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Carmen's Chronicle

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHi everyone, my name is Carmen. I'm a 12 year young three-legged girl who arrived to Cat Depot on April 4th 2015. I'm very pretty and I love cuddling with a purrson, but I'm a bit afraid of other cats. I only have three legs and my one remaining front paw is declawed, so crowds intimidate me.

I recently became the new Meow Mayor of Cat Depot - my predecessor Sonny left for his furever home and I won the public vote!

I will do my best to be a fair and hard working mayor, keeping the cats' best in mind. I'm hoping I won't have to do it for long. Sonny seems very happy in his furever home, and I want to be too.






Bernard, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Book of Bernard, Day 1

Bernard here, Carmen's vice mayor. Lots of things happened at Cat Depot today, you won't believe it.

Being vice mayor has been a pretty sweet job. I've taken lots of naps and only made a couple of public appearances.

Today, all that changed. The Executive Director of Cat Depot came to my pod along with the typist, and they told me Carmen left the building with a woman who saw her and fell in love with her. She has gone for a foster-to-adopt. I think that means she'll try out the home to see if it's a good fit. 

I think the typist was pretty sad to see her go, but you know the good part? Now she has me, and I will try to be a good boss. I made my first official visit to the staff area today. It's not as good as my catio, but it has a window and lots of things to explore. 

We have made some great plans. Typist filled me in on upcoming events. The Giving Challenge will take place soon, and it is during Adopt-a-less-adoptable-pet week. We will have an FIV adoption event with information and something special for my friends.

I have to go explore a little more now, there are so many exciting smells and things to see. Meow with you tomorrow. My blog will be here.


Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 44

I learned something new this weekend; apparently humans celebrate their ability to work with taking a day off.

Very odd.

There were no forms requesting this holiday, no paperwork whatsoever. I know, because I would remember putting my paw of approval on them. Did not happen.

I wouldn't mind the staff having some time off if it didn't interfere with my routines, but it made my Monday long, boring, and lonely, so I don't like it.

As hard as I try to abolish all weekends and holidays, my efforts have thus far been in vain. I will try again. If Cat Care can come to work every day around the year I'm sure desk-mate can too.

My staff has attempted to make it up to me today with extra cuddle time. And, I got mail. My friend Mike sent a letter and toys, and best of all: treats that are good for my teeth. He said they don't count as treats, and he is clearly right. Yummie!

Mike, if you're reading this, you're the best pen-pal I could wish for!

The humans here are busy preparing for the Giving Challenge. I'm sure there will be many important tasks for me too once we get there, but for now I'm content with watching.

For the Giving Challenge, I have approved Cat Depot working together with Mote Marine to raise money for all sorts of animals in need. I certainly did NOT approve of my staff dressing me up as a lobster.

Newsflash for desk-mate: I'm a cat. Cats do not live in the ocean. I don't even like water, except for the occasional after-snack sip. I put up with the lobster-dress for a few minutes because I've grown quite fond of her and it seemed to make her happy, but this will not be a recurring thing.

What did you do during the weekend?

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 43

From time to time other cats hang out with me in the staff area. It's usually not a problem, but there's a new one and she has attitude. My staff wanted to type catitude, but that's not it. The right word is attitude.

She walked up to my desk, jumped up on it, ate my food, and hissed at me.

Hissed at ME, at the Meow Mayor of Cat Depot, standing on MY desk. Can you believe the nerve?

I remembered I must set a good example and I remained calm. I didn't even hiss back. I gave her my best look of, "You have got to be joking."

Sophie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotYou'll never guess what happened after that. The new girl walked over to my suite where I sleep at night and keep my things - and climbed up on it. She walked across my roof.

Desk-mate said, "She has been here for a while, just not with us in the back. I think she's bored."

What relevance does that have on eating my food?

Desk-mate said, "She's cute. She'd be a great companion for someone."

Good. That means she can get 'dopted, so she won't disturb my naps anymore. 

Here is my Meow-Mayoral decree for this weekend: adopt Sophie.

The humans were training her on the agility course today, and she can do tricks. I'd just be happier if she didn't do all that right by my bed.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 42

We're having a lot of weather this week. My staff says we're not getting the worst of the storm, but to me there seems to be more rain and thunder than anyone would need.

On today's picture I'm looking up at the window. There's nothing outside but rain, rain, and more rain.

I drilled the other kitties in hurricane safety. Some of them worried about all the noise and I think the exercises made them feel better.

After that, I got myself into trouble. I was investigating new toys for the store and accidentally spilled a bag filled with crinkle balls over the floor. One of my friends in the staff area saw me, and when he said, "Carmen, what are you doing?" I ran up my steps, took a seat on the desk, and washed my paw.

Clearly, I had nothing to do with the mess on the floor. Must have been the kittens.

The rest of the day has been purrfect for catching up on some naps.

How do you like to spend rainy days?

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 41

I heard something appalling today: some of the humans think I'm chubby.

I don't really care what they think about my weight, I'm comfortable with my appearance, but they want to put me on a new diet.

A diet with absolutely no treats.

Treats have been against my diet all along, but desk-mate and I have cheated. It has been our little secret, only shared with you who read my journal, and I've still lost weight. Now the future appears gloomy: no more snack time, no more tasting nibbles of her food, no more getting a piece of PartyMix when she has her afternoon coffee...

No more rewards for jumping into my cart?


Desk-mate said, "Yes, this sounds feasible. There is no way I will give this cat treats, because I'm responsible like that."

The other humans looked like they didn't believe her. Actually, I didn't believe her either. Especially not when she whispered, "Carmen, I think we'll have to exercise more, so we can show progress."

I agreed to that, until I realized what exercise means. My friend Peter came with a harness and wanted me to walk on a leash.

I let him put the harness on, because it was pretty and blue, but I screamed all I could when he wanted me to walk. I'm not a dog. I like dogs, but I'm certainly not a dog. And, let's take a moment to remember who's in command here. I'm the mayor. If I don't want to go, I don't want to go.

He ended up carrying me around the building, getting me a new bed, and cuddling me until I wasn't grumpy anymore.

The score is: Leash 0 - Carmen 1.

After taking a little nap I went to hid among the new goods to the store, so no one would get the idea of making me walk again. I stayed on the boxes until desk-mate came looking for me.

~ Carmen ~


Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 40

I have gotten requests of more photos of me in the Meow-Mobile. Here I am, thinking of treats.

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat DepotDesk-mate is clever; she's making me associate the cart with PartyMix. Not that I mind - I'll jump in and out all day for those little nibbles of goodness!

We just returned from a stroll around the building. From what I can see, everything is flowing smoothly.

The kittens were tucked in for an afternoon nap, and the adult cats relaxing. No mischief in sight. It's nice to have a day when I don't have to put my paw down.

