Django, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant to play?


I was 'dopted as a kitten, but my owners couldn't keep me, and now I'm back at Cat Depot. It could be easy to mix me up with the other house panthers around here, but I have a white spot. Just so you know how to find me.

I'm young, affectionate, and I like to play. I'd love to have my own home for the holidays, complete with a human who'd play with me. Come see me, we could have so much fun together!


Chance, adoptable cat at Cat DepotTake a chance on me!


Meow there!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Chance. I am a lovable gentleman dressed in my best tuxedo, and I would love to spend all my time with you. 

I am affectionate and friendly, and I like to play. Toys are fun, but did you know the best toys are built in? I win hearts through rolling over on my back and playing with my own feet. From what I hear, it's adorable. Not to mention fun.

You should come see me. Fall in love with me. Take me home.


Seth, adoptable cat at Cat DepotFormer therapy cat seeks place to retire


Hi there!

My name is Dallas, but some people call me Guapo. I lost my home, because my humans had to move far away and didn't want to put me through the journey. So, I guess i need a new human and a new home. Bummer!

I'm a cat of many skills. I used to help my human in her work with special needs children. Yes, I worked as a therapy cat. I've lived with tiny humans, other cats, and dogs. As long as they like cats, I'll like them.

Doesn't I sound like the purrfect fit for you? I think I do. Come see me! I'm at Cat Depot, waiting for you.


Seth, adoptable cat at Cat DepotActive young man seeks happily furever after


Hi there!

I'm curious and love getting to know new people, so come over and tell me about yourself. I'm usually on a perch at the front of the pod where I can keep track of everything that happens. Can't have visitors miss out on the main attraction - me!

I'm also young and active, I'm only two, and quite handsome if I may say so myself. I'm always dressed for success and I'll match you whether you want to chill in the sofa or have a party. I like toys too, and we can have a lot of fun playing together.

Come see me!


Zorro, adoptable cat at Cat DepotIndependent gentleman seeks affection


My name is Zorro, Attorney at Paw. If it may please the court, I would like to share why I am the cat for you. I swear to purr the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I spent my entire life with the same family, and I object to being here. Shelter life is not to my liking. My shelter photo may look grumpy, but based on the evidence and past good behavior, let the record show I am a good cat in a home.

Since I am under oath I should mention I can be an independent gentleman, but I enjoy attention and petting.

Jurors, what is your verdict?

McClelland, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I go home now?


Hi there, I'm McClelland.

Guess where I got my name? That's right, I was found on McClelland Rd. I went from Arcadia to Animal Services. The people there discovered I needed a veterinarian and asked Cat Depot if they'd be willing to help me out. The humans here said yes!

I had a lot of problems with a foot, and I had to have a toe amputated. It's all healed up now, and I'm more than ready to get my affectionate self into a home.

Wha'cha say? You and me?

I'm not afraid of commitment, and I can promise I'll love you forever.


Bridgette, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI like chin and ear scratches!


I came to Cat Depot from a hoarding situation. My first humans had a lot more cats than they could take care of, and I'm hoping to find a new family where it isn't as crowded.

I'm sweet, social, and affectionate. I like to play and I enjoy toys, but being petted is the best. If you scratch my chin and ears, I'll pay with purrs!


Toni, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSweet and quiet girl seeks calm home with lots of love


When I first arrived to Cat Depot, I was quite overwhelmed. You see, a nice purrson found me outside and brought me here. I can't remember how I ended up on the streets, but there has been many changes in my life. The humans here said I was shy and withdrawn at first, but I've warmed up since I've gotten to know the place. I'm still quiet, but I'm also very sweet and affectionate.

I would love living in a calm home, and my dream is having a human of my very own who will enjoy spending time with me. I'm good at playing and I like toys, but I do not like dogs.

Would you come see me and tell me a story about happily furever after?


Chickadee, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan you make the red dot appear?


I came to Cat Depot together with my friends a few months ago. We lived in a hoarding situation, so there were many of us. By now, I've seen most of my pals go home, and I'm starting to wonder if it will be my turn soon.

The humans say I can be sassy. I just know what I like, and how I want things to be. For instance, I want you to play with me. I love games, and the red dot is my favorite. Make it appear and watch me go!

I would love to experience a home and maybe even being a little spoiled. Would you give me a chance?


Avalon, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMy name is Avalon, because I'm legendary!


Have you seen a stump-tailed Manx cat with long beautiful fur? A kitty with a beautiful face and gorgeous eyes? If you have, you just might be looking at me!

I was picked up as a stray. Not amusing. I'm a lady, and I don't belong on the streets. I have no idea how I ended up on my own, but hope it never happens again.

Anymeows, I'm at Cat Depot now, and I'm looking for a place to call home. I want to find a family with lots of love, attention, and someone who will brush me. Because, it needs to be done.


Frittata, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'll be super cuddly!


Meow there, my name is Frittata.

I was on my own and wanted a home so bad I tried to make one on some humans' roof. They said it would be better to live inside a house and brought me to Cat Depot.

I've been a little overwhelmed here, but once I connect with a purrson, I'm super cuddly. I'm good with other cats, and kids. You want to take me home, right?

I can greet you every day when you come home, listen to your stories about your day, and watch TV with you. If you like to read or work on the computer I'm sure I can help with that too.



Evan, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI hope my luck changes


Hi everyone, I'm Evan.

Some of you may remember me - I arrived to Cat Depot a few months ago with a bad wound on my face. The nice people here nursed me back to health and found me a wonderful home. Then, disaster struck: my new human passed away!

Alone again, heart-broken.

It's good to be back at Cat Depot - there's always something happening here, cats to meow with, and humans visiting. Helps me stay busy. I'm trying to look forward and meet the future.

I've been practicing my leash walking skills and working extra in the store. I'm super friendly, I love attention, and I just want someone to love.


Priscilla, adoptable cat at Cat DepotIs there room for a pretty lady like myself in your life?


I am very sad and need someone to pet me and tell me everything will be okay. You see, my human passed away. I was sure I was set for life, but one day, I was alone.

I'm grateful to be here at Cat Depot, but I'm worried too. I heard the kittens meow that they're the popular ones and an older girl like me won't be adopted.

I'm thirteen and I have many good years left in me, but it's hard to ignore what they're saying.

Hopefully, my adorableness will help me find love again. I'm a Turkish Angora and my white fur is soft like a cloud.

Would you come visit me? Maybe sit with me for a bit? I understand if you can't take me home, but I'd really like you to.



Monster, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI need a Best Friend Furever!


My name is Monster. Not as in a bad monster, but a cuddle monster, or maybe a cookie monster. I'm writing to you because, I need a best friend furever and I was wondering if you'd be interested in the position.

I was found wandering around downtown Sarasota with a severely injured back leg. Eventually I ended up at Cat Depot. The vets here tried to save my leg, but it was in too bad a shape. I'd limped around on it for a long time.

I missed it in the beginning, but I'm learning to get around on three paws, and I'm relieved not to be in pain anymore.

I'm a happy-go-lucky boy. I like to cuddle and I'm very affectionate. I get along with other cats and don't dislike being at Cat Depot, but there's something missing in my life. You know, that special purrson who'll sit with me in the sofa and watch TV every evening, pet me good morning and have breakfast with me, all those little things that make a relationship special.

If you're thinking it might be you, come see me! If we hit it off, you can bring me home today.


Buffy, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAny chance you'd pet my face?


I'm Buffy. I came to Cat Depot from another shelter that was too crowded, and I was scared at first. I've spent some time in a foster home to help me adjust, and in that environment I could really show my affectionate purrsonality.

If someone were to take a chance on me, I'd be their best friend for all my nine lives.

I like to be petted on the face, and I get along with pretty much everyone. Dogs, cats, it's all good. Once I get to know you, I might even strike up a friendly conversation.

Would you come visit me? I'd love to have some visitors.




Smokey and Bandit, adoptable cats at Cat DepotWe're a great team


"I want to type first."

"Okay, you go."

"What should I say?"

"I dunno. Just be yourself."

"Hi everyone, I'm Bandit. I'm the cute black cat in the photo. I'm a girl and I'm six years old. Once I get to know a purrson, I like to be carried around, and I like to sleep under the covers at the bottom of the bed. I've had a hard time adapting to shelter life, but my brother Smokey helps me."

"And, I'm Smokey. Gray, obviously. I don't like to be carried, I leave that to Bandit. But, I love to sit next to people and see what they're doing. I'm a helpful gentleman. My favorite place to sleep is on a pillow next to my human's head."

"Oooh, oooh, me, I forgot something. We love to play, and to be petted."

~ Smokey and Bandit ~

Kissa, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI had the worst of luck of the best of luck


Hi everyone, I am delighted to get this oppurrtunity to introduce myself. My name is Kissa.

I've had the worst of luck and the best of luck. I was on my own, by the side of the road - with a broken leg. It hurt so bad I could barely move, and I was certain I would starve and die. I couldn't hunt, couldn't take care of myself...

Then, kind people picked me up and comforted me with gentle voices and soft hands. They were from Cat Depot! Just like that, I had my leg in a cast, food to eat, and a bunch of new friends.

I needed time to recover and spent many weeks in a foster home. That was great. I got to sit on the human's lap when she watched TV, and slept next to her pillow at night. I kept track of the birds and squirrels through the windows, and greeted visitors.

By now, I have recovered and I'm ready to find a home of my own. I have a lot of love to give and I just know I could be someone's best friend furever.


Fawn, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI love being petted!


My name is Fawn. Pretty name, don't you think? It makes me feel graceful.

I'm six years old and lived all my life with a human who really loved me. Then, our financial situation declined until my purrson said I would be better off living with someone else. I was sad to go to Cat Depot, but I understand that my family wanted the best life possible for me.

So, now I'm here, and I'm happy for the opportunity to introduce myself to the world. 

I am social, affectionate, playful, and I love toys. But the best thing of all is when someone pets me. I love when someone pets me.




Bootsy, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWill you help me find love again?


Hi there! My name is Bootsy, and I'm happy to be meowing with you.

I had a great life in a great home, and then my human passed away. I'm still sad and trying to figure out Cat Depot, so don't hold it against me if I don't approach.

I need a special purrson. I've heard that my face and eyes are pretty and I hope that's true, but my paws have an unusual shape. I can get around on my own, but I need someone willing to love me the way I am.

My main interest is being petted. Especially on my cheeks and at the base of my tail. Maybe you would come see me, and tell me everything will be okay?

~ Bootsy ~


Jorja, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'm a great listener and cuddler.


I am sad, because I had a wonderful home with a purrson who loved me. Then, they passed away and I was all alone. I didn't expect to be on my own.

The humans here at Cat Depot say I will get another chance at Happily Furever After and I hope they're right. I'm a great TV watching buddy, reading partner, and cuddler. You can tell me your secrets and I won't meow them to anyone, and I love hearing about your hopes, dreams, and plans for the future.

If you're having a bad day, I'll purr to make you feel better. If you're having a good day, I'll knead my paws to celebrate with you.

What do you say? Best friends furever?



Sprinkles, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant a new Best Friend Furever?


Hi there human, my name is Sprinkles. I came to Cat Depot because my family had to move somewhere I couldn't come. That was a sad day, but I'm getting used to this new place.

The roomservice here is great, I don't have any complaints, but I miss having a home of my own. Someone to cuddle, someone who will give me attention and pet me... And play, I like toys.

I am great at many household chores. Like, greeting you when you come home, keeping you company, holding down laundry, watching critters through the windows so they don't do anything mischievous. I'm sure we could find a suitable task.

I like other cats too, and I wouldn't mind sharing my purrson. Come see me!



Sara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWould you like to play?


Well hello there, how are you this fine day? My name is Sara, and I would love to chat if you have a moment.

First, I have the same pitch as all the other cats: I'm two years old, charming, beautiful, playful, get along with others... Bet you've heard all that before.

So, what's special about me? Why should you pick me over all the others?

I'm a gorgeous plus-size kitty, so there's more of me to love! Isn't that pawsome? Humans here say I should try to lose some weight, but I really just want a treat. Or two.




Squeakie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI need someone who will love me.


I was 'dopted from Cat Depot as a kitten and lived very happily in a loving home. Then, disaster struck: my human passed away. I couldn't do anything. I never felt so helpless.

Now I'm here, trying to adjust to shelter life. To be honest, I still feel both lonely and confused. I hope to find someone who will open their heart to me and bring me home. I am a great companion.

I don't like dogs - they're big and slobbery - but other than that I'm both social and talkative. Would you come see me?




Nathalie adoptable cat at Cat DepotPurrfessional lapsitter seeks happily furever after


Hi there, I'm Nathalie. I'm five years old and came to Cat Depot from Islamadora when the shelter I lived in was destroyed by Hurricane Irma. I'm really happy I survived and got a second chance on life.

One of my human friends here at Cat Depot recently gave me an award - Best Lap Cat of the Year. It's an honor, but I would rather have been 'dopted. I hoped I would be in my furever home before the holidays, so I could experience what it's like to have a real family that loves me.

I can't understand why I'm still here. I'm friendly. When someone sits down I do my best to make them feel welcome by sitting on their lap. I'm an equal oppurrtunity lap cat - there's no lap I refuse to sit on.

I like attention and petting. I would probably do best in a home without other kitties, because I get my feelings hurt when a visitor pets another cat. I feel more like a purrson than a kitty.

Every night I dream of having my own home. You have no idea how happy I'll be when that day comes. I purrmise I'll be the best kitty you ever had. You have my Meow on that.

~ Nathalie ~

Brad Kitt, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI want to be your one and only


I've heard humans say I'm handsome, and I am inclined to agree. I think I'm quite photogenic too. When I was younger, I saw a movie named Cats and Dogs and it made me want to be a movie star, but now when I'm adult I think it sounds like too much work. I'd rather be a house cat, watching movies, curled up with my human.

I am affectionate and I like to play. But, I don't like to share. I have so much love to give that I want to be your one and only. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sharing my toys with my favorite purrson if they'd be inclined to play, but I don't want to share my human with other cats.

You should come see me. Ask for Brad Kitt. That's my name, Brad Kitt.




Winston, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI dream of having a home


I used to have a home and I was content with life - I never gave much thought to it changing. Then, things happened. One of my roommates moved out and left me behind. My other owner is allergic and couldn't touch me. That was a no-win scenario and I came to Cat Depot.

I'm a big and friendly orange boy, good with kids and cats, and I love having company.

Each night when I go to sleep, I try to dream of home. I try to remember what it's like to have all those cuddles, to sit on the sofa watching TV with a purrson of my own, maybe have a treat while they munch on snacks for humans...

I hope it can be like that again. I'd love to be home for the holidays.

Do you think Santa Paws will make my wish come true?



Coraline, adoptable cat at Cat DepotWant a new Best Friend Furever?


My name is Coraline. Pretty, right?

Typist says I'm as pretty as my name, and that I have a cute pink nose. I'll let you decide on that one.

I'm playful and I love toys, but I can be a little shy when meeting new people. Though, if someone takes time to let me get to know them, we have a wonderful time.

I think it's because I'm a little shy I'm still here. I'm only six months old, but it's easier for the more outgoing kitties to get attention.

Would you come see me? Maybe we could play a game together?

~ Coraline ~ 


Athena, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI don't think I live up to my name


I'm Athena. I'm named after the goddess of wisdom and war in Greek mythology.

I consider myself wise beyond my two years of age, but I'm not so good at the war-thing. On the contrary - I get along with everyone. Cats, dogs, children, adults... I'm just a friendly kitty.

Typist said the goddess of peace was named Eirene, and she was much less famous than Athena. I guess fame is good?

Anymeows, no matter what you call me, I'm still a sweet and affectionate girl.

I originally come from Tampa where someone found me and my four kittens. I was so grateful not to have to worry about food anymore. Being a single mother is tough, and being homeless is tough, but combining the two... Horror.

I am more than ready to find my furever home. I consider myself low maintenance, and I have a cute streak on my nose that goes well with my pretty eyes.

Come see me!



Zag, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I be the Zag to your Zig?


My name is Zag, and I'm looking for a Zig to complete me. Teehee.

Seriously though, I'm a cheerful young cat from Arcadia. I'm a boy, and the humans here at Cat Depot think I'm about five months old. You know what that means? I'm a kitty teenager! In other words: I'm a lot of fun.

I roamed around the streets - that was scary - but Animal Services picked me up and took me to Cat Depot. Ever since I arrived, I've been working on charming everyone I meet.

I'm friendly, playful, and I love to both wrestle and cuddle. I get along with everyone. I like kids, cats, dogs, anyone who'll let me hang out.

Most of all, I like to be by a human's side.

What are you doing right now?

Can I help? 



Jett, adoptable cat at Cat DepotADOPTED!

I don't know how it happened, but I'm Cat Depot's longest resident. Or, well, I share this questionable honor with Athena. We came here on the same date, January 19th.

I was a stray before I came here, so I'm not complaining. There's no comparing living here and being on the street, but it would still be nice to have a home. I've heard the other cats meow about homes. They say it's a place where you're always loved and cared for, where you have a human who cuddles with you every day, who feeds you, plays with you, and watches TV with you.

Sounds like here, but even better.

I'm not even three years old, pretty, and get along with everyone. I even let the humans put a tie on me, to look purrfessional. I'm a girl, but I can still wear a tie if it makes me feel good.

You should come see me. Maybe we can be best friends furever!



Tomasso, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'll let you pick the TV channel!


Would you like a best friend to cuddle with when watching TV? If you do, I'd like to submit an application for the job. You can pick the channel, and if you're into sports I'll root for your favorite team.

My name is Tomasso, and I'm a fun young cat, just two years old. I'm social and playful, and I love toys. I'm a good cat and I get along great with others. I also like those little humans that scamper about. I want to call them human kittens, but I think the right word is children.

If you were into spoiling me rotten, that certainly wouldn't be a deal breaker. I can put my heart into getting spoiled!

Hope to see you soon!



Loki, adoptable cat at Cat DepotADOPTED!

Hello there human, I'm happy to be meowing with you!

My name is Loki, but don't worry, I'm nothing like that frostgiant guy I saw on TV. I'm a cat. A nice and handsome cat at that.

When I first came to Cat Depot I was very shy, but now I seek out attention and petting. I like to play too. Maybe I can teach you some of my favorite games?

I am particularly fond of laser pointers and puzzle feeders. And, when my roommate here at Cat Depot uses the 'puter, I help her through chasing the cursor on the screen. I don't know how humans make it without having someone to keep an eye on that thing!





Rocket, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI would love another cat to keep me company


Hi there, human, it's a purrleasure to meet you! Wondering who this handsome face belongs to? Well, my name is Rocket.

I am closing in on three years of age, and I while I can be shy when meeting new people, I am really an affectionate and playful boy. I particularly like ear rubs. Oh, and toys. I love toys.

This might sound like a strange request, but in my dream home, there's another kitty to keep me company. I would really want to live with at least one other cat. I'm not fond of the big four-legged ones though, you know, the ones who bark. D-o-g-s, yes, that's what they're called. I don't want a dog, I want a cat.

What else... People say I have a wobbly walk due to a neurological issue. What difference would that make? It's not like everyone else are ballerinas. Okay, I might wobble, but I make up for it in purrs!

Come see me!



Boston, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'm dressed for success, always wearing my tuxedo


Hi everyone, Boston here. I was found as a stray in Pinellas County. I'm pretty sure I used to have a home, I just can't remember where it is.

Not to brag, but if you're looking for a purrfect cat and companion, I think I might be it. I have good manners and a sense of style. They say to dress for success and I'm always wearing my tuxedo. I have beautiful eyes, I am playful, social, affectionate, and get along with others.

Imagine me curled up on your sofa, watching TV with you. Looks pretty good, right?

