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Book of Bernard

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat DepotDear human,

Not long ago, Cat Depot had an impurrtant election - our friends and followers voted on who would be the next Meow Mayor. I entered the election with hopes to win - I have a kind demeanor, my fur is soft, and I've been told I have beautiful eyes - but Carmen the three-legged kitty won a landslide victory.

Good news was, I came in on second place, and she appointed me vice mayor. Now when Carmen has moved to a home of her own - she is in a foster-to-adopt home - I am the next in line. Mayor Bernard, sounds good don't you think?

I am a three-year old boy who arrived to Cat Depot in October 2015. I was found as a stray in Brandon. I have tested FIV positive and that was really scary at first, but the doctors told me it's not a thing to worry about - I look forward to a long and happy life. If I get sick I might get a bit sicker than another cat, but that can be handled. The disease doesn't transmit easily, and it cannot affect humans or other non-felines. 

Becoming mayor will be a great opportunity for me to educate others about FIV, and I hope the position will help both myself and my friends find homes. 


Book of Bernard, Day 53

Hi everyone, Bernard here.

I just wanted to tell you that both Santa Paws and the Thanksgiving Turkey are real. Because, guess what? Yesterday afternoon my furever family found me. I have a home and it's even better than I imagined!

This photo was taken yesterday when I climbed to the highest spot of Cat Depot's catio to look for 'dopters. I couldn't believe my eyes when they actually came!

Happy Thanksgiving and loud purrs!



Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 52

Today, the humans here had Thanksgiving lunch together. Do you know how much turkey I got to taste?


Today's photo shows my feelings about that.

Okay, I might have been licking my mouth after getting some PartyMix from typist, but my story about giving her the raspberry is better, don't you think?

She said they didn't have turkey either, it was a vegan Thanksgiving lunch, but I'm still curious about those birds.Some of my friends here on Facebook told me they're very large. I've never seen one, but it sounds a little scary. 

If you come see me, maybe you could show me a photo? Just don't come tomorrow, Cat Depot is closed tomorrow, but maybe on Friday?

I'm hoping for some special treats tomorrow, or maybe some specially good food. I'll meow to Cat Care about that. I am very thankful for Cat Care, and all the other kind people here who take care of me and my friends.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 51

Did you know humans can't lick their noses? 

Maybe some of them can, but not as well as a cat can do it. Funny how many things are easy to us and difficult to them, and the other way around. Guess we complement each other.

Today has been a day with both good and bad news.

Good news: Hendrix went home. He loved the new humans and I think they fell for him when he hugged them. I will miss his company, but I am very happy for him.

Bad news: my typist told me she will move away from here. I did not give my permission to this!

She promised there will be a new typist, and that I can phone in my journal to her in the meantime, but I have many questions.

Will new typist understand me?

Will new typist know where the treats are?

Will the new typist know to bring me treats even though I'm not really supposed to have any?

Can new typist be trusted with opening my mail and not selling the catnip to the other cats?

Many questions and no answers...

Back to good news: I think Honey will be an excellent Senior Affairs Adviser. She is very sweet, if she can't charm everyone I don't know anyone who would be able to.

How is your day going?


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 50

Friends, I have important mews.

My Senior Affairs Adviser, Mystery, was 'dopted during the weekend! She was so happy to go home, and meowed to me not to lose hope.

I am excited for her, but her departure left me with an administrative problem: finding a new adviser. My staff looked through the records of all the cats in the building and narrowed it down to a list with ages and life experience.

After thorough interviews to ensure the candidates won't be too distracted by treats and catnip, I have made a decision. 

Honey, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

The new Senior Affairs Adviser is: Honey.

She is cute, though that didn't influence my decision. I'm much too professional to take such matters into account.

Honey is eleven years and five months young, and she has been at Cat Depot since February. When we meowed yesterday, she told me she loves to play, cuddle, and even sit on someone's lap. (I'll cuddle, but I'm not all that into the lap thing.)

Please give her a warm welcome to the new job.


Bernard has visitors

Book of Bernard, Day 49

I got a wonderful surprise yesterday. People came to ask to see me, by name, and they had flown all the way from Germany just to visit me. 

I'm not sure where Germany is, but my staff told me it's a long, long way to go. I'm honored, and now I feel like a real statesman, maintaining my international relationships.

They brought treats, yum, and when typist said we couldn't have any more - silly human - we got lots of cuddles. Thank you!

Bernard meets Mimi the dog

Today, I've met a d-o-g. Her name is Mimi. Dogs are okay, but they're not cats...

I sniffed her paw, definitely not cat, but being mayor, I have to set a good example and co-exist.

Hendrix did well with the dog too, but I think she was a little afraid of Crinkle. He is a big guy, one of my body-guards actually, and he poofed himself up and guarded the door. Mimi was afraid to pass him, so my staff had to carry her. 

Bernard with Mimi the dogOn this photo, my Executive Director is suggesting I tell all the other cats that dogs are good and nothing to fear. Apparently, a lot of people have d-o-g-s, and getting along can help us get 'dopted.

See the look on my face? That means, "Whaaaat?" I'll have to think about this dog thing, discuss with my advisers.




Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 48

Today, I have been working on an impurrtant project: Thanksgiving cards. 

The holiday didn't impress me up until now, Cat Depot will be closed to the public on Thanksgiving, so I just saw it as one less day to find a 'dopter. But, working on the cards was fun. 

I didn't make all that many, the humans have this under control without supervision, but I wanted to put a paw of approval on a few of them.

Another interesting thing happened today: it's the birthday of our clinic - typist said it's two years old. Happy Birthday, clinic!

They have helped a lot of kitties, even homeless ones who hurt themselves or got sick. Humans say the clinic used to be a garage used for storage, but I'm not sure I believe that. They can accomplish some marvelous things, but even kittens know a garage is not the same thing as a surgery room. 

Now I have to go supervise Thanksgiving decorations. I know my staff have been making some, and I need to see if it's progressing according to plan.

My plan, that is.

They want to put up banners with paper turkeys. I suggested real turkeys, but they voted it down, so now I want banners with treats. It could be treats shaped like turkeys, would be much more fun than just paper.


Bernard and Hendrix, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 47

You know how humans compete in synchronized swimming and such? Hendrix and I intend to win a medal in synchronized napping. If there isn't a sport like that there will be, because we're making this happen.

Today when typist came to see me, she didn't bring even one treat. She said, "I brought my love, and cuddles." 

Not the same thing. Not by a long shot.

She had some good news, though. She said some kind organizations have sponsored an adoption event, and that the humans are trying to find all of us homes for the holiday. 

That would be so fantastic! The event is December 10-11. Make sure you don't miss it!