I helped get the mail too. Would you believe, before I became mayor I barely knew what mail was. I saw the humans carry stacks of letters and packages past my pod, but it didn't mean anything to me.

Today, arrival of the mail is a big deal. I like to help go through it and ensure everything goes to the right purrson. Sometimes, on really good days, things arrive with my name on them.

Like today. I got a big envelope from my friend Mike in Texas. My desk-mate helped me open - it's hard to do with only one paw - and I peeked inside. There was a letter and several toys. 

I kept one catnip mouse for myself - it squeaked that it wanted to join my advisers - but made sure my staff distributed the rest to the cats who need encouragement the most.

You won't believe what desk-mate did: she pulled the tail of one of the mice.

I was about to meow about toy-abuse when she put it on the floor. It moved and scurried off! It made me want to pull the tails on my other toy mice too, but none of them moved. Guess it only works on extra-special tails...

Now, don't take that as inspiration to pull the tail of the cat. It will make us move too, but for a completely different reason. Not a good thing.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 39

I knew the weekend was coming, but I still wasn't prepared. For a while I was so bored and lonely I tried to check myself into the clinic just to get some company. 

It didn't work. I stayed on the chairs outside for a while, hoping someone would come for an appointment and need to wait, giving them an opportunity to rub my head, but that didn't happen either.

Time passed slowly and I thought it would never get better, but then my friends arrived and I got kisses and cuddles. I even got a ride in the Meow-Mobile. I love that - it gives me attention and something to do, and maybe I'll roll past the purrfect person who'll take me home.

I'm still waiting to go on some official business. I've started slowly with my appearances on the 'doption floor and store, and I know there are many events coming up. If I'm not 'dopted by then, I hope I'll be included. I can sit in the Meow-Mobile and make sure all the other kitties behave and that the humans do their jobs. 

Speaking of rides, I'm going for one right now. Meow with you later!

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 38

The humans are planning something they call a Meow Luau. I asked what that might be and my desk-mate said, "You know, I'm not sure. I've never been to one."

She went to investigate and returned with a doll wearing wreaths of flowers, actual wreaths of flowers, and a tiny surf board. 

A surf board.

What could a three-legged cat possibly do with a surf board?

As she set the things out and prepared to take my photo I fell for the temptation of my food bowl and had a little snack. Okay, a big snack. The food made me sleepy and by the time she was done, I didn't want to get up. 

I've had a busy day, supervising everything at Cat Depot. Thanks to the Meow-Mobil I've been at adoptions, in the store, all over the place. Controlling everything and putting my paw down when needed is just exhausting.

Thus, you can see me ready to nap on all the flowers. They make a pretty good bed.

I'm still not sure what a Luau is, or what it will mean to me as mayor, but I will find out in a couple of weeks. Unless I'm 'dopted before then, of course. 

Have a good weekend. Come see me!

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 37

One great perk of living in the staff area is, the deliveries to the store come this way. And donations. I feel it's my duty to inspect and approve of things to be sold.

The humans don't always agree. They say some mumbo-jumbo about things not being pre-used. 

They're clearly wrong.

I think they should make a sticker that says, "Carmen-approved." I'm sure Carmen-approved items would sell very well.

In other mews, this morning I insisted on following my staff to the adoption's floor. She said I shouldn't go out there since Cat Care were still cleaning  and distributing food, so I ran all I could to get to the door ahead of her.

Sometimes you need to show determination. I need to keep a keen eye on everything in order to perform my Mayoral duties. Not to mention, keep a keen eye on the staff, so she doesn't wander off without me.

When she realized I wouldn't give up on my plan to follow, she went back to the staff area and pulled out my Meow-Mobil. (She calls it a "Meow-Mobile" because it makes me mobile. So silly.)

As soon as I got in - again enticed by treats, I don't know why I can't resist them - she took me around the facility. Everything appeared to be in order. Maybe we'll do it again tomorrow.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 36

We have gotten the best donation: someone brought in a kitty stroller. My friend in the gift store hurried to tell desk-mate, so she could place dibs on it for me.

I wasn't sure what to think about it at first, but she put some Party Mix in it and I jumped right in. It's a little disturbing that my staff can manipulate me so easily, but I just can't resist those little nibbles of goodness.

Once I was in, the mattress was comfortable and I relaxed as she zipped the top. Then, she took me for a walk. We went all around Cat Depot, even to places I wouldn't normally be allowed. Like the break room. So much to see everywhere!

I could go anywhere in this thing.

Maybe I can make public appearances, and it could have streamers and glitter and Cat Depot logos and flyers and... I'm getting carried away.

There's even a holder for the Party Mix can. Desk-mate said, "Look, there's a holder for your treats and another one purrfect for my coffee."

I'm hoping she'll take me for a real adventure one day.

I know she likes coffee, because she has a cup or two every afternoon. I pretend to be interested in the coffee, and then I get a snack. It has become a nice little routine. Maybe we could go to a coffee shop and do the same thing. A girl can dream, right?

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 35

Friends, I have something very important to discuss with you today.

More important than naps and treats together.

It has come to my attention that thousands of kittens are born every year without anyone to take care of them. I'm sure their moms try, but it's hard to raise children on your own. 

There might even be more than thousands - I can't count further than four, because I only have three paws and a tail. 

I went to medical and meowed with two of these kittens. One was smaller than desk-mate's cell phone. He told me he was looking for his mother, but his tiny little legs got tired, and he tried to hitch a ride with a car. A nice human found him and took him to Cat Depot.

Can you imagine being that small, lost, lonely, and hungry? Just thinking about it makes me sad.

I asked desk-mate what she's doing about it. She said we have a community cat program that can bring in cats to be spayed and neutered for free, and a program that will take care of pet cats at a very low cost. The owners just have to verify their income. Big words, but they make sense when she says them. 

Of course I had to ask, if we do all that, why are there still so many orphan kittens out there?

She said maybe people don't know about it.

It's time to put my paw down for the children. If your cats aren't fixed, call Cat Depot's clinic. Staff says the number is 941-366-2287 and that the cats will also be vaccinated, microchipped, and given a treatment to protect against fleas.

After meowing with the kittens I worried some people might not be able to feed their cats. Food is very impurrtant to me. And treats...

Staff said we can help with that too. There's something she calls a food bank. I don't think it's an actual bank with vaults and money, but I bet I could eat all day without the food running out!

Now she's interfering with the typing. She says there's more information about the food bank here: http://www.catdepot.org/resources/community-resources/food-bank.aspx

She also said that if people want to help others, we love getting donations of cat food. I won't eat it myself, I promise. I'll put it in the bank. 

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 34

Monday, finally! Happy Joy!

