Bow-Tie Overstock

Adoption Special



Cat Depot’s spokescat Bow-Tie wants to invite all cat lovers to the Bow-Tie Overstock Adoption Special!   

The specially selected cats will be available for $20, and are identified by a bow tie on their card or poster.

These kitties are just waiting for their own human and home, and they are ready to provide a lifetime of love and company.

Below you will find a video with some of the featured cats, and some featured cat spotlights!




Many cats will take part in Bow-Ties Overstock Adoption Event!


Featured bow-tie cats:


Yoyo, loving lady looking for home


Still waiting after all these years.

Beautiful Yoyo came to us the first time in February 2012 when she was transferred from another shelter. She was adopted, but returned to us after about a year, and has been waiting for her special person since. She is extremely affectionate and loves being the center of attention.

Yoyo looks forward to her daily brushing and even uses the brush to groom herself. Stop in to visit this friendly girl. She just might melt your heart!!








Sanders loves attention"I'm Sanders. I love attention, and I would enjoy sitting on your lap while you watch TV. Pet me and I'm happy!

I'm almost two years old. I haven't spent all that time at Cat Depot, but a lot of it, and I want to go home now. I get along well with other cats, people, everyone I meet, so I'll blend right into your household.

The vet here says I'm FIV positive, but that I shouldn't worry about it. I look forward to a long and healthy life and I was thinking it might be with you. Humans say I'm a "doll" - not sure what that means, but they make it sound like something good. 

Come see me! I live in Casa de Pablo, but if you can't find me in there I'm probably on the catio. I really like the catio. Purrs!"





Dolly is a first rate snuggler


Loving gentleman searching for that special someone

"Meow? You can see me, right? Even though I'm black? I'm worried I might disappear into the background. You see me? Okay, good.

I'm Koda. I don't look for much in life, just a roof over my head, some tasty food, and someone to love.

The humans here at Cat Depot say my fur is super-soft, so once you start petting me you'll want to continue. I'm very fond of being gently scratched behind my ears, and once we get to know each other I'll like to rub my head against yours.

Being here isn't bad, I have a nice room, toys, and food, but I would like to go home soon. I just have to figure out where home is. Could it be with you?






Dolly is a first rate snuggler"Dear Prospective New Family,

I am seeking a home in need of a house cat with impeccable skills and manners. My owner passed away and my current residence is Cat Depot. This is just a temporary address for me.

As you can see by my resume, I have numerous talents. My qualifications include lap sitter, leg warmer, bug catcher, computer screen duster, and master couch lounger. Not only am I fun to have around, I am resourceful, and I can help with chores. When you work on the computer, I'm more than happy to help you press the keys. Or, I can just keep your keyboard warm. When you read the newspaper, I'm a great page keeper and I act as a paper weight so stray breezes don't blow your paper around. I love the comics section. Garfield is my favorite!

I have many talents to help you through your daily routine and you will have plenty of time to nap with me afterwards. I foresee you wondering how you ever managed without me!

I believe my skills and experience are purr-fectly suited for the position of house cat/human assistant. My ability to work a room will be a definite asset to your household. I am only four years old, and I have a lot to offer.

Please consider my application for residence. I can provide references if needed, and I promise I won't let you down.



Looking for a life companion to make you laugh? Nitro accepts the task!Nitro is a 5 year 9 month old bundle of energy hoping to find a home during our Bow-Tie Overstock Adoption Event. He is like dynamite when it comes to playing, and he loves to have fun.

As you can tell from his photo, he is a clown, never serious, and if you need a kitty to make you smile, Nitro accepts the task.

Nitro yearns for his furever family.

He longs to have his own humans so much that he'll want all your attention, and he needs to be the only kitty in the home.

In return for your love and attention, he promises a lifetime commitment along with hours of goofy fun and laughter!



Chamomile seeks lap to call her ownChamomile is a sweet retired mother looking for a quiet home where she can settle in. After raising her two rambunctious kittens, she is looking to get some heard earned R-R&R - Rest, Relaxation, and Rubs.

She has high hopes for the current adoption event, and hopes to be seen by a kind person with room in their heart and home. She would love to fill someone's lap!













Midnight feels the bow tie brings out his beautiful eyesMy name is Midnight. I'm sure I got the name because my fur is black as night.

Yes, I'm another black kitty looking for a home. Sigh. We always seem to be the last kitties to find homes. People come to visit, but they always to right to the pretty tabbies and calicos. I just sit in my corner, dark and unnoticed.