And, she said that Santa might be coming, so I might be able to bring my letter to him in purrson. This is what I wrote:

"Dear Santa Paws,

I know you're very busy with so many to tend to, but I still wanted to take a chance and write to you. I'm hoping one of the elves will see my note and bring it to you.

A year ago, some kind humans found me wandering the streets and took me to Cat Depot. I was lucky, the adventure could have ended much worse than coming here, but I've spent a third of my life in this shelter. And, I've heard the other cats meow about a place called home.

They say home is the most wonderful thing where you have your own purrson who gives you love every day. They say there are soft spots to rest, food and snacks, and if you're lucky a human who plays with you.

I can't remember if I ever had a home, but I want one more than anything in the world. Sometimes, I lie in the sun on the catio and close my eyes, and I can almost feel what it would be like. Then, the moment is gone.

The only thing better than a home for myself would be a home for all my friends. There are so many here who really deserve it, and eight of us who have been here for a full year.

I believe you are real, Santa Paws. I believe. Won't you please bring me a home for the holidays?"

I hope it will speak to his heart and he'll help us. Going home would be the best present of all!

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 46

It feels like winter is coming and I am so happy to not be out on the streets. Crinkle, Hendrix, and I still hang out on the catio, but it's nice to be able to go inside whenever we want to, and to sleep curled up in a comfortable bed.

Boxes are good too. Boxes can help you stay warm.

Today's photo shows what cats think of cold weather.

Typist says this isn't cold at all, and that there are places where there's white fluffy stuff on the ground by now. Snow, she calls it. Don't know what that is, don't want to know. Hope the cats who live there have more fur than I do.

What's your favorite weather? I like warmth and sunshine.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 45

See my sly look? Today I will tell you two stories. You decide which is true.

Story one:

Meatball and I got mail. It said, "Deliver to Bernard and Meatball, Cat Depot."

There was no sender, but I'm pretty sure it was my friend Mike who bought it - we got more of the wonderful catnip paper bags. Purrfect timing too - Meatball's old bag has turned into slivers of paper.

We played with the bags as the innocent kitties we are, and had a wonderful day.

Okay, I will confess, that is what really happened. In my imagination, I'm a great cat burglar and it went something like this.

Story two:

Jimi is currently hanging out in the staff area. He has had ample time to do research for our big heist, watching the innocent humans type their passwords and use their computers. He also knows which rooms have a lot of traffic at what time.

This weekend when my regular staff was away and all the people who work Saturdays were busy with visitors, Jimi ran over to the pod to open the door, letting myself and Meatball out. We skulked along the door, unnoticed by the humans. Not an easy thing to do - my friend's name describes his shape pretty well...

Anymeows, we made it to the door to the staff area, but didn't want to wait for someone to open. It's easy for one cat to sneak past a human, not so much for three cats. Thus, we built a kitty-pyramid, reaching for the door handle.

Once in the staff area, each of us jumped up by a computer. Jimi meowed, "Hurry up, here are the passwords."

I took the machine closest to the corridor and heard footsteps approach. Both Meatball and I hid under the desk, behind all the merchandise for the store, and Jimi sat on a chair, licking his paw, looking innocent. 

The ruse worked: the human went right past us. Then, we ordered all sorts of fun things and made it back to the pod just in time for dinner.

What do you think? Good story? It could be true...


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 44

I have seen photos on TV of great leaders through history, looking to the future. I'm striking a pose as well. Typist said I should try turning my head the other way since it might look like I'm looking at the past and not the future, but she is wrong. The interesting lizard is this way, and there might be a fun lizard hunt in the future.

Today has been a pretty calm day in the pod. I've had some visitors, I love when people come to see me. Hendrix is pouting because I mentioned his brother Jimi yesterday, so I might need to feature him next week. 

Crinkle, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Crinkle is still fascinated with the catnip bag. He almost gets more attention inside the bag than out of it. 

Meatball ripped his bag, but he still hasn't given it up. He sits on top of it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 43


Oh boy, today was like Christmas!

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that my friend Mike is Santa Paws. I got a huge envelope packed with toys and treats for the pod. Mike says the dental treats aren't really treats, so it's okay to eat them. I concur. 

And, there was a really sweet and encouraging letter. Too many words for me to be able to read it on my own, but typist read it to me. 

We got several catnip bags too, both from Mike and in another package, not sure who they were from. Crinkle and Meatball claimed one each. It's kind of funny since they're bigger guys, but they managed to fit in the bags. Or, well, Crinkle fit in his. Meatball crumpled it up and parked himself on top of it, to keep it safe from Hendrix.

They're meowing funny!

Right now, Jimi lives in one of the offices, I think it's because he tries to steal everyone else's food at dinner time. He's a little guy, but always hungry.

From what I hear he's having a good time, but I sent him some of the toys anyway. Typist says he has rearranged her desk, answered her phone, hung up our Executive Director's phone, stole a number of pens and hid them in a cardboard box, and attempted to run away with her lunchbag.

I've visited the staff area too, but I did none of those things. Guess that's why I'm the mayor...


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 42

Most of the time when I get things I ask my staff to share with all the other kitties. But, typist has a secret stash of treats, She kept some of the extra-special bags my friends sent me and sometimes when she comes to see me, she brings some.

Just thinking about all the yummy goodness makes me need to lick my mouth. 

From what I hear there was some form of important human election yesterday. Some of them seem disappointed and others are happy. I don't think any cats were elected to do anything, so I don't care.

When needing an official, a cat is always a good choice. Just look at the Meow Mayors. Everyone should have a Meow Mayor to make decisions!

Last night, Meatball suggested that we sneak on the TV to see who was winning, but I vetoed it. Us watching TV would have kept the kittens awake and the little ones need their sleep.

Actually, we do too. And I think I'm going to take a nap right now.



Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 41

Today was a good day for toys. 

I got catnip scented soap bubbles, and catnip scented scratchies. At least that's what typist called them, they probably have a real name.

Anymeows, typist blew soap bubbles. Hendrix and I watched Crinkle play with them. He turned into a little kitten in a big cat's body, jumping for the bubbles, trying to catch them with his paw, and doing all sorts of silly things. 

On today's photo you can see Hendrix in the background, covering his eyes with his paw because Crinkle is being so silly. I just watched.

Crinkle, adoptable cat at Cat DepotAfter that we tried the scratchies. It's little pieces of paper that release a catnip scent if you rub them - or wrinkle them up into little balls.

Typist scratched a couple, wrinkled them up, and tossed them across the catio. Predictably, Crinkle thought they were the best things ever. He ran after them, snuggled with them, and even tried to eat one.

You can almost see his silliness on his photo - he followed typist and waited for more bubbles and more pieces of catnip scented paper.