As soon as I heard desk-mate's footsteps I ran to the corridor and sat down to wait. She peeked around the corner, waved, and said, "Hi Carmen." But, she didn't come over to me. Apparently, it was more important to chat with cat care.

I took matters into own paws and ran to meet her, meowing.

She said, "Oh Carmen, you are so adorable."

Mission accomplished.

I herded my staff to her desk and made her sit down, and had an hour of hard work. I had to make her feel welcome to the office - and make her and all her things smell like me. It would be easier if she didn't keep leaving to "do" things, forcing me run after her. This human needs a Border Collie, not a cat.

Anymeows, I pulled out all stops on my cuteness, telling her how awfully lonely I was when she wasn't here and how no one else in the world cared for me all weekend long. My goal is to stop all this silly going away. I think my staff should stay here with me all the time until I'm 'dopted. 

Then, other staff and volunteers showed up and told her about their visiting me, petting me, stirring my food, and playing with me.


I know that as a mayor I shouldn't fib, but it was almost true. It could have been true.

Did you do something fun during the weekend?

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 33

I wanted to do something special today, so I have a video. You can click here to see it. My friends made a taste-test with me to determine what treats I like the best. I could just have told them, but clearly they don't listen when I meow.

Doesn't matter; actions speak louder than meows. And my actions are easy to read, if I may say so myself.

Now, don't tell anyone desk-mate gives me treats, because she's not supposed to. I'm on a diet to lose weight - I think they're worried I'll compete with Stardust and her plus-size modeling. Silly humans, I have my paws full with being mayor!



Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 32

I'm getting a lot of exercise nowadays, following desk-mate around. I don't know what it is with humans and this enthusiasm for going places. Why can't she just sit down and sit still?

She always tells me she'll be right back. I don't believe her, especially since "right back" seems to be a relative term. It seems safer to follow her. And, it's cute how surprised she looks every time she opens a door and I'm right there waiting.

Anymeows, all this exercise and running up and down the stairs to the desk have gained attention, and some of my friends suggested I should get a medal. They said, "A gold medal for the Cat Depot Olympics." 

I have no idea what any of that means except Cat Depot, but that doesn't matter. I got attention. And a treat. 

I've had lots of visitors today too. Several families wanted to see the mayor, and many of my volunteer friends came over to pet me. I had to ask desk-mate what a volunteer really is. She said it's nice people who donate their spare time to helping others. For free! That is so pawsome.

And, you won't believe this. Someone called to ask questions about me. Not because I'm the mayor or anything, just because they were interested in me. Maybe I'll have a home soon. I'd miss all my friends here, but they'd be okay without me. Imagine having a family... 

Maybe one day. The sun is coming around to my side of the building now, so guess what I'm going to do. You're right: nap in the sunshine and dream of home.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 31

Today is a sad day: my stand-in human is leaving.

Desk-mate says my friend Gabrielle has been an intern and that she has to go back to school. Not sure what "school" is, but I will miss her. She has been here all summer, but I just gave my paw of approval last week when she interpreted my blog. And now she has to leave. What's up with that?

Without her, who will type for me when my regular staff is away? And give me headrubs?

I discussed with Mr Hedgehog and he said to just put my paw down. I tried my sternest look, and it did nothing.

On the bright side, my staff arranged an "intern appreciation day" and that was fun.

The humans ate chocolate cupcakes. Desk-mate said chocolate is dangerous to cats, so I got a piece of Party Mix instead. She said, "See that sign over there, it says you're on a low-calorie diet and shouldn't have treats." She gives me some anyway and it makes me feel like we're rebels and partners with a great secret.

I think I've lost some weight even though she sneaks me a treat every now and then. I move much more now than when I was in the pod, I even run sometimes. I run up my stairs several times every day. It's a good work-out.

Now I'm going to take a nap in the sunshine and dream of treats. There aren't a lot of windows at Cat Depot, but I have one right by my desk, and I love when the sun comes around.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 30

I have had my eye on an interesting box in the staff area for over a week. I feel it's important for me to check incoming goods - and try items sold in the store - but with only one front paw it's hard for me to open boxes myself.

I have to wait for the humans to open, and sometimes they are so slow. 

Today the tape finally came off and I was quick to check everything out. I wanted to test-play the toys, but the staff said things going to the store should be new and not played with.

Doesn't sound right to me. How can they know if they have high quality catnip... I mean toys... if no one tries?

I have also attempted to find more efficient uses for technology. I feel that using technology better will give my staff free time, which can be used to pet me, play with me, or give me treats. Seems purrfectly logical to me. 

If I sit on desk-mate's phone just right, it comes to life and talks. Someone called Siri lives in it. Don't know how they got a purrson into that little thing, my staff says there isn't really a human there, either way it doesn't matter. My research shows that Siri will do things if you ask the right way.

If I could make Siri translate my meows into my journal, my desk-mate could use both her hands for petting me during this time, instead of typing. Unfortunately, I don't think the phone speaks cat. It doesn't matter how much I meow; the voice just says, "I didn't quite catch that."

I need to write the manufacturer about this. After a nap in the sunshine...

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 29

It's Monday and my desk-mate is back! I was so happy to hear her footsteps this morning I even went to meet her in the corridor. She looked surprised, but happy to see me. Stand-in-human did a great job, but I like having things back to normal.

I wonder if there's a way to keep both of them petting me. Maybe one on each side?

After being away for four days, my desk-mate didn't smell like me anymore. I could smell dogs and black cat and white cat, but there was no Carmen in the mix. Quite upsetting. I had to rub against her for a long time to get it right. Once I took care of that, I had to rub against all her stuff. 

Setting things right can be a lot of work, but it's worth it.

During the day people have come over to tell her about my weekend adventures. According to the humans, I've been going onto the 'doption floor where I've hissed at the other cats.


I have been on the 'doption floor, this much is true. Where else would you meet 'dopters? If they're not coming to the back to see me, I have to take matters in own paws and find them.

As for hissing at the other cats, I have to make sure everyone's on their best behavior. It makes purrfect sense to me.

I bet you're wondering about today's picture? I'm not about to bite Mr Hedgehog, I promise. It's just that sometimes people ask if I don't have any teeth. I don't know why, maybe it makes sense that a three-legged declawed girl wouldn't have teeth either, but I do. Some. And they're white and cute.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 28

Well, it’s the second day of desk-mate’s vacation so I am still meowing with stand-in purrson. At this point in time, I will give stand-in my paw of approval. But I am a little upset with her at the moment.

You see, she agreed to let me help type today. I pawed out a nice paragraph for her, and she deleted it. Said humans wouldn’t be able to read it. I politely beg to differ…desk-mate always tells me I’m a great typist.

Stand-in human also keeps telling me I’m cute, over and over again. Doesn’t she realize I already know that? I wish she'd try to have a more intellectual conversation with me. I’m a very smart girl.

