Joanna Coke - Tangerine Tabby

Tangerine Tabby by Joanna CokeJoanna paints with brilliant colors and strong textures, layering mixed media of watercolors, acrylics, and inks. She starts from light to dark and then, thin to thick, adding layers to create depth. She strives to achieve realism with an edge of fantasy.

Joanna received an Associate of Arts degree from Harvard University, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art and Education from University of South Florida, and a Master of Fine Arts from Louisiana State University.

Highlights of Joanna's career include:

  • 2004, studied art history and painted in Venice, Rome, and Florence, Italy

  • 2009, participated in a joint Russian-American art exhibit and art education exchange in Russia

  • 2012, coordinated and taught art workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and St. Augustine, Florida

  • 2015 taught an art workshop in Tuscany, Italy

  • 2017 returned from teaching art workshops in Cuba




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