Critter Camp 2017

Pets, Pets, How do I Choose?

8-10 years of age

This innovative camp is designed to be a fun and interactive program, offering the knowledge needed to be a responsible pet owner. In the 2017 session, campers age 8-10 got the opportunity to interact with cats, llamas, turtles and more.

Summer camp 2016In 2017, campers got to:

  • Interact with Cat Depot cats (30 minutes a day)
  • Interact with other cool animals
  • Learn about the costs associated with being a pet owner
  • Learn about how long certain pets live
  • Learn what questions to ask before getting a pet
  • Create fun pet toys along with arts and crafts

And of course... Have fun!

Guest appearances included:

  • Oak Rest Llamas
  • Jan's Turtles
  • Phoenix Wildlife
  • Florida Skunk Rescue
  • Sixteen Hands Horse Sanctuary


Images from Critter Camp 2016

Images from Critter Camp 2016