But I bet you are all wondering about Mr. Hedgehog. I have great news for you! I finally know what’s going on with Stardust.

Mr. Hedgehog opened up this morning and told me that Stardust isn’t preparing to stage a coup. My position as Meow Mayor is completely safe and I couldn't be more relieved.

Now I’m sure you might be wondering, what is Stardust actually up to then? Get this: she’s been working on her career as a plus-sized model. She’s been entered into Cat Depot’s Next Top Larger Cat Model Contest. I guess Stardust wanted to keep this a secret.

When I was suspicious of her meowing with volunteers, she was actually asking them for modeling tips.

Don’t ask me how I got a hold of this, but I have a video of Stardust strutting her stuff on the runway. I guess it’s a little incriminating, and Stardust doesn’t know I have it. I think I’m going to try to trick stand-in human to post it later today. I want to stick to one trick a day, so I'll have to skip my Party Mix plan.

After I talked to Mr. Hedgehog, I had the best snooze. I can finally rest easy knowing Stardust isn’t planning anything behind my back.

Desk-mate comes back on Monday and I couldn’t be happier. Hope everyone is having a purrfect day!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 27

It's the first day of my desk-mate's vacation, so I am meowing with her stand-in for today and tomorrow. I haven't had time to ask around about her just yet, but I'm hoping she's not an impawster.

So far everything's going well. At first, I was a little sad because I truly believed desk-mate would surprise me and pick me up for vacation this morning.

To make myself feel better, I took a nice long nap by the window. This is my way of pretending I'm on vacation with desk-mate. I miss her already. This new purrson seems nice I think, but it's just not the same.

After my nap, I decided to try to have some fun. As you can see, I tricked the stand-in to go get Mr. Hedgehog for me. But much to my dismay, he won't talk. He said he has an awful headache today and will update me on Stardust another time.

I'm not usually one to pry, but I did spend a good 10 minutes sniffing and nudging him around in a failed attempt to get him to spill the beans. But that hedgehog's lips are sealed. I'm going to have to try again tomorrow.

On another note, I think I'm going to have this stand-in purrson wrapped around my finger in no time. I'm going to start thinking about what I can pull on her tomorrow. Something subtle. Maybe I can get her to go in the drawer and give me some Party Mix...

Stand-in human doesn't have my paw of approval just yet. We'll see how tomorrow goes before I give her that honor.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 26

Today has been an exciting day. I've had several visitors, and I got mail. 

There was a large, impressive envelope that said, "For Meow Mayor Carmen and Friends." It came from my friend Mike in Texas. Thank you!

Inside was a kit to grow cat grass - I'll have to make sure my staff is on top of that - and something I've never seen before. Catnip bags. That is, paper bags infused with catnip.

Since the presents were for Carmen and Friends, I meowed with the humans to distribute the bags among the other kitties. Not that they weren't interesting, but I preferred the grass myself, and there was such a nice ray of sunshine on my desk. I really wanted to stay in the sun. It has been raining for a couple of days, and the warmth feels so good.

That's what I'm doing on today's photo. Napping in the sun... 

Anymeows, Kami was interested in the bag, but more interested in having a snack.

Kami, adoptable cat at Cat Depot








Brooklyn loved it. She saw the bag and it was hers. But, no one loved it as much as Meatball.

Meatball, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











He's kind of a big guy, but he managed to get completely inside it. 

It has been a good day to be a cat!

Tomorrow, my desk-mate will be away. I'm worried about that, but I feel a little better after she told me she found a stand-in for me to meow with for my chronicle. I'm actually a little curious to see what will happen.

Hope you're having a purring day!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 25

My desk-mate says I've been all up in her business today. Of course I have; I need to make sure she does her job right. Humans require constant supervision. Left to her own devices she makes strange inventions, like attaching a long feather to a pen.

She thought she would be able to write and entertain a cat at the same time. Wrong.

I've even started to use my staircase to be able to supervise her better. I like to run upstairs, up on the desk, and then I climb down. Everyone who told me to use the stairs were right. I used to bump my nose every time I went down, but now I can do it without owies.

I hope I'll get to keep the staircase once I'm 'dopted. It would be great to be able to bring it, now when I'm used to it. I'll meow to the humans about it.

Anymeows, I wanted an efficient way to go down to be able to follow my staff. She just won't sit still, and I like to roam the corridor and see what she's up to.

She was quite surprised the first times she met me, I used to stay in one spot on the desk or on my chair. I pretended as if I wasn't looking for her, like I was just walking around, but I think she saw through it.

What else... I bet you're wondering if I've heard anything from Mr Hedgehog? I have not, but one of my volunteer friends said he saw Stardust sitting on the poor little guy. That can't be good. I know he's resilient, but still not good.

I meowed with the mice about it and I'm beginning to think everyone who told me they were unreliable were right too: they responded with something incomprehensible about more cheese.

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 24

Monday! I had visitors during the weekend and that was really great, but I'm still happy to have my regular staff back. I miss my desk-mate so much when she's not here. There's something about having a human by your side, gently rubbing your head while you sleep...

Today, order is restored. At least for a while; I meowed to the staff that I'm putting my mayoral paw down. She can never have one of these weekend things again. She looked a bit uncomfortable and told me she'll be on vacation two days this week.

Vacation sounds like fun and I thought we'd be going somewhere together, but she explained it means she'll be away for four days instead of just two. What's up with that?

She said my other friends will be here. Not good enough: she is my assigned staff. And, her drawers holds Party Mix. Who will kiss me on the head and give me treats if she's not here?

I'll have to put a stop to this going away, somehow.

As you can see on today's picture, I really like Party Mix. Being a lady, I'm not supposed to eat out of the container, and I'm on a diet so I'm probably not supposed to have any at all, but it was right there, and open, and it just happened...

Desk-mate says it was a good thing. She needed to write a report on how the treats help shelter cats, and we're hoping my story and picture will help us be posted as a success story. I'll keep an eye out and paw the web address to you if my submission is shared.

Gosh, I hope Stardust doesn't find out about my treat habit. I don't think it's all that bad, but if she wants my job, who knows...

I sent Kami over to peek into her office; I want to know what's happening to Mr Hedgehog. I haven't seen him for days. Is he alright? Is he still on my side or did he fall for Stardust's charms?

Kami said she couldn't see anything; Stardust discovered her peeking in and wasn't happy about it. I might have to send a human over...

Speaking of Kami, she gave me a good giggle this morning. I was relaxing on the desk, next to the computer, and my staff typed on something while chatting with me. Then, she felt something against her legs and jumped in a hilarious way. "Aaah, there's something on my legs. Oh, it's you." 

Kami had wandered out of her office, and I guess a warm and soft kitty body pressing against you can be quite a surprise when you don't know there's a cat there.