Remember that mental image and make it reality. Come pick me up, I'm waiting at Cat Depot!



Beyonce, adoptable cat at Cat DepotThe humans say I'm pretty. Do you think it's true?


People tell me I'm pretty and I think they might be right, but I'm kind of shy, so I'm afraid to look in a mirror and see that they may be wrong. Or teasing me. Maybe I have a huge nose or something, and they're just trying to make me feel better.

What do you think? Is mine a face you could wake up to every morning? I need a loving home, and being pretty could help.

Last year, some nice people found me and my kittens alone in an empty house. It was good to come to Cat Depot - I had a hard time keeping myself and my five children fed. Here, I don't have to worry about those everyday things.

I should probably tell you something about myself... I can be a little shy when I first meet someone new, I just need some time to get to know new people. I like to play and I love toys, and I get along with others. Both d-o-g-s and cats.

Come see me. Maybe we can play together?

~ Beyonce ~

Chachi, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI want to be a princess.


One night when the humans had gone home, Boston - our Meow Mayor - put on a movie for us to watch. It didn't have even one cat! But, I saw a princess. Her name was Princess Leia and for a while, I wanted to be just like her.

The humans helped me dress up. Someone said I had the wig on upside-down, but that doesn't matter. Does it?

Chachi, adoptable cat at Cat Depot










But you know what? I don't have to be a movie princess. I want to be your princess. I am a love bug, nothing makes me happier than being around humans, being petted by humans, getting head rubs, cuddling... I like to play too, especially if there are toys involved, but nothing's better than cuddling.

Would you come see me? My first human couldn't care for me anymore, so I need to find a new one. Maybe it could be you?



Tired of hotel life, in search of home


Hey there,

I'm Zahara. I am a six-year-old dilute tortie.

I am one of Cat Depot’s longest residents but nobody can understand why. I’m not sure either.

I think I am just waiting for my purrfect family. They're out there somewhere. They have to be.

I can be a little shy when I first meet you, but if you’re patient with me, I promise I am worth the wait. I will circle your feet and rub on you before I encourage some chin scratches.

I spend a lot of time of the catio so I’d like to find a fur-ever home that has a lanai.

Come see me! You can find me in Casa de Pablo by the front entrance.

Hoping to see you soon,

Coalson, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCan I follow you home?


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself. My name is Coalson. As you can see, it's a purrsome good name; my fur has the color of coal. Humans say it makes a striking contrast to my eyes.

The tie? I wanted to offer my services as accountant to Zahara, Meow Mayor. My thought was, I could be in charge of treats and count them. She meowed I would cheat with the bookkeeping and eat the treats, don't know where she could have gotten such a strange idea.

Anymeows, I am friendly and like attention, and I love toys. My purrfect home would have someone who enjoys playing with me. I make friends with pretty much everyone I meet. I used to live with a dog, I like other cats, and I'm just an easy-going, friendly guy.

My bags are packed, and I am dressed for success. Take me home!


Anne, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'm dressed for the ball, but have no one to take me


Do you believe in fairy tales? I do. With my beautiful coat I'm always dressed for a ball at the castle, but I don't have anyone to take me. So, I'm hoping my fairy godmother will show up with a magic wand and sweep me off to my happily furever after.

Just because something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it never will. Right? And, when you live in a shelter like I do, any home will look like a castle, so don't worry if you don't actually have one. A castle, I mean. I'm not picky.

I am four years old, a purrfect age if you ask me. I'm social and affectionate, and I like kids and other cats. And, I think I'm kind of pretty. I'm particularly proud of the little black spot on my chin, so when the purrtographer came to take my picture, I made sure to hold my head up.

~ Anne ~

Beautiful, adoptable cat at Cat DepotFeel free to call me Beautiful!


I'm Beautiful. Not trying to give myself a compliment even though I find my appearance appealing; it's my name.

I was found as a stray. No matter how much I searched for home, I couldn't find it. Luckily, a kind purrson picked me up and brought me to Cat Depot. What a relief! Do you know what strays get to eat? That's right, anything we can catch. Disgusting. I prefer to get my food served in a bowl.

At first I thought finding a new home would be easy - who wouldn't want to wake up to my cute face every day? I'm good at purring too.

Turns out getting 'dopted was harder than I thought. I've been here for many months now. I'm hoping getting to introduce myself on the Internet will change that.

I'm six years old, social and talkative, and if you like to chat I'll hold up my part of the conversation. Come see me!



Mattie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotPlaytime and cuddles make me a happy cat


My name is Mattie. Don't let the name fool you - I am a girl. I came to Cat Depot in December, when my owner went to play with all the cats in the sky. I am grateful for ending up at Cat Depot, but I long for home.

I'm a big and beautiful gal who likes to play and cuddle. We could find some common interest. Like, if you enjoy watching TV, maybe we could do that together? I'll purr and I promise not to change the channel.

Come see me! I am ready to go home. I've even dressed up to look my best when I meet 'dopters.

~ Mattie ~


Independent lady wants purrsonal brusher


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

I’m Belle. I am a five-year-old black beauty.

I am proud to meow that I’m an independent lady who likes to be brushed - all the time. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. I have gorgeous fur, and brushing helps keep it that way. Just thinking about it makes me want to purr.

Although I’m a little on the plus-size, I still love climbing cat trees, stairs, chairs and everything else. I perch up there to “hang out” and relax. I also enjoy looking out the window. Add a plush cat bed, and I’ll be all set.

I’m one of the office cats, staying in the executive director’s office. It's called Mighty Lou Central. I’d be pleased if you’d ask the front desk to have someone take you back to meet me. I won’t disappoint!


Ryder, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI had a rough start in life, but now I'm ready to find Happily Furever After


I'm a young cat, only two, but I've seen a lot of life. I can't remember where I came from, but I do remember wandering the streets of Sarasota. I was alone, hungry, and scared. Then, Animal Services picked me up.

I had a really bad eye infection. Actually, I was in pretty bad shape all over after living on my own. The humans who caught me saw that I'm a good cat and that I needed help, and they sent me to Cat Depot.

The vets here treated me and they had to remove my eye. That was super scary, but I couldn't see out of it anyway. I feel a lot better now.

I've been at Cat Depot for many months now, and I am more than ready to find my Happily Furever After. Some cats say Furever Love is a fairy tale, but I believe it's true.

I am social and affectionate, but I also like toys and I'm good at playing.

Come see me!



Azalea, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI'm named after a flower. That must mean I'm pretty, right?


I was picked up as a stray and I can't remember where used to live or where I came from. Anymeows, I ended up at Cat Depot, and just having a couple of good meals every day is enough to make me purr. Soft beds, company, toys...

But, I've been here for a while now and if you ask who wants to go home, I'll raise my paw. Evening cuddles, a snack in front of the TV... I want all that.

I am six years old, friendly, easy-going, I get along with others, and I like to play. There's really no reason not to bring me home!

And, I'm named after a flower. Azalea. I'm sure that means I'm pretty too.

~ Azalea ~


Alley, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMake my dream come true!


Hey there,

My name is Alley. Like in Alley Cat, you know.

I was found as a stray and brought to Cat Depot. Living on the streets wasn't easy, and I'm happy to be indoors, getting a couple of good meals every day.

Everyone who sees me says I have the cutest face, and that I will make a great kitty for someone.

You see, I have a dream. I've always wanted a home of my own, and the other kitties in my pod says I'm in the right place. They say it happens to cats at Cat Depot. I can't wait!

I'm only three years old and I've made friends with all the other cats here, but I wasn't really impressed with the d-o-g that came by the other day. I think if I got to choose, I'd prefer not to have a d-o-g.

If you take me home, I promise to be the best kitty you ever had, because I will be so thankful to you for 'dopting me.


Mindi, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMy cute face could greet you every morning


Can you see the longing in my eyes?

I had an owner who loved me very much, but she fell on hard times and couldn't care for me anymore. It was a sad day when I had to leave to go to Cat Depot. It's hard to adjust being one of many cats in a shelter when you're used to be being your mom's princess.

It was probably worse for her though, and I know she took me here so I would be guaranteed everything I need. Cat Depot has good food, soft beds, and fun toys.

I came here in December and was confident I'd just need a couple of weeks to adjust before charming my way into someone's heart and home.

It didn't turn out like that - I'm still here.  I can be a little shy when meeting new people, but as soon as I get to know someone, I love rubbing against their legs. I like other cats too. I'm only four years old, and the human who interviewed me for this special said I have the cutest spot on my nose. It's apparently extra cute that the spot on my chin matches...

Any chance you'd come see me? I think we would get along splendidly.

~ Mindi ~


Trickster, adoptable cat at Cat DepotLong-haired beauty seeks second chance


Hello, I’m Trickster. I am a beautiful grey and white domestic long hair.

I am part of the S.O.S. program, which stands for “Save Our Seniors.” I am proud to meow that I am a little over ten years old. I take care of myself as to not look my age.

I started life as a stray all the way in Nashville, Tennessee. I found a great family who took me in and cared for me for almost my whole life. Sadly, my owner had to move and couldn't take me with her, but she loved me so much that brought me to Cat Depot.

I’m hoping to get a second chance at love by finding my fur-ever home. Will you come meet me in JoeBob's Caboose?



Bonanza, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAdorable lap cat seeks employment as biscuit maker


Hello everybody,

I'm Bonanza. I'm a seven-and-a-half year old calico lady.

The Cat Depot staff describes me as an "Adorable and gentle sweetheart."

I am a true lap cat - I could stay for hours. They also say I'm the best biscuit maker in the building. Maybe we could watch TV together - I'll keep you company on your lap and make some biscuits while you decide what we should watch.

I am a quiet and delicate kitty, known for being affectionate. I need a family who understands how to love me. I don't require constant attention, but don't be surprised if I reach out to touch you. It's so nice to have physical contact, don't you think?

I live in the administrative side of the building, so please ask the front desk to meet me. Can I make biscuits for you in my fur-ever home?

Hugs and head-butts,

Mr Bigglesworth, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI am ready for a long-term commitment


Hi there,

It is purrsome to meet you, feel free to rub my head at your leisure. My name is Mr. Bigglesworth, but you can call me Biggles if you want. I consider myself a handsome young fellow. I'm only two, so I've become an adult quite recently.

I am friendly, social, and playful. I love toys, and I love attention. I'd actually do pretty much anything for attention, as you can see from my photo. The humans asked if I wanted my picture taken for Memorial Day. Of course!

You should take me home. I'll keep you entertained, and with a friend like me, you'll never be lonely.

Mr. Bigglesworth

Sesame, adoptable cat at Cat DepotMaybe the third time will be the charm...


Greetings human,

My name is Sesame, and as you can see, I'm a quite handsome Maine Coon.

Unfortunately, my good looks have not helped me escape bad luck: I'm only seven, and I've already lost two families.

My first owner abandoned me. That was quite frightening and confusing. A neighbor took pity on me and brought me to Cat Depot, where I was 'dopted. I was over the moon happy. My new purrson loved me so much and I loved him back.

Then, one day, he wasn't there anymore. He didn't abandon me - the humans told me he's looking down at me from heaven - but I can't see him anymore. He can't pet me, and if I purr for him, he can't hear.

I've meowed with Mayor Sally and she tells me to keep my chin up. Sally says the third time's the charm, whatever that means.

I'm a little shy, but if someone were to give me a chance, I'd be a really good cat. I promise.


Delilah, adoptable cat at Cat DepotBeautiful lady seeks lodging with comfortable bed


Well hello there, human. It is a purrfect pleasure to meet you.

My name is Delilah, and I came to Cat Depot when some unfortunate events rocked my owner's world. I wasn't too happy about it; I'm 15 and thought I was set for life, but we all have to adapt, I guess.

Good thing I could come here. I don't think I would have gotten by very well on the streets. I've heard other cats meow about it, and I would be lost. Just imagine not knowing where you're going to sleep, or where your next meal will come from. Horror!

Because of recent events, I am seeking a new residence. Would you happen to have room for me?

I don't ask for much. Someone to love me that I can love back, some food, and a soft place to rest. Maybe a brushing every now and then - being a lady, I am keen on looking my best. In return, I will purr for you and keep you company.

Come see me. I might be exactly what you need!

~ Delilah ~


Subaru, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSometimes a cat needs to take an initiative!


Meows and purrs, Subaru here!

I have some wisdom to share: when life doesn't go your way, you may have to ask for help. Well, actually asking is difficult when you're a cat, but you have to do the best you can.

When I ended up on the streets - I can't even remember how that happened - and was unable to take care of myself, I did what all smart strays should do. I listened to the other cats on the block, they meowed that Cat Depot was the place to be, and I went there.

I'm sure a human would have picked me up eventually, but going there by myself seemed much more efficient. I waited under a car, one of the staff came out to get it, found me, and took me inside.

I love when a plan comes together!

Guess what kind of car it was? Yes, a Subaru. I know they've sponsored 'doption events in the past, something about home for the holidays, and I want a home, so it seemed a logical place to wait.

Anymeows, I've been here ever since, and let me tell you, this is a good hotel. The food is excellent, beds are comfortable, and people come to play with me. Toys are my favorite.

The only thing that could be better would be finding a family of my own. With toys. I'm only two years old, so I have a lot of energy to play.

Hope to see you soon.


PS Someone said I look a little grumpy on my photo. Not true. I just wasn't certain about the camera-thingy they pointed at me. They told me to look at it and look like a happy kitty. I was so focused on staring at it that I forgot to smile.


Beyonce, adoptable cat at Cat DepotShy Beauty Learns to Love Again


Hi there, I'm Beyonce.

The humans here at Cat Depot say they named me after a famous singer to improve my self confidence - I am rather shy. They also say my face is so pretty I should be a celebrity, but I don't know if it's true. I'm worried that if I find a mirror and see myself, I might find that they lied. As long as I don't check, I can believe it's true.

Why I'm so shy?

Well, some nice people found me and my five kittens alone in an empty house. Life has been good since I came to Cat Depot, but it wasn't all that great before then. It's hard to keep your self-confidence up when you feel you're not wanted.

The room service here is truly excellent and there are nice volunteers coming to play with me all the time, so I am getting braver and building my confidence.

If you come see me, I'll probably be cautious at first. Please don't give up, I can't help it. If you spend some time with me I'll warm up to you, and we could become great friends. I need to learn to love and trust again, and feel I won't be left behind one more time.

I'm only four years old, so I could have a long and happy future with a family of my own. I just have to find them...

Look for me in Jack and Lucy's Place at Cat Depot.

~ Beyonce ~


Lydie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotADOPTED!

Hello, my name is Lydie. I am a three-year-old Siamese beauty.

I like to play with my toys while waiting to get 'dopted. My favorite pastime has been the motorized ball machine. It has about the same amount of energy I have, which is great.

The staff says I'm "brilliant" and "adventurous." I think that means I need frequent stimulation. When I think about it, it's true: I get bored easily.

I would do well in a house where I'm the only kitty. Nothing against other felines, but I want all the attention for myself.

I'm currently staying in Julius Junction and can't wait to go to my fur-ever home. Will it be with you?

Yours truly,


Oprah, adoptable cat at Cat DepotADOPTED!

Oprah is a five and a half year-old beauty with the sweetest disposition. It's difficult to imagine that this friendly feline has had such a difficult journey.

A Good Samaritan rescued Oprah and her four kittens in January 2017 from a high-kill shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized.

Upon examination, a veterinarian found that Oprah had been shot multiple times, by both a BB gun and a 22-caliber pistol, resulting in several leg fractures. Based on the age of her kittens and that her fractures were approximately eight weeks old when found, she must have given birth shortly before or just after sustaining her injuries.

In addition, Oprah tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV+).

Oprah arrived to Cat Depot in late January. During her initial exam we found that she had been shot two additional times - once in the upper leg and once under her left eye. The projectiles were removed and now a very healthy Oprah is relaxing on the Adoption Floor, waiting for her fur-ever home. She currently resides in JoeBob's Caboose and we welcome you to meet this sweetheart!





Nutmeg, adoptable cat at Cat DepotADOPTED!

Hi everybody, I'm Nutmeg.

My friends at Cat Depot describe me as a beautiful, sweet, and shy girl. Being shy isn't a bad thing in my opinion, I just like to take my time when meeting new people. I'm worth the wait, and I think you'll agree.

I'm almost two years old and am coming up on my one-year anniversary at Cat Depot. That means I've been here nearly half my life. I like it here, but I am ready for my furever home.

I like to play and get along well with other kitties. My favorite thing is chasing the red laser pointer. That dot is so much fun. I suspect the humans control it, but that doesn't matter.

I wanted to let you know that although I prefer not to be picked up, I love head-rubs. So when you come meet me, just be patient and I'll warm up to you.

Yours truly,


Wilbur, adoptable cat at Cat DepotA Friend Like Me


Hi y’all!

My name is Wilbur and I’m a three-year-old brown tabby. I am very laid back and just love to chill.

I am in the Friends Like Me Program at Cat Depot. Friends Like Me provides emergency medical care and treatment to Cat Depot cats and kittens who are sick, injured or have chronic illnesses.

You see, I was found under a tree in a yard. I had a broken pelvis and an injured knee. The great news is that I have recovered and can get along fine now.

You may notice that my right eye looks a tad swollen. I was treated for an abscess under that eye and am on the comfortable road to recovery. I’m in good hands.

I am very much an optimist and, although I may have had a rough start, am ready to love my new family with my whole heart.

Yours truly, WIlbur 

Bailey, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHandsome, green-eyed gentleman searches for love


Hi there, I'm Bailey.

I'm pretty new around here, but one thing is for sure: everyone is super friendly and I couldn't be more comfortable.

Well, actually, I'd be the most comfortable in my fur-ever home, but my time will come.  

Oh yea, a little about me. I'm an eleven-year-old domestic short haired male, who is very affectionate. Don't let my age scare you - I'm in great health. I love to sit on laps - for hours if you let me - and explore on the "catio."

I think Honey mentioned that she meowed to me the other day to show me the ropes of this place. She's a sweetheart who told me not to give up hope to be 'dopted. I'm keeping my head up every day.

You can tell by my gorgeous green eyes that I have a lot of love in my heart. Can I bring my love into your family?

Your friend,

Twister, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCalm for a Twister


Hey there! My name is Twister.

Can you tell why I was named that? My friends here at Cat Depot have quite the sense of humor!

I’m a seven-and-a-half year old domestic short hair. You can find me on my “catio” any time of the day. I love sitting out there and lounging in the sun.

While I wait to be ‘dopted, I enjoy watching movies. Films with other cats in them are my favorite, although I’ll watch just about anything. I am known as a friendly boy who loves to get his belly rubbed. I have no objection to this.

Please come by and introduce yourself. I can’t wait for a fur-ever home.

Your friend, Twister   

Lexington, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Saved from the storm


My name is Lexington, and do I have a story for you!

I lived in South Carolina together with a lot of kitty friends when it started to rain.

That's not all that special. It rains all the time, right? 

Well, this time it didn't stop. The water rose all around us and the house flooded. We finally had nowhere to go but the roof, and the water was getting close there too!

I thought that was it. Most of us cats can swim, at least for a while, but we were already exhausted, and there was nowhere to swim to.

Imagine my surprise when a group of humans came to rescue us - in a boat!

We were wet and miserable, but alive. My friends and I got care and were put in cages in a huge vehicle. They drove for a long time, seemed like forever, and didn't stop until the middle of the night.

We had arrived to Cat Depot in Florida. All of us were sick. I spent several months at Cat Depot's medical department, being pampered by the techs and veterinarians. I'm still waiting for my furever home, but that's okay. I'm alive, dry, and have a good life here. Much better than drowning on a roof.

Would you be interested in giving me a home? I'm very sweet. Come see me.

Cupo, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Hi there, it is purrsome to meet you.


