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Brio, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'm shy, but adorable.

I've been at Cat Depot for a long time. I didn't intend to grow up in a shelter, but it happened anyway. All my siblings were adopted, new kittens came in, and then they were adopted. I'm still here.

Why? No, there's nothing wrong with me, I'm just shy.

I love cuddling with other cats. As you can see I'm good looking and take great photos, and I play with people I know. It's just that...

When someone new comes in, I'm not sure of their intentions and I stay on my side. Sometimes I even run and hide, just to be on the safe side. I'm also scared of loud noises. Not to mention humans chasing me and trying to pick me up. Horrifying!

On the other hand, I love chasing the red dot, and feather toys. If you wave a feather toy, I'll come to you!

We could become friends, sharing the feather toy joy, and then we could go home together, and if you're patient with me as I get to know you, I'll be the best friend you ever had.


Momma Kitty, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'd love to be your one and only.

I was a stray and had a few litters of kittens. Finally a human took me in - what a relief to not have to raise any  more babies! Don't get me wrong, I love all my children, but kids can be exhausting.

I'm outgoing and friendly, and I love people and attention. I actually love people and attention so much I prefer not to share.

I can be your purrfect companion. I can be your lap cat and cuddler, we can enjoy playtime together, and I'll even share my cat toys with you!

Come see me, we'll meow it over. If you can't find me, ask someone and they'll take you to see me!

/Momma Kitty

Bo, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I go home with you?

I had a home and was very happy with my human, but all that changed faster than I can meow. My owner was in a very bad accident and can't take care of me anymore!

The other cats say I shouldn't worry. They say I'll find a new home and a new person to cuddle with, but I have to admit, I'm overwhelmed. There are so many people everywhere, and so many cats, and so much going on.

Would you please take me home? I'd love to watch TV with you, and maybe even sleep in your bed.


Django, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant to play?

I was 'dopted as a kitten, but my owners couldn't keep me, and now I'm back at Cat Depot. It could be easy to mix me up with the other house panthers around here, but I have a white spot. Just so you know how to find me.

I'm young, affectionate, and I like to play. I'd love to have my own home for the holidays, complete with a human who'd play with me. Come see me, we could have so much fun together!


Infinity, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAre you doing something interesting? I help, okay?

I came to Cat Depot from another shelter, because the humans thought I'd have a better chance at finding my Happily Furever After here. I'm into anything that will help me find my special purrson.

I'm petite - I only weigh seven pounds - but what I lack in stature I have in purrsonality. I love attention. When visitors come to the pod, I like to walk right up to them and introduce myself. Don't be surprised if I jump onto your lap. It's much easier to meet humans that way.

Will you come visit me? Maybe even bring me home? I'd love to have a home for the holidays!


Toby, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHandsome cat seeks love. Not afraid of committing to long-term relationship.

I'm handsome. No, that's not my name - it's a statement of a fact. I'm also super friendly and ready to share my good looks with you.

When I pawed my assessment form, I answered "yes" to almost all questions.

Social? Yes.

Lap cat? Yes.

Affectionate? Yes.

Loves toys? Yes.

Playful? Yes.

See where I'm going with this? I'm a cat of many skills.

I'm sure I could assist with all sorts of things around the house too. Like, inspect your groceries. I can feel I'd be good at that. Come see me and we'll meow about it.


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