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 23

My suspicions about Stardust trying to take over my office have intensified after keeping my eyes on her through the door. Today I pretended to lounge on a box in the staff area, but I was really watching her. She's meowing with all the volunteers, clearly wanting to build support.

I quickly came up with a plan. On today's picture, you can see me talk to Mr. Hedgehog.

Desk-mate says she thinks he has a really long and fluffy tail for being a hedgehog and that he might be a completely different kind of animal.I told her to just go with it. He's a toy; he is whatever I say he is.

Anymeows, he agreed to move into Stardust's office and keep an eye on her.

She looked a little suspicious at first, but took to him quickly.

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot












Maybe a little too quickly. 

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











I don't know if he was very good at winning her confidence, or if he told her something incriminating about me. Like, how much I like my cat treats. He would know, because he has been sitting next to my bed for a long time. 

No, I'm not worried. Mr. Hedgehog is one of the good guys.

I will keep my eyes and ears open during the weekend. Meow with you on Monday!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depo

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 22

Today has been an intense day of assisting my staff. A cat's work is never done.

I needed to hold down notes through sitting on them. There was a letter on my desk that clearly required wrinkling, and after that, I did a lot of typing. Humans don't appreciate how difficult it is to type with just one paw, or how a strategically placed kitty on the keyboard can make their work better.

The trick to kitty success in the workplace is pretty much the same as around a home: no matter what your human has, you need it. In the office that means, if they bring out any sort of documents, you need to lie down on the papers. It's the best way to assimilate information.

If the human uses the computer keyboard, it's your duty to sit on it.

If the phone rings, you need to answer through pawing at it.

Most impurrtantly, never, ever let your purrson eat or drink something without tasting. Left to their own devices they will probably poison themselves or something.

While meowing about desk-work, some have asked if I ever got around to using my stairs. If I'm in a hurry, I'll run through the corridor and keep running up the stairs onto the desk. I've used them for going down a couple of times, but I'm usually more in a hurry going up. I keep spotting my desk-mate doing things that require supervision.

Now, over to a serious subject...

Stardust, adoptable cat at Cat DepotDo you remember Stardust? Sonny sometimes meowed about her.

Stardust keeps staring at me through her door. Earlier today, I saw her going through all sorts of files and folders. I have photographic evidence! 

My keen nose smells a plot afoot. I think she wanted to be mayor, and now she wants to make sure she's in the running next time. Kami meowed that Stardust may be trying to dig something from the litterbox up on me and replace me, but I think it's more likely she tries to make sure she'll be the only one running for the vote next time.

I held a meeting with my toy mice to be on the safe side, and today's picture comes from the meeting. Today's picture of me that is, not of Stardust...

The mice never sleep, so they should know everything, but they refuse to divulge any information. Nothing, not even a little squeak. I think I need a more paws-on approach to figure out what's happening. I will plant a toy or something in Stardust's office.

But first, a nap. After all this work and politics, I am exhausted.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 21

I have to have a serious talk with the other cats around here; they have insinuated that I sleep on the job.

I absolutely do not.

Or, well, maybe, but this is a job with a lot of responsibility. It's exhausting! Time to put my paw down.

Thus, I have my stern look on today's photo.

In other mews, I've been meowing with my staff about an upcoming event. Apparently there's a special day for appreciating black cats coming up soon, and the staff wants to do a 'doption event.

That's all fine and dandy, but what about appreciating the three-legged cats? I think we should have a special day too. With treats.

My staff says the ones who adopt a black cat during the event will get a special purrsent. Made me think, the ones who adopt a three-legged cat also gets a special purrsent: a three legged cat. It's just like any other cat, but no climbing curtains. Teehee!

I meowed to Kami about all this, but she was too busy to pay much attention. Turns out the old Meow Mayor, Sonny, left a carrot-toy behind in his office, and she really likes it. I think it's her favorite thing in the world, after food.

Silly girl, carrots are for horses, not for cats.

I guess she doesn't care too much about creating a tripod day since she has all her feet intact. I'll bring some treats and go talk to her again. With the support of a four-pawed kitty I'm sure I could purrsuade the staff to hold a tripod day. What do you think?

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 20

I heard the most awful slander.

The humans here say that when I nap, my tongue sometimes sticks out, and it's very cute. Now, if my tongue stuck out I'm sure it would be adorable, because it's mine, but it stays in my mouth at all times. 

Let me repeat: I'm a cat. I have full control of all my body parts at all times.

This rumor made me think it's a shame the humans don't stay here at night. I wish I could spy on them and see what goofy things they do when they sleep, maybe snap a couple of photos, and get even. I'm sure there's all sorts of snoring going on.

They had a sleepover last year during the Giving Challenge, but I wasn't paying attention at the time. If they do that again and I'm still here, maybe I'll get my chance.

Anymeows, did I tell you about my friend Kami? She moved into my old office when I moved to the staff area. She sneaks out sometimes, and in the beginning everyone thought we wouldn't get along.

Kami, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


She likes to come over to meow with me, and one day she sniffed my collar. You know, the teal one with bling on it. I think she was a little jealous and I would have offered her to try it on, but the humans had an even better idea: they let her model a necklace. 

Now I can say my best friend is a model, and she can say her best friend is a mayor. How cool is that?

More things happened yesterday: we had a dog here. I think dogs aren't as good as cats, of course they're not, but they're okay. I probably wouldn't confess it in front of the other cats, but I kind of like the pooches. 

Well, it went into Kami's office, and then there was all sorts of ruckus. Turns out she doesn't approve of canines.

It got to hang out with me in the staff area instead, and I let it sleep on my bed. That was the right thing to do, right?

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 19

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm back online and feel like the Queen of the Internet.

I had a pretty good weekend, even though my desk-mate was away for three days. Everyone made a point of visiting me, and I met a lot of people. In between, I took naps on the finance manager's desk and chair. As Meow Mayor, I have to keep track of the money. 

Yesterday was Pokemon-purrnament-day. There were lots of visitors and I heard my name mentioned many times. Good. The more people hear about me, the better chance of being 'dopted, right? 

My friend Diana even mentioned me on TV. She told everyone how the Pokemon keep appearing around me.

There's one here right now - a huge yellow thing sitting on my friend Margit's desk. I'm pretty sure it's waiting for her to try to catch it, or something.

This morning was very exciting too. I got mail, and I've looked at the envelope all weekend, waiting for desk-mate to arrive to help me open. It held a great toy shaped like a dragonfly, a card, and lots of treats. A couple pieces of paper too that the humans called checks. They seemed excited about the paper. I was excited about the dragonfly!

I will share the treats with the other kitties, but the toy is a great friend for napping and I want to keep it. 