I walked over to him and asked if he's sure he's not a kitten. He didn't think that was anywhere near as funny as I did.

Me, I'm still chuckling.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 40

I normally prefer sitting on the catio - it's nice and peaceful out there - but today typist caught me indoors.

She came over at dinner time. Some people think cats aren't able to tell time, but we know when things are supposed to happen. It doesn't get complicated until the humans decide to change their time, setting their clocks back or forth an hour.

Silly. All you have to do is look at the cat. If your kitty is napping, it's nap time. If your kitty waits by the food bowl, it's time to eat. Sometimes kittens try to do both at once, but that doesn't normally work out. They just end up sleeping in the food...

I'm off to have dinner, meow tomorrow!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 39

I got a card in the mail. It's from my friend Mike, and it says, "For Someone Special."

I love that someone thinks I'm special!

Typist read the message and told me I also got a check to spend on my friends in the pod. I'm hoping she'll take me shopping. Maybe I can go to the store here at Cat Depot and pick something out for everyone, that would be so much fun!

A while back, Mike sent us catnip-infused paper bags and Meatball really loved them. I'm thinking of getting a couple for him. Maybe some baby food for the picky kittens, even though they're not in our pod, and something special for Mystery. The money's supposed to be for our pod, but I'm sure no one will mind if I share.

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Other than that I haven't accomplished much today. I kept an eye on the parking lot for a while, making sure everyone parks where they're supposed to, but it became boring quickly.

It is fun to meow at visitors and then jump down from the ledge so they can't see who talked to them. Someone brought us a kitty tunnel the other day and we have some boxes that make great hiding places. We've been thinking of a contest to see who can surprise humans the best. 

The idea is to jump up, spot a human, meow, and then hide. 

Not sure what we should call it. Do you have any ideas?

Have a purrsome weekend everyone!



Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 38

Lots of things on my mind today. One of my friends, Oscar, has his Cat Depot anniversary this weekend. He's nine years old, and Mystery meowed to me Oscar's getting to the age where it's extra difficult to find a home. I don't understand that - he has half his life left.

Here in my pod Crinkle is nine and Meatball is eight, they're not old.

Good thing I have Mystery to keep track of these things for me. Her advice is invaluable.

On a brighter note, I heard that someone is interested in Kurtie, I'm sure you've seen her photo around the Internet? She's one of the longest residents here, arrived a few weeks before I did, and I'm keeping my paws crossed for her.

What else... I heard a funny human superstition: a purrson who hears a cat sneeze will be blessed with good luck. See, cats are good for you in all sorts of ways! 

I'm on my way to check what the girls are doing. Meow with you tomorrow!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 37

I would never peek at the girls through the glass door. I'm much too dignified to do something like that. And, today's photo does not show me being caught doing it.

Now when that's sorted out, I want to meow about November. Months don't mean all that much to me, but it seems a big deal to humans.

Typist said, "See it like this, November means we're closer to December, and that's when Santa Paws comes to visit."

I like that. I have written a great wish list for Santa Paws. It says, "Homes for all cats, with love, treats, and comfortable beds."

He might not be able to give everyone homes, I understand that, but I'm hoping. From what I hear, he performed some miracles last year.

There's more to November. Mystery, my senior affairs adviser, meowed that it is "Adopt a Senior Pet Month." I'm only three so I don't know what it's like to be a senior, but she says seniors make great pets because they're filled with love and has grown out of the kitten antics.

I'm filled with love and know how to behave, most of the time, so I assume the same is true for older kitties.

I don't remember what it was like to be a kitten, but I'm sure I was adorable.

Over to much more upsetting mews: I might not be able to meow with you tomorrow. Typist said something incomprehensible about a day off, and without her interpreting, I won't be able to communicate. I don't know how anything can be more important than Cat Depot and myself, but humans are so odd.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 36

Happy Halloween everyone! Have you gone trick or treating? I'm all for the treat part, not sure about the tricks. Dogs do tricks, we cats, not so much.

Most of my pod-mates are on a diet, so the humans are restrictive with our treats. Typist still gave me a few. I'm not really chubby and I don't think I need to diet, so it's okay.

And it would be rude not to eat them when so many kind people have been sending them to me, right!

Anymeows, I wanted to tell you more about the new girl in the pod. She is so cute. See my expression on today's photo - if I could wiggle my eyebrows I would. (I tried, but they wouldn't move that way.)

GenevieveHer name is Genevieve, and she's only two years old. ´╗┐Thus far she seems much more interested in cuddling with humans than hanging out with me on the catio, but I will keep trying. I don't want to pull out the Meow Mayor title just yet, I'd prefer her to like me for me, but maybe I'll have to so we'll break the ice...

I think I will sneak over to the treat cabinet and bring her something special. I bet she's soft to snuggle with.

Wish me luck. Have a good Halloween, and stay safe.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 35

I know it's not Halloween just yet, but I wanted to share a photo with my Halloween-tie anyway. I really like it. The colors look good against my coat, and I love that it comes with a fancy shirt collar. Makes me feel fun and respectable at the same time.

Have you chosen a Halloween costume? What will you be? I'm the mayor, of course.

I'm hoping the tie will help me get better luck with the ladies. There's a new girl in the pod and she's really cute, but she won't give me the time of day. 

Now I'm off to sneak into the Halloween treats. I know it's early, but no one will miss just a couple of pieces...

Have a great weekend!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 34

Friends, I made a horrible mistake.

Yesterday afternoon, a nice woman came in with her son, asking for me. It was feeding time and if you've seen some of my friends, you know even the mayor has to be alert to get dinner. There were a lot of things going on at once, and my nail might have touched her arm.

It might have touched her arm hard.

Not until later did I realize a meal is much less important than making a good impression on someone who comes and asks for you by name.

At least the humans here don't seem too bothered by the incident - I worried they'd be furious. Typist said, "Well, you're a cat. Doesn't sound like you scratched her arm on purpose." And I overheard one of my friends in adoptions say, "I guess he likes it here."

True, but with just a little self-control I could have been home now.

On a brighter note, I had another visitor this morning.

Bernard has a visitorAmanda brought toys and treats, and she gave a great chin-rub. She seemed to like me a lot, but said she already has as many cats as her landlord allows. I bet she would have taken me home if there had been room.

It's so nice of people to think of me and my friends here.

I have one more impurrtant thing to meow about today: it is Mystery's anniversary at Cat Depot. I know from experience that passing the one-year mark can be difficult, so if you stop by, go to her pod and give her some extra cuddles.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 33

This Halloween thing is fantastic. Guess what! I got more mail.