My name is Cupo, and I am a laid-back two-year-old in dire need of a home.

I say dire need, because my life thus far has had unpleasant moments, and I really look forward to a place where I could settle in and feel safe.

Let me back up a bit, to December last year. I was barely a year old and thought my life would be over before it even started. I roamed the streets of Sarasota, starving, with an injured eye and a broken jaw. Humans from Animal Services picked me up and that was scary too. I didn't know their intentions, and I was in bad shape, unable to care for myself.

I couldn't believe my luck when they took me to Cat Depot. I was in a room filled with vets and other humans with gentle hands and kind voices. They made the pain go away and fed me. I needed time to heal, but eventually made it to a pod with other kitties.

Life here is really awesome, especially compared to being alone on the street, but the other cats have told me about a place called home. I can't remember if I ever had one, but they make it sound wonderful.

They say home is a place with soft places to sleep, kind humans who keep coming back for you and take care of you, and food, toys, and treats. Kind of like Cat Depot, but it's a place to live furever, and you get to know your purrson really well.

I would love to try that.

I like gentle head-rubs and I'll give kisses. Because of my past I can be a bit nervous if you touch me all over my body, I hope you understand. I could probably get used to it, but I need someone to be patient and respect me when I say no. I also enjoy long naps, especially if I can be somewhere up high.

Would you give me a chance? I am so ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Oscar, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sweet gentleman seeks residence


Good afternoon, human.

It is a pleasure to meet you. May I sniff your hand?

My name is Oscar. I am a soft and gentle nine-year-old boy, and the reason I'm writing to you is that I require housing. I am closing in on a full year at Cat Depot, and I am more than ready to move to a home of my own.

Since I am a cat, I am unable to offer monetary compensation as rent. I have other qualities I'm sure you will appreciate. I am for instance good at purring, I am affectionate, and I will greet you when you arrive to our domicile.

I am a great listener and would enjoy keeping you company. 

As we get to know each other, don't be surprised if I rub up against your legs and wrap my tail over you. To us cats, that is almost the same thing as holding hands.

The human who took this photo said I pose like a star. I'm not sure what that means, but I feel she captured my regal look quite well.

I look forward to hearing from you. My address is Mark's Place at Cat Depot. You will find me waiting for you at the door; my bags are packed and I am ready to depart. If I'm not by the door I may have given up for the day, in which case I can be found on the catio.


Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Dependable diva is ready to go home


Are you in need of a new furry friend who will always be there to brighten your day? Look no further, I am your girl.

I'm Stardust, a trustworthy six-year-old who loves chin and cheek rubs. Everyone who spends time petting me ends up becoming one of my best friends.

I came to Cat Depot almost a year ago after being found as a stray by Animal Services. I stay in the back with the humans, which I like because I get lots of one-on-one attention.

I'd really like to get out of here though. I'm not looking for much - just a purrson to cuddle who will make sure I always have enough toys. And food, because I really enjoy eating. In fact, I'm a plus-sized model.

I'm not too famous yet, so we won't have to worry about fending off the paparazzi for now. Although it seems inevitable for the future, because like my name suggests, I was born to be a star.

I guess I should mention I'm not all that fond of other cats. I need a house without other cats where I can have my human's attention all to myself. Some may say that makes me a diva, and I'm fine with that label.

Stardust ready for the OscarsWhat else... I love to play and run around when I'm in the right mood. I enjoy playing with feather and string toys. I like to pounce on a toy and then hold it with my paws. Not trying to brag, but I have a really good grip and sometimes the purrson I'm playing with has trouble prying the toy out of my paws.

Besides eating, modeling, and playing I also enjoy naps.

I'm really smart too. My high IQ makes me talkative, just wait until you hear my loud purrs and meows. You're going to fall in love.  

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Humans are finally giving me the opportunity to share my story with the world. I cannot contain my excitement right now - I'm going to be famous!

I'm Bernard and I am two years old. I came to Cat Depot almost a year ago after being found as a stray. You might have seen my face before, because I was runner up in the election for Meow Mayor. I'm not bitter about losing. I am proud of Carmen, but I think it might have been rigged.

I am a happy guy. I like all my roommates here in the FIV+ pod, and the people are nice too. I have made so many friends during my stay. 

My favorite part about being here is the kitty door, leading to the lanai. I like being in touch with nature, so I really enjoy going outside to get some fresh air and sunbathe a bit. I love to sit on the ledge of the catio and get some sun on my fur. When it's not too hot, of course.

Even though I am happy here, I think I could be even happier if I found a furever home. I am definitely social, but I think I would like to start a new chapter of my life in a nice, quiet home. With a lanai.

What else... Have you seen my nose? I've been told it's pretty cute. My fur is a buff color, but my nose is light brown. That's based on hearsay, I can't actually see my own nose. Hope the humans aren't making this up!

I know my purrson is out there somewhere, and I hope this message helps me find them. Feel free to stop by and see how sweet and gentle I am. I promise you will not be disappointed. I am more than ready to shower some affection on my new purrson!

Kurtie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Affectionate girl longs for love and attention


Greetings, humans! Kurtie's the name, and I'm so happy to meet you.

I am seven years old and came to Cat Depot after my owner got sick and couldn't take care of me anymore. I am super social with my cat friends, and gentle with my human friends.

I am very low maintenance. I don't need a bunch of toys or treats to keep me happy. All I really need is a soft blanket and a nice human to give me lots of attention. I can't think of anything better than getting a good pet and spending time with my purrson. If I'm being honest, I would be content just having some good company, so I don't have to spend my days alone.

I am comfortable with silence. But, I mean, if your hand is in my vicinity, it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to nudge it with my nose until you pet me. Just rub my head and chest and I'll be happy. I promise not to be too annoying about it.

Next time you come to Cat Depot, please stop by Maloney's and see me! I'll be waiting, in one of the cubbies probably. Come spend some time with me, give me a good head rub, and maybe take me home with you if things work out!

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotMeow! I'm Mystery. 


Humans said I'd get a chance to introduce myself to the world. This is so exciting!

I am eleven years young and came to Cat Depot in October when my purrson went to hospice care. During my months here I have become a volunteer favorite. I am very helpful, and I love sitting on people. 

I'm hoping to find a home where my lap-sitting skills will be appreciated. I'm calm and I like to hang out. Maybe we can watch TV, or I can help you with whatever you like to do? I don't take up  much room, I really don't, I just need somewhere to put my bed. In return, I will give all my love.

Come see me. I've been at Cat Depot for many long months, and I am more than ready to go home.



Linus, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Handsome and well-dressed boy seeks family



Hi there, human! It's a purrleasure to meet you. My name is Linus, and I'm waiting for someone just like you.

Let me introduce myself. I'm five years old and always well dressed in my tuxedo. I walk with a swagger, and the humans here at Cat Depot say my tail looks like a teapot. I don't know about that - it's a tail.

If you give me a chance, I'll entertain you for hours. I'm friendly, outgoing, soft, and I love exploring. You'll often find me patrolling the corridors at Cat Depot, making sure everything stays the way it's supposed to be. 

When I'm not looking for company or playing, I enjoy a good nap. This is my favorite napping position:

Linus, adoptable cat at Cat Depot










I'm sometimes concerned the other cats - and people - will think less of me because of the way I walk. Don't be fooled - I can run if I want to. It's a swagger, it's a good thing. 

Linus, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHere I am in my Halloween costume.

See, I can make you smile all day long. And keep you company. And purr. Come see me!





Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Chatty snuggle-bunny seeks purrson to call her own


Hi everyone, I'm Amber.

I got the name from my beautiful coat and eyes. The humans here say most orange tabbies are boys, but I'm a girl, and that makes me extra special.

I like being special. Who wouldn't? 

I also like napping. There's something about curling up in a soft and warm bed... And food. My roommate says it's easy to train me to do things, because I'm so food motivated I'll do almost anything for a snack. 

In the mornings I try to entice everyone passing by my room to come in and feed me. The humans pretend not to see or understand, but eventually I get my breakfast.

Another thing I enjoy is, you won't believe this: work. I can watch humans work all day long. 

I used to try to watch from the computer keyboard, but my roommate has taught me to sit next to her in the chair, so we can work together. She talks to people on the phone and write on the computer while petting me, and I can supervise her for hours.

She never sits still for that long, but I could.

In my opinion, I should have a pone of my own, because I really like to chat. If I were to live with you in your home I'd meet you every day and tell you all about what happened outside the windows. After that I'd love to snuggle. Company and snuggles are even better than naps!

My human roommate here at Cat Depot says I can be a little shy when you first meet me, but it only lasts for a few seconds. After that I become too curious and just have to see what's going on. Once I know you I'll rub my head against you and try to get as much cuddling in as I can.

I'm in one of the offices on the adoption's floor. Just turn right when you come in from the store and you'll see me. Come visit!

Chamomile, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Shy and sweet girl needs a furever purrson


I can't remember how I ended up walking the streets alone, but I was very hungry, foraging for food. I smelled something delicious and followed my nose, and before I knew it, I was caught in a trap.

It didn't seem like good luck at the time, it was quite scary, but it was probably the best thing that could happen to me. The trap belonged to Cat Depot and kind volunteers brought me to the cat care clinic to be spayed.

Being in the clinic was all sorts of good. I felt safe, warm, comfortable, not hungry... I surprised everyone by going into labor. I was so petite no one suspected I carried kittens. 

I delivered a family of joy and my children and I went to a foster home where I could raise my kittens in peace and quiet.

Children grow so fast, and my babies were soon big enough to be 'dopted. I was still wary of humans and spent a long time at Cat Depot, getting used to people. They sent me to Nate's Honor Ranch to work on my social skills, reasoning meeting more kind humans would help me overcome my fear of strangers.

I was there for almost a year, and now I'm back at Cat Depot. I get special care to help me gain confidence, and I have the best roommate. His name is Linus. He walks a little funny, but I adore him. I follow him everywhere, because he makes me feel safe. If someone were to give me a home for the holidays I think I'd be okay on my own, but I would love to be adopted together with Linus. He's so brave.

~ Chamomile ~

Winkin, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Handsome Gentleman Opens Up


Hello friends, how are you?

My name is Winkin. There is a lot I could tell you about myself, but I've mulled it over and compiled the most important details for you.

I am four years and five months old. I came to Cat Depot in June and I've been staying in one of the office rooms in the back, because I have a bit of a neurological issue. It causes my head to tilt, and the humans told me I'd be safer staying back there with them.

I would definitely classify myself as a shy cat. I took a couple personality tests on the computer one day when my desk-mate was away, and they all said I'm an introvert. I agree to an extent.

You see, I might not always come right up to someone I don't know, but if humans come to me, I will gladly spend time with them. I will admit, when I first came here, I hid under the desk for a month and half. Things still scare me, but once I warm up to you, I could lie on your lap for hours.

I'd just like to reiterate: I like laps. It's so nice to sprawl out on a human's lap while they hold me, it makes me feel so safe. I get sad when they have to leave, but I'm hoping to find a patient purrson who I can trust to always come back and spend time with me at the end of the day.

If you like well-behaved kitties, I'm your guy. I'm gentle and affectionate, and I've heard through the grapevine that I'm easy on the eyes.

If you'd like to learn more about me, please come see me so we can chat. Remember that I'm in the back, so you might have to ask one of the humans to bring you to me. Just tell them you're here to see Winkin, the cute and extraordinarily handsome black and white cat. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!


Jimi goes bonkers for boxes


Greetings human, my name is Jimi and I am three years old. I came to Cat Depot a while ago together with my brother Hendrix. He looks a lot like me, but he's a little bigger.

The humans here say he's the calm and relaxed one and I'm a bundle of energy. I love him, but I'm okay on my own. At least I would be if I had my own purrson.

I like...

Let's see...

I like pretty much everything. I like boxes, toys, pens, toys, boxes, toys, sitting in boxes with toys, running around with toys and jumping into a box, throwing toys into a box...

You get the idea.

I became really bored in the pod, so right now I'm in the staff area. The humans here seem entertained by me. I have charmed them all with my powers of cuteness, and I own the desks. And the floor. And the paper closet. And the phones. After a full day of playing and running around I became so tired I even let one of them snuggle with me. If you share any of my interests I think we could have a great future together.


Mischief, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Just the right amount of Mischief


Hi! I'm Mischief. I know what you might be thinking, but I promise I'm not as bad as my name might make me sound.

I am seven years old and came to Cat Depot after my owner passed away. When I first got here, I was quite sad about the whole situation, because I missed my purrson. I'm doing much better now and am ready to find a new furever home.

I will be upfront with you humans - I consider myself a high maintenance cat. I love attention, but on my terms. At least until I have time to warm up to you.

That being said, I thought I'd teach you about my "zones." My back and tail area are "no no" zones. I won't be thrilled if you touch me there. But, I love being pet on my head and cheeks. Rub the side of my face for me and we can be best friends for life.

My roommate tells me I'm a brat sometimes, but I respectfully disagree. Why can't I lie on her papers and steal her chair without being teased? If you ask me, I'm a very helpful desk mate.

Hmm, what else can I say about myself... I really love feather toys, and I like playing in garbage cans. One time I played a prank on my roommate by tipping the trash can over and hiding in it. She couldn't find me and thought I'd gotten lost. That's karma for ya, right?

I want to meet more humans, because that means more chances of finding my purrson. All the humans that come to see me always go on and on about how "pretty" and "gorgeous" I am. Come and meet me so you can see for yourself!

McArthur and Mochaccino, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Active teens searching for their teen matches 



Hi guys, it's Mochaccino and McArthur! We are both one-year-old, active cats, who came back to Cat Depot after our humans couldn't keep us anymore.

We are cuddly, affectionate, and social cats who love to play and mess around. Belly and head-rubs are our favorites. We have a lot of energy, but we also like to nap, so we can recharge for playtime.

We both vie for humans' attention and would love to find a family with a purrson for each of us. Sharing just isn't our strong suit. We share food, water, and toys, but not attention. Our dream is to find two kids - one for each of us.

We enjoy being around kids, because we act like them. We actually act like siblings and like to irritate each other as well as other cats, because, why not?

We might not be brothers by blood like last week's features Frankie Blue Eyes and Jeffrey, but we are fast friends and we've been told we look a lot alike. Ever heard of "friend soulmates?" That's us. 

We don't need to get adopted together, we would be happy for each other if we were separated, but we would love to stick together if we can.

Next time you come to Cat Depot, come visit our pod. You'll know it's ours, because it has a "Mochaccino: Escape Artist" sign on the door. The humans are nice, but don't understand we can't wait to get out to search for our furever home. 

We both look forward to meeting you!


McArthur, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



Mochaccino, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Jeffrey and Frankie Blue Eyes, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Bonded brothers ready to charm their way to a new home



Hello everyone, Frankie Blue Eyes and Jeffrey here. Not only are we brothers, we are also best friends, and we want to be 'dopted together.


Jeffrey, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSorry for the brief interruption, humans. It's Jeffrey meowing. I'm the better speaker and typer - not to mention, the cuter sibling - so I just convinced my brother to paw the keyboard over and let me do most of the talking. I may let him cut in at some point.

Like my brother, I am an eight-month-old Snowshoe Siamese mix. Another thing we have in common is, we both like attention. We dream of going to a furever home with lots of head rubs and snuggles.

I'm pretty playful and I love company. I'm always the first to jump onto a human's lap. I just adore when a purrson comes in to rub my tummy and spend time with me. I also enjoy nibbling on everything and playing with my toys.

My brother, Frankie Blue Eyes, likes to nap more than I do, but he can definitely be affectionate and playful when he's in the right mood. He always tries to tell me he was named after Frank Sinatra, but I beg to differ. Have you heard that squeak of his? My real purrs are much cuter.


Frankie Blue Eyes, adoptable cat at Cat DepotFrankie Blue Eyes here! Don't listen to what my brother said about my squeaks. I sound cute, and I'm working on my meows.

I am easygoing and like to get my head rubbed. I am also the more handsome brother. Don't believe me? Stop by Seymour's Landing and see for yourself. My brother and I have our bags packed and ready to go for when that special someone comes to visit and take us home!

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Three-legged sweetheart accepting applications 



Hi there! I'm Carmen, and I am currently accepting applications for candidates to give me a furever home.

I came to Cat Depot over a year ago when my owner got too old to take care of me. My old purrson taught me to be an honest cat, so I'm just going to come out and say it - when it comes to humans, I pick favorites. I'm not looking for just anyone to take me home.

This is what I'm hoping for:

* A good cuddler
* Someone who can give me lots of attention
* A professional head-and-chin stroker
* Feather toys. Lots of feather toys.

Now for a little about myself. I love naps. My roommates here in "Taza Territory" sometimes make fun of me because I sleep so much. I don't mind the teasing, a girl has to get her beauty sleep, right?

When I'm not sleeping, I like spending time with my friends, as I am a pretty social cat. I also really enjoy watching TV. Did I mention I like feather toys?

I suppose I should also tell you about my leg situation. I had a bad infection when I came to Cat Depot. The kind vet purrson here had to remove my front leg and I'm feeling much better now. I do get a little scared sometimes, so I feel safer when I'm being carried. Don't worry though, what I lack in the leg department I make up for in love.

I will be holding interviews with potential candidates every day of the week, so please come visit me. I really look forward to meeting you!

Vienna, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Gray beauty requests more visitors


Dear humans,

My name is Vienna and it is very nice to meet you. 

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself. I am three  years old and have been at Cat Depot for quite a while now. Last May, my kittens and I were waiting behind a house, hoping to be found. It wasn't a long wait until some nice people came and rescued us.

That was when I got to come to Cat Depot. It didn't take long for someone to come in and fall in love with me. I was adopted for a short while, but then my owner brought me back in.

Lately, I haven't had a lot of visitors here in "Jack and Lucy." Nice humans coming to spend time with me is the highlight of my day, and I would love to have more people come see me. I am gentle and get along with dogs, kids, and other cats. When it comes to hobbies I like getting good head rubs and relaxing on the catio, as long as it isn't too hot.

The people here at Cat Depot are great and I love bonding with my roommates. I have always been social, so I have made friendships here I know will last a lifetime. But, I am ready to find love again. I am looking for a special someone to take me to a furrever home this time.

Come see me. I promise to be an affectionate and fluffy companion to come home to at the end of a long day. I am more than ready to open my heart again and find a new purrson to love.


Jack, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sweet, shy boy seeks family


Hi there! I'm Jack. I can be a little shy when I first meet new people, but once I get to know you, I will love you with all my cat's heart. I love to play, but more than anything, I love affection.

I'm a boy, almost three years old, and the humans say I can be talkative. Some think I don't purr, but that's just because I'm quiet and gentle - I purr, but at a pleasant low volume.

I just returned to Cat Depot from a foster home, because the humans felt I needed a break from the shelter. I spent some time in a real home and it was wonderful. Now I'm back, ready to find a purrson of my own.

My foster mom took a lot of photos of me and wrote about things I like. You can read her letter here. And, there's a video of me here.


Squeakers, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Gorgeous girl looking for a best friend


Hello! I'm Squeakers.

I might be a little shy when I first meet you, but I promise I am sweet once I warm up to you. I am a patient, gentle cat looking for the right purrson who is also patient enough to get to know me. I know I could be a great and trustworthy companion for the right owner.

I don't like to brag, but I have been told on numerous occasions that I have the most stunning blue eyes. One time, a purrson told me I have a "piercing gaze." Another told me I am the most photogenic cat she has ever seen. I've thought about modeling, but I like food too much. Safe to say, my roommates get pretty jealous sometimes.

I might like my alone time and naps, but I also enjoy my toys. But more importantly, I love eating. I love it almost as much as I love a good pet on my head and neck. I'm super soft, so it'll be a win-win for both of us.

Please come visit me, we might be the purrfect match!

