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Be The One!

No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Here are some examples of cats who desperately needed someone to step up and Be The One for them. 


Bow-Tie needed someone to Be The One


I lived in a house with 59 other cats. We did not have enough to eat, we did not have litter, we had no clean water, none of us were neutered or spayed, which brought even more kittens, and we were all sick.

That was my life for seven years, because I too was born there. We saw no chance of anything changing, except more kittens coming and more sick cats dying.

One day the doors opened to the outside. Animal Control and rescue people were at the door. They put us all in cages and loaded us into vans.

The next thing that happened to us was no less than a miracle! We were taken to Cat Depot. We were given quick and complete medical care, we were tested, vaccinated, dewormed, our parasites were removed and we were given love for the first time in our lives. Oh, and we were neutered and spayed, too. We all became healthy, happy and we were all adopted into loving homes.

On that day when that door opened, who knew Cat Depot would be the one to change one cat’s world? I know now. Because I was one of those cats and to me Cat Depot will always be the one.

Bow-Tie and Nancy Colby

Painter needed someone to Be The One


Hi there, I'm Painter. I had a rough start in life; I was walking around a neighborhood when some children shot me with a paintball gun. It hurt really bad, and turned my beautiful white coat purple!

Luckily, an adult saw me and decided to Be The One to save me. The nice people brought me to Cat Depot where I got care and was cleaned up.

They posted my photo on the Internet, and my new mom saw me. I think she fell in love with me before she even met me!

Today I am the king of my castle. I love my home and family, and I owe it all to some nice people who helped me turn my life around.

Adora needed someone to Be The One


The world out there is really big. Trust me, I know. I ventured out and couldn't find my way back to my mom, and I eventually hid under a car. The sun was so hot and all noises so loud!

Lucky for me, a nice purrson found me under the car before driving off. There are people who would have left me there, but this kind human decided to Be The One to bring me to Cat Depot.

I've been fed, cuddled, had a health-check, and now I'm heading off to a foster home until I'm big enough to be 'dopted. Right now life is looking pretty good. And, I got my name Adora because I'm so adorable.

Miracle needed someone to Be The One


Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. If anyone knows, it's Miracle. A mere seven weeks old, the adorable kitten wandered onto Fruitville Road in Sarasota. Caught in the middle of heavy traffic, poor Miracle had no chance to get away when a car drove right over him. The story could have ended there, but the kitten wasn't hit by any of the wheels.

The person in the next car stopped in the middle of the road and hurried to the rescue. It didn't take long before Miracle arrived at Cat Depot, getting his bruises and scrapes tended to.

Today he is happily adopted and loving life in his furever home, made possible by a person who decided to Be The One.

Shelby needed someone to Be The One


Have you heard the saying about lightning not striking twice in the same spot? I wasn't exactly struck by lightning, but pretty close in my opinion. 

I came to Cat Depot the first time in 2015, because my human fell very sick and couldn't care for me anymore. The staff didn't tell me, but I don't think my purrson made it. I was fourteen at the time and became very depressed.

The staff cuddled me and cared for me, but I still refused to eat for a long time. I lost two pounds in a month and ended up in medical. Luckily, the kind people kept giving me special attention and I couldn't believe my luck when I was 'dopted. I got a wonderful home and I was so happy. 

That is, until my new human fell ill. She faded fast and there was nothing I could do about it. Before I knew it, I'd lost two owners within a year. 

This time, I refused to even try to fit in at Cat Depot.

I curled up in a corner and waited for the Rainbow Bridge to appear. At fifteen, I thought it wouldn't take a lot of hunger-striking for it to happen. And you know what they say -  the other side of the Rainbow Bridge holds all the people you've loved and lost.

The humans at Cat Depot didn't agree with my plan. They loved so much on me I decided that there might be hope after all. They put me in the store and I all the attention I got there helped me perk up. 

Then, a miracle happened. A nice purrson came in and said, "I like her. I will take her home."

Third time's the charm. I'm home, and I'm keeping my paws crossed for many good years here.

Hunter needed someone to Be The One


I was scared, sick, and dying. There I was, less than a year old, and all by myself on a street. I meowed and meowed for help. Finally, a nice woman found me and took me to Cat Depot.

My condition worsened. The doctors at Cat Depot worked really, really hard and saved my life. But they couldn't fix everything. I could no longer stand up straight or walk steadily. I suffered tremors whenever I moved. Here I was, less than a year old, and I could barely move. The doctors thought I'd never be able to run or play again.

For three months, I lay there at Cat Depot, depressed. I worried I'd never get a home. No one would want a special needs cat.

Little did I know the staff at Cat Depot found a savior for me. 