My friend Mike sent me a nice card, an encouraging letter, and a lot of treats. He wrote he thinks my furever family is just around the corner, they just haven't found me yet.

I'm worried they'll find another cat before me - there are so many of us - but maybe there is someone just right for everyone. I hope so.

I liked posing with the card and I think the picture turned out quite well, but then typist wanted me to pose with the treats. The first few photos were horrible. I laughed so hard, because it looked like she took a picture of me and pasted pictures of treat-bags in with a glue stick. 

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSince we're talking about treats - and bags smelling like treats - I kind of lost patience with the process. On this photo I'm saying, "Yes, yes, they're pretty, let's open them already."

We opened one of the bags and will save the rest for Halloween. I want to make sure all the kitties here get some treats, and now I know we have enough. The card goes on my special mail table, where my friends too can enjoy it.

Have a purrsome day!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 32

Exciting day: I got mail! 

I wanted to read the letter myself, because I should be good at that by now, but typist realized I was making up some of the meows. She said, "No honey, I'm quite sure it doesn't say the queen of Florida sends you all her catnip."

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

According to her, we don't have a queen. Go figure.

She read to me, and the package came from my friend Karin. Thank you Karin!

There were both toys and treats. I meowed to distribute the treats among all the kitties and kept the toys for the FIV pod, even though there were several packages of them. I think we deserve it.

Both Jimi and Hendrix were very excited about all the new balls with little bells in them. Crinkle wouldn't come down from his shelf to play, so I asked typist to give him a toy.

Crinkle, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI have to love the look on his face when he gets something. Check out the way he glances up at her.

He clearly doesn't understand how mail works - Karin sent it to me and I shared - but that's okay. I didn't use to know what mail was either.

Hope you're having a good day too!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 31

I finally got Jimi out of my sofa.

It wasn't easy; I had to bribe him with a Halloween decoration.

Now when I've had some time to try it out I must say, this is an excellent piece of cat furniture. I love it. It's cardboard so nice and warm - and purrfect for scratching when the urge comes on. 

Human sofas are also good for scratching, but doing so seems to aggravate them. Not sure why, but it's better to stick to the cardboard.

In other mews, it's Mystery's Cat Depot anniversary this week. I'm thinking of celebrating it, she's my senior affairs adviser and all, but I'm not sure how. Do you have any ideas?




Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 30

I'm having an interesting day. The morning started out with extra staff and they were really great. Volunteers came from Sarasota Christian High School to help out. They gave cuddles and cleaned.

Extra purrs to Callie, Maila, and Alyse for working on my catio. Now, it shines!

Bernard and volunteersOn this photo, you see me supervising as they're cleaning my climber. 

Typist said she didn't want to post a photo with just people's backs.


I'm in it, and I'm looking at the camera. Actually, I refused to move as they were cleaning, because I had found a purrfect spot to supervise.

She insisted people might want to see my helpers too. I said fine, but make sure everyone can see how hard they're working, because they put in a lot of effort. So nice to come over just to make the place nice for me and my friends. That is purrsome!

Volunteers cleaning the catio

Volunteer helping Bernard


























They even cleaned the walls!

 I didn't think anything more would happen after that, but the day had more surprises.

One of my Facebook friends came over with a present! It's a scratcher that doubles as a kitty sofa.

And, she petted me. Thank you Virginia!

Bernard got a present











I tried sitting on it with my butt on the seat, because I've seen humans sit like that. Then, Jimi showed me how it's done. He not just sat on it - he plopped down on his back and stretched so much he almost fell.

I'll try again later, when there are fewer humans present.

And you know what? The good day wasn't over with that. A nice woman came to visit me and I think she liked me. She lifted me up and carried me, and she was so nice I let her. I'm keeping my paws crossed!

Have a purrsome Furday. Friday, I mean. Tomorrow is Caturday. If you don't have a cat, well, you know where to find us. Purr!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 29

Today is not a good day.

This morning, the humans asked why I was so grumpy. I tried to explain I'm not grumpy, I'm sad, but I didn't get the message across.

I think my bad mood spread to everyone else in the pod - we ended up in a time-out with no visitors. That didn't make things any better; not being seen is the opposite of what I need.

Finally, typist came to ask what's wrong. I wouldn't even look at her at first, but then I confessed. It's my anniversary. That's depressing in itself, and to make it worse, no one cared. I didn't even get a treat!

She said, "Oh honey, I'll be right back."

I didn't believe her, but she did return, and she gave me some Party Mix. It made the day better. I also made her promise to tell all the other humans, so I'm hoping for some extra cuddles this afternoon.

Saturday is Lexington's anniversary, and Thursday next week is Mystery's. If you're looking for a cat, we're all great choices, with different purrsonalities.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 28

Today, I'm meowing from a box. It's Jimi's box, but don't worry. I'll give it back as soon as he comes out on the catio. I'm just borrowing it.

Boxes can make us feel secure, stealthy, and warm. Us cats like it warmer than most people do, and boxes are great for keeping the heat. They make great places to relax too - not to mention launching sneak attacks.

I'm thinking of a mayoral decree that each catio must have one. 

Do your cats like them? What's their favorite resting spot? The more I know, the better decisions I can make.

In other mews, tomorrow is my anniversary. It's not much to celebrate, but I'm hoping typist will sneak me some treats.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 27

I wanted a dignified pose for today's picture, so I asked typist to catch my profile. I am deep in thought, pondering impurrtant decisions. Like, how to decorate our pod for Halloween.

The humans worked hard, following my instructions of course, and I think the FIV pod looks like Halloween Headquarters. I'm very happy with it. The more attention we can get, the better.

I rejoice in every cat adopted to a loving home, but especially one of us. Because, every time someone brings a cat home they touch not only the life of that cat, but also the next one coming in. It's like a two-for-one package: you bring one home which makes room for another, and you have saved two!

These thoughts are much too deep for a cat on a sunny afternoon. I'm off to a nap. What are you doing today?



Bernard and Jimi, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 26

Jimi and I have been working on a plan to take over the wor... I mean, get 'dopted. These meetings tend to be lengthy and Jimi brought his box. He says he thinks better when he's comfortable.

I tried the box earlier and he is correct: it is wonderful.

Bernard in the box












In other mews, this is a sad week for me: on Thursday I will have been at Cat Depot for a full year. I hoped that wouldn't happen, but it seems inevitable.

My staff told me to keep my chin up and that someone might still take me home before then. I guess it's possible. Staff also reminded me that other cats have been here over a year and then found purrfect homes. Maybe good things will come to those who wait. I hope.

In the meantime, back to planning world-domination. I mean... uh... dinner.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 25

Sometimes people ask why I spend so much time on the Catio. It's the purrfect spot not just for naps in the sunshine, but also for keeping track of people coming and going, and of everything that happens outside Cat Depot.

