Nancy Colby - Stripes and Spots,

The Puzzling Cat, and Garden Whimsy

Stripes and Spots by Nancy Colby"Am I a tabby? Am I a Bengal? Am I a mix? Sometimes we don't know the answer to those questions. It never really matters though. We love our cats just the way they are. Purebred or mixed breed, we love them all. So who cares what genes this beauty carries. We love her look, and we love her."

Nancy expresses her love of animals in her paintings. Animal lovers are drawn to her sensitive renderings, awards abound, and her works help support many animal rescue groups.

Nancy teaches watercolor at Venice Art Center and Visual Arts Center. Her natural ability has allowed her to continually achieve top honors, including being voted Best Pet Portrait Artist three times by Sarasota Pet Magazine.

She is two-term Past President of Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society, member of Society of Feline Artists, Cat Depot Advisory Board Member, and Board Member of Friends of Cats and Dogs.

Nancy is an animal advocate who particularly works for those with special needs.






 Garden Whimsy by Nancy Colby"The Sky is blue on a pleasant spring day. The flowers are beginning to bloom and all seems well with the world. The Whimsical kitty is enjoying the day, surrounding herself with the warm sunshine and fragrant flowers. What more could a whimsical kitty ask for?"











 The Puzzling Cat by Nancy Colby

"Inspiration came from the love of these puzzling felines. What are they thinking? What do they think of us? And would they tell us if they could? Just when we think we know our fascinating feline, they surprise us once again. The puzzling cat... one of the world's greatest wonders. This piece speaks colorfully to all cat lovers."








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