After the mail, I helped hold desk-mate's notes down. She writes a list of all 'dopted kitties every morning, and I read it through sitting on it. I need to know who went home and who is still in the house. Sometimes she tries to take it from under me, claiming she needs it.

Rubbish. I'm the mayor. I need it.

Anymeows, one day my name will be on the list. It will. I've been here for so long my time has to be just around the corner!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 18

This morning I was up before everyone else, securing the staff area from Pokemon. One never knows what those animated little rascals might be up to, and I have to make sure it's safe when my humans come in.

When my desk-mate arrived I sat waiting for her, ready to get to work.

We started with extensive snuggling; I believe in making my staff feel welcome. On today's picture I'm watching her, hoping to get a head-rub.

After the cuddle session I proceeded with holding down some documents, so the information written on them wouldn't vanish. I also attempted to send a few messages, but desk-mate intercepted them, saying I hadn't typed anything that made sense.

I'm a cat. The messages were naturally written in cat and don't have to make sense to a human. I snuck on the computer again on her lunch break and e-mailed everyone without her knowing.

Of course I've gotten some naps in too. When you're a cat, napping is a natural state. I napped so hard I even missed a few visitors. Luckily, they came back later when I was awake.

In the column of not-so-good news, my desk-mate says she won't be here tomorrow. That means, I won't be able to post my chronicle tomorrow. And even worse, she won't be here to keep me company. I did not put a paw of approval on this.

For now, I'll just rest in my ray of sunshine by the window and hope the weekend will pass quickly. Meow with you on Monday!

~ Carmen  ~

Carmen and the Pokemon

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 17

Wait until you hear this: My desk-mate went to the Cat Depot store to get iced coffee, and she didn't let me taste.

She said, "I don't think coffee is good for cats."

How can it not be? If she likes it so much, it has to be good for cats too, right?

I think it's time for a Meow Mayoral decree. If something can't be shared with the cats, the humans shouldn't have it. I can only meow for myself, but if she has something, I want it. I only need a little nibble or lick, just to see what it is.

Unless it's really good, of course. Then I try to help myself to some more.

The coffee was apparently a no-no. She comforted me through giving me a couple of pieces of Party Mix. I really like that, so everything turned out okay.

In other mews, the Pokemon are spreading through the building. Now they're in a form everyone can see, even without using a phone. I think my humans might be getting a little carried away, bringing these things into real life.

On today's picture I'm meowing, "They're behind me, aren't they?"

I'm hoping everything will settle down after the big Pokemon GO Tournament on Sunday. And what does this make us? Pokemon Depot isn't anywhere near as catchy as Cat Depot. Pokedepot? Pokepo?

Will you be here on Sunday? 

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 16

This morning, my desk-mate was late. On a Tuesday, can you believe it? She said something about attending a fundraising seminar. I can't remember putting a paw on approval on that. And, I can't remember her asking me to go with her. I'm not sure I'd like traveling, but she could at least ask, don't you think?

I made her make it up to me. I sat on her lap and licked peanut butter from her finger.

Later in the afternoon we had all sorts of excitement. The phone lines went down, which triggered our security alarm. Today's picture shows my being woken up by the annoying beep. 

The phones going down also meant no Internet access - which had me worried about sharing my thoughts with you - and no payment system for the store. How can people buy toys if the payment system doesn't work? Outrageous!

My friend Tim turned the alram off so I could go back to my beauty sleep. Being a cat, I enjoy napping. 

The next time someone woke me up it was for a much better reason: I had visitors. A family came to see me and I got some great head rubs!

What has your day been like?

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 15

Monday. Finally.

I did have visitors during the weekend, but I still missed my regular staff. I love having a purrson right by my side. Yesterday I was so lonely I sat on the chairs outside medical, begging people passing in the corridor to pet me.

Today has been much better. Were celebrating Christmas in July, and Santa Paws brought me a brand new catnip pillow. I meowed with him about finding me a 'dopter, but he said the wish lists only work for the December holiday season. As if anyone would know the difference in Florida - it's always warm and sunshiny.

On the bright side, I've been a good girl and I'm on the nice list.

My desk-mate asked me to put on little reindeer horns. I checked them out, but didn't want to wear them. She held them against my head and said I'd be soooo cute. Yeah, whatever. I love her, but if she thinks these horns are so cute, she can wear them herself.

Or put them on a tree. Isn't that what humans do for the holiday season?

Loverboy, Carmen's helperShe tried to put them on one of my helper cats too: Loverboy.

He tried to eat them.

Quite a challenge since he doesn't have any teeth.

My friend Joe brought a Florida snowball. I've never seen snow, but from what I hear it's really cold and doesn't sound like something I'd like at all. The Florida snowball was okay though. Not cold at all and good for playing with.

It's a bit hard to see on my picture, because my bed is white, but it's there.

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 14

Friends, the Pokemon craze has spread around Cat Depot to the point where I don't know if I can stop it. Now the humans are busy cutting out paper Pokemon figures! Isn't it enough with the ones you only see through the phone? Or, is this an attempt to mark where they're at?

I'm not sure if I should put my Meow Mayoral paw down and ask everyone to stop, or if I should support the efforts.

Rumors have it we'll host a Pokemon tournament next weekend. That may be a good thing if a lot of people come and help catch the pesky little things. My friend Joe in the volunteer office said people come here to battle their Pokemon too. Sounds a little dangerous if you ask me, but what do I know. I'm just a cat.

In other mews, today is Friday, which means another weekend is coming up. 

I was really excited for a moment, because my desk-mate held a carrier. Put it on the floor by my chair, even. I thought maybe I'd finally get on the 'dopted list and get to go home.

It wasn't for me.

I cuddled all I could, head-bonked her and gave her kisses. She said, "Oh honey, you'd hate it at my house. Wouldn't you rather go somewhere you'd be the queen and get all the attention?"

Maybe. But I've been here for almost sixteen months. Isn't that enough? And I don't see why I couldn't get all the attention even if there were other pets in the house. I could still be the queen. Especially if there's a window with a ray of sunshine. As you can see on today's image, I love resting in a ray of sunshine.

I went back to my mayoral duties to hide my disappointment and checked out some new items arriving for the store. Crinkly tunnels, seed to grow cat grass, and cat climbers. Not bad. 

Now I'm going to take a nap and dream of happily furever after. Don't let that prevent you from coming to visit. Talk to me softly and rub my head and I'll be happy to wake up and greet you.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 13

Being a cat, I am happy with little. My wish list for a happy life holds cuddles, some yummy food, and a bed.

Humans seem to need a lot of things to be happy and productive. My desk-mate has a large number of objects surrounding my bed. Allegedly, they're used for writing, kind of like on the computer.

I don't understand why she doesn't just use the computer when she has one.