Just this morning our Executive Director walked past. She said my name and I hurried up to the Catio edge to greet her. I reached my paw out to shake her hand and I do believe she found me adorable.

Today's photo shows me spotting one of the vets walking around the building to the back door. I enjoy watching humans. They always seem so busy.

Where had he been?

Where was he going?

Did he carry treats?

So many questions to answer. And, if I hadn't been outside I would never have known that he was out there.

Sometimes I see birds too, and lizards. And bugs.

And you know what? This is the purrfect place to spot 'dopters, because many walk past here on their way to the front door.

Mystery, adoptable cat at Cat DepotI have a message from Mystery too. She wants to point out that cats can get arthritis just like humans, and that she has seen cats reluctant to jump up and down. Some of those cats visited the vet and came back feeling much better, so she's confident the humans can help.

She also wanted me to emphasize that she is able to jump just fine, and that twelve is the new five.

Have a great weekend everyone, meow with you on Monday!



Bernard sticks his tongue out

Book of Bernard, Day 24

My staff came out for an audience on the lanai, asking me to make an impurrtant decision. I was handed two Thanksgiving cards and asked to pick one to be used as a card. The other will be a graphic on the website.

I picked one through grabbing it with my teeth and pulling it toward me. Then, I had to show my displeasure with the designs. One card had a gray cat and the other a black cat. Neither had me, or any other buff/orange kitty for that matter.

Sticking my tongue out might not be the most dignified means of communicating, but typist deserved it.

It has been a day of intense decision-making. Remember I meowed about my new adviser for senior affairs? Well, I've held many interviews during the night and today.

Are you curious?

I picked Mystery. She is a wise kitty-woman of twelve and our current oldest resident. She told me useful information, like cats today often live close to or even past their twenties. I liked those news since I'm only three!

Mystery, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

To be honest, I think she's a little offended at being considered senior. She meowed she worries her new position will impair her chances of being 'dopted since people may look at her and think that she's old.

I think it will help her, because now people will be able to see her cute face and hear her wisdom every day.

What do you think?


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 23

The humans here at Cat Depot are keen on keeping us healthy and fit. My pod has many big boys and as a result, we're all on special food. It's not too bad, actually. I've definitely eaten worse in my life.

I probably shouldn't point claws, but someone - a very large associate of mine - felt he wasn't getting enough to eat. He gobbled down everyone else's food and now Cat Care has to supervise us each time we're fed.

Embarrassing. We're all adults in here. We shouldn't need watching like little kittens.

The humans also weigh us all the time to keep track of the progress.

I didn't want to sit on the scale, because I think I'm at a healthy weight. I look good.

Cat Care pointed out that I have to set a good example. If I don't sit on the scale no one else will either.

In other mews, you might have noticed that Cat Depot is rather big. There are cats of all kinds and ages, and I have decided I need some advisers to be able to make good decisions for everyone.

I'm FIV positive, so of course the stigma on cats affected by the disease is close to my heart. Yesterday I learned about black cats battling superstition, and today I heard that older cats can have a hard time finding homes.

I'm only three and I didn't even consider that an older cat might face other obstacles to being 'dopted than I do.

Today, I have held interviews for a senior matters adviser. I will nap on the decision and let you know my choice tomorrow.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 22

Today, I saw the humans bring new things to the store. My staff told me there's something called Halloween coming up. Apparently, humans enjoy dressing up like monsters and asking for candy.


I'll take some treats, but I'm not into the dressing-up thing. I'll wear my tie, but you won't see me in a pumpkin costume.

Maybe I could get an orange tie with pumpkins for Halloween. That would look great against my coat and eyes, don't you think?

Anymeows, I was quite disappointed when all the cats on the decorations were black. Not one buff gentleman like myself. Typist explained this with superstition and told me some cultures think black cats are bad luck while others think they bring good luck. Silly.

Even sillier; she didn't know about any superstition around buff cats. I'll give you one and it's even true: we're loving and bring joy.

I made a new friend too. He looks funny and told great jokes. You can see me laugh on today's photo!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 21

I have a secret. Don't tell anyone - I'm worried it would ruin my mayoral image.

Here goes... I think a lot of people see me as the strong, quite type - aloof even - because I stay to the side and don't jump up on people's laps. But, sometimes I really want to snuggle.

It's true. Your mayor likes to snuggle.

Today when typist stopped by for her daily audience, I meowed that I missed the human touch. She pulled up a chair and started to pet me.

Those head-rubs, and chin-rubs, oh my!

I rolled over, relaxed, and purred.

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot












In other mews, I have my own table in the corridor now, where the humans are displaying cards and letters that arrived for me. I wanted to share with everyone, so the other kitties can be encouraged too. It doesn't have all that much on it, but staff said there are many holidays coming up, so maybe I will get more.



Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 20

Another hurricane passed us by and I am grateful. Grateful for not being in its path - the humans here said it was big and scary - and grateful to be safe indoors. I've been on the streets and I've seen a lot of weather. Being alone outdoors isn't fun.

Peeking on typist's computer has made me feel the need to make another Meow Mayoral statement: When there is violent weather, please make sure we're safe. Dogs too, not just cats, we should all be safe inside. We get scared too. And don't forget us if you have to leave.

During the year I've meowed with many cats who were rescued from floods and other violent weather. One of them, Lexington, was rescued from a roof in South Carolina last year. She told me about everything flooding until she and her friends had nowhere left to go but the roof, and the scary water just kept rising. Then, some kind humans came to rescue them in a boat!

If you stop by Cat Depot, ask her about it. She might answer in cat, but I know she'd appreciate you asking.

Over to something happier: I got some fantastic mail today, from my friend Mike in Texas. I am more and more convinced he's related to Santa Paws. 

There were cards and a nice letter that typist read to me, and money! I've never had money to spend before. I think I'll use it for new bedding, maybe some new fleece blankets for the pod.

On today's photo you can see me posing with my big card, listening intently as typist reads my letter.

I sent her to meow with adoptions and they promised to put my cards up so everyone can see. Just a few weeks ago I barely knew what mail was, and now I've gotten a lot of it.

Do you have plans for the weekend? I hope to do some shopping, get some good naps, and maybe have a snack. If it's raining I might watch some TV. We have TVs in the pods, and the humans play movies for us with birds and other fun stuff, but I usually go on the catio and watch the real world instead.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 19

I need to meow about something important.

There's a wonderful gift humans can give their pets called a microchip. Us cats and dogs may act like we don't care for humans' nifty devices, but this one is important.

I thought everyone with a home had one, but I've been getting reports about both cats and dogs that lack microchips, and this worries me. Time to put my paw down for the good of pets everywhere.

