a big, beautiful home with lots of great hiding places and all the food I want.
I was a bit skeptical at first because of my past life and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen to me. But it didn’t take me long to see how easy it was going to be to train my new parents. My new mom is a real pushover and my dad is too, but he doesn’t want me to know that. I’ve got it so that they take care of my every whim – it’s nice to have my own staff!
Thanks again for taking care of me and for making my adoption become a reality.
                                                                          Affectionately, Lilly Lawrence
Happy Adopted Kitty, Tinker

Tinker (formerly Mindy)

Mindy is now named Tinker – also affectionately known as Little Miss Tinker-Stinker. It only took her two days to get quite comfy in her new home. And she now has adjusted well to life “on the outside" (the lanai) and she enjoys her time in the sun. 
Tinker has ruled the roost around here since her third week and although the other kitties are in adjustment periods we are more than happy to let this capable soul take over!  
Thanks, Cat Depot for Miss Tinker-Stinker!

Diana C. and Sarah S.

Former Cat Depot kitty, Katniss found her forever home!

Katniss - I'm Home!

Dear Cat Depot, 
I just got home with my new mom, Mic, and I love it here! The other cat, Hawki, went flying under a bed when she saw me, so I pretty much have the place to myself right now. Mom will deal with the two of us together a little later.
I was really hungry and ate a good lunch when we got home. And no worries…I won’t overeat.  
I ventured out to see what this place is all about…and I found all the cat toys. OMG - I think I died and went to heaven!
Mom has a lanai here and I love being out on it, too!!! I feel wonderful breezes since we live on the third floor. Soon I hope to bask in the sun with Hawki.   
Thank you for taking such good care of me for so many years. I love all of you and will miss you, but I know my new mom will love me and treat me like a queen…like all of you did. 
Love, Katniss (and Mom)
Razzle is a happily adopted Cat Depot kitty

Razzle (formerly Mickey)

We have had Mikey (now Razzle) for a week now and we love our new addition to our family! He has really bonded with our son.
As for our other kitty, they enjoy chasing each other around and playing with their toys together.
I'm so thankful to have found Mickey, he's a perfect match for us!


Happy Adopted Cat Depot kitty, Gabby


The Lady Chairman of the Board says "hi" to you all. She is managing her company beautifully, but misses you as well.
Thanks so much for getting us together!


Former Cat Depot kitty, Baby, found her forever home.


Dear Cat Depot friends,
I wanted you all to know that Baby has settled into her new home fabulously. She has a brother that is the same age and he wants to play with her and often gives her a little chase which she seems to enjoy. Sometimes Baby just starts running through the house, jumping over things and diving under the furniture just for fun.
Baby can often be found snuggling with me on the couch because she loves to be scratched and it seems to make her sleepy. She follows me around the house and calls out to me if I’m out of her sight and she can’t find me. Baby loves to eat and has even put on a little bit of weight in the last week, which she needed. She loves to be brushed and have her ears and eyes cleaned. She will do anything for attention! Baby has found her forever home.
I can't thank you enough for having such a fabulous facility, organization and wonderful volunteers who made this process exceptional for me. This was my first pet adoption and I will be sure to recommend Cat Depot to my friends and family who are considering cat adoption. Kudos to you and all that you do!

Warm regards,
Shelley O.
Kubla Khan is a happy, adopted Cat Depot kitty.

Kubla Khan

I wanted to let you know how Kubla Khan is doing in his forever home. He has blossomed into the happiest, most content, most loving cat imaginable. After a few days of discovery he visibly relaxed and now seems to enjoy his new territory. 
He has plenty of toys and other things to keep him interested and is VERY receptive to strokes and cuddles. Cats have been a part of our family for longer than I can remember and I can confidently say Kubla Khan is probably the best so far.
We continue to have difficulty taking pictures of Kubla Khan since he nuzzles the camera as soon as it comes out. However, I have attached a picture of him at his most stationary. He truly has no problem falling asleep next to us, on us, between us... 
Thank you for everything you do at Cat Depot. We will continue our support and visit the other cats into the future. 
Sincerely, Richard T. and Kubla Khan
Happy Adopted Kitty, Siya

Siya (formerly Jelly)

We adopted Jelly (now Siya) recently.
Our son has autism and he's not super fond of touch, but he warmed up to this special kitty. He sat down to play with his iPad and after a few minutes, Siya overcame her shyness and cozied up to him. An hour later, they were still sitting on the bed together.
Thank you all so much – Siya is amazing!
Katie M.



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