Anymeows, I've been curious about her pencils, because they have a funny shape and smell like wood. Today, she let me take a closer look. I tried to lick it to see if it tastes as intriguing as it smells, but she said that's not how you use it. I'm not sure she's right - I will need to do more research.

Besides, I licked it, so now it's mine, right?

Today has been a good day. I had several visitors, got lots of cuddles, and no one stole my food. I got a new toy too, my friend Margit brought me a brand new catnip pillow. Joy!

How is your week going?

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 12

Ever since I moved to the staff area, people say I'm like a new cat. Apparently, they thought I had a bad catitude in the pod.

Can you blame me, with so many other cats around? I had a hard time getting around, and with only one front paw - declawed - I needed to keep a distance to feel safe. 

Now I feel secure and pampered, and I'm a very nice kitty. If you met the old me, you should come see the new me too.

Anymeows, I played a fine prank on Cat Care last night. They were looking for me and I hid behind my desk-mate's computer monitors. It was a fabulous game of hide-and-seek where they searched for a long time while I stayed absolutely still and quiet.

Once they found me, they didn't seem amused.

Odd. I thought games would entertain humans.

Then there was a slight mess on my bed and toys, and the people here thought everything needed to be cleaned. I had to go to bed for the night without my favorite green toy. I don't care if it's messy - someone sent it to me and I love it.

Luckily, my desk-mate noticed my things were gone as soon as she arrived in the morning. She found an even better bed that fits my chair purrfectly. As you can see, I'm quite relaxed in it and I've napped almost all day. I napped so hard I didn't even notice another cat was here and stole my food. Doesn't matter - the humans felt bad for me and brought me a new snack. Life is good.

Oh, Cat Care helped find my toys. Now they're clean and marked with my name. Hopefully green toy will never disappear again.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 11

My desk-mate says I'm becoming just a little bit spoiled, but that it's okay, because I deserve to be. I might have taken over her chair. I really like napping on it, and last night one of my friends put a bed on it, to make it even more purrfect. 

I even have a sign on the back stating it's mine. She hasn't shown any tendencies of taking it back, but one never knows.

Today has been a good day for presents. I got a toy mouse that squeaks, and a new staircase. I love the mouse, but I'm undecided about the staircase. The humans say it's great to help me get down from the desk. I don't know...

I'm really good at jumping up, but when going down I can't catch myself on my remaining front leg, and I hit my nose every time. On the other hand, if I use the stairs I'll be admitting I'm different.

I don't want to be different. I want to be me.

Thus far, being me has worked well for me. I have a lot of great visitors. The other day I met a family who came all the way from England. Not sure where that is, but desk-mate said it's on the other side of an ocean. Sounds really far.

In other mews, I sat in the "outbox" for a while. I thought being packed and ready would help me get home, but no one came to pick me up. They picked up other mail, but not me. Do I need more postage to travel? 

I'll just call it a day and nap the afternoon away.

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 10

Another weekend gone. Good. If I were in charge of calendars we would abolish weekends altogether. I waited and waited and waited on my desk, and my desk-mate didn't show up for two days! That's a long time to wait, even when napping.

Today has been much better.

I started out with a good morning cuddle and a snack, and  then I went about my Meow Mayoral duties. Our finance manager is out of the office this week, so I'm handling the money.

It is a big responsibility, but I'm up to the task.

I've collected donations and watched my desk-mate as she counted, to make sure she did it right. I also test-bit one of the bills to make sure it was a real bill. She said it wasn't necessary, that it's something people used to do with gold back in the day to make sure it was really gold, and that it doesn't work the same way for paper.

My interest in money was so intense my friends in the office concluded I must be one of those girls who wants diamonds. I'm not a high-maintenance lady, I'm really not, but when they offered a necklace with bling I accepted. Of course I did.

I think I look pretty fabulous. Right?

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot 

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 9

Busy day today. I started the morning with attempting to use my desk-mate's computer. I thought I knew the password to go on and order catnip, but she must have changed it. When she came in, she lifted an eyebrow and said, "Carmen, I don't have any passwords THAT long."

My old roommate is away on a conference right now, but when she comes back I must meow with her about getting a user account of my own for the 'puter. I think that as mayor, I should have access to the system even when the humans are away.

Next on my list came inspecting incoming goods. Items for the store pass by the staff area where I live, and it's important to me that things we sell get my paw of approval. On today's photo, you can see me checking out a delivery of food.

During the afternoon, my desk-mate went to the Cat Depot store and returned with a small white bottle. She said, "These are soap bubbles for cats, with catnip scent." Then, she proceeded with blowing bubbles. 

Sure, they smelled interesting, but it's impossible to do anything with them, because they just disappear. She seemed very entertained - and surprised at the stare I gave her.

Humans. Cute, but sometimes silly.

From what I hear today is Friday and I suspect my desk-mate will leave me for two days again. This is quite depressing. If you come to Cat Depot, please visit me. And help me chase the Pokemon. They're everywhere!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 8

There are strange things going on at Cat Depot. All the cats keep seeing peculiar characters appear. These beings bounce around, and disappear.

Even stranger: from what I understand, the humans only see them through their cell phones, not with their eyes. Could they be aliens?

As Meow Mayor, I felt it my duty to attempt to communicate. It didn't go all that well; they chippered something about a gym and disappeared.

I made myself comfortable on the desk to take a nap before meowing to my humans about the situation, and one appeared right next to me! It looks a suspicious lot like a mouse. Luckily, my friend Margit was nearby. She grabbed a phone and captured today's photo with me and the strange critter. Without the picture humans might not believe me.

My investigations show they're called Pokemon, and they believe Cat Depot is a Pokemon Go Gym, whatever that is. 

We need more Pokemon hunters. The little rascals are everywhere. My own beauty sleep was interrupted. And then, it helped itself to a snack, sent an e-mail, and disappeared into Cyberspace!

You should come by and help me get this infestation under control. And while you're here, come see me. We can meow about a good strategy in purrson.

~ Carmen ~ 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 7

Lots of excitement among the humans today. From what I understand they grow butterflies in something called a butterfly garden, and today the first one bloomed.

Butterfly garden
Joe, our volunteer coordinator, said something about Cat-erpillar Depot. He has that all wrong. This is Cat Depot. I know, because I've lived here for a long time. 
My desk-mate showed me a photo of the butterfly bloom, and I must admit it's pretty.
I've had a pretty good day with a snack, visitors, and naps, but there was a brutal interruption.
One of my friends from Cat Care was petting me and I had the best time relaxing on my chair.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a gray cat jumped up over me, there was gray cat everywhere! 
On my chair. My chair I've stolen, I mean borrowed, from desk-mate. Can you believe the nerve of some cats?
My investigation shows he wanted my food bowl on the desk and thought the shortest way to his goal was over me.
My friend from Cat Care picked him up and carried him back to his room. I must investigate if there's a way to lock him in there so this can't happen again.
I believe desk-mate felt guilty for not seeing him and protecting me. She said, "Let's put your purrfessional Meow Mayor photo up today."
I think I look very pretty and mayoral on this picture. It's taken by Connie Summers, a really good photographer in our area. Someone said she came in to take pictures of kittens, but I just know she was here to take photos of me.
~ Carmen ~
Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 6

It still surprises me when people come and ask for the Mayor. It takes a moment to remember it's me. Purr!