A ray of sunshine whenever you need it!


Sonny is a ray of sunshine. He is friendly and affectionate and always ready to greet you at the door. According to Sonny, gentle chin scratches make the world go round.

This laid-back gentleman also loves helping out with computers, and here at Cat Depot he keeps a watchful eye on all documents and office equipment. He knows that his good looks will get him far, but matches his handsome appearance with a loving demeanor.

He always has a sunny disposition, but is best in a home without other cats.


Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotSammy seeks attention


Hi there!

My name is Sammy. I've been at Cat Depot since September 2015, almost ten months! I'm patiently waiting to find my furever home, but people don't come see me, and my patience is wearing thin.

What does a girl have to do to get some attention around here?

I worry that because I live in the last pod at the end of the hall, people might not even make it down to see me. I get it, you have to pass 80 other cats before you get to my room, and maybe you're tired by then.

Maybe all these cute kittens in the hall grab all your attention.

Kittens, smittens!

I know there are some health conscious people out there sporting pedometers. Just think, you can earn some extra steps through visiting me! Or, consider starting your search at the far end of the hall.

Look for me in "Suite Monroe" on the left hand side at the end of the corridor. I'm the one with the gorgeous green eyes!



Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotAzalea, because I'm beautiful like a flower.


My name is Azalea. Like the flower, you know. I think that means I'm pretty - I hope that's what it means.

I was left behind when my owners moved. Luckily, a neighbor found me and took me to Cat Depot. This environment intimidates me, but if you come look for me, I appreciate being petted, and I love head rubs. What else... I'm seven years old, so I'm an adult and know how to behave.

I would really like to get out of here. Can I go home with you?


Yoshi, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Distinguished gentle soul in search of a chin-scratch


Would you by any chance have a chin-rub to spare? I'm Yoshi, and I'm in need of a furever home.

I came to Cat Depot in March 2015 when my purrson passed away. I was determined to find a new home quickly - I'm a low-maintenance cat with few demands on life besides some food, clean water, and a place to put my bed - but all the kittens teased me and said a cat my age would be at the shelter forever.

Closing in on a year, it appears they were right. I don't know why - I'm fourteen, but I still have some good years left in me. And who wouldn't like a large, calm, feline friend? If you're looking for someone to hang out with, come see me. We can watch TV together, or I can supervise whatever goes on in your home.

Bobby, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Friendly boy who high-fives and loves attention dreams of home


Hi there, I'm Bobby. I'm a four-year-old charmer who loves attention and cuddles.

I think I had a home some time in the past, but it's so long ago I can't remember anymore. I've been at Cat Depot for a year, and I came here from another adoption facility.

Sometimes the other cats tell stories about the homes they used to have. I can't even imagine what it would be like. Having your own purrson who pets you and plays with you every day? It sounds like a fairy tale.

At night when Cat Depot is calm and only the cats are here, I dream of having a place of my own. A lap to sit on, a kind hand that pets me, and some tasty treats. Do you think it's possible?

Anymeows, I get along well with others and I know how to high-five. I'm playful and I like toys.

Come see me. Talk to the Cat Depot staff about me. They'll tell you what a nice and good boy I am.

Cookie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

My name is Cookie, because I'm so sweet.


Hi everyone,

Remember me, Cookie? I'm still at Cat Depot, and I'm still longing to go home. I am so bored here you can't believe it.

Let me back up a little. I am ten years old and I was born in West Africa. I came to the USA with a military family, what an exciting journey that was! Being here was great, until my purrson went into an assisted living facility and couldn't bring me. That was in July last year, and I was welcomed to Cat Depot.

During my first months here I was optimistic. I'm cute, and it shouldn't be all that hard to find a new home. I was wrong; it's too hard to compete with the kittens.

Things took a turn for the worse and I was very sick for a while. The medical staff diagnosed me with diabetes and made me take medicine. It made me feel better, but not a fun experience.

With peace, quiet, and a diet, the veterinarians have stabilized me so I don't need insulin shots anymore. I still need special food though, and it is important that I'm fed on regular times and keep my weight down.

There was a fundraiser for me, and my adopter will get a year's supply of my special food! I also come with two free glucose tests in the shelter clinic, to make sure my diabetes is kept in check. And you know what? I'm sponsored with Bow-Tie himself. I actually went to live with him for a while. He took very good care of me and helped nurse me back to health.

Why do so many do so much for me? I've asked myself the same thing, and the humans here say I'm cute and lovable. I'm very friendly and I love human company. Other cats make me jealous and I worry I'll lose my purrson.

Come visit me and talk to the staff about me, they will verify that I'm a great cat. I am so ready to leave Cat Depot and find a home of my own. Could it be with you?


Jessie, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Be my one and only!


Excuse me, would you be willing to hold this toy? And maybe move it just like that? Because I really like to play, and it's better when you're two, doing it together.

My name is Jessie, and I'm just a year and a half old, so I still have a lot of energy. Did I mention that I like to play? I'm pretty small and athletic, and I'll do anything to get attention.

People here at Cat Depot say I'm bad at sharing. I guess that's true, it's just that... There's only so much attention to go around, right, and if there are other cats they might steal it all so there isn't enough left for me. I worry about things like that.

Anyway, if you want a best friend to share your days, I'm here waiting. I'm good at computers too, and I can keep the keyboard warm for you while you're off doing other things. A warm keyboard types better than a cold one, so having a keyboard warmer is a big plus. Just one of the many free services I offer.

Come visit me. I'm here at Cat Depot, waiting.

Bianca, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Pretty girl seeks exclusive relationship


Hi there! I'm Bianca the Bengal.

I am affectionate, active, and yearn for leaving Cat Depot to go home. I'm looking for an exclusive relationship without other cats to steal your attention away.

Nice people found me when I wandered outside on my own and brought me to Cat Depot. In the past, someone de-clawed all my paws, and trust me, being on your own like that is not a pleasant experience. I was relieved to find myself among kind people. Not to mention food...

What else do you need to know? Hmm... I'm pretty, and I'm very soft. I like chatting, and if you talk to me, I'll probably answer. I have a pretty loud meow, but I'm not angry, just talkative.

Will you be my hero and take me home? Come see me!

Love, Bianca

Carmel, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Well-behaved kitty with love to share


Hi, How are you?

My name is Carmel, and I would like to share my story with you.

Years ago, my brother and I were adopted from Cat Depot. We were kittens and went to a loving home with a very nice couple. I lived the good life - until our parents died and we ended up in the shelter again! Carter, my brother, took it easy and was pretty happy. He has already been adopted into a wonderful home.

This ordeal was much harder for me. The loss of my beloved parents, losing my loving home, and arriving to a stressful shelter environment made me stop eating and I got very sick. I was placed in a foster home and spent almost two months there, recovering.

Now I'm here, happy and healthy, ready to go home with you. I like it here at Cat Depot - people are nice and take good care of me - but I would much rather live in a real home. I don't need much, just shelter, food, water, and your love! I will love you back with all my cat's heart!

I am an adult cat and I know hot to behave. I can be shy in the beginning and don't do well in a busy household, and I'm afraid of loud noises. Like, the vacuum cleaner. I like people and cats, I love being petted and would enjoy making biscuits on your belly, and I love scratching posts. I play with toys like a kitten and would be great at keeping you company during the day.

If you are a hard worker, I will wait for you in my cat bed during the day. When you return from work I will greet you at the door and meow for food and company. I would also love sleeping in your bed, if you allow me to.

Please, let's go home together!


Hunter, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Purrfect cat seeks purrfect purrson


Hi there, I'm Hunter.

I'm sweet, smart, and friendly, and I get along well with others. I'm only eight months old, barely even an adult yet, and I have a lifetime of love to share. My biggest dream is finding my own purrson to cuddle.

But, I have a problem, and I worry I'll never be 'dopted. I have a neurological issue that makes walking difficult. I can do it, but I'm wobbly, and I can't jump or run like other kitties do. I use my box and there's nothing else wrong with me, but I can only watch as the others romp around.

I need someone who can see beyond my gait and focus on the love. Will you come see me? Purrlease?


Tiggy, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Talkative girl looking for home


Hi there! I’m Tiggy, international traveler in need of new residence. Cat Depot is nice, but after a while staying in a hotel you just want to go home, even if you’re in a nice hotel with excellent room service.

I have an extensive resume. I speak English, Spanish, and Arabic, but the humans around me only seem to hear “Meow” no matter how much I talk. I suspect they’re not really paying attention. While I have a history as a globetrotting cat with a passport, I would love to settle down with my own human now.

I have many talents. I can warm your chair, talk to you so you don’t feel lonely, help you as you go about your day, and take a nap for you so you don’t have to feel sleepy. Among other things, of course.

Would you come visit me? Maybe be my own human?

I'm waiting at Cat Depot. Ask for Tiggy, I can't wait to meet you!

 Blueberry, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Special girl seeks special home


Hi there, I'm Blueberry. Not the actually berry - Blueberry the cat. I think the humans call me that because of my beautiful fur. I don't know for sure because I can't see it, but I've heard them say I'm beautiful. I'm soft too, and love when someone touches me.

I was born with limited vision in both eyes, so my world is one of shadows. Because of this, I would enjoy a home where things aren't moved around much. You know, so my bed and litter box are where they've always been, and so I don't run head-first into a sofa.

To make life more complicated, I lived outside on my own for some time, and life taught me to hide during daytime. I need a purrson who can accept this and give me time to adjust. Making a nest helps me feel safe, especially since I can't see. And, if you were to come looking for me and want to pet me, I would be delighted. I don't like being lifted, it's really scary when you can't see, but I'll take any affection I can get.

If you know of a special person who would open their home and heart to me, please send them my way. The cat next to me keeps snickering and saying a blind cat who likes to hide under her bed can never get a home, but that's not true. Right? Come see me. I'll be waiting at Cat Depot!

~ Blueberry ~

Bandit, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Like to nap? Let's do it together!


I'm Bandit, but don't let the name fool you. I won't steal your stuff. Well, maybe your heart, but that's not exactly stuff.

I came to Cat Depot when my purrson went to a nursing home and couldn't bring me, and as pretty as I am, I've been here almost a year. It was January 14th last year, I remember it like yesterday. I came through Cat Depot's door expecting my hotel stay to last over the weekend, and I'm still here. I've seen over 1,300 cats come and go while I waited. Hard to believe, isn't it?

If I were to make a wishlist for my purrfect home it would be quiet with good places to nap. I like napping.

Do you like to nap? We could do it together!

Missy, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Can I share the sofa with you?


Do you by any chance like to watch TV? Or sit down and read? I'm asking, because I'm looking for a suitable lap where I could curl up and trade purrs for being petted. My name is Missy, and I am a lap-cat extraordinaire!

I came to Cat Depot in March when my purrson died, and this was a difficult transition for me. I was used to having a lap always available, and now I suddenly had to compete for attention. I dream of a home of my own. Any chance you'd have a spot for me?

Besides lap-sitting I like naps and snacks. I get along with other cats and dogs. What else... I'm ten years old, but don't let that deter you. I have many good years ahead of me, and I will love you with all my heart. Come see me! Give me a chance, I won't let you down!

Lucy, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Gorgeous red-head seeks love


Would you like an easy-going friend who gets along with everyone and never causes trouble? Look no further; I'm right here.

My name is Lucy, and I am unique. Most orange tabbies are boys, but I'm definitely a girl. I'm ten years old and came to Cat Depot with my brother Desi when our human fell ill and couldn't care for us. It would be nice to go to a home together with him, we're used to each other, but I'm not dependent on him.

My interests are cuddling with you, napping, snacking, and living the good life. If you like these things too, maybe we could do them together?

Koda, adoptable cat at Cat DepotCuddly house-panther seeks furever home


Hi friends and future friends, Koda here! I'm a cuddly house-panther who has spent half of my two-year long life at Cat Depot. I dare say my winning purrsonality has made me a favorite of many in the staff. They stop by to snuggle, play, and even take me on trips around the facility. While I enjoy these visits, it's not the same as being home, and I would like to apply for residence with you.

If you would enjoy having a friend who would love you furever, who would play with you and be there for you whenever you need someone, I'm your man. Cat, I mean. Come see me! I'm in the conference room, waiting.

Yoyo, lovely lady longing for home

Still waiting after all these years


Beautiful Yoyo came to us the first time in February 2012 when she was transferred from another shelter. She was adopted, but returned to us after about a year, and has been waiting for her special person since. She is extremely affectionate and loves being the center of attention.

Yoyo looks forward to her daily brushing and even uses the brush to groom herself. Stop in to visit this friendly girl. She just might melt your heart!


Nitro, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Clever house cat seeks family


Hi there! My name is Nitro. I have been at Cat Depot since March 2015, and I don't like it. I need someone to bust me out of here.

Don't get me wrong, they're trying to keep me happy, but I miss my home. I came here because my purrson couldn't care for me anymore, and that's hard to get over. Unfortunately, this leads to me not showing my best side when people come to visit.

It's just hard to relax here, you know? I recently spent two weeks in a foster home and I loved it, and then I ended up back here. What's up with that?

At Cat Depot, I like to sneak out of my room and run around in the corridors. I'm particularly fond of the laundry room. In my foster home I loved to play, slept on the bed with my foster parents, and enjoyed all the attention. I stayed close to my foster mom, rubbed against her legs, and sat next to her purring when she did things.

I might not do all these things when you visit me here in the rescue, but I will when we get home. I promise!

My foster parents wrote about their experiences with me. Click here to read all about me!

Come visit me? Please? I can be a purrsome kitty. Take me home and I'll show what a good cat I can be!

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotShy girl seeks furever home


I've heard the humans here at Cat Depot say it's the giving season. I'm not sure what that means, but they explained it with people's hearts getting bigger. That doesn't sound a good thing to me, but I what do I know. I'm just a cat. The human who took my photo tried to explain more and said, "Paisley, you're taking this too literally. Right now is a good chance for you to find a home, because this time a year people want to help extra much."

Help is good. I could use some help.

The thing is, I'm very shy. I'm so shy it's giving me problems. I dream of having my own person, but it would have to be someone with a lot of patience. Someone who could give me time to trust. It's not that I don't like people - I really like being petted, I like being held, and I even enjoy being carried around - but I won't seek out affection. I guess I'm afraid of being turned down. Left to my own devices I'll go hide somewhere.

I first came to Cat Depot in 2013. A person found me living on the streets, stealing scraps of food to care for my babies. There were raccoons. You have no idea how much those guys tease us cats just because they have thumbs and can open things. At times I had to fight them to protect my children. I was really just a baby myself and I was so scared, but they were so small and innocent I had to try.

Anyway, I came to Cat Depot and lived here for a very long time. Then, someone adopted me. I didn't really believe my luck was turning, so I hid most of the time. I tried to be a good cat and I sat on their laps and let them pet me, but they had to go find me to be able to do so. I was too shy to seek them out, even though I wanted to. After a month or so I returned to Cat Depot, and now I've been here since March.

I'm great with other cats. After all this time at the shelter I've never been in a fight. When they bring dogs over I pretend they don't exist, so I guess you can say I get along with them too. All I ask from the world is a little corner of my own with someone who can be patient and give me time. Could that special person be you?

Hopeful purrs from Paisley.


Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat Depot

Available: Unconditional Love

Excuse me, would you by any chance be interested in unconditional love? Because, well, I have some.

Let me introduce myself: I'm Misty. I'm almost seven years old, which is a perfect age in my opinion. I'm mature enough not to cause trouble, yet young enough to play, or stay up with you to watch TV. I would love to fill your life with love and charm!

I have been at Cat Depot for almost a year - I arrived here December 13th last year. I can't understand why no one has brought me home.

Isn't my fluffy coat beautiful? I think it complements my green eyes. Imagine how cute I would look with a matching collar! Maybe it's because I spend so much time on the catio. Maybe people don't go out there and see me. I just love sitting out there, watching the world and feeling the wind in my hair.

I love attention, and every day when you come home I will greet you with a graceful dance before we settle in to cuddle. Come visit me! I'm in Jack and Lucy's place at Cat Depot. I'll be waiting.

Dolly, cat with skills and manners seeking new home

House cat with impeccable skills and manners seeks loving home.


Dear Prospective New Family,

I am seeking a home that is in need of a house cat with impeccable skills and manners. My owner passed away and my current residence is Cat Depot. But this is just a temporary address for me.

As you can see by my resume, my talents are numerous. My qualifications include lap sitter, leg warmer, bug catcher, computer screen duster and master couch lounger. Not only am I fun to have around, I am very resourceful and I can help with chores. When you are working on the computer, I’m more than happy to help you press the keys. Or I can just keep your keyboard warm. When you are reading the newspaper, I’m a great page keeper and I act as a paper weight so stray breezes don’t blow your paper around. Oh, and I love the comics section – Garfield is my favorite!

I have many talents to help you through your daily routine and you will still have plenty of time to nap with me afterwards. You will wonder how you ever managed without me.

I believe that my skills and experience are purr-fectly suited for the position of house cat/human assistant. And my ability to work a room will be a definite asset to your household. I am only four years old and I have so much to offer.

I hope that you will consider my application for residence. I can provide references if you need them. I promise I will not let you down.

Sincerely, Dolly

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat Depot18 months and still waiting 


Is it my turn? For the Internet thing? Okay, let me fix my fur so I look pretty.

I'm Shelby. I'm four years old, and I have been in the shelter system almost all my life. I came to Cat Depot in 2013 as a transfer from Animal Services. I had been there for so long everyone hoped a change of scenery would help me cheer up and get adopted, and it seemed to work. I got a home after just a couple of months at Cat Depot. Joy!

Then, disaster struck. Things happened in my new person's life, and I was returned to Cat Depot in June. June 2014, that is. I've been here ever since.

When the humans said it was June 2015 I thought it would have to be my turn, it had been another whole year, but nothing happened and no one came for me. Now 2015 is almost over. I don't want to spend another year here!

It has been so long since I had a family I can barely remember what it's like. You know, the little things, like having a person of my own that will pet me. Being loved.

Don't get me wrong, the people here at Cat Depot do their best, but there are so many cats and never enough time for me.

I used to hide on the catio, because I like sitting in the sun. After all the time here I'm sure you understand - I'm know the visitors won't care about me, so why bother? Now they've moved me to an office to make sure I will be seen and it's nice in a way not to have to compete with so many other cats. On the other hand, I'm lonely. I sit by the door and meow, hoping someone will come in to pet me. Sometimes they do, but they leave so quickly again.

I'm a good cat. I'm still young. I'll love you, I'll talk to you and snuggle with you. I'll greet you by the door every day when you come home. Would you please give me a chance?


Tiggy offers enchanting character and exotic good looks

Exotic good looks and enchanting character 


Hi there!

I'm Tiggy, an Egyptian Mau from Kuwait currently seeking a new residence. Cat Depot is nice, but after a while staying in a hotel you just want to go home, even if it's a nice hotel with room service!

I have an extensive resume. I speak English, Spanish, and Arabic, but the humans around me only seem to hear "Meow" no matter how much I talk. I suspect they're not really paying attention.

While I have a history as a globetrotting kitty with a passport, I would love to settle down with a family of my own. I have many talents. I am loyal and unique, I can warm your chair, talk to you so you don't feel lonely, help you as you go about your day, and take a nap for you so you don't have to be sleepy. Amongst other things, of course.

Would you come visit me? Maybe be my own human? I'm waiting at Cat Depot. Ask for Tiggy, I can't wait to meet you!

