After 651 Days, Sidney Finds Her Forever Home!

I'm Sidney and I was the longest resident at Cat Depot. A few weeks ago, I put out a plea to find my forever human (read my story below), never realizing just how far my story would travel.

Little did I know it, over one thousand miles away in Chicago, a kind man would read my story. My story affected him and he contact his friend in Florida and said he wanted to adopt me!

I couldn't believe it! I was going to finally have a forever home!

The adoption paperwork and travel arrangements took less than a week, but to me it seemed like forever. I just couldn't wait to see my new dad! Cat Depot used something called Frequent Flyer Miles....I'm not sure what those are, but with them I was able to fly with a very nice lady named Nancy Colby. 

So today was the day. Nancy arrived very early and played with me for a while so that I would be calm for my big adventure.

 Sidney has her pre-flight meal


I had my pre-flight meal. I ate it all - I didn't know what kind of food they would have for cats on the plane. I've heard they have peanuts - yuck! Cats don't like nuts.






Sidney is fitted with her harness.



Then I was fitted with something red and constraining. It wasn't so bad. I figured when they weren't looking, I could Houdini my way out of it anyway.






Sidney isn't proud of her actions




Next came something that I'm not proud of.





Sidney spies the carrrier



I saw the carrier there. I sort of figured I was going to have to go into it. But I still wasn't happy about it. I told them not to take pictures of that episode.

When I was finally in the carrier, I settled down. I checked it out and it seemed ok.





Nancy Colby and Sidney are ready to travel to Chicago





Then it was time for me and Nancy to take off. We were ready!


I want to thank everyone who was pulling for me to find a home. And all of the staff and volunteers at Cat Depot who visited with me and took care of me. I will always remember you. And very special thanks to the wonderful man who will be my new dad!


I'm excited for this new chapter in my life!






Nancy Colby and Sidney are off to the airport




So, this is it - off we go! I'm on my way, Dad!


Sidney's Story

Sidney's Story

My name is Sidney and, unfortunately, I have the distinction of being the longest resident at Cat Depot. It’s not an easy cross to bear and I’m going to be honest with you…I don’t always show my best side to visitors. And I know that’s my downfall.
You see, I’ve been here so long that I tend to be temperamental. People come and visit. But they always leave. You could say that I’ve lost my faith in love.
I’ve also seen many cats come and go from my suite. Yes, I said “my” suite. Since I’ve been here the longest, I feel like it’s my home and the other kitties are visitors. I do like my space, so I can be territorial at times. But not because I’m mean – I just like to protect what I feel is mine. 
But before you think that I’m just a bossy, possessive girl, let me tell you what brings out the best in me. I gravitate towards gentle, calm people. If you are patient and don’t approach me too quickly, I will climb onto your lap. Patience is the key – let me come to you. And I don’t like too much petting. A gentle head scrub now and then is nice. Once I feel safe and relaxed on your lap, I’ll take a nap. I may even wrap my arms around your neck and give you a hug. If you have long hair… well, I may not want to let you go. Speaking of letting go, I do admit that I hate when people leave me. I even may swat at you as you walk away from me. But, once again, I’m not being spiteful, I’m just upset that you are leaving me. 
My dream home would be a place where I’m the only pet. I will do my best to be such a perfect pet that you won’t even want any others. 
I know I’m a hard sell. But if you can see past the armor that I’ve built up to protect myself, I know that you will find that I have a good heart. And I know that you can help me learn to trust and believe in love again.