A man flew all the way from California to adopt me! Now, my life is great. Though I’m still wobbly, I get lots of exercise and I can run and jump, and even climb stairs! But, you know, none of this would have been possible without people wanting to be the one to change my life. I know that wherever I go, I have a family at Cat Depot who cares about me.

Hunter and Matt Schaffer

Blueberry needed someone to Be The One


Blueberry was born in the attic of a hoarding house. Having very limited sight, she had no chance to get out on her own, because she couldn't see well enough to navigate. Her story could have ended there. Luckily, a Cat Depot volunteer found her and brought her to the clinic.

This precious kitty was very afraid at Cat Depot and hid under the blankets, until Bow-Tie's family saw her and brought her home. Today she is happy and healthy, and spends her time playing with the other cats.

Cupo, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Greetings human. My name is Cupo.

Last year I was barely a year old and thought my life would be over before it even started. I roamed the streets of Sarasota, starving, with an injured eye and a broken jaw. Humans from Animal Services picked me up and that was scary too. I didn't know their intentions, and I was in bad shape, unable to care for myself.

I couldn't believe my luck when they took me to Cat Depot. I was in a room filled with vets and other humans with gentle hands and kind voices. They made the pain go away and fed me. I needed time to heal, but eventually made it to a pod with other kitties.

Today, my physical wounds are healed, but I still need time to trust new acquaintances. I hope for a loving and patient home, because I am ready to start a new chapter in my life.

Azalea needed someone to Be The One


Azalea was left behind when her owners moved. Luckily, a neighbor found her, and decided to Be The One to help. Azalea's rescuer brought her to Cat Depot where she received food, love, and medical attention. 

To start with, she was very shy and preferred to stay in hiding. Many came to see her because of her beauty, but no one took her home. Until, one day, her purrfect match walked through the door.

Today, Azalea lives happily in her furever home.


Abbott needed someone to be the one

Abbott and Costello

Volunteers with Cat Depot's community cat team trapped cats in an abandoned hoarding house. They thought they found everyone, but one of the volunteers had an insistent feeling that he should go back. Just as he was about to give up, he heard something in the attic. It was a tiny gray kitten, abandoned, emaciated, near death.

The volunteer hurried to bring Abbott to Cat Depot, where the medical team cared for him. 

Of course, if there's one abandoned little kitten there might be more, and the volunteer returned to the attic. After searching for a long, long time, he came across Abbott's brother - Costello. This fluffy little kitten was in even worse shape, but being a fighter, he pulled through.

Today, Abbott and Costello are happily adopted. They can both look forward to happy lives, because someone decided to Be The One to save them.


Costello needed someone to Be The One

Viola needed someone to Be The One


My name is Viola. There was a big scary hurricane, Hermine, and something bad happened to me. It's a blur, but I was alone in the rain with my pelvis broken.

I was so cold, frightened, and in pain. There was water everywhere! Finally, a very nice person found me in downtown Sarasota. They took me to Cat Depot, even though the storm was still here. Since then I have gotten so much love and care.

I am able to walk again, and I'm getting better every day!

Sidney needed someone to Be The One


Chicago is a wonderful city with a beautiful skyline, Lake Michigan and its beautiful beaches, many parks and golf courses, plus da Bears, da Cubs, da Sox, da Bulls, and da Blackhawks. So when I arrived.... Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me go back a bit.

I had been enjoying a wonderful long-term stay at Cat Depot with good friends, good food, and great staff when someone saw my gorgeous picture on the Internet and decided he'd like to get to know me better. 

Problem was, he lived in Chicago and I was in Florida.

He asked to adopt me and Cat Depot went into action. First, all required forms were e-mailed to the 'dopter in Chicago for his approval and signature. They also filled out all forms required for the 'dopter to adopt me across state lines, and gave me one last exam by the vet.

Finally, once all the paperwork and exams were completed, the final step of Cat Depot's plan was put in place. A Cat Depot Board Member purchased a plane ticket using airline points. A volunteer got up really early one morning, put me in a cat carrier, and flew all the way to O'Hare Airport in Chicago with me on her lap. She turned me over to the 'dopter and flew back to Florida. She will always be my "pretty travel companion."

I immediately had another exam by a vet to make sure I was up to the standards of Illinois. Not only was I in fine shape, but once the vets spent some time with me, to finish my story from the first paragraph, they decided I should be called the da Chicagoland Diva... Sidney!

I was the longest term resident at Cat Depot - I was there for two years. I never thought there would be a home out there for me, but there was, and it was in Chicago. Finally someone wanted me. Finally someone said I would be the one!


Lexington needed someone to Be The One


My name is Lexington, and do I have a story for you!

I lived in South Carolina together with a lot of kitty friends when it started to rain.