Midnight is at Cat Depot waiting for her forever home

Special and Unique Little Girl

My name is Midnight. I’m sure I got that name because my fur is as black as night. 
Yes, I’m another black kitty looking for a home. Sigh. We always seem to be the last kitties to find homes. People come to visit, but they always go right to the pretty tabbies and calicos. I just sit in my corner, dark and unnoticed. 
Every once in a while, there is a visitor who walks and in makes a beeline towards me. Those are the special people. I like those people very much. They are rare – but they are definitely out there.
The special humans see past our dark fur. Instead of just seeing a black blob, they notice our eyes – gold, green, flecked or speckled. They look at our noses and the pads of our paws – black, pink, grey, spotted or not. They see our ears – pointy, tipped, crinkled or notched. And they check out our whiskers – black, white, both, straight or curled. These are the people who take in the subtle differences in our coats. Yes, there are even different shades of black. And different undercoats. Take a look – you don’t know what you are missing!
We may be black kitties, but each of us is unique. I, myself, am unique. I could tell you about my eyes, nose, whiskers and paws. But I think that you need to experience them for yourself. Are you one of those special people? I’m one of those special kitties – come visit me and take in all my uniqueness.

Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat DepotDo you have a spot where I could place my bed?


My name is Gracie, and I'm searching for someone with a small spot available that could fit a cat. I don't need much, I really don't. A place to put my bed down and some love would be fantastic.

I'm one of Cat Depot's longest residents - I've been here since August 2014. I tried to count how long that is, but I ran out of paws. It has to be pretty long. I know I'm almost as old as the number of paws, which is four, but my math skills don't go any further than that.

I currently work in the gift shop, greeting visitors. That has to show what a good kitty I am, right? Not just everyone could do that; most cats would try to get into the merchandise or sneak out the door. I stay where I'm supposed to be and let people pet me if they want to.

I've heard the humans talk about me. They think I have a hard time finding a home because I'm special needs, and that just breaks my heart. I have to take medicine to prevent seizures, and that in turn makes me sleepy, but I'm a really good kitty. I am, I promise!

If you have a spot for me in your home I will be the best cat you can imagine. I love being held and getting attention, but I won't bug you for it. Because I'm not a bug; I'm a cat.

Please come see me! I'm easy to find and I would love going home now.


Featured Cat available for adoption at Cat Depot

Will purr for snuggles!

Do you by any chance like to snuggle? Because I love getting my chin rubbed, not to mention the top of my head. 
I'm being rude, apologies. I am Johnson, and I'm a gentleman cat seeking a new home. My life was perfect for many years, and then disaster struck when my human died. 
It took a long time for me to understand that I was alone in this world and my person wouldn't come for me. I waited and waited, in vain. It's almost exactly a year ago and I have accepted my loss by now, but finding a new person to love turned out to be much more difficult than I expected.
I came to Cat Depot in December 2014 and the long wait is getting to me. I used to greet visitors, but it's like they don't see me when there are so many kittens to choose from, so what's the point? I still have hope, but it's fading.
I'm closing in on nine years old which is a perfect age; my new person and I can look forward to many happy years together, but I'm old enough to know how to behave. I would never climb on the curtains or any of the other silly things kittens get into! I am healthy and I get along with others. 
Really, I don't require much, I just need someone to love and a soft place to sleep. Add some treats to that and life would be pretty much purrfect!
Affectionate girl seeks home

Can I watch TV with you?


I'm a retired mother of four, looking for someone with an open spot on their sofa. I won't take up much room, I promise, but it would be so nice to have a place of my own to snuggle down.

After 1.5 years at Cat Depot I've pretty much given up on finding my furever home. I hear the humans talk about me, and they say my being low-key might be a part of my problem. I know no-one is coming for me, so I don't even bother getting up anymore. This might sound strange, but I've lived almost half my life here. Nothing happened in all these days weeks, and months, so in my heart I don't really believe it can happen.

Being black is another problem. I don't think I disappear in the background, but it is as if people don't even see me.

If you take the time to pet me, I'm very affectionate. I adore being petted and I love attention, toys, and treats! I get along with other cats too!

Take a chance on me. You'll never have to be lonely again, and I won't let you down!



Prince Harry, Royal Purr-fection


Prince Harry, Royal Purr-fection You've heard the saying, "Someday my prince will come." Well, that day is here!

My name is Prince Harry and I'm a handsome ginger boy waiting to win your heart. I have a pretty princely existence here at Cat Depot - I spend my days in leisure. My favorite thing to do is lounge on the catio. But, I'm pretty unassuming for a member of the royal family.

I don't like to flaunt my status because I want everyone to get along with me. I don't put on airs or ask people to address me as "Sir," "Your Highness," or "Your Majesty." Although, that would be pretty cool.

I'm FIV-positive. But don't let that scare you away. I'm just 1.5 years old and as long as I remain an indoor kitty, I will live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

I'm looking for someone who is in need of a kitty to watch over the castle. I don't require special quarters or a throne, just a place to eat and sleep, and a warm lap for cuddles. I will keep you company, and help you rule the kingdom.



Sanders, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

If you're looking for someone to love, pet, and hold, here I am!


I'm Sanders. I love attention, and I would enjoy sitting on your lap while you watch TV. Pet me and I'm happy!

I'm almost two years old. I haven't spent all that time at Cat Depot, but a lot of it, and I want to go home now. I get along well with other cats, people, everyone I meet, so I'll blend right into your household.  

The vet here says I'm FIV positive, but that I shouldn't worry about it. I look forward to a long and healthy life and I was thinking it might be with you. Humans say I'm a "doll" - not sure what that means, but they make it sound like something good.

Come see me! I live in Casa de Pablo, but if you can't find me in there I'm probably on the catio. I really like the catio. Purrs!

Howdy, I'm Rocky!


I'm a certified purr machine who will keep your lap warm while you watch football with me. I love hanging out in front of the TV, and I promise I won't take all your snacks while we check out the game! You get to pick our favorite team. I'm loyal and I won't bet against them.

What else... Besides sports I'm a big fan of long naps. If you like to nap too, bonus points. If not, I'll take a nap for you to make sure you're rested for the day's adventures. 

I don't want to share your attention with other cats, because I'm top coach in the team, but I don't have anything against dogs.

Score a touch-down and take me home. You know you want to spend game-day with me - your new best friend!

Jake searches for lifelong partner

Searches for lifelong partner


Cowboy-Jake is an ace-high kind of guy, and a real gentleman who prefers to be the only sheriff in the household. Jake is an outgoing buckaroo, looking to enjoy the daisy life in a home chuck-full of love.

If you're looking for a lifelong partner to ride off into the sunset with, Jake is the kitty for you.

Jake is a love bug who enjoys being petted and covets attention. He is a ray of sunshine and will brighten every day of your life.

To make things even better, Jake is part of the Bow-Tie adoption event, and available at a reduced adoption fee!


Chloe is a Cat Depot kitty waiting for her forever home

Looking for a Glimmer of Hope

Hi - I’m Chloe. I came to Cat Depot when my owner passed away. 
I was 10 years old when I arrived here and I was very excited to meet everyone. I would sit by the door to my suite every day and greet visitors. I looked forward to playtime. Chasing the little red dot was my favorite. And if treats were involved, I would perform backflips! Well…I really didn’t do actual backflips, but I was doing them in my head because I love treats so much. Back then I had such high hopes that I would find my forever human right away.
Over a year later, I’ve still not found my home. And I guess I’m not that same wistful, optimistic cat anymore. The laser toy no longer brings me joy. I keep to myself and I’d rather sleep the days away. There’s less disappointment that way – I don’t have to get my hopes up when someone visits me and then leaves. 
Don’t get me wrong. I am appreciative. Everyone has been very nice and accommodating to me during my stay and I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, food to fill my tummy and a warm bed. But it’s really not the same as having a home and someone special to love. I’m not getting any younger and I’m afraid that most people think an 11-year-old kitty is too old.
I may not be a ball of fire, but I’m a quiet girl who enjoys a good chin scratch. I would love to curl up on the couch and snuggle next to you. Are you looking for a companion who is non-judgmental and unassuming? Look no further – I’m here waiting for you.


Mr. Boots and Mamma are at Cat Depot waiting for their forever home

Mr. Boots and Mamma

Hi, I’m Mr. Boots - a big muscle man (that's me on the right). But don’t let my size fool you. I’m really just a love bug once I get to know you. 
I was born into a feral community or some might say I was a stray cat. I was, fortunately, neutered but left to defend for food and shelter on my own. Then one day I met a nice woman who fed me, gave me medication and took me to the vet. But most importantly, she taught me that I could trust humans.  She introduced me to a Mamma cat and her babies that she had been feeding in the hopes that we would bond so I wouldn’t be alone anymore.   
Once I felt accepted by Mamma and the babies, I started to protect them from wild animals and feral cats. I cleaned the babies and Mamma as if they were my own family. Finally, I belonged. And we became a pack. We traveled together and protected each other. It was such a nice feeling to finally belong for once in my life!  
We would go to the wonderful woman’s house and she fed us wet and dry food and Temptations treats - YUM! She even gave us catnip which I really love and miss because I’m not allowed to have any at our new home at Cat Depot. I might get too wild!  
Every night, our little “family” would spend the night at the woman’s house and then enjoy a wonderful breakfast. She didn’t like us crossing the busy road after breakfast. Mamma always wanted to cross the street to see if her previous owners had returned and would let her in. I went along with her thinking that maybe her dream would come true. But it never did. 
I really don’t know which is worse - never having a family at all or having a family who didn’t care enough to take you with them when they moved. 
But we all knew we had a new person who truly loved us.  Unfortunately, she had other pets in the home and they didn’t have enough room for all of us. She starting searching for the perfect place for us to live. And she found Cat Depot!  
Mamma’s babies were adopted and now it’s just Mamma and me. While we are comfortable here, we really want to find a forever home with owners who will play and love us as much as we will love them. We have so much love to give.
Please come and meet us. Please understand that we’ve had a tough life, so introduce yourself slowly and quietly so that we feel comfortable and safe.  If you are right for us, we will love you unconditionally. And we will promise to make you smile and laugh every day.  Mamma and I think you are the ones we have been waiting for.  Come see us and say “Let’s Go Home!”
Cookie and Kiera - Cat Depot Featured Cats

Take Two - We're Small...and Cute!


My name is Cookie and my sister, Kiera and I came to Cat Depot when our owner had to move. We were heartbroken - we thought we would be living out our golden years together in our comfortable, safe home. We are both 11 years old and it’s very scary to have to start over at this stage in our lives.
It’s been quite a change for us and being the new kids on the block wasn’t easy – especially for Kiera. She was terrified of everything so I played the part of the protective “big” brother and I made sure no one bothered her. But she was still so frightened that she would just stay in her bed all day. Then she started to get “bed sores” on her legs from staying in one place, so I got worried. I talked to the volunteers and staff here and asked them if we could find a quieter environment for us so that Kiera could have a chance to get acclimated and be less stressed. 
So we now reside in Miss Lynn’s office. It’s very comfortable here and Kiera is coming out of her shell. She’s started to venture out from her bed under the desk and is even purring and rubbing against people – just like the old Kiera! And me? Well I’ve been having a great time exploring and hanging out with Miss Lynn. I’ve been assisting her with her work and she says I’ve been a big help.
Now that we are feeling much more secure, we are ready to find a new home. We definitely need to be adopted together because Kiera needs me and, although I don’t like to admit it, I need her just as much. I don’t know what I would do without my sister.
Ever the worrywart, Kiera thinks that we’ll never find a home because people don’t know that we are here.  We are sort of hidden away, but I know that if I get the word out, people will find us. We have so much love to give and it would be a waste for us not to share it. So please come meet us and spend some time with us – Miss Lynn doesn’t mind at all; she said she likes the company.
Cat Depot Featured Cat Onyx

A Jewel in the Rough

If you are looking for the perfect black gem with just the right sparkle…you need look no further than Onyx. He is an affectionate guy who will talk, follow you around and wait patiently for your attention. He loves chin scratches and gentle petting. 
This loyal, loving kitty enjoys lazy afternoons. He is real lanai lounge lizard – the catio is his favorite place to hang out with his buddies. But lately Onyx is somewhat of a lost soul. His best buddy recently found his forever home and Onyx really misses him. 
He is looking for his soulmate now – could it be you? Please stop in and meet our gemstone – Onyx.
Onyx is one of our FIV-positive kitties. And, despite what people think, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not a death sentence. Cats with this condition can live long, healthy lives – and most have no symptoms at all. It is not easily transmitted to other cats and is never transmitted to humans.

Read more about Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and de-bunk the myths surrounding wonderful, friendly kitties like Onyx.
Darcy found her forever home.


Hi Y’All! I’m Darcy. I’m a young 2 ½-year-old princess who is looking for a castle to call my own. 
I currently reside in one of the offices at Cat Depot and I spend most of my days helping out where I can. But I’m getting pretty tired of this working life. I’m not cut out for hard labor. I’m just a delicate Southern Belle who deserves to be pampered. I belong in the lap of luxury. I imagine lazy days lounging around the house while catching up on my favorite TV shows and being served treats on a silver platter.
I’ve got the reputation of being a bit spunky and I’ve even heard rumors that some of the other kitties call me a diva. But that doesn’t bother me. I’m a beautiful gal with a big purr-sonality and I don’t have a problem with asking for what I feel I deserve.
I require daily love, affection and adoration (of course). Could you be that special person who is big enough to share the spotlight with a stunning kitty like me? I may demand a lot of attention, but I will give you lots of love in return.
Cashmere found his forever home


Hello, my name is Cashmere. I was found next to a dumpster - discarded and disheartened. Without a doubt, life has physically taken its toll on me. It managed to take one of my legs and crinkle my ears, but I refuse to let it take away my positive thinking and warm heart. 
I spend my days observing life from my favorite perches and spots. Having lost one of my back legs makes walking slightly harder in my old age. But I am able to walk, and do so when needed. I must admit that my favorite form of transportation is to be carried - I like to wrap my arms around your neck.  
I am looking for a loving life partner who understands that, while I may have had a rough ride up the hill, now that I’ve crested it all I need is someone to be there to enjoy the rest of the ride with me. I do not know how many more years I have left in me, but I can promise they will be full of love, cuddles, head butts and beautiful memories. 
Manny found his forever home


My name is Manny. I give the saying “Great things come in small packages” its meaning. I may be on the petite side, but my heart is big and full of love. I am looking for a forever home with a family who can look past my age and see me for who I truly am: a lover, a snuggler and a couch potato. 
When I am not lounging in laps, I usually can be found watching television or training for competitive eating challenges. I may be tiny, but eating is absolutely my favorite thing to do.
If you are looking for a cuddly lap cat with a big appetite and an even bigger heart, come in and see me. Let’s talk over dinner! 
Buddy found his forever home



My name is Buddy, and I am a lively and fun-loving, one-year-old boy with an insatiable curiosity for life. I would love to find a lifelong companion who shares my vivacious outlook on life and who supports my big appetite for adventure and all the possibilities life has in store for me. 
In my free time, my absolute favorite thing to do is to walk on my leash; it helps to satisfy my need for exploring the world around me. Recently, I also began clicker training, and I have started running the agility course in the halls of Cat Depot. 
While all this is quite exciting, the real journey I cannot wait to take is the one to my forever home. If you are looking for an adventurous friend, I am the “Buddy” for you. 
Twinkle is a lucky kitty who found her forever home



My name is Twinkle and I'm a dilute Tortie. And, yes, you can count on me to shine for you! 
I would love to lounge on the lanai in the evenings and gaze up at those beautiful stars while lying in your lap. We can count shooting stars together.
Of course, I’ll always keep an eye out for any flying bugs that come near…I still have that hunter instinct. Did you know that my favorite constellation is Orion?  He is also ‘The Great Hunter’ - my idol. 
Let’s do dinner on the lanai tonight and watch the stars - there’s nothing on TV anyway. With your love and attention I will twinkle brighter than anything in the night sky. Just watch me stretch out, purr and share my love with you. And, I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite star to admire – you!
Winnie found her forever home


My name is Winnie and I've been at Cat Depot for about 1 year now. I'm six years old and I'm an office cat. But unlike the other office kitties, I have to share my office with another cat.
Sharing has its perks...I never feel alone, I have a warm body to cuddle with at night and I have a playmate. But it also has a downside. I'm a quiet, unassuming little lady who is not one to fight over things like food, toys and attention - especially that of the male feline species. And my roommate is, well, how can I put it? She's not so "discreet." Everything is a competition to her. She's young, so I give her the benefit of the doubt. 
So I'm really ready for a place to call my own. And, of course, a loving human to give me all the attention I deserve. I'm a bit reserved, but don't be fooled into thinking that I'm shy. I absolutely love being petted and if you will let me into your heart, I promise that I will be your friend for life!
Billy Found his forever home


Hi! I’m Billy. I’m only 4 years old, but I feel like I’m much older because I’ve been waiting for my forever home for almost 3 years. I was just a young guy when I came here. I’ve watched so many other kitties come and go to their forever homes that I can’t help but wonder…when is it going to be my turn?
I try to stay positive but I think it’s my shyness that has gotten in the way of me finding a new family. That, and the fact that I’m a black kitty. We just seem to get overlooked amongst the more colorful coats. 
I just need patience and a gentle touch. Go slow with me and I will warm up to you. Kindness will go a long way in winning my affection. 
You might think that my shyness would make me afraid of other animals like dogs. But I actually love dogs! Do you have dogs? I would love to meet them! I guarantee that I can teach them some new tricks. I’m a great hunter - I hold the record for catching that pesky laser dot and I grab those feather toys out of the air before anyone else can get to them. I’m sure your dogs would love to learn from me. And I’d love to be their new best buddy.
So what do you say? Please just take me home and give me a chance and I will show you that I'll make a great addition to your family. Yes, it’s my turn now!


Sheena found her forever home



What’s the significance of 942, you ask?
It’s the number of days I’ve been at Cat Depot.
It’s the number of times the vacuum has come out and scared me into hiding in a box.
It’s the number of times food has been placed but I have to wait until just the right time to come out.
It’s the number of times I’ve tried to make someone fall in love with me. And 942 times I’ve failed and spent the night alone.
942 days is a long time. I used to have hope that someone would find me. I hoped that someone wanted a soft kitty like me. I hoped that I would have a sunbeam of my own to lay in. I hoped I would have someone to pet me – I do love that.
But after two and a half years, I’ve started to lose hope. I don’t jump up when someone enters my suite. I don’t rub around legs and I don’t meow “Take me!” anymore. Why should I bother? No one seems to want me.
After 942 days I get tired of people not getting to know the real me. I might swat out of irritation – but just try to get to know me first. Ask me what I like – what makes me purr, what my favorite kind of soft food is. I don’t take easily to strangers and it takes me a while to warm up. But I like the people who take care of me and I love having my chin scratched.
I would love to stop counting days. I would love to just live my life while enjoying a warm spot on the couch next to my very own person. I’m a quiet girl. I won’t ask for much. But as I roll into my 942nd night, I’m afraid that day 943 will be just like today. Another day alone.
Reiki - Cat Depot Featured Cat



Hi! My name is Reiki and I love being the center of attention. I will entertain you with the best cat clown act in town. My specialties include, tongue twisters (cuz my tongue is always hanging out), stilt walking (cuz of my long legs) and making people laugh. I always thought I’d be perfect for the circus. Hey Nik Wallenda, can I walk the high wire with you?!

But the more I thought about running away with the circus, the more I realized that I would be much happier in a home with a family to love. So, when I adopt my family, I plan on letting them know how much I love them by showering them with affection. And, of course, I will entertain them with my tricks and antics. I can’t wait to join in on the family activities (I’m particularly good at the “Go Fish” card game). 

Come visit me soon to see if I’m the clown kitty you’ve been dreaming of. Oh, and if you run into Nik Wallenda, please let him know that I’ve decided to put family before my circus career. I know he’ll be heartbroken, but I need to focus on finding my home right now. 