What happens is, if we get out and get lost and someone picks us up, the humans can read the chip with one of their magical devices. They get a code, and the code leads to a purrson's name and address. Hocus pocus, we're back home, eating treats, relieved at the scary adventure having a happy ending.

Without the chip, we might never find our way home.

It gets worse.

Without the chip, we may be killed. It happens every day.

We pets can't do this for ourselves. We need your help.

If you were to adopt a new best friend - for example me - from Cat Depot, I'd already have a microchip, because Cat Depot microchips everyone. One thing less to worry about, and more time to cuddle!

Being this official is a lot of work. I need a nap now.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 18

I admit it; today the human caught me in the middle of my after-lunch nap. It's been a long morning, filled with purrlitical decisions. A mayor's job is never done.

Jimi and Reese wanted to play with the same toy but not together. I told them they would have to take turns. Zahara wanted to taste Meatball's food, but he's a big guy and claimed he needed all his food himself... I whispered to him to let her have a piece because she's a girl and really cute. You get the idea. 

Anymeows, I woke up as soon as I heard the door to the catio open, and I allowed typist to pet me. It's good for humans to touch cats. Sometimes I purr for her, just to make sure she stays healthy.

From what I hear, I look very cuddly.

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot







Cuddly might not be the image I should be going for as mayor, but I'm pretty sure it will get me points in the race for finding a home.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 17

I'm having a wonderful Monday. I got a lot of mail during the weekend. Today, I opened it together with typist and my friends in the FIV pod. 

So many treats and toys!

I asked typist to distribute most of the treats. Crinkle and Reese looked so enthusiastic over all the toys that I decided to let them keep everything.

Crinkle and Reese enjoying the day










Jimi even jumped into the box and played. It was a purrfect size for him, and getting his own box was the highlight of his day. Probably the highlight of his year, to be honest.

With time, the toys will join the rotation and get to the other kitties as well, but I really wanted to let my friends have a fun day. And yes, I kept something for myself. See my sly little smile on today's photo? The toys distracted the boys so much they didn't even notice I grabbed a sock with a bell and catnip.

Thank you Joan for thinking of me and my friends!

There was also an envelope addressed to Carmen Mayor. We discussed and decided that I could open it since Carmen got her furever home. It's kind of like opening someone else's mail, which is bad, but kind of not, because I am the new mayor.

Inside was a sample of Temptations treats. Yum!

That one had no sender, but whoever thought of us, Thank You!

I have more good news. Remember Boyd, the kitten I meowed about last week? He found a foster home during the weekend, and if things work out, it could be his furever home. I'm keeping my paws crossed for him.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 16

I have found a new favorite spot: it's a chair on the lanai. When typist comes for audiences with me, she normally sits down on the floor. If I'm on the chair, I become as tall as she is when she sits.

I'd like to find something even taller, so she has to look up. That would make me feel even more in charge, but I guess I already am since I have the chair and she has the floor...

And, the chair is purrfect for poking kitties who might walk by with a paw. Don't tell anyone I said that, because it's kind of beneath my position.

Typist saw me poking Jimi and asked if I'm an instigator. I most certainly am not. The paw just reached out by itself and poked his back.

Do you have a favorite spot? What is it?


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 15

I apologize for my absence yesterday. Typist was away all afternoon and I couldn't figure out the password to her computer. Sitting on the keyboard did not unlock it.

Today is a big day - I got mail.

There was a big envelope addressed to me. I didn't believe my eyes when I saw my name on it! 

Sonny and Carmen meowed about mail, and about a man in Texas named Mike, but I didn't think it was real. Now I believe he is related to Santa Paws. He might even BE Santa Paws.

He sent me a letter. I'm not all that good at reading, so typist sat down on the lanai and read it to me. He had encouraging words on being 'dopted, saying "Good things come to those who wait." 

I hope he's right, because I have waited for a long time. Closing in on a year.

Crinkle, one of my assistants in the pod, tried to read the letter too. He liked it so much he wouldn't give it back.

There were more things in the envelope. Treats - catnip flavored, yum yum - and toys! I shared with the other kitties in my pod. Crinkle really liked the mouse.

Crinkle with a mouse

Next, I sent typist with a couple of toys to one of the kittens who needs extra encouragement.

Boyd has tested FIV positive too, so I feel extra responsible for him. I know he worries he'll never find a home, because he has two things against him: he's black and people don't know much about FIV. I know a lot of people are looking for a kitten and he is a great choice.

Boyd, adoptable kitten at Cat Depot

Thank you Mike! You made our day!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 14

I had an intense weekend, working the FIV 'doption event. Thus far we haven't had great success, but Orson found a home yesterday. I'm very happy for him.

Anymeows, since today is Monday and the regular staff is back I thought I'd be able to get a nap in peace and quiet. The sun was in the right place, the temperature just right, and I was drifting off to happy dreams.

Then, I heard footsteps approach. Clompeti-clomp.

There's no way not to hear typist - she makes as much noise as a whole army of normal humans. I pretended to be sound asleep and hoped she'd leave me alone.

She sat down on the floor and petted me, not too bad. Then, she spotted a toy.

It looks innocent enough, it's a big gray mouse with green tail and ears. Unfortunately, she remembered the mouse would move if she pulled its tail. This seems to amuse the humans to no end.

I went to sit by a chair, hoping she'd give up and go away, but the toy kept coming closer.

I won't say that it's scary, I know it's just a toy, but it's still... creepy. I'm not hiding, I'm not. That's just what it looks like.

I waited for a few moments, humoring her, and then I went inside.

Tomorrow will be calmer, she's going somewhere in the afternoon. The downside is, I might not be able to write my journal. The upside, I can take a nap in peace and quiet.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 13


It's Friday and I need to talk about something important.


Just thinking about treats makes me lick my mouth...

Remember I sent some out to other organizations not long ago?

Well, I got an answer back today. The kitties at the Animal Refuge Center in Ft Myers say that treat time is a special part of the day, and that they enjoyed the present. 










The message made me feel successful: I made a decision, and it was the right decision!

They seem to enjoy the Catio too. Wonder if they have snacks served out there, or if they have to come in.

Another important thing to talk about is...


Remember I told you about Chamomile the other day?

She has arrived to Cat Depot. She is very cute, but a little nervous, and for now she's in an office by the staff area. I purrsonally think she needs visitors and social interaction. 

I'm planning to sneak over there to flirt with her this weekend.


Chamomile, adoptable cat at Cat Depot














And then there's Shumara. She lost her human and has been meowing and meowing since she came here, sounding so unhappy. I know the humans will try to take credit for this, but it was my idea. All my idea.