That's not all that special, it rains all the time, right? Well, this time it didn't stop. The water rose all around us and the house flooded. We finally had nowhere to go but the roof, and the water was getting close there too!

I thought that was it. Most of us cats can swim, at least for a while, but we were already exhausted, and there was nowhere to swim to. Imagine my surprise when a group of humans came to rescue us - in a boat! 

We were wet and miserable, but alive. My friends and I got care and were put in cages in a huge vehicle. They drove for a long time, seemed like forever, and didn't stop until the middle of the night.

We had arrived to Cat Depot in Florida.

All of us were sick. I spent several months at Cat Depot's medical department, being pampered by the techs and veterinarians. 

I'm still waiting for my furever home, but that's okay. I'm alive, dry, and have a good life here. Much better than drowning on a roof! But of course, if someone would want to be my very own purrson I wouldn't turn them down.

Tiggy needed someone to Be The One


The life of a cat can take many twists and turns during a lifetime. Tiggy roamed the streets of Kuwait, facing a gloomy future, when she managed to make friends with an American family. They took her in and brought her back to the USA with them! It's a big steps from being homeless to becoming a globetrotting cat with a passport, but Tiggy took it in stride.

Life changes in Tiggy's family sent them to Europe, and they didn't want to stress her out by moving across the ocean again. So, she came to live at Cat Depot. This too was scary, but a volunteer made it better through reading to her every day. 

This beautiful and talkative girl still wasn't adopted, and she became the keeper of Cat Depot's blog, entertaining followers with her adventures. Then, a family came along that appeared to be the purrfect match. Tiggy moved home with them, played in the shower, watched TV, and seemed a happy cat.

Life changed for her new family too, and Tiggy found herself back at Cat Depot. This time, she took on the job of overseeing the communication's office, assisting the director with typing and holding down documents. 

Tiggy probably thought she'd be here furever, but one day, the right purrson for her stepped through the door and said, "I will Be The One to take you home." Today, she is living the good life in Sarasota, far from the streets of Kuwait.

Sonny needed someone to Be The One


Sonny came to Cat Depot when his owner passed away. This handsome boy had many visitors, but no one took him home, and he stayed so long that many thought he'd never get out of the shelter.

In an attempt to give him more exposure, Sonny was offered a daily blog on Cat Depot's website and Facebook page, and he built a large following. His fans soon voted him Meow Mayor of Cat Depot and he even started a purrsidential campaign.

After making good decisions for Cat Depot for over a year, he finally found his furever human. Today, he lives the good life and has his own Facebook page.

Carmen needed someone to Be The One


My owner wasn't doing well. I could tell, and hid that I was in pain too. The humans had enough to think about without worrying about my joints and legs. Then, disaster truly struck: my human wasn't able to take care of me anymore.

I ended up at Cat Depot, and the vet saw right through my facade.

One of my legs was in bad shape and treatments didn't work. They finally had no choice but to amputate it. 

The agonizing pain disappeared, but I became a three-legged, declawed, homeless cat in a shelter, in a room filled with other cats. All the humans tried hard for me, especially one volunteer spent a lot of time with me, but I was still frightened.

I thought I'd have to stay in hiding on top of a shelf forever, until a miracle happened. Cat Depot's Meow Mayor, Sonny, was adopted. Before leaving, he held an election for the next mayor, and he put my name on the ballot! To my surprise, people voted for me. Before I knew it, I had moved out of the scary pod to the staff area.

My life changed overnight. I was no longer just another cat in a large group; I was the mayor. There were stairs to make my life easier, a purrsonal human to cuddle, treats and snacks, and even a little cart to go for trips. Life was so wonderful I thought it couldn't possibly get any better.

I was wrong. One day, a nice woman appeared.

She looked heartbroken after losing her cat and clearly needed comfort, so I let her rub my chin. It seemed to make her happier, so I purred. That made her happier too. She wanted to Be The One to take me home, and today I have my own comfortable resting spots all over the house, all the attention I could ask for, and small people who read to me. Life is wonderful!

~ Carmen ~ 

Jerry needed someone to Be The One

Junkyard Jerry

Jerry had quite a first year of life. He was found living in a junkyard when he was about 12 weeks old and a good samaritan brought the hungry kitten to Cat Depot. He had a skin infection and for the first two months of his stay in the rescue he received many medical treatments for a skin condition. During all this time he had to remain isolated from other cats, and his interaction with humans was also kept to a minimum, in case his skin condition was contagious.

Luckily, the veterinarians found a treatment able to clear up his skin. At this time, he started to show problems with his knees and he was diagnosed with a condition called luxating patellas. This causes the knee caps to not stay in place, and one knee was bad enough to require surgery.

