Career Camp

Career Camp, Year 1

13-16 years of age

What does it take to work with animals? This camp gives an insight in different careers such as veterinarian, animal trainer, pet therapist, and more. Campers have the opportunity to interact with Cat Depot cats and other animals.


In 2017, campers got to:

  • Interact with Cat Depot cats (30 minutes a day)
  • Interact with other cool animals
  • Learn about different animal-related careers, including marine animals, aquatic science, animal training, zoo management, and local wildlife
  • Work hands-on with Cat Depot's cats by observing them, coming up with a plan to increase cats' activity, and use scientific techniques to evaluate cats

And of course... Have fun!

Guest appearances included:

  • Florida Fish and Wildlife - Manatees
  • Lemur Conservation Foundation
  • Mote Marine
  • Oak Rest Llamas
  • San Diego Zoo


Critter Camp 2016

Images from Critter Camp 2016