Think PositiveFIV Adoption Event

August 19-20

There are many myths around FIV and cats who have tested FIV positive. Truth is, many lead a perfectly normal and healthy life without ever showing signs of the illness.

Cats who have tested positive to FIV can live just as long as cats without FIV. The disease does not transmit easily between cats - they can share bowls, toys, and bedding - and it can't be transmitted to humans, dogs, or other types of pets.

During the event August 19-20, adopters of FIV positive cats will receive a $35 gift certificate for the Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic, and a gift package with a cat bed, toys, and treats.


Silver, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Silver is a sweet girl who comes from a difficult past. As a kitten, she got stuck in a rat trap and lost one of her little feet. Living in a hoarder's house there was no access to veterinary care, so she had to heal on her own. Today, this social and affectionate three-year-old dreams of happy future in a loving home.

 Jett, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


This beautiful girl roamed the streets on her own until a kind human picked her up and brought her to Cat Depot. She is barely three years old and wants to point out her sleek coat will match any decor.

 Athena, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Athena was found in Tampa as a nursing mom with four little kittens. A rescue there helped her through her time as a single mom, and once her kittens were big enough to find homes of their own, she moved to Cat Depot. This young lady - not yet three years old - likes children, cats, and dogs, and hopes to find a furever home with cuddles.

 Dapper Dan, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Dapper Dan

This young gentleman dresses for success with a tuxedo every day. He meows that he may have been found as a stray, but he's aiming for the top with a comfortable home and a loving family.

Zahara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



This sweet girl came to Cat Depot almost a year ago. Beautiful Zahara is Cat Depot's current Meow Mayor - a position with a lot of responsibility that she has shouldered with wisdom and grace. She has just turned seven years old, makes friends with other cats, and is learning about dogs.

 Coalson, adoptable cat at Cat Depot



Coalson is a big and friendly boy who loves attention. He thinks toys are pretty much the best thing ever and would like a home where people would play with him. He has a talent for getting along with pretty much everyone and promises to be the best kitty anyone can imagine.