Every once in a while, there is a visitor who walks in and makes a beeline towards me. Those are the special people. I like those people very much. They are rare, but they are definitely out there.

The special humans see past our dark fur. Instead of just seeing a black blob, they notice our eyes - gold, green, flecked, or speckled. They look at our noses and the pads of our paws - black, pink, grey, spotted or not. They see our ears - pointy, tipped, crinkled, or notched. And they check out our whiskers - black, white, both, straight, or curled. These are the people who take in the subtle differences in our coats. Yes, there are even different shades of black! And different undercoats. Take a look, you don't know what you are missing!

We may be black kitties, but each of us is unique. I am unique. I could tell you about my eyes, nose, whiskers, and paws, but I think you need to experience them for yourself. Are you one of those special people? I'm a special kitty. Come visit me and take in all my uniqueness!

Prince Harry


Prince Harry, Royal Purrfection seeks affection

"You've heard the saying, 'Someday my prince will come.' Well, that day is here! My name is Prince Harry, and I am a handsome ginger boy waiting to win your heart.
I have a pretty princely existence here at Cat Depot and I spend my days in leisure. My favorite thing to do is lounge on the catio. But, I'm pretty unassuming for a member of the royal family. I don't like to flaunt my status, because I want everyone to get along with me. I don't put on airs or ask people to address me as "Sir," Your Highness," or "Your Majesty." Though, it would be pretty cool.
I am FIV positive, but don't let that scare you away - I'm just 1.5 years old and as long as I remain an indoor kitty I will live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.
I'm looking for someone in need of a kitty to look after the castle. I don't require special quarters or a throne, just a place to eat and sleep, and a warm lap for cuddles. I will keep you company, and help you rule your kingdom!




Hello! My name is Misty.

I usually sit by the door to my suite so everyone passing by can admire my beautiful gray fur coat. Once you get past my elegant beauty, you will see just how friendly and loving I am. I love to weave in and out of visitors' legs. I'm quite the dancer, you know - I can twirl and dip with the best of them! Is it any wonder that "Dancing with the Stars" is my favorite show?

I'm looking for a dance partner who will sweep me off my paws and take me to my forever home. I will provide you with unconditional love and hours of good-looking company. You will definitely want to show me off to your friends! All I ask in return is that you help me maintain my good looks by brushing my long tresses and making sure all my accessories coordinate with my gorgeous green eyes.

If you get to know me, you will see I'm a beautiful kitty inside and out. I know we could create a beautiful dance together!




Johnson at Cat Depot. Your perfect match?

My name is Johnson and I very well could be the man... er, cat of your dreams. Since signing up for a match making service, I have received all kinds of winks and whistles. I could never have imagined being chased by so many ladies. Of course, my profile includes a gorgeous picture and my interests range from loving snuggle to making you feel special, so who could resist me?

As far as talents go, I'm not much of a cook, but I love to eat. How does an evening out at Owen's Fish Camp sound to you? Yum!

I am particularly talented at the couch potato thing. I'm not into water sports but I appreciate a good belly rub. If you shower me with affection I promise to return the favor and lavish sweet attention on you. My gray and white fur is so softy I know you won't be able to keep your hands off me.

What do you say? A date? I know I'm your perfect match!





Sweet Gracie seeks furever home I'm Gracie and I'm a special needs kitty. I've heard people say that might be the reason why I'm still at Cat Depot after a year. I'm not sure why there's something wrong with having special needs. My special needs are food, water, and love. Isn't that what all the kitties here want?

I do have to take medication so I don't have seizures and the other kitties in my suite don't have to take any. Is that why I'm special? I also sometimes work in the Welcome Center, greeting people. Maybe that's why I'm special.

I'm very good at leash walking. I guess that's special.

I'm quiet and I never cause any trouble. How special is that?

Now when I think about it - I am special!

I would think there are plenty of people out there looking for a very special girl who is smart, talented, sweet, and looking for love. My medication has nothing to do with my purrsonality. So, why am I still waiting for my furever home?



Onyx is a perfect black gem, and available for adoption!Onyx


If you are looking for the perfect black gem with just the right sparkle, you need look no further than Onyx. He is an affectionate guy who will talk, follow you around, and wait patiently for your attention. He loves chin scratches and gentle petting.

This loyal, loving kitty enjoys lazy afternoons. He is a real lanai lounge lizard - the catio is his favorite place to hang out with his buddies.

He is looking for his soulmate - could it be you?

Onyx is one of our FIV-positive kitties. Despite what many people think, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is not a death sentence. Cats with this condition can live long and healthy lives, and most have no symptoms at all. 



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