What was my idea?

We asked her if she'd like to try the staff area. She accepted the job as typist's assistant and from what I hear, it's a purrfect fit. 

Shumara, adoptable cat at Cat Depot








Best of all? She has really cute paws, so typist can stop obsessing over my feet.

Shumara's cute paws









That's all for today. Happy Friday!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 12

What do you think of my photo today? It's me, talking to a sea horse. We've had the regular kind of horse here before - you know, the really big ones that walk around and eat grass - but this is the first sea horse. 

We meowed about Cat Depot and Mote Marine, and about how much fun it was to cooperate. Well, I did all of the meowing. These sea-living critters don't say much.

On my part, I'm happy things are returning to normal around here. I'm hoping everyone will be able to focus more on the FIV 'doption event now when the Giving Challenge is over. I thought that with our reduced 'doption fees we'd be flying out of here but not even one of us has found a home.

It's discouraging, but typist said people might come in this weekend. I'm keeping my paws crossed for her being right.

In other meows, today is Remember Me Thursday. I browsed through typist's e-mail - yes I'm curious, I'm a cat - and saw you're supposed to post photos of your pets on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #RememberTheRescue

I think it's okay to also post photos of me, because I'm kind of handsome, don't you think?

Meow with you tomorrow.



Bernard and Hendrix napping

Book of Bernard, Day 11

The Giving Challenge is over for this time and I must admit, I've rarely been this exhausted. We kitties in the FIV pod have worked tirelessly.

Besides being up all night to watch movies with the humans, we've kept track of money, been on videos, meowed with visitors, and overseen the social media campaigns.

I must take this opportunity to send out a Meow Mayoral Thank You to everyone who helped us. Some of my staff didn't think we could make our goal of raising $200,000, but I've coached and cheered them on, and we passed it! 

Imagine how much good we can do for homeless cats in the community with all that money. All the little kittens coming in, cats who are sick and hurt, cats who are hungry...

I've been out on the street, I know what it's like to be afraid and wonder where you'll get your next meal. Back then, I couldn't even dream of being the mayor.

Now, if you excuse me, I must return to napping. On today's photo you see me in the top bunk and Hendrix below. We attempted to play with the yellow ball, but we were much too tired.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 10

Today is the day. Cat Depot is brimming with people saying the same phrase over and over again: Giving Challenge

Raising funds is all fine and dandy, but I'm a little worried all this work to get money will overshadow the FIV adoption event. How will anyone have time to talk about us?

I thought for sure I'd be 'dopted by now, but I'm still here. Along with all the other featured cats. 

I tried to hide from the Giving Challenge on the lanai, but the other kitties caught up with me, asking what all the excitement is about. Wanting to be a good mayor, I attempted to explain. My staff even made a sign, to make it easier.

Bernard explaining the Giving Challenge












Jimi may be looking like he reads, but I'm pretty sure he's just pretending. He started to play with the sign, clearly thinking the cat-climber behind it was a mouse or something.


Jimi and Reese playing with the sign











This ruined Reese's attention span too. Before I knew it, they both played with the sign. 

I tried. I tried really hard. But, I don't think they even heard the part about Cat Depot being open all night. Guess it will be a surprise when the humans turn on movies and bring out the popcorn.

Not sure if I like popcorn. I'll try to steal some tonight and find out.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 9

I am exhausted. 

Up until I became mayor, I thought weekends were for resting. What really happens is, my regular staff goes home and I have to do all the work for two days.

FIV pod ready for the adoption event

I have overseen decorations for our adoption event, decorations for the Giving Challenge, made impurrtant decisions about movies and snacks for tomorrow's sleepover, and greeted the regular visitors to Cat Depot.

On this photo you can see my current home; Cat Depot's FIV pod. We're in the first room to the left.

I'm hoping all the color will inspire people to visit us. We put up photos of all of us with sponsorship for our adoption fees. Hopefully, it will make visitors want to meet us.

Right now, my staff is working on a poster with important information about FIV, to teach 'dopters that we're just cats seeking homes. 

In addition to all this work, I have comforted newcomers, meowed with long-term residents worried they won't get adopted, and taught kittens to behave. 

Tomorrow is a big day; the Giving Challenge starts at noon. Typist has tried to explain the concept to me, but I'm honestly not all that good at math. She said, "Imagine that I give you 25 cat treats."

I meowed, "Yes please, I'll take them. Where are they?"

She looked a little confused and said, "I don't actually have them. Pretend that I give you 25 cat treats."

"I could pretend much better if I could see them."

Not to mention eat them. Subtraction is easy. I could make 25 cat treats become 0 in no time!

After that, the discussion veered into how the 25 treats could become 50, or even 75. Moot point - I didn't even get one! Some rubbish about being on a diet. She said she could sneak me some treats if I came over to the staff area, but it didn't seem worth the trouble. After all this work, I'd rather she leave me alone to nap on my catio.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 8

It's official: the humans have gone crazy with this Giving Challenge thing. During today's audience with the king, I mean, when typist came to see me, she mentioned we'll be open all night between Tuesday and Wednesday, because the Giving Challenge is 24 hours. 

Don't they know cats like to sleep at least 18 hours per day? There is no way I can keep my eyes open for that long.

She said it's okay and that I can nap, the humans will watch movies and eat popcorn, but I'm sure my mayoral services will be called upon. At an event like this, my mayoral services SHOULD be called upon, don't you think?

I have a plan. The 'doption event I'm part of starts before then. Maybe someone will come over, fall in love with me, and take me home before all this nonsense starts. If not, maybe I can at least get some nibbles of popcorn out of it. And some good cuddles.

If you read my journal yesterday, I was pretty upset with typist for lying to me about the animals at Mote living in water. Today, she showed me a video of dolphins jumping in the water. Then she said I would have to go swimming to meet one.

Swimming? That's certainly not an activity for cats. I don't even like to get my paws wet.

I think she knew; she looked quite happy with herself.

Have a good weekend. I have scheduled naps and snacks.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 7

Typist lied to me.

My predecessors - Sonny and Carmen - said I could trust her, but she LIED to me.

Only yesterday she said I would never spot any of the animals from Mote Marine on the catio, because they live in the water and I live on land.

If that is so, how can there be a whale next to me? Or a dolphin, or whatever. My point is, this is definitely not a cat.

I also saw a seahorse. It was almost as tall as I am, and purple. I'm so upset I almost missed my afternoon nap. 

Now, over to some important mews, unless she lied about that too... Starting on Sunday, there will be an adoption event for select FIV positive kitties, including me.

Boomer, Meatball, Stardust, Zahara, and I have found sponsorship for 'doption fees, and my staff has promised to put up information about FIV, to tell people we're just like any other cat. We will love you, greet you when you come home, snuggle with you, and play with you just like any other cat would.

