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Donut Cat Reunion

 Remember Me Thursday Candle Lighting Ceremony and Blessing




 Cat shelter mascot impounded by Animal Services


 Adoption is love!



Tribute video to our foster families



Critter Camp



The story behind our spokescat, Bow-Tie



JDub's Brewing Company volunteers and creates kitten paintings



Leash-walking, kangaroo-hopping kitten!



ABC's 2015 "7 Who Care" Awards Commercial featuring Cat Depot Volunteers 


 Lights Out! Cody, formerly John Travolta, chases a moth and turns out the lights.


 Pas de Chat - Cat and Dancers in Movement


In loving memory of our hero, Mighty Lou ~ 5/5/02 to 2/28/15
The Mighty Lou Memorial Fund has been set up in his memory to carry on his mission of helping special needs cats at Cat Depot. 


Cat Depot's 2015 "Love Me Tender" Gala Video


Cat Depot's 2015 Gala Presenting Sponsor, Warren Loranger


 Cat Depot Executive Director, Shelley Thayer, on Cat Chat Show 


"Baker's Dozen/Doughnut Cats" Released to Free-Roaming Pods at Cat Depot


A special thank you to our adopters and fosters for making a difference in the lives of homeless cats and kittens. Because of you, over one thousand kitties found homes and had a Happy New Year. 


Adopted Cat Depot kitties, Sox and Mittens, like to ice fish...and climb trees



Budd's Story
Budd was born with a neurological condition and brought to Cat Depot. Watch his incredible progress under the care of his loving foster family as he learns to walk, eat and use the litter box. While Budd has found his forever home, there are still other special needs cats at Cat Depot who need your help:  Donate to "Friends Like Me."


Frolicking Kittens


Office Cat Antics - Buddy and His Toy


Former 911-dialing, Cat Depot kitty, Zeke, is featured on The Doctors TV show.


Mandy Moore talks to Cat Depot about teaming with Purina Cat Chow to support cat-focused shelters.


Frolicking Kittens


Dottie tries to catch the elusive "red bug."


Violin Recital at Cat Depot 

Ollie the kitten and a very patient dog.


Mother's Day Video with Newborn Kittens


The Good News featuring Cat Depot Volunteer, Katie Norvell.



Misty Trying to Catch an Elusive Bird


Rosie's Story - Amazing kitten with neurological condition


 Animal Cruelty and Fraud - 33 cats rescued by Cat Depot


Kittens Found in Engine of Exotic Car



Timmy's Movie - courtesy of Rachel Kerr and Eva Cross, sophomores at New College.


Cat Depot Bowl 2014



"The Best Medicine" by Miss Valentine


December 15th is Cat Herding Day


Cat Depot in the 2013 Sarasota Holiday Paradet


Petunia Aces the Agility Course 


Cats Having Fun with Toy


Cat Depot Does the Harlem Shake 


Mighty Lou - A Diabetic Cat

Incredible as it seems, this teensy three-week old kitten was found alone with no momma or siblings nearby. A young couple found her in their yard and whisked her to Cat Depot asking what to do with such a young kitten. Puddin quickly devoured a bowl of wet food, even putting her little body right in the bowl, creating quite the mess.  Puddin is now warm and safe in the arms of a loving foster volunteer who will care for her until she is ready for a permanent loving home. Even Scrooge’s heart would soften after seeing the adorable video of this sweet kitten.


"Cat" in the Box! entered into The Friskies contest by Liz and Ryan. 


Newly adopted Lucy giving Scooter a 'massage' - entered into The Friskies contest.


 Tinsel Just Won't Give Up! (turn up volume to hear her growling) - entered into The Friskies contest.


"Here at Cat Depot We Have Every Kind of Cat!" by Zach and Claudia


 "Adopt a Cat!"

"Pick Up Program"


"Clicker Training with Cats" - Dr. Frank, Best Friends Animal Society

"Cat Depot's Pick Up Program"

"Clicker Training High Five"

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