Happy Adopted Cat Depot kitty, Dakota



Yo! My name is Dakota and I have a reputation of being the "party guy" around here. But what do they expect from me? I'm only 1 and a half years old - I'm supposed to be frisky and have fun. And for me, it's all about the fun! If there is a party around here, I'll be the first to know about it.
I love to be around people and when you visit I'll greet you at the door. I like to be the first one people meet when they enter my suite. I love attention. So please pet me. And grab the nearest feather toy because I'm always up for a game of chase the feather! 
I guess you could say I'm a "guy's guy." I like all sports - chasing balls, jumping for feathers, rolling around for treats. You name it, I'm your guy! I would even enjoy helping you cheer on your favorite team from the long as we are allowed some playtime before or after the game.
So what do you say? I'm game if you're game!
Ripple found her forever home!



Hello, my name is Ripple. I am a one-year-old, fabulous feline. People call me a “special needs kitty," but I also am pretty special, too! I see and hear the world a little differently than most people, and by differently, I mean not quite as well. I may have slight vision and hearing impairments, but I do not let that slow me down. I think these quirks are what give me my amazing and loving purr-sonality.

When I am not napping in my cat tree, I enjoy playing with jingly toys; they are my favorite, because I can hear them better when I lose sight of them. I get along well with dogs, and I am quite the snuggler; I enjoy being held and will even give an occasional face massage. 

Due to my "special" nature, I am not fond of rapid change, and, therefore, I am looking for a loving and consistent forever home. 

 If you would like to bring someone special into your life, please come and visit me; I could be just the companion you need. 

Katniss found her forever home



My name is Katniss, I am a quiet (but not shy) 6 year old tortoise shell kitty.

I’m looking for a nice quiet home in which to settle down. I would much rather spend a night inside, watching a romantic comedy over a nice game of cards than go out on the town. I have a fondness for fine dining, Frank Sinatra, and bird watching. 

I would love to find a family with a similar interest for the quiet things in life. And, if there is a comfy lap for me to curl up in and a gentle hand for daily brushings, that’s even better. If you feel that this person could be you, come in and see me. I’ll be waiting patiently and quietly. 

Mags is available for adoption at Cat Depot



My name is Mags and I’m one several kitties rescued in February 2014 from a hoarding situation. Pretty much all of the cats rescued along with me last year have found their forever homes. I’m one of the remaining few who weren’t as lucky. 
I'm not sure why I haven't found my special human yet. I'm not shy. I like people. I like to play - especially with feather toys. I sometimes keep to myself, but everyone needs some alone time to think.
I have done some soul-searching and I've come to the conclusion that there isn't anything wrong with me. My time has just not come yet. I know there is someone out there who needs me as much as I need him (or her).
Do you believe in second chances? I do. And I'm ready for the next chapter in my life. Hurry up and come visit me so we can start writing our story together!
Chandler found his forever home!



Chandler is a handsome boy who is full of fun and just a little bit mischievous. His high energy level is matched by his smarts. If you need help with your jigsaw puzzle, he will be very happy to select just the right piece. Give him a challenging toy and watch him conquer it!  
Chandler is looking for a forever home with a family who will embrace his need to explore (inside your home, of course) and his wish to play, play, play. 

This distinguished, confident boy is loaded with personality. Chandler guarantees that if you take him home, he will spice up your life.  

Birdie found her forever home!


Birdie’s early life wasn’t easy. But that hasn’t jaded her view on life or love.
A romantic at heart, Birdie believes in love at first sight. She is patiently waiting for that special person to come along and set her heart aflutter.
The way to her heart is a gentle touch, chin rubs and a warm lap to snuggle on. And once you earn this petite girl’s trust, her heart is yours to keep.


Ben and Jerry found their forever home!

Ben and Jerry


Hello there! I am Jerry, and this is my brother Ben. We are named after the famous Ben and Jerry duo because we are sweet as ice cream. We were found outside, "Hazed and Confused" freezing our "Cinnamon Buns" off when a very nice lady scooped us up and brought us to Cat Depot. 
We are an inseparable pair and complement each other like Milk & Cookies. We are looking for a home that needs double the love and double the snuggles. Honestly, who wouldn’t want S’more of that?
The one thing our ideal forever family must have is plenty of lap space. You see, my brother and I are both avid lap sitters – we often try to curl up on the same lap. Oh, and Ben is a lap hog but don’t tell him I said that.
So if you are looking for a Chubby Hubby® and a Chunky Monkey® to share your life with, come on in and visit us. We are ready to Banana Split on out of here and start living the "Americone Dream!"
Happy Adopted Kitty, Misty



My name is Misty and I’ve been at Cat Depot for a long, long time. Over two years!
My stay here has wreaked havoc on my girlish figure. When I came here as a two-year old, I was a slender, slinky goddess. You should have seen the way the boy kitties looked at me! I really had it going on. Because of my stunning beauty, I was crowned "Miss Cat Depot" the first year I was here. 
I stayed pretty active at the beginning. It was easy with all the boys chasing me around. But as time went on and I wasn’t finding a forever home, I sort of lost my energy. I found solace in bowls of yummy kitty chow and I really looked forward to meal times.
So I decided to take destiny into my own hands. I was tired of spending my time in just one place. So I got my passport and took a trip to another suite. It was nicknamed the “chubby pod,” which I don’t think is very flattering. While vacationing there, I worked on losing a few pounds. And it paid off! 
My next trip was to another suite. I had a short vacation there and then I jetted off to one of the Cat Depot offices. I really enjoyed my time in the office. I especially liked lounging on the "Kitty Riviera." The humans call it a laptop, but to me it was a warm and cozy place to relax. But, I did miss my adoring public. I needed more people to gaze upon my beauty. Since I had such a nice stay at the "chubby pod" (and I admit that I didn't exercise much during my travels), I decided to take my next trip there again. 
And that’s where I’m hanging out now. Travel is very tiring and I'm enjoying my naps (as you can see). Please stop into Hughes Playhouse and visit me. I love attention and if you pet me, I will entertain you with stories of my world travels.
Sylvester found his forever home!


My name is Sylvester and I’m a self-made cat of almost 12 years old. Most of the kitties here think of me as the “grandfather” of Cat Depot, but I don’t consider myself old at all. I have all my wits about me and I pay more attention to things than most of those young kitties realize. I’ve always had good business sense and, before I came to Cat Depot, I was able to make quite a bit of catnip by making sound investments. But my immense fortune didn’t save me from being left out on the streets to fend for myself. And everyone knows that cats cannot live on catnip alone.
I currently reside in one of the offices and being the local tycoon, I tend to get special treatment. We have so many wonderful volunteers who like to carry me around (and I love being held, so who am I to complain?).  I look forward to those leisurely strolls around the facility so I can keep up on all of the gossip and goings-on at Cat Depot. 
I have so much love (and catnip) to give and I’m looking for someone to love me unconditionally. Being the generous soul that I am, I will share my fortune with you if you will just cuddle me forever. Mi catnip, su catnip.
Happy Adopted Kitty Nicholas


Hi there! I'm Nicholas. I got my name because I was rescued around Christmas time. 
I was found on the streets and it's still not clear to me how I got there. Once upon a time, I lived in a home where I was comfy and happy. Then my life was turned upside down. I somehow I ended up outside and, even though it's warm here in Florida, it's a really big and scary world out there.
I tried to make the best of it. I wandered around looking for humans to love me. I may look like a big, tough boy, but I'm a softy at heart. I'm a people cat - I need to be around humans. So I approached every human I could find and right before the holidays, I hit the jackpot. A wonderful woman rescued me and brought me here.
Now I’m patiently waiting to find a home. I’m looking for someone (or some family) who needs a lot of love. Like my namesake, St. Nick, I'm a very generous and giving soul. I have so much love, purrs and head butts that I need to share. My heart is bursting with affection and I promise that if you let me into your life, I will do my best to fill your heart with joy every day.
Thomas & Suzy found their forever home!

Thomas & Suzy - Family Ties


My name is Thomas and this is my sister, Suzy. I'm the more outspoken one so Suzy usually lets me do the talking.
We are brother and sister and we have been together since we were kittens. You could say that we are inseparable. We hear stories of siblings who don't get along and we can't understand that at all. There is no one I would rather hang out with than my sister and I know she feels the same way about me.
We were raised in a very happy home with a wonderful mom. But something happened and mom had to go away and couldn't bring us with her. She was heartbroken - and so were we. She brought us to Cat Depot with our favorite blankets and toys and she asked the nice people here to find us a forever home together. It was so hard to say goodbye to mom, but we have tried to make the most of this new adventure. We have made lots of new friends, both human and feline. 
We are both well-mannered kitties who love to play. We love being around people and will ask you to pet us. I, personally, love snuggling up in a lap...and I can definitely fill your lap! (Suzy say's I'm a lap hog). 
We will be two years old in May and we would love nothing more than to celebrate our birthdays together in a new home with a new family. Suzy wants to put in her two cents: she says "Come visit us soon and please don't separate us!"
Lucy found her forever home

Talkative Senior Seeks Lifetime of Conversation


My name is Lucy. I am 14 years young, and I am looking for a comfortable, purr-fect home where I can put up my paws and retire. During the last 14 years, I have had many life adventures, and I love to share my stories. My ideal family companions would be those with a gentle touch, a knack for listening and big hearts. 

When I am not speaking to my suite mates (or anyone who will listen), I am working on my beauty sleep, reminiscing about my past escapades and dreaming of the future. In my spare time, I try to keep active by chasing laser beams and greeting visitors at my door.

If you, too, have had a lifetime full of adventure, please come find me. I would love to get to know you and swap "tails." 

Liz Lemon

Liz Lemon

My name is Liz Lemon. I know, with a name like that I have a lot to live up to! But, I'm kind of a celebrity in my own way. Orange colored kitties are usually males. So that makes me rare..and different. I don't mind being different. 
I came to Cat Depot with my five kittens. And as a stray kitty, I was very grateful to have a safe haven for my family. I'm also happy that I was able to see each of my babies find their forever homes. 
After recovering from empty nest syndrome, I settled in to life here. I'm sort of a low-key kitty. I don't beg for attention, but I would never turn it down. I do have a playful side and I can easily be coaxed into playtime with a good feather toy.
Playing keeps me in shape. And I try to watch my weight because I do have one weakness. You could say I have a "treat" tooth. I look forward to 7 p.m. each day. Yup - that's treat time! I'm the first one at the door to the suite at that time of day.
I don't ask for much in life. I just need a warm place to sleep, food in my bowl (and maybe a treat or two) and unconditional love. I'm looking for a family with whom I can spend playtime, some quiet time and, of course, treat time! 


Happy Adopted Cat Depot kitty, Tuna



Hello, my name is Tuna! I am a five-year-old, buff-colored male (I bet you thought I was the other kind of “buff”—gotcha!) who loves to laugh. As you can see, I am a real jokester. I enjoy playing with anything that moves and making people smile. 
I would love to find a family whose members have a good sense of humor and loads of love to give. If you would like to smile and laugh even more, I am your perfect match. Stop on by; I have a joke to tell you!
Barnacle Bob and Kracken - Adopted Cat Depot Kitties
















Dynamic Duo Seeks Fantastic Forever Home 


Hi! Barnacle Bob and Kracken here. We are 8-month-old, playful teenagers looking for our forever family. We believe ourselves to be up there with some of the best duos of all time. We are without a doubt, the next Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie, Macaroni and Cheese. 
We have just recently graduated kitty etiquette school, where we majored in the art of catching the laser pointer and minored in cat naps. We received top marks in all our classes. 
If you are looking for double the entertainment, double the snuggles and double the love, we are the perfect kitties for you. After all, it is true what they say: sometimes two is better than one!
Gregory - happy adopted Cat Depot kitty

Prince Charming Seeks Happily Ever After

Hello, my name is Gregory. I am 8 years old and what the ladies tend to call “tall, dark and handsome.” Apparently that is something to be desired. Aside from my sleek physique and debonair attitude, I am an overall down-to-earth cat. 

I consider myself a shadow cat. But not because of my dark coat, but due to the fact that I like to accompany people everywhere they go. Sitting still? That is fine. I will curl up in your lap until we move on to our next adventure of the day. 
If you are looking for your prince charming, come on in and find me. I cannot wait to live happily ever after with you.
Happy adopted kitty, Scooter

Active Male Seeks Active Forever Home

Scooter is my name, and playing is my game. I am a laser pointer enthusiast, feather fanatic and a catnip connoisseur. I am looking for an active family who also is mentally stimulating, as I enjoy a great conversation and being cuddled, almost as much as I like playing.  
When I am not playing, I like to lounge around and daydream of finding my forever home. If you are looking for a new active family member and love playing, please come in and make my daydreams come true.  
Adopted kitty, Pocahontas

Loving Female Seeks Life of Happiness

Hello, my name is Pocahontas. I came to Cat Depot unexpectedly when my previous owners decided to abandon me in a carrier with nothing but a handwritten note stating my name and birth date. 
When I first arrived at Cat Depot, I spent my days contemplating what I had done to deserve such abandonment. Was it because I grew up and was no longer a kitten? Was I not good enough? Did they not love me anymore? Then, I realized how silly I was being. Yes I grew up, but I matured into a fabulous feline, and let’s be honest—who WOULDN’T love me? 
Now that I have realized the problem certainly was not me, I am ready to move on and find out what it truly means to be loved unconditionally. And, since my first family was a dud, I have made it my life’s mission to find a family more deserving of all the love I have to offer.
If you are looking for an independent, playful and loving lifelong companion, I am the perfect girl for you. Come in and see me; I will be eagerly waiting to meet you. 
Happy Adopted Cat Depot kitty, Ryan

Happy-Go-Lucky Youngster Seeks Forever Family

My name is Ryan, and I just celebrated my first birthday. I am an extremely optimistic and fun-loving kitty who enjoys just about any kind of activity. 
My last two families had some life changes and had to bring me back to Cat Depot. Needless to say, I am looking for an outgoing family who is ready to love me forever. 
Each and every day, you can find me romping around my pod with my suite mates or chasing a ping pong ball. I also enjoy cuddling, as well as a good conversation. I am a very well-rounded kitty who has a limitless amount of love to give. 

If you are looking for a fun-loving, playful, young-and-dapper kitty, I am the one for you. Please come by and see me. I would be so happy if you are the lucky family who gets to take me home.

Tina found her forever home!

Purr-sonable Pussycat Seeks Purr-fect Purr-son

My name is Tina, and I am a personable Torbie—or tortoiseshell tabby—who is looking for a lifetime of commitment, love and affection. As a retired mother of three beautiful kittens, I would enjoy finding a home in which I can put up my paws and relax. A dream come true would be spending my post-mommy years sprawled out on a couch, browsing through my favorite books (I think I have earned it!).
When I am not relaxing and reading, I like to stay active by playing with a feather toy or anything with tassels.
If you are looking for a laid back, intellectual cat who still knows how to roll around and have fun, then I am the kitty for you. Come in and visit me; let’s bond over a good book!
Tink found her forever home


Tink came to Cat Depot in January of 2013 when her mom went into a nursing home. She is middle aged, and full of life when you bring out a laser pointer. Tink enjoys the company of other cats and dogs. She may have a small frame, but this girl likes to eat. 

One of her favorite activities is lounging on top of a cat tree watching the birds on TV. Tink is not the most outspoken cat in her pod. Instead she waits quietly for you to come to her. Just give her a few good chin scratches and she will melt in your hands. Tink loves to sit in laps and would be the perfect “couch potato” companion.
Come visit Tink today - she is patiently waiting for you. 
Oreo at Cat Depot

Optimistic Feline Seeks Life of Adventure

My name is Oreo. I am a curious nine-month-old female. I am extremely lovable and open-minded. My view on life is “the treat bowl is always half full,” and there is adventure in every situation. In my spare time I enjoy lizard watching, laser pointer chasing and making new friends. 
I believe that everyone you meet is another potential friend and I never pass up a chance to introduce myself. If you also view the world as your cat tree and are looking for a new life and best friend, come in and see me.
I cannot wait to meet you!


Puma Thurman found her forever home

Puma Thurman
Super Model Searches for Super Home

I am an ambitious one-year-old female with dreams of becoming an actress/super model. Along with my big dreams, I also have a big heart and I'm ready to love a forever family. Outside of being an aspiring model/actress, I enjoy the simple things in life: cat naps, laser pointers and being brushed (I have to be super model-ready at all times). 

I am looking for a loving forever home and a family who will be supportive of my dreams. If you have experience with giving great chin scratches and can do hair and make-up (a model needs an entourage!), have your people call my people. 
Velvet found her forever home


Velvet is a "tri-pod" kitty. She lost her leg as a kitten. She was most likely hit by a car when she was living on the streets as an unwanted stray. Her unfortunate circumstances haven't deterred her one bit, though. She is full of life and looking forward to her future in a loving home.

With her sleek black coat and striking green eyes, Velvet acts as official greeter at the door to her suite. Her goal is to get the attention of all the visitors. She knows there’s a happy, safe home out there for her and she’s determined to find the right person to bring her to it.
Because of her positive attitude, Velvet is this week’s award winner for “Most Hopeful.”
Carmichael Found His Forever Home

Prince Charming Seeks Fairytale Ending

I am tall, dark, handsome and eagerly searching for my true love’s kiss. Do not let my size fool you; I may be big boned, but I am a sucker for love. In my spare time, I enjoy writing poetry, watching romantic comedies, star gazing and quoting Shakespeare.  
I am your typical hopeless romantic. I love unconditionally and would fight dragons for my one true love. I would love nothing more than to live happily ever after with my forever family.
If you are in need of a Prince Charming and believe in fairytales, come find me. I will be appropriately waiting high up in my kitty castle. 
Miles Found His Forever Home

Mr. Congeniality Seeks Love and Commitment

My name is Miles, and I am 10 years young. I recently was voted Cat Depot’s “Mr. Congeniality.” Apparently, this means I am this month’s best overall cat. I received this honor because of my playful demeanor and lovable lap cat nature. Honestly, I was just being myself, but hey, I’ve never won anything before, so I am not complaining. 
I am a gentle soul looking for a loving home with a nice window for bird watching and a gentle hand for petting. Now that I have won “Mr. Congeniality,” there is only one more thing I would love to win—your heart. 
Coco found her forever home



Coco has traveled down a rough road on her journey to find a forever home. She was rescued from a terrible hoarding situation along with 700 other cats, and she has lost all of her teeth due to a gum condition called stomatitis. She's never lost her sweet disposition, though.
Even without teeth, one of Coco’s favorite activities is eating - both dry and wet food. She's addicted to television and loves watching the sea birds on the cat sitter video in her suite. She is always looking for affection from visitors and one of her favorite things is being brushed. When she’s brushed, her unique and rare white undercoat shines through.
With her beautiful, extra soft fur, Coco is this week’s winner for “Best Coat.”



I am a single, two-year-old female who is an outgoing socialite and retired mother of five. With the kids grown and out of the nest, it is now the purrfect time in my life to find a loving home. Besides being an amazing mother to three biological children and two foster children, my hobbies include: singing, spoken word poetry and sunbathing.

I love adventure, back scratches and feather toys. And, I would love to find a home that fulfills these life essentials. I am great with children, other cats and dogs (while dogs are rather annoying, I don’t mind them being around). 

If you have room in your family and are looking for a snuggly, talkative, personable family member, I am your girl.

Oscar was adopted



I am a two year old, black and white, domestic short hair looking for the perfect lap to relax on. Many cats enjoy cat trees or beds, however, I feel there is no place better than the warmth and comfort of a lap. Along with a love of lap naps, I enjoy day time television, chin scratches and intellectual conversations. 
I would love nothing more than to curl up with you and watch your favorite TV shows, or even keep you company while you read a book. If you are looking for a companion and have available lap space, please stop by and see me, I would love to test out your lap. 
Mewtini found her forever home



While we can’t tell you much about Mewtini’s past, we can tell you that she is just a year old and she is a top shelf choice. Mewtini has one of the most stunning coats you will ever see and she will let you brush her for hours.  And like her namesake, she goes with everything – other cats and all types of people.