The surgery was successful, but he was in a lot of pain for a few weeks. He also had to stay in a cage, resting, for the knee to heal.

After all this time in a cage, one of Cat Depot's staff members couldn't stand seeing him confined any longer. She took him home to continue his physical therapy, and once Jerry was able to walk around, he did amazingly well. His pain lessed with time and using the knee. It only took a couple of weeks until he was well enough to return to Cat Depot and be put up for adoption.

It was a matter of hours before the staff member who helped him through all these ordeals realized she should Be The One to adopt him, and she brought him back home the very next day.

Jerry just had his first birthday. He had a party, surrounded by Cat Depot staff, and was lavished with gifts, treats, hugs, and kisses. Jerry expects his next year to be awesome!

Origami, needed someone to Be The One


The name Origami is doubly fitting for this sweet kitten. She got it from being found on Origami Street, but Origami is also an art of folding paper, and this little kitten was folded in places that shouldn't be.

Origami came to Cat Depot with a fractured femur bone and an abdominal hernia. As the veterinarians worked on restoring her insides to what they should be, she died on the operating table!

Cat Depot's veterinarian resuscitated her, and when she woke up, it was like nothing ever happened.

Today, Origami is in a foster home where she has made a best friend, Cognac. They hope to eventually be 'dopted together.

Elvio needed someone to Be The One


Elvio wandered a Sarasota neighborhood alone, moving from house to house. He seemed to ask, "Can I come in," eagerly headbutting and purring.

As friendly as he is handsome, he still couldn't find a home, and with no microchip or identification, the residents were unable to figure out where he belonged.

When one of the neighbors spotted a bobcat in the neighborhood, a concerned resident feared for Elvio's safety and brought him to Cat Depot.

A volunteer said, "They don't get any nicer than this ruggedly gorgeous cat." About two years of age, he loves everyone. He came in with a wound on his foot, but it has been tended to and he is ready to go home.

Will you Be The One to adopt this sweetheart? 

Amber needed someone to Be The One


Amber is a sweet and cuddly girl who has had a bumpy ride in life. She came to Cat Depot as a mother and was soon adopted, but it didn't take long before she returned - severely overweight.

She lost a few pounds and found a new adopter, but returned with medical issues that turned out to be pancreatitis.

As her condition was treated, X-rays showed an odd mass, and Amber's spleen had to be removed.

After that, everything should have been smooth sailing, but she had a bad reaction to a vaccine and developed a lump on a leg. After the removal of the lump, she has been doing fine medically.

This beautiful cat is timid and cautious when meeting someone new, but loves to cuddle. She wants nothing more than finding someone to Be The One to take her home. Her dream home is quiet, without other animals.

Chamomile needed someone to Be The One


We'll never know how Chamomile ended up alone on the streets, but in March 2015 she wandered around, trying to find food. Getting caught in a trap might not have seemed like good fortune at the time, but the trap belonged to Cat Depot's Community Cat Program. She was taken to the Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic to be spayed.

While waiting her turn, the young cat surprised everyone by going into labor and delivering a family of joy. Chamomile and her children went to a loving foster home where she could raise her kittens in peace and quiet.

The kittens grew quickly and were adopted within a few months. Chamomile, a petite and reserved youngster herself, began her own adjustment period that included a trip to Nate's Honor Ranch. There, she started working on her social skills, striving to overcome her fear of strangers.

After almost a year it was decided that the best thing for her would be moving back to Cat Depot. She currently gets special care from Dr. Sherry Zenor who works with cats in need of additional confidence.

Chamomile hopes to graduate from Dr. Zenor's school soon and find a home in time for the holidays.

Meatball needed someone to Be The one


Meatball was found on a family's doorstep in Bradenton. They could have shown him away, but instead they decided to Be The One to help him, and brought him to Cat Depot.

He is eight years old and FIV positive, but healthy and happy, and he looks forward to many good years once he finds his furever home. 

His favorite hobbies are sleeping, laser pointers, string toys, and rolling balls. He is great with other cats and loves children, and he would love to be someone's lap cat.

Samson needed someone to Be The One


Samson had a lot of bad luck, being surrendered to Cat Depot several times. The last time he came in with urinary tract problems that turned out to stem from severe kidney stones.

People all over the country came together and collected nearly $5,000 to give him a chance to live. Many veterinarians and specialists saw him, and volunteers drove him all over the state to get him the best care.

Today, Samson is in a foster home, enjoying special food and receiving special medical attention from Cat Depot veterinarians. He will need to stay on a special diet for the rest of his life and have regular check-ups, but he has a good life.

So many people wanted to Be The One to help him, and he needed each and every one of them.


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