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Boston Blogs


Boston, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHey everyone, Boston here!

I'm the Mayor. Meow Mayor I mean, the ninth in a row. I was surprised to be elected because I didn't raise a paw to announce my interest in the job, but the other cats said I've been here the longest and it's my turn to do it. I'll do my best, and I think it will be okay with a little help from my friends. It will be hard to fill Zahara's paw-steps - she was very good at the job.

I am four years old, closing in on five. I came to Cat Depot in January as a stray. Talk about rags to riches - I had nothing, not even food for the day, and now I'm the Mayor!






Boston on his way home

Boston Blogs - Going Home

Hi everyone!

You won't believe this. After nine months here, I'm getting 'dopted!

I'm leaving this note with my roommate while I pack my bags. I worked really hard for this day. I perfected my purr, I learned to "come," and I put my best paw forward. It really paid off!

I don't know who will be the Meow Mayor after me, but I'm sure they'll get 'dopted quickly too. I'd like to thank my roommates, my clicker trainer, and the Academy. I couldn't have done this without you.

I'm going home to a nice lady and a cat-friendly dog. I'll be the only kitty, like I always wanted


Former Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day Forty-Four

Hi everyone!

Now when I'm settled in my new office, I've been able to catch up on some work. We have gotten some clicker training students again. A few of the longer residents have been growing bored and wanted to try something new.

I volunteered to participate as well, because I won't ask any of the kitties to do something I wouldn't try.

We're all working on different skills that match our purrsonalities. The active, bored kitties like Tomasso and myself are working on physical tricks that will get us up and moving, while the shy kitties like Heidi and Abby are working on simple interactions with the humans.

It might seem like the girls have it easy, but they're being very brave to come out of their shells. Even a simple action of reaching out to sniff the trainer's hand is great improvement for both of them. I am very proud.

My trainer and I started out with a simple "come" command and I picked it up immediately. The humans say I'm just naturally friendly. We tried another command, "jump," but I haven't figured out what it means yet. I think I'll sneak out of the office to meet up with Tomasso and compare notes. He says he jumps wherever his trainer tells him to, but he doesn't quite get "come."

We asked Tippy if he wanted to join our study group and he said, "That's easy stuff, come back to me when you want to learn how to high-five."

That sound a little too advanced for me, so I'll leave it to Tippy for now. It's nice to know I have friends to go to when I need help.


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day Forty-Two

Boston here!

It has been a busy week for me. I had just settled into my new digs when Snooki, one of our office cats, got 'dopted. With an office open, I finally had the opportunity to get some real work done.

I moved into Seymour's Landing on Saturday morning and lost no time exploring the facilities. The humans got nervous when I jumped on top of the walls and started inspecting the pipes. Or maybe they were impressed with my initiative - they decided to upgrade me to a bigger office!

This one has a closed ceiling, but I have two office mates, which means more company for me. I was a little worried to be honest, because my fellow tuxedo kitty Loki told me his officemate is gone two days every week. He still gets visitors on those days of course, but he gets lonely. If you're visiting Cat Depot over the weekends, stop by and give my buddy Loki some love!

With two humans keeping me company, I get more opportunities for petting and head rubs, my favorite.


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day Thirty-Six


The Meow Mayor has Moved!

On Saturday I said farewell to my roommates and moved to the pod across the hall. Kitten season has slowed down and we converted one of the kitten pods into another room for adults. Adults moved in from more crowded pods in an attempt to lower the density of the living spaces. 

I volunteered to move in with Luke and Tully in Maria's Manor.

I wasn't sure what we were doing at first. The humans opened the door to my pod and beckoned to me. Being a nice, polite cat, I wouldn't cross the threshold even with the door open.

"Come on, Boston" they said and I took a step.

"Yes!" the said and I took a step back.

I really didn't think they meant for me to walk right out of the room.

I meowed, "Really?" and they said "Yes!"

But, I still didn't believe them. I turned around and walked back to my favorite bed instead.

They came back later and used food to convince me to follow them.