Mewtini does like to look her best, but she isn't afraid of letting her hair down and cutting loose. Bust out a laser pointer and she goes crazy! Mewtini intently hunts down that little red dot with lightning-fast reflexes.
So whether you are looking for a cuddler to relax with you on the couch or a playful pet to help you have some fun after a long day at work, Mewtini should be at the top of your menu.
Creme Brulee was Adopted

Crème Brulee


Don’t let her “grumpy cat” face fool you – Crème Brulee is an absolute love. This stunning 14 year old Himalayan mix was found abandoned on Tamiami Trail. 
When she is not soaking up sunrays on the lanai, Crème Brulee usually takes up post next to the door of her suite to greet visitors as they enter. While she loves receiving pets and chin scratches, her true passion is chasing flighty feathers.
Come spend a few minutes with her and you’ll see why Crème Brulee is a sweet treat that you’ll just have to take home with you.

Featured Kitty Zeke needs a home for the holidaysZeke


Two-year old Zeke is one of the sweetest tabby cats on Earth. Zeke has luxating patellas, sometimes referred to as “floating kneecaps.” Zeke is a friendly boy who is always looking for affection, and he is more than happy to claim you as his own with his special head butts and rubs. He enjoys kisses and conversation. You name it - Zeke loves it.           

Zeke is one of our "Friends Like Me" kitties. .

Zsa Zsa found her forever home

Zsa Zsa


Everyday Zsa Zsa continues to amaze the staff, volunteers and visitors at Cat Depot. This beautiful torbie (a mix between a tabby and tortoiseshell coloring) was one of 34 cats rescued from the Napier Log Cabin Horse and Animal Sanctuary.  Despite her previous circumstances, she is the most loving cat you will ever meet. When she’s not in your lap getting pets or being brushed, she likes to cuddle up with the other cats. 
Zsa Zsa is also our star leash walker. She can be seen cruising up and down the halls in her stylish harness, setting a prime example for the rest of our aspiring leash walking kitties. And of course, she has to squeeze some play time into her busy schedule. Zsa Zsa loves going after “Da Bird” and it usually becomes a friendly competition in the suite to see which cat can catch it first.  
It’s a mystery how she can fit in all of these activities between her cat naps, but somehow Zsa Zsa makes it work – she just might be a “Supercat.” 
Rue is a happy adopted kitty



I am a 3 year old, independent, full-figured, Manx looking for a family who will love me and all my “quirks.”
I have been told my strong-willed nature can be a little intimidating, but truth be told, I want to find a home that will help me break from my reputation and smooth out all my rough edges. I really am a loving girl, who enjoys cat tree climbing, feather toys and lounging on the patio. I am ready to find a life-long companion who I can confide in, take long naps with, and trust with my secrets; all in all I really just want a best friend.
If you too, have a love for cat naps, the feeling of the summer breeze blowing through your whiskers, and are in need of a best friend, just give me a meow. 
Lola II Featured Cat

Lola II


Lola ll likes a lot of things.

She likes laying on her back while sunning herself on the lanai. She likes affection and a good chin scratch. She also likes her feline pod mates.

What she doesn’t like, and what brought her back to Cat Depot, is having to share a loving home with a silly dog.

If your home is silly dog free, this 4-year old black beauty with emerald eyes and a cute white belly could be the kitty for you!



Mia found her forever home



Mia, a gorgeous, front paw declawed, medium hair tortoise shell, was originally relinquished to Cat Depot in 2009. Her owner’s fiancé had severe allergies to her. We were not surprised however, when less than a week later; she was adopted by a new family.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be her forever home, and Mia was brought back in March of 2013.

Since then, Mia has lived in a shelter environment, and it is taking a toll on her loving spirit.  Once a door greeter, eager to receive attention from everyone, she now keeps mainly to herself.   All Mia needs however, is someone to renew her affectionate nature.  This beautiful, graceful girl will make a great lap cat for someone.

Lone Star - adopted Cat Depot kitty

Lone Star


They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And Lone Star’s purr motor is no exception. Brought here with her brother, Austin from Texas as part of an exchange program, Lone Star has had quite the journey. 

This sleek bobtail kitten was very scared when she first got to Cat Depot. She has learned to trust over time, though. If you show her a little patience, her gentle sweet side comes out in full force. Once you get her to accept your affection, you will surely hear why she is the winner of this week's “Best Purr” award.
Peppermint Patty and Sally were adopted from Cat Depot

Peppermint Patty and Sally

Peppermint Patty and her sister Sally arrived here last summer as scared little kittens. They were unfortunately overlooked for adoption because they were so shy. Even though they had the misfortune of growing up in a shelter, they at least always had each other. 
Peppermint Patty and Sally are now well adjusted, happy cats. They are routinely seen snuggled up for a nap together or are found grooming each other. They are also very playful. They have a lot of fun chasing laser lights and feather toys together. This bonded pair is this week’s “Best Duo.”
Fritz found his forever home!



Fritz’s story is one that’s heard all too often. His previous owner passed away, and with no one to look after him, he ended up at Cat Depot. This chubby guy has glaucoma in his right eye, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. And with a bit of luck, we hope he will be off meds soon. 
Fritz loves all the attention he can get. He can usually be found in a volunteer or visitor lap getting lots of pets and kisses. One of the most endearing quirks that set Fritz apart is that he likes to “suckle.” When you visit, he may even leave a wet spot on your shirt!  Spend a few minutes with Fritz and it will be clear why he is this month’s winner for “Best Lap Cat.”
Buttercup Found Her Forever Home


In August of 2012, Buttercup was found abandoned and starving in an alleyway.  A beautiful Lynx Point Siamese mix, it was obvious she was not meant to live her life on the streets. Luckily, she was brought to Cat Depot.  
Being an older gal, Buttercup spends most of her day resting in a big, cushy bed. Once in a while, when she thinks no one is looking, Buttercup will play like a kitten with small toy mice, batting at them and running all around.  The highlight of her day is mealtime. She will let you know when it is time for her wet food, and she can’t get enough of those fish flavors!  And thanks to her biggest fan, Emily, in Massachusetts, Buttercup is never without her favorite food. Buttercup receives “care packages” from Emily filled with food, treats and toys. She willingly shares her treats and toys with the other kitties, but it’s "paws off" on her food!
Although Buttercup has enjoyed a life of care and comfort for the last year and a half, she yearns for a home she can call her own.
Blink Found Her Forever Home


Blink was brought to Cat Depot because her owner was unable to afford her care. At the time, Blink was overweight and a diabetic who required daily insulin shots. Now Blink has lost a few pounds and she’s on a diet that is keeping her slim and healthy. She no longer needs any medication.
Blink is a real sweetheart who loves to sit out on the patio on a sunny day. She is curious and friendly, and she loves attention. And with her unique "croaky" little meow, who can resist her?
She is also a natural at leash walking. We would like to think that she knows it is part of keeping physically fit. We suspect she just thinks it is fun.
Morgan Found Her Forever Home


Did you know that in many cultures, tortoiseshell cats are said to bring good luck? So before you buy your next lotto ticket, stop by and visit Morgan!  
She’s a beautiful, friendly little lady. Morgan is three-years old and has an outgoing personality. She likes dogs and even walks on a leash! While she may be a good- luck charm to those around her, will you bring her some good fortune and be her forever friend? 
Larry found his forever home!



Larry was found with his two brothers, Moe and Curly, abandoned as kittens in a trailer park. They were hungry and scared when a Good Samaritan found them and brought them home. Unfortunately, this person was unknowingly allergic to cats so the kittens were eventually brought to us.
Larry is the last of the “Three Stooges” waiting to find a loving, forever home. Until that happens, he plans on making the best of his time here. He is a popular playmate with the other cats in his suite and he can be found playing with an array of different toys. It’s all about having fun for this adorable tabby.
Thai Found his Forever Home


Thai is a beautiful Snowshoe Siamese who has a certain charm about him. Maybe it’s his confident swagger. Or maybe it's his kitten-like playfulness. Or it just might be those spectacular blue eyes.
Thai is one of our mature FIV-positive cats. He is very healthy, though and is full of energy. He is the first cat to greet you at the door and he loves a good chin scratch.
Once you get a look at his beautiful face, you will be mesmerized by his baby blues and you will know why he is this week’s winner for “Prettiest Eyes.”
FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It's a lentivirus, meaning that it progresses very slowly, gradually affecting a cat's immune system. It is passed through blood transfusions and through serious, penetrating bite wounds - mainly by stray, intact tom cats. The most well-known lentivirus in humans is HIV. But the two are not at all the same, and you can't get FIV from a cat. In fact, the only thing about FIV that you can catch is a bad case of the rumors.
Despite what many people think, cats with this condition can live perfectly long, happy, healthy lives. Read more...
Harrison found his forever home


This tall, handsome cat once had a loving home, but his owners fell on hard times and they could no longer afford to properly care for him. Since being back at Cat Depot, Harrison has made the best of a sad situation.
Harrison is a very easy going cat. His calm nature seems to put the new arrivals at ease. He’s also really good with kids. Nothing seems to rattle him.
Because of his exceptional personality, Harrison is this week’s “Mr. Congeniality.” 
Won't you give Harrison a second chance?
Stuart was adopted


Stuart’s owner was moving and he couldn’t bring Stuart with him. He was going to just let him outside to fend for himself. Luckily, a neighbor got involved before that happened. Now, Stuart is safely at Cat Depot looking for a forever home.
Stuart has a lot of wonderful things going for him. He is quite interactive. He loves to talk, and he’ll come when you call him. He’s a master leash walker, and he loves to sit on laps and be petted. He also has great whiskers and a melodic meow.
When you add all of these things up, Stuart easily wins this week’s award for “Best Overall Cat.”
Petunia found her loving home



Petunia is a sweet, fun, and playful little girl. 

Only one year old, she still has lots of energy for play but also loves to snuggle in your lap. Petunia is petite and has adorable, round green eyes and soft fur that is white with gray patches. 

Spend some playtime with this delightful girl, and you can't help but smile.


Fenway was adopted!



Fenway Park in Boston has loyal baseball fans, and you will be a loyal fan of our Fenway once you meet him!  

A young cat, just over two years old, Fenway is a beautiful gray tabby with white paws who will follow you everywhere!  He is very friendly and gets along well with other cats, dogs, and children.

Come meet Fenway and take him home, and you both will have a home run!

Photo by Connie Summers




This beautiful girl is looking for the love of her life. And once you meet this black beauty and experience her sweet personality, you may just fall in love. 

Sadly it has never been more than a first date for this gorgeous girl who grew up at Cat Depot. Her four siblings found their forever homes but Valentine is still waiting for Cupid’s arrow to strike.
She may seem a little aloof at first, but what she really wants is to sleep at the foot of your bed. Will you find room in your heart for her? 
Donner and Blitzen

Donner & Blitzen


Donner and Blitzen were adopted into the same home as kittens. They grew up together and are definitely a bonded pair. Unfortunately, the person who adopted them developed severe allergies and had to return them. 

These big boys are very sweet and they get along well with the other cats. They love to play and they are still seen occasionally snuggling up together for an afternoon nap. That’s why Donner & Blitzen are this week’s “Best Duo” award winner.


If cats won awards for being really big and stunningly handsome, Slinky would have a large collection of trophies and ribbons. This gregarious feline weighs in at a solid 18 pounds.  His size doesn’t slow him down, though. Slinky still likes to run around and play when not lounging on the patio on a sunny day.
This plus-size super model will probably do best being the only cat in the home. Slinky doesn’t do well when he’s challenged to a “who’s the fairest feline of them all” contest. He’d rather be the sole recipient of someone’s undying and well-deserved adoration. 


Shelby was transferred to us from Sarasota Animal Services. She is 3-years old and had been there for almost two years, which is most of her adult life. At Animal Services, she was quiet and shy and often overlooked. She never gave up hope, though.
Since coming to Cat Depot, Shelby has really blossomed. She loves people and she enjoys the company of the other cats. She also loves to sit outside on the catio on sunny days.
Shelby is a sweet cat with a big heart who is very excited about finding a forever home. Because of this, she is this week’s “Most Hopeful” award winner.



Mollie is a beautiful tuxedo cat who is located in our Chubby Pod. She is a big girl with a big appetite for food and for fun. Because of all of the running around and playing that she does, plus a little help from the low calorie food, she is almost back to her ideal weight.
Mollie is friendly and sociable with people and with other cats. She likes to roll on her back and tempt the other cats to play with her. She also goes crazy when someone gets out the dangling feather toy.
Because Mollie is always ready for some fun, she is this week’s “Most Playful” award winner.
Mrs. Whiskers

Mrs. Whiskers


Spending your life outside is a thought that might not cross your mind often. For Mrs. Whiskers, the start of her life in Florida began outside.
She has settled into her role as an indoor cat and is often found perched on a cat tree, that was donated and placed in Maloney’s Suite. She fills her days playing with her pod mates, watching TV and planning her escape from the pod. She's known as the escape artist here.
Mrs. Whiskers loves everyone including kids, adults, dogs and other cats. This petite gal with the face of an angel longs for a life filled with belly rubs, nose kisses, laps and love. Perhaps you are the one to share in this love fest and make Mrs. Whiskers a part of your family?
Keeper was adopted



What’s in a name? Everything, when it comes to this great cat. 
Unfortunately, Keeper’s last owner was not taking care of him properly and he was left to fend for himself most of the time. Amazingly, this experience has not affected his trust of people. He knows there’s a loving, caring home out there for him.
This tall, handsome young man is easy-going and very lovable. He still loves to play with toys, and he’s always receptive to meeting new people. Once you meet this cat, you’ll know he’s a definite keeper.
Robin was adopted



Robin is a lovely, demure little lady who was left behind by her previous owner. Four years young, Robin is an affectionate and quiet lap cat. She will love to just sit with you and hear about your day. She is good with children and other cats, and she would love for you to take her home and show her what a real family is all about.


Curacao was adopted


One of the cutest things about Curacao is how much he enjoys being brushed! While he does not shed excessively, his fluffy black and white fur is just gorgeous when brushed every day. And, boy, does he love that! 
Curacao is FIV positive, but that does not bother him at all. As a favorite amongst visitors and with his "pod-mates," Curacao gets along with everyone. Although he has many admirers, Curacao is dreaming of that special person that he can shower with affection someday. 
Adopt Curacao…and the hairbrush is included!
Squeaky was adopted


Squeaky is easy going and gets along with all of the cats in her suite. She is a loving girl who likes having a high place to lounge about.
We aren't really sure how Squeaky got her name because she is a very quiet and peaceful kitty. She doesn't even make a sound!
Squeaky is a lap cat who loves to be petted and a good chin scratch will make her day. Her favorite time of the day is treat time. It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy.
Rio was adopted



Rio has had a long journey to get where she is now. Rescued from Caboodle Ranch, and then a single mom of three, Rio is still very optimistic about her future. 

Rio is as sweet as she is playful. She loves a variety of toys, and routinely found blissfully playing by herself. She also enjoys special attention and a good chin scratch. When she gets her motor going, you will know why she is this week's award-winner for "Best Purr."
Primrose was adopted


Primrose was found hiding in a flower bed in someone’s yard. She was lost, scared, and hungry. The people who found her named her after the bed of flowers where she was found. They were unable to keep her so they brought her to Cat Depot. 
Primrose is not scared or hungry anymore, but she is still looking for a forever home. This petite, beautiful girl will win your heart if given a chance. She just needs to sit in someone’s lap for awhile so she can show them how amazingly sweet she is.


Brody was adopted


Brody was brought to us because his caregiver was unable to continue to take proper care of him and his three housemates. Losing his home has been a hard transition, but winning the award of “Best Lap Cat” has given him new hope for the future.
Brody is a very affectionate and loving cat who gets along well with other cats. He has medium length black hair and bright green eyes. He loves affection (and laps), and if given the opportunity, he will show you why he’s this month’s award winner.
Shadow was adopted



Shadow is a gentle, loving boy who was abandoned on the streets by his previous owners. 
He is one year old and has a wonderful, laid-back personality. He enjoys belly rubs and likes to lay with his tummy up and paws curled to show off his adorable white patches. Shadow is good around other cats and would make a great couch buddy.
He is just waiting for his new family to come take him home.
Lotus found her forever family



Lotus was found as a pregnant stray. In foster care, she gave birth to three handsome orange tabby boys. With maternal duties behind her, she is now ready to start a new chapter in her life.
Lotus, like the flower, is beautiful and serene. Her presence will brighten up your home and her eyes will melt your heart. She loves to be petted and she loves to get special attention.

Lotus is waiting to find a loving and happy home where she can blossom.

Priscilla found a home for the holidays



Born into a hoarding situation Born into a neglectful hoarding situation, Priscilla is waiting for someone to love. A shy, sweet girl, she adores being petted and closes her eyes with contentment. Her plush fur is mostly white with patches of tabby grey. Shower her with treats and gentle chin scratches, and Priscilla will love you forever.



Angela found her forever home



Angela is a 12-year-old Snowshoe who, through no fault of her own, is looking for a loving home where she can live out her golden years. She is truly an “angel,” with cornflower-blue eyes, a plush chocolate coat and gorgeous white markings. 

Unbelievably, this sweet de-clawed kitty was replaced in her home by new, younger cats.  

Since arriving at Cat Depot, Angela has been a pleasure to be around. Angela still has plenty of character and spunk – she is always ready for a little game or a dose of love and affection. She has so much love to give and thrives on one-on-one attention, light conversation and head-butts. Adopt Angela…for a match made in heaven!   



A nature lover who needs a lanai, Marshmallow is waiting to bask in the sunlight in her new home.  Abandoned to fend for herself, this snow white beauty now waits for a family to show her that she will never be alone again. 

She is an energetic cat who sleek body loves to jump from perch to perch.  Food motivated, she will easily learn new tricks.  Born in 2008, could you be the one to show Marshmallow what love is all about?



S'mores found her forever home!


The “Red, White and Mew” program is why this beautiful little girl is with us. This program allows anyone in the armed services, who is being deployed for active service, the opportunity to relinquish their cat to us if needed. 
S'mores is a petite cat with wonderfully unique markings. She is a confident, affectionate and loving cat. She is also very patriotic. She knows that waiting patiently for her new forever home is her call to duty!
Shadow found his forever home!



Shadow’s previous owner had an unfortunate lifestyle change that could no longer include him. 

This handsome boy is waiting for his new home where he can wait by the door to greet his owners. Shadow has long, dark-chocolate colored fur that is silky soft.

He is playful, interactive and even walks on a leash! Just spending a little time with Shadow will brighten your life!

Maggie Adopted



This active little girl's eyes light up when she sees any toy that is dangling from a string. And she can’t resist a good game of laser tag.

You would never know that Maggie was once all alone and hungry.  Maggie has captured our hearts and she is ready to capture yours.  She gets along well with other cats and does not seem to mind dogs.  

Grab a ping pong ball and come play with Maggie. She will return your love in endless kisses.

Patrick was adopted!



Patrick is a 10-month-old black kitten with the most adorable face ever! Our little “mini panther” is sleek and elegant, with silky-soft fur and golden eyes. Patrick loves playing with his toys and with the other cats, but at the end of the day, he wants nothing more than to curl up in a loving lap for a little mutual adoration. 

Speaking of adoration, did you know that ancient Egyptians worshipped black cats and considered them to be good luck? Or that nowadays, many people consider black cats to be more loving than other cats?

Adopt our Patrick - we promise that good luck and love will fall right into your lap!

