Summer camp 2017

Exploring the Natural World

11-12 years of age

This summer camp week teaches participants age 11 to 12 about the natural world around us, how we impact it, and how it impacts both us and our pets. From plants toxic to pets to stranded wildlife, this week takes campers on an adventure of learning and empowers everyone to be an everyday hero.


In 2017, campers got to:

  • Interact with Cat Depot cats (30 minutes a day)
  • Interact with other cool animals
  • Create their own butterfly seed garden
  • Learn about local wildlife, like Manatees, Reptiles, and Marine Life
  • Create fun pet toys along with arts and crafts

And of course... Have fun!

Guest appearances included:

  • Jan's Turtles
  • Phoenix Wildlife
  • Florida Fish and Wildlife - Manatees
  • Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary
  • Butterfly Galore


Critter Camp 2016

Images from Critter Camp 2016