On a Wing and a Purr

Feline Hospice and how to Know when to Say Goodbye

Seminar held by Dr. Zenor

Saturday, January 27 - 10 AM to 11:30 AM

Cost: $10 donation to Cat Depot

The seminar will be held in Cat Depot's Education Building, 2525 17th St Sarasota


As medicine has advanced, there is a growing need to know we did all we could for our pets, even those who face a terminal illness. There is also an ever increasing number of options to help our cats remain comfortable and maximize their quality of life.

Dr. Zenor shares a message of hope to pet parents facing such a situation, and helps prepare the rest of us who will likely face such a challenge in the future.

When used appropriately, euthanasia can help prevent both physical and emotional suffering, but too often owners have to wonder, "When will I know it's time." Dr. Zenor will offer guidance and suggestions to help answer this as well.

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