Ninja Adopted


Ninja has had quite the journey on her way to finding her forever home. She came to Cat Depot as a scared and starving little kitten after being rescued by two very kind volunteers (a mom and her son). They had to coax her out from under a stove before bringing her to safety.
While being examined at Cat Depot, the vet techs realized that her left front and rear legs were broken. Ninja was immediately brought to an emergency clinic to have both legs put in casts.
Ninja adjusted to the casts very quickly. They didn't slow her down one bit. In fact, upon recently having her casts removed, Ninja refused to walk on her own legs at first. It must have seemed strange to her to walk on her own legs after having grown up with the overwhelming casts as part of her body. But once again, she adjusted quickly and now she is running around and playing with the rest of the kittens. And she is finally ready for her journey to forever home to be complete.
Smokey Adopted


As summer approaches, downtown Sarasota has less activity and the snowbirds head home. City Hall was a lucky place for Smokey and her babies because the women who found her downtown knew she could have a better life.
Smokey has gorgeous markings with dark grey and cream fur that feels like silk. She is active, loving and quite the greeter in Taza Territory where she lives temporarily until she finds a forever home.
Smokey has a strong will to bond with her person, so when you come to visit this petite kitty, bring a carrier (you will need it!) to take her home. 
Zeus Adopted



Zeus is one of the many adorable kittens who are up for adoption at Cat Depot. He is a gorgeous silver tabby who was adopted but then returned by someone who didn’t realize that they had a severe cat allergy. 

Zeus plans on living up to his name someday. He will be big and strong and brave just like the Greek god. But for now, he’s just tons of fun and full of great kitten energy.  
Riesling has been adopted!



Riesling is a handsome and debonair gentleman cat with big golden eyes, soft black fur, and a gentle disposition.

Quiet and intelligent, Riesling enjoys chasing cat teasers and playing fetch with small toys. He also loves one-on-one companionship, being talked to, petted, and having his chin scratched.
Riesling is good with cats, dogs, and children of all ages, which makes him the perfect addition to any family!
Blondie has been adopted



Blondie has longed for the comforts of home since the day she came to Cat Depot.  When Foster Volunteer Mike called in to see if we had someone he could foster, she was our immediate choice.  So, off she went to live with Mike and try life as she had hoped it would be for her permanently.  A curious calico with personality and gorgeous cream coloring, Blondie spent her waking moments wandering from room to room.  Mike said, “I can’t imagine, with how curious she is, how Blondie gets along at the shelter.”  We know how good it is here at Cat Depot, but Blondie now knows what it’s like to be in a home.  Blondie most enjoyed spending hours napping on Mike’s lap as he watched movies at night.  Blondie now peeks out of the office she lives in back at Cat Depot, and we can tell this is the last place she wants to spend her life.  We can imagine that Blondie must have been thinking that being home with Mike was heaven on earth.  I know the top of her wish list this season is a home…does the top of your wish list have room for a new addition?

Calamity Jane has been Adopted

Calamity Jane

Unlike her legendary namesake, Calamity Jane has a gentle spirit and sweet disposition. This beautiful girl is young, slim and petite with gorgeous brown and red tortoiseshell tabby markings. 
Calamity Jane is a talker who loves human companionship. She personally greets every visitor, searching for a person (and lap) of her very own. 

Come fall in love with Calamity Jane today; she is waiting for you.



Mimi is an adorable gray tabby, with exotic green eyes and a sweet little heart-shaped nose that matches her personality.

Mimi has everything anyone could possibly want in a companion: intelligence, a loving disposition and a fun spirit. She loves one-on-one attention, interactive play and being held and carried. Mimi equally loves the quiet side of life and enjoys a good nap on your lap or in your company.

On a scale of 1 to 10, she may be an 11!




My name is Meela, and I'm a very special kitty. I was born with extra toes - people call me a polydactyl or "Hemingway Cat." I'm not so sure about those names - I just know that I've got "mittens" on my front and back paws. With all these extra toes, I'm able to do extraordinary things - like ballet dance and calculate difficult equations. 


Did I mention my fur?  I'm soft like a bunny rabbit and my brown tabby coat is shiny with striking markings. You won't be able to resist petting me! I'm ready for my forever home and promise I will make you smile every day.  




Cats offer peace, love, and tranquility to the lives of their human.  Everyone knows that, especially the kitties at Cat Depot. Jeanne wants to know if you need someone like her in your life. Jeanne has been here at Cat Depot long enough to see most everyone pass her by as they file in to the kitten pod. I’m not sure they realize what they are missing in this caring, mature female. If you love to read, grab a book and prepare yourself for a lap full of love. Wanting some great conversation, Jeanne will purr up a storm and convince you that her opinion is the only one that matters. Stop by and see Jeanne, she is the petite tabby with big yellow eyes searching for the one person who knows that being an older woman is a good thing..



This little girl with her moon pie face loves to be held. She will curl up and nuzzle herself under your chin while she purrs. Sweet and demure, MacKenzie is a lover.

Stop by Hugh's Playhouse and give her a kiss. She'll kiss you right back! 




Tabitha never knew where her next meal was coming from. Now her only concern is finding a home with a warm bed to lay her head and a bowl full of food to keep her from being hungry again. Tabitha is a purring machine waiting for her next lap to curl up in to fall asleep.  These beautiful green eyes have a story to tell of her past. Maybe you can be the one who gives this gorgeous tabby girl a home for the holidays.



Frisco is intelligent, charming and very engaging. He has big green eyes, beautiful tabby markings, and personality to spare. Frisco is a very good boy and all he needs is to make one final move to a fur-ever home!

Like everyone at Cat Depot, Frisco is waiting for that special someone who will simply love him for himself (with or without the bunny ears – preferably without)! Frisco would love nothing more than to be your best buddy and follow you around all day, whether lounging or playing.
Frisco is good with other cats, dogs and children.  He is just a well-rounded boy. You could not ask for a better friend or good sport! 



Lola is two years old and a sweet girl looking for a quiet home to call her own. She gets along great with other kitties. She can be playful, but would much rather curl up on someone’s lap and go to sleep. Lola looks foward to being held and brushed. This black beauty waits every day for the right person to fall in love with. Come and visit with her today.





Tiger is a declawed adult whose owner unfortunately could no longer care for him due to her medical issues. Although he misses his home, this plush-soft boy loves one-on-one attention. Just spend a little quiet time with him and he will climb into your lap and warm your heart.

Tiger is good with children, dogs, and other cats. He is eager for his new family to bring him home.



We are not sure which is more difficult - to be deployed to defend our country, or to realize you cannot bring your cat with you. For Debbie, this decision became a reality, and she phoned Cat Depot. Operation Red, White and Mew was established in 2010 to assist our men and women in the military who are being deployed. Boots is a big, beautiful tabby who at first seems very shy. With a soft voice and perhaps a Friskies treat or two, he will melt into your hand. Boots loves his toys and laser light, so why not come by Cat Depot and help him settle in to Jack & Lucy’s Place?  Better yet, if you love big, beautiful boys, with more love to give than you can imagine, come and give him a forever home.  We’d love to call his former family to tell them their Boots has started his new life so they have one less thing to worry about back home.

James Bond


Because he was found on the street, all alone, no one really knows much about James Bond. If he could only speak, he could fill in the blanks. Suffice it to say his life was miserable and he thought he was destined to fight for his survival, never knowing whether he would make it to the next sunrise.  Until one day, someone noticed him…

James Bond will always be grateful to the human responsible for bringing him to Cat Depot, where he has a chance to find his own human family, and to be loved and protected.  His world would be complete if you choose him to be your kitty companion forever.



When my former owners left the condominium where I used to live, I thought they would be coming back for me.  I had no food or water, and count not imagine them just leaving forever.

Thankfully, compassionate neighbors rescued me when they heard my cries for help.  Without them, I could not have survived.  I still love people despite my past, and love to be loved.  I would give anything to go to a loving home where humans would protect, and love me back. 

Miracles Do Happen


On his way to work, Saif was thinking that something amazing was going to happen on 12/12/12. It was in that moment that Saif watched an 18-wheeler truck speed down State Road 70 and pass over a small fluffy ball of fur in the middle of the road. As he got closer, he realized to his horror that it was a little gray kitten. Driving his car to the side of the busy highway, he dodged cars and ran into traffic to scoop up the kitten. To his amazement, the huge truck had passed over her, and she didn’t appear to have a scratch! Both Saif and the six-week old kitten were completely shaken when they arrived at Cat Depot for help. Vet techs and volunteers took turns comforting the shivering kitten.  A thorough check up confirmed that the kitten was a-okay.  It seemed only fitting, to call this sweet kitten, Miracle. 



As the Holiday season approaches, downtown Sarasota is the place to be for lots of reasons. It was a lucky place for Roscoe because the woman who found him downtown knew he could have a better life. Roscoe found his way to Cat Depot as a kitten. He is active, loving, and all teenager when it comes to his play time. He loves his feather, laser light and just about any other toy you give him.  Roscoe is a handsome brown tabby and may be small in stature but makes up for it with his desire to play hard. Roscoe has a strong will to bond with his person so when you come to visit him in Suite 5 bring a carrier; you will need it to take him home. 



When our lives are perfect, it seems easy to get along and find our way. Our days are filled with good health, love, and happiness. Pepper has a life filled with love, but his health has a way of making people think twice. Pepper may have come to Cat Depot with pneumonia which caused a collapsed lung, but with fur like velvet and a purr like a Chevy engine, he has become the new love of our lives. Hold him in your arms and he quickly makes himself comfortable by laying on his back, just asking for a tummy rub. Followed by nose kisses, this boy is bound and determined to find his way into your heart. Pepper is perfect in our eyes, and if you come and visit him, he will quickly convince you that he is the next love of your life. 



It’s often debated whether blondes really do have more fun, and our Laila is proof that they do.  She’s a girl who knows what she wants and it’s a home with you - and she’s waiting here at Cat Depot just waiting for you. Now, she may have put on a few pounds since her kitten heyday, but we still think that she is one of the foxiest blondes around. 

Laila, who is entering her senior years is longing for someone to fall in love with her again. We find her spending her days sitting and waiting at the door, watching all the visitors passing by, probably thinking, “Is the person here to take me home? Is it my turn yet to get picked?” When she does have a visitor stop to see her, she gives them nothing but the royal cat treatment. Leg rubs, loving blinks as if she was saying “Will you be the one to love me forever?” and a purr that starts as soon you scratch her chin.

Are you the person that our Laila dreams of? Why don’t you come into Cat Depot and experience all the love Laila has to give you? We have a feeling you’ll love her back just as much and even more.




A gentle hand, a slow blink of your eyes, and patience will capture the heart of our Cinder.  In a world of unknowns, Cinder is wondering how she got to Cat Depot and when can she go home.  Cinder caught the eye of one of our volunteers who brought her special qualities to light.

When she came to us, Cinder was unsure of human contact.  With a little patience, we were able to show Cinder that she was in a safe and loving environment.  Her soft black fur is like velvet and her eyes are the color of solid gold.  What a little time and patience can accomplish!  Now, you can sit with Cinder in Hughes Playhouse and watch her favorite show on television.  She loves to watch the seagulls on the beach and the lizards in the grass!  Bring Cinder home and watch her blossom into the cat we know she can be when you make her part of the family.


Stop by Cat Depot and see if Cinder is the next love of your life!  She will return your love ten-fold.



I read once that fear of the unknown is like driving through thick fog.  We can only see what’s in front of us, a couple of feet. There is too much unknown out there about FIV. We don’t know what lies up ahead for a cat that is FIV positive, and that starts to breed fear. So, what do we know?

Ryan is an amazing cat with a heart the size of Sarasota and enough love to share with every person who lives here. If you sit next to him, Ryan will roll over so you can pet his chubby white belly. His eyes will make you think you are the only woman in the world. Yet, with FIV, Ryan still waits for his forever home.

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It is passed through blood transfusions and through serious, penetrating bite wounds. Thinking that human HIV is the same as FIV? Well, the two are not at all the same, and you cannot get FIV from a cat. The only thing you can catch from an FIV cat is a bad case of rumors. Most often, FIV positive cats live long, happy, healthy lives with no symptoms at all. And, with balanced nutrition, wellness checks every year, and constant love, Ryan and others that have FIV can live a long, healthy life. I have to wonder if it creates fear of the unknown when our adopters see that he has FIV.

As you begin to move forward through the fog, and learn about FIV, you begin to see what you couldn’t see before. Maybe Ryan would be the perfect match for you and your family. Still need more information to help take the next step? Talk to one of our Adoption Counselors when you stop by Cat Depot to see if the love of your life is one of our FIV positive cats.



Our Birthday Boy! Hugh is celebrating another year, and he would love for you to come by the Where Are You pod and give him birthday kisses! Hugh is a very handsome cat with a beautiful orange tabby coat, soft white paws and a heart of gold. Once you meet him you know he is truly unique. Hugh will be a loyal companion to whomever he chooses to take him home! Come in and wish Hugh a Happy Birthday and let him purr his way into your heart.



Abandoned, the day after Christmas 2010, Reesie and her sweet kittens were brought to Cat Depot.  Beautiful as they were, all four kittens were soon adopted. Reesie on the other hand, was not.  No one can understand why.

Reesie was named for her sweet (think candy) personality. You could not find a kinder lover than her. Reesie enjoys being picked up, carried around and cuddled. Weighing barely eight pounds, her petite little frame vibrates with joy when she purrs.  In fact, she is so good natured that she was willing to dress up in a flower lei and still love you!

She is a darling little girl with big beautiful green eyes and an even bigger heart.  She has waited way too long for a home of her own.  Please, can you find it in your heart to give her the love she yearns for?  Your reward will be hours of entertainment, smiles and endless joy. 



Sunbathing the day away on her “cat-io” is where we always find our dainty Dory. She’s shy at first, but with a little petting, she is soon head butting you for more attention and affection. A true lady at heart, she is never without her manners and takes her treats in turn with everyone else. Dory is patiently waiting for that loving  home and  a person to call her own. Visit Dory and she will show you her kitty love and affection. 




Ever wondered what true happiness looks like? After a rough start in life, Cashmere is the picture of happiness. The moment you walk into Suite Monroe, Cashmere is there to welcome you to her temporary home. Tail up and eyes bright, this calico will turn your head. Her sweet hello is partnered with a brush against your leg and a longing to become your best friend.

Imagine what Cashmere will be like when she finds her forever home. Imagine having someone always glad to see you and thankful for a second chance at life. That’s how it will be when Cashmere finds her forever home. Are you her perfect match?  She will know you when you walk into Suite Monroe. You will know Cashmere because she will be at the door to greet you with a soft paw and a glance that longs for a home. She may even give you a nose kiss to make you feel special. Stop by Cat Depot and see if the love of your life chooses you!


Babs' Debut


Hi, my name is Babs.  I just returned from a whirlwind tour in the foster home program and had a great time. My foster family loved having me around. At Cat Depot, I am a little shy, but once you get me home, my personality really shines. My favorite place is cuddled up next to you or, at least, in the same room. I love being brushed too! I am curious and like to explore, but if you tell me I am not allowed somewhere, I listen.  My foster family said I am a very respectful houseguest.

I really hope I find a permanent, loving home. I will be a great companion. If you have any questions about me, my foster family would be happy to talk to you!  Just ask one of the Adoptions Counselors for the phone number.



When you meet Sylvia, you can’t help but smile.  The combination of her chubby body, wobbly walk, slight head tilt, and silent meow makes you want to give her a hug (she loves hugs)!

Sylvia is completely deaf, and she has a slight neurological problem that adds to her charm.  This doesn’t stop her from being the first cat to greet you when you enter a room.  She loves attention, is very playful, and can’t wait to light up your day.  Every person Sylvia meets is her new best friend!

Meet Beautiful Taffy



Taffy is a 6 year young tabby girl with beautiful green eyes and sweet disposition. She was found as a stray, and a kind hearted stranger brought her to Cat Depot. Taffy loves her ears rubbed and never turns down a good brushing. She likes to give kisses, and when she is in the mood, the stories she tells will fascinate any good listener.  Taffy gets along great with other cats and is looking for a quiet home to call her own!




Clark is a four-year-old boy with a big heart and an old soul. He is always a perfect gentleman with everyone he meets. Clark spends his days lounging in the sun waiting patiently for any attention that comes his way. He loves to have his stomach rubbed and his back brushed. He is looking for a home of his own that will appreciate his laid back attitude and quiet demeanor. This dapper young man will make a perfect addition to any family.






June has a sweet face with large golden-yellow eyes and soft fur like a rabbit’s coat. She gets along nicely with anyone and everyone, including small children, other cats, and dogs. June is looking for a family who will pamper, pet, and play with her. She has been on a quest for love for quite some time and is hoping her search will be over soon. June hopes her future family will see her beautiful photos and come visit her soon.

Ariel and Bronte



If these two lilac point kitties could speak, they may ask, “Can someone turn the heat up?”  Hairless and tailless, they are starting out their kitten hood at Cat Depot. Their hair is growing back, but their tails? Well . . . that’s another story. Both Ariel, a girl, and Bronte, a boy, are wrapped around each other most of the day. They love each other’s company and hope to be adopted together. Every day we watch them grow a little bit stronger and every day our hearts grow fonder. You can find them cuddled up together in our treatment room.




Recently dogs have been in the news for their award winning glamour shots. Not to be outdone, photographer Connie Summers set up a photo shoot for eight Cat Depot cats who lined up to pose for their glamour shots.

Miss Applejack IS modeling her spring bonnet of purple posies in an imitation of Minnie Pearl. 




Applejack is a recent graduate of the 3-3-3 foster home program. She spent three weeks in three separate homes.
All three foster parents reported that Applejack was a wonderful girl in their home and would make someone a sweet and affectionate friend.

And for her Smashbox debut, she is touting cultured pearls on a faux zebra pillow. Her next pose is with YOU in your home. Please come and visit Applejack and see for yourself! 





Harley was depressed about not having a family. And now, after nine weeks in three separate foster homes, Harley is looking for a family of his own. He made quite a positive impression on his foster parents who stated that he was a wonderful cat in a home. 

Harley, a 9-year old, handsome, buff male, is good with dogs and cats and loves treats. Harley likes to sit on the couch and watch television. He loves hanging out on the screened lanai and he comes running when his name is called.

Fabulous Four - Sean, Kelly, Liam and Meghan


Good thing they came to Cat Depot, where room #8 has opened up for FIV-positive cats. Cat Depot has long known that FIV-positive kittens can grow into beautiful FIV-positive cats and live happy lives.

Keeping kitties indoors is the first step to staying healthy. Nutritious food and a stable environment are also conducive to good health. Click here to learn more about FIV-positive cats.




Nestle is a small four year old cream point Himalayan male who came to Cat Depot with an interesting medical predicament. Nestle’s ear canals were both almost completely blocked which hindered his hearing.

Dr. Staton, DVM, performed surgery to remove the polyps that had grown in Nestle’s ears. He now lives in a silent, but pain free world. Nestle has become a very friendly and affectionate cat always looking for a lap to nap on.

Nestle was recently featured in a Cat Depot photo shoot where the photographer was amazed by his beauty. Nestle happily posed for the camera; it was clear he truly enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame.




Muffin is a young calico female with an unbreakable spirit. While attempting to cross a busy intersection, Muffin was hit by a car and quickly rushed into Cat Depot. Thanks to immediate medical attention, she survived the nasty accident. She did however suffer permanent tendon and ligament damage to her left front leg rendering it completely unusable. Although some may think this injury would cause Muffin to live a sedentary lifestyle, she laughs in the face of adversity. She happily bounces around her cage and adores using her good leg to bat at feather toys.  With a joyful spirit and a lot of help from the Cat Depot medical staff, Muffin is working on a new lease on life.  




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