Our new pod seems like good luck, because both Luke and Tully got 'dopted over the weekend. Here's hoping I'll be next.


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day Thirty-Three


Hi everyone!

This week, there is a RUBBER MOUSE infestation in our pod! Luckily, my team is uniquely qualified to track down and catch each of these adorable toys.

Bradford, Tomasso, and I made up the inside team. We jumped and pounced and scared these toy mice toward the cat door. Then, stage two began.

Baca and Ruckus took over on the catio, where they ambushed the toys as they came through the cat door.

Baca stalked her prey from the floor, but Ruckus found high ground and was able to direct her from up above.

It was hard work, but together, we handled the RUBBER MOUSE MENACE. I would like to thank my pod-mates for their fantastic teamwork, and also the staff for providing us with such a great game.


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day Nine


Hi everyone, Boston here!

The humans are busy today, walking to and fro, gathering supplies and preparing for the weekend. They say there's going to be a hurricane.

See the look on my face? It means, pay attention. As Meow Mayor, I have an important public service message for all other kitties in the area. Even dogs may benefit from this information.

Make sure you know where your humans are. Do not stay home if they evacuate. You may think you can handle a day or two alone, but your home may flood, and your humans may have to stay away longer than they thought. Go with them!

Come inside now and stay inside. Once the storm starts, you may be too afraid or disoriented to find your home. Even after the storm passes, the landmarks and scents you use to find your way may have changed, which makes it difficult for us kitties to navigate back home. You may think you can take care of yourself, but cats aren't built to live in water.

If you and your humans plan to stay put, make sure you have enough water, food, and medication(s) for several days, possibly a week. Have your rabies vaccination certificate or license handy. Keep it and any other impurrtant documents in waterproof cases or bags.

Many of us don't like collars or harnesses, but try to tough it out. Having a harness on with an ID tag can help you find your family again if you get lost. I mean, if they get lost...

Make sure you have an evacuation plan. If you are in a storm surge zone, you may have to leave your home. There are hurricane shelters open to the public in each county.

Make sure you know the pet-friendly hurricane shelters in your area. My investigations show Manatee County has Braden River High School, Manatee High School, and Mills Elementary School. In Sarasota County, there is Brookside Middle School, Riverview High School, Pine View High School, North Port High School, Heron Creek Middle School, and Woodland Middle School.

Do not go to the shelter until local officials announce, through the media, that the shelter is open. Us cats may sometimes be in a hurry to find the best place to settle down, but not all shelters open at once.

Know shelter rules for kitties like us:

  • Pets - that's us - must arrive with a carrier or cage. Cages will not be available on site. Try to find a dog crate or carrier that's big enough for you to turn around in. A disposable casserole dish makes a good travel litter box if it will fit inside the cage with you.
  • Pets - again, that's us - must remain in the carrier except at scheduled exercise times. Bring a harness with a leash if you plan on leaving your cage, so that your owners can keep track of you. You don't think that you'll get scared and want to run, but we never know how we'll react under pressure until we're there.
  • Owners must provide pet food and other pet supplies as needed. Tell your human to bring food, water, litter, and toys!
  • Owners must provide certification that pets have current rabies vaccinations
  • Owners will not permit other shelter occupants to handle or approach pets
  • Owners are responsible for the care, feeding, and handling of their own pets.


Good luck, and stay safe!

Love, Boston
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Boston, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Boston Blogs - Day One


Hi everyone!

I'm Boston, the new Meow Mayor. I've been thinking long and hard about what I want to share with you. Being a leader is a big responsibility, after all. I wasn't sure I was ready to be mayor, but my friends encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone.

I am a pretty confident cat, but my roommates have even bigger personalities than I do. I've gotten into a routine to live in harmony with them: I stick to my own spaces as much as possible. It works, but it gets boring.

My roommate Bradford can't help being playful and outgoing. He saw that I was sad and suggested I try something new. I don't want to wrestle with him and Baca, but maybe I can find ways to interact in my own way.

Meow with you soon!

Love, Boston
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot



the ninth Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


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