I've even gotten my own video from PetMeds Cares. I think I look pretty good.


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 6

Today, I'm alert. I'm sure you've heard about the Giving Challenge next week; the humans here are so excited they can't stop talking about it. We're working together with Mote Marine, and I'm hoping to get to see a fish. Or a shark. Or a lobster. I've seen all these things on the TV in the pod, but never in real life.

Typist pointed out that sharks, lobsters, and fish all live in water and since I'm a cat I live on land. According to her, this makes the chance of seeing a shark walk by infinitesimal.

She clearly doesn't know what she's talking about.

In the spirit of the Giving Challenge, I sent our mascot Petunia out to some other rescues in the area to deliver cat treats. It was a success. And, someone said it made me like Santa Paws. I don't think this is the season for Santa Paws, but I'm keeping an eye out for him too, just to be on the safe side.

In other mews, the typist keeps touching my feet, saying I have the "cutest little pawsies ever, they're pawsitively irresistible, and yes, I touched your footsie."

Can someone please tell her that being mayor is an important purrsition and that I do NOT have cute feet? Even if I did, they would not need to be baby-talked. Sheesh. 


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 5

See my little smirk today? I'm trying to keep a straight and purrfessional face, but I am excited. I've heard there's a new girl coming in, transferred from another rescue, and I've heard she's really cute. 

Her name is Chamomile. I thought that was some kind of tea or something, but I guess it's a name too. I overheard the humans say she's cute and kind of shy. I'm thinking I should interview her purrsonally.

And, to make things even better, the typist said she'll be leaving early today. That means her computer will be unguarded. I'll go over to the staff area and order something. Maybe a new tie, I'm sure that will impress Chamomile when she arrives. And I'll get a welcome present for her.  

Catnip. Can't go wrong with the nip... 

I'm thinking I should have a pretty good chance now when I'm the mayor, but if you have any tips on impressing the ladies, let me know!


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 4

We had an active weekend here at Cat Depot. Two of our longest residents found homes, and the Meow Luau was a success with many adopted kitties. This may not be entirely thanks to me, but I will still take credit.

My predecessor Carmen was officially adopted. From what I hear she is happy in her new home and even has her own tiny humans who read to her. Sophie, another long-time resident, also found a home that sounds purrfect for her. She is an active girl and found an active family.

On my part, I have practiced my mayoral expressions. Today, I donned suitable attire for my purrsition. As you can see, I am ready to make decisions and deal with any issues that may arise.

I already made an important decision. It came to my attention that another rescue organization was short on cat treats. We currently have a surplus thanks to a cat treat grant that came our way earlier this year. I wrote an encouraging letter for the cats in the other rescue and my staff arranged for treats to be sent. Everyone needs a snack from time to time.

Between you and me, I had other plans for the treats, but my staff said no. I suggested all the cats here can just eat treats instead of food for a couple of days. It would ensure we use all the noms before they expire, and everyone would be able to indulge. According to the humans, cat treats do not hold a sufficient nutritional value to substitute food.

I don't think it sounds true, but with the health of my fellow felines on the line, I must follow my staff's advice.

Now I'm going to the lanai for some thinking-time. Come see me. 


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 3

When typist came to see me today, she hinted that I'm lazy.

Bernard napping on the catioShe said, "Bernard, how are you ever going to get any work done if you just sleep on the lanai?"

Not fair. I've been working hard. She just caught me at a sleepy moment.

We have a Meow Luau this weekend. I have supervised decorations, agreed on a sale of Cat Depot shirts, and helped arrange several different activities. There will be fun crafts, contests, and a DJ.

That's not all. I've also helped prepare for tomorrow's yoga session. The participating kittens were nervous, wondering what they're supposed to do, and I coached them. Yoga comes easily to most cats. We just stretch and look graceful. 

And, there's more.

Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat DepotRight now, each of my staff members works hard to prepare for the Giving Challenge. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year, and the money from it will help the kitties all through 2017.

I'm about to interview our Executive Director on what the Giving Challenge really is, and how it works. I have gathered questions from the other cats - they hear a lot from visitors to Cat Depot. 

I've practiced a serious and mayoral expression, so I'll look good in the video. What do you think?

But first, the Meow Luau. Come to Cat Depot, and come see me. I'll be on the Catio of the first pod to the left.


Book of Bernard, Day 2

It's my second day on the job and I've already had visitors come ask for me by name! This is fantastic. All these months at Cat Depot I doubted anyone besides the staff knew I existed, and now people come in and say, "We're looking for Bernard."

I'm hopeful. Typist has coached me, telling me I'm handsome and smart, and that I can find an adopter in no time if I apply myself.

I suspect that with "applying myself" she means less napping and more actually meeting people. I just really like to nap...

Speaking of typist, yesterday I went to the staff area to visit her and work, but today she came to visit me on the catio. She has been here a couple of times, taking notes of what I want to say and do. I was in the middle of an especially good dream the first time she arrived, and she tickled my feet to wake me up. That's why I'm looking so grumpy on today's picture.

Carmen slept on the job all the time, I know she did, no reason I can't sneak a nap in too. But apparently, I have very cute feet. Typist said they were irresistible.

Anymeows, we started to play a prank on her. Every time she went through the door to the catio, one of my friends hurried to go sit on the threshold, to see how long we could make her stand there and hold the door open.

Meatball did it the best. He laid down in the opening, half of the cat on the lanai and half in the room, and he refused to move. She had her hands full with notepad, pens, camera, and holding the door, so she couldn't do anything about it.

She finally said, "Bernard, please tell them to stop."

I pretended that I didn't understand a word she said. I rolled over on the other side and closed my eyes.

Tomorrow I think we'll be trying the Meow-Mobile. That will be exciting! 


Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 1

Being vice mayor has been a pretty sweet job. I've taken lots of naps and only made a couple of public appearances.

Today, all that changed. The Executive Director of Cat Depot came to my pod along with the typist, and they told me Carmen left the building with a woman who saw her and fell in love with her. She has gone for a foster-to-adopt. I think that means she'll try out the home to see if it's a good fit. 

I think the typist was pretty sad to see her go, but you know the good part? Now she has me, and I will try to be a good boss. I made my first official visit to the staff area today. It's not as good as my catio, but it has a window and lots of things to explore. 

We have made some great plans. Typist filled me in on upcoming events. The Giving Challenge will take place soon, and it is during Adopt-a-less-adoptable-pet week. We will have an FIV adoption event with information and something special for my friends.

I have to go explore a little more now, there are so many exciting smells and things to see. Meow with you tomorrow.



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