Not to mention when the mail comes, and there are packages or envelopes addressed to me. Yesterday I got a large, padded envelope. I checked it out really carefully. It's still hard to believe mail comes just for me. People care enough to send me things!

 Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Anymeows, my desk-mate helped me open, and it held all sorts of joy. There was a letter with well-wishes for finding my new home soon, and toys! Thank you Karin and Joyce, I love my presents!

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat DepotThe yellow catnip cat is my favorite. I even nap with it.

Sometimes my toys fall on the floor, but I have trained my desk-mate well; she picks them up for me.

I'm really good at jumping up, but getting down is much more difficult. She feels bad for me and picks things up when I drop them. Honestly, I could probably use the exercise of going up and down, but I don't mind being a bit spoiled.

I've had lots of visitors too. More than I ever had in the pod. A group of people came by, praising my Chronicle. They brought a friend from out of town and she gave great head rubs.

Other than that, my desk-mate says I'm a purrfect mayor. I like to take her chair and nap on it. It's one of my best pranks. She tries to make me jump on her desk instead, but I just pretend I forgot how to speak human and then she thinks I'm so cute I shouldn't have to move.

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Still no luck on the adoption front, but I have a new plan. Cold calling adopters didn't work. Instead, I have been faxing my resume to random numbers. And, I packed myself with the documents from the fax so people will see I'm ready to go. 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

This was a lot to do in just one day. I'll take a little nap now and dream of the future. Life has improved so much in just a week, maybe my home is just around the corner?

~ Carmen ~

Carmen telling typist not to leave on weekends

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 5

Just as I suspected, I don't like weekends.

I waited in the staff area, going from chair to chair to spend the time, and my office-typing-purrson didn't show up for days.

I don't know how Sonny put up with this, I find it outrageous. I can't remember her filing out a form or anything to leave me alone like that.

When she finally returned, I sat on her lap and made her pet me for a long time. Then, I checked behind the 'puter monitors to see if the desk was clean. It was not.

Today's picture shows my stern mayoral face when I lectured my staff about leaving - and not dusting. I think I look quite serious. The typing-purrson said, "Oh, you are so cute." Not the response I expected.

All this was so exhausting I transitioned into a nap.

The weekend wasn't a total bust; I had several visitors and even got toys. This is Nancy who came to see me. It's a little hard to see me on the black chair, but I'm there.

Carmen has a visitor

Also, Squeakers was 'dopted. Yay for her, but sad for me. With her departure I became Cat Depot's longest resident. 

Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you something. I'm supposed to be roommates with Sonny's old roommate, but I'm never in the room, so the humans have decided I now officially live in the staff area. That way we have room for another kitty in Sonny's old office, and I can stay where I like to hang out anyway. Guess I can start calling typist-office-purrson my roommate?

That also means it's really easy to come visit me. I've had a few people come by to see me, and you should come too!

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 4

What a busy day. I started the morning with making cold calls to adopters. No one called me back and I couldn't figure out why.

That is, until the staff-purrson looked at her phone and said, "What's that weird light and text on the display?"

Someone put the phone in "Do Not Disturb" mode. No wonder I didn't get any calls!

Not sure who could have done such a thing. I'm quite sure it wasn't me. It is hard to handle those little buttons with only one paw, but I am confident in my office abilities. 

When I went to have a nap I discovered my bed was gone.

Someone moved it to my room, but I don't want to be in my room, I want to be in the staff area. This is where all the fun happens. I meowed and got a new bed! Never thought life could be this easy.

The new bed is really soft and comfortable, and the mouse toy I got in the mail yesterday makes a purrfect pillow. Though, I must admit I like using a human for a pillow even better.

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

I made a new friend too. I've known Margit who runs the Cat Depot store for quite some time, but today we really hit it off. I've been sitting on her chair, helping her with her computer, and she brought me a present. 

You'd think this would be enough excitement for one day, but it wasn't over. You'll never guess what happened.

I had a visit from a dog.

The humans looked like they thought I wouldn't approve, this is CAT Depot after all, but the dog was cute and had an interesting smell. We got along so well that I got a checkmark for "likes dogs" in the system. Later I helped update all the kitties who did well with the dog.

Sonny called me and said today is Friday, which means my people will disappear for two days. I don't think I like that. Where do they go when they're not here? And why would they leave me alone for two full days? Does that mean they don't love me two days every week?

My office purrson said maybe I'll get some visitors to help me get through the weekend. I hope she's right.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 3

A nice purrson came by and asked for the mayor, just to get to pet the mayor. It took me a few seconds to realize it's me. Don't know how life turned so wonderful so quickly, and it's all thanks to Sonny!

There has been so much activity the last few days I'm exhausted. I have fulfilled my cuddle-obligations, had a great snack, greeted visitors, and test-sat a couple of chairs, but other than that I've mostly been napping. I need my beauty sleep now when I can finally relax. Can't remember the last time I slept this well.

I feel so safe on the desk I've been napping even though there has been other cats in the staff area. Typing-purrson won't let them get to me, she even went to get my food to keep it safe from the intruders, and I love having someone watch out for me.

I meowed that she should take me home. She said that she has several dogs, whatever those are, and another cat, and that I probably wouldn't like it. That was sad, but she also promised the purrfect purrson for me is out there. I'm much calmer, cuddlier, and more confident now than I was in the pod, so hopefully someone will come and bring me home soon.

Maybe that should be my motto: Carmen; Calm, Cuddly, and Confident. Sounds good!

There's a window too. I love napping in a ray of sunshine. I have arthritis in my remaining legs, and the sun feels so good. 

Carmen, napping in the sunshine










Just as I thought things couldn't get any better, another wonderful thing happened: I got mail!

I think Santa-Paws must be real and works even in summer, because there was a box addressed to the Meow Mayor of Cat Depot. The typing-purrson helped me cut the tape and open it, and it was filled with toys and treats!

Carmen gets mail











I kept two of the toys and a little treat for myself, and meowed to the humans to distribute the rest in the shelter. 

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot












I need another nap now. I hope to dream about having a home with a sofa or a soft chair where I can sit and watch TV. I can't really see the face of my purrson in my dreams, but I'm sure he or she will be very nice.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 2

I've had a great day. Spent the morning helping out in the staff area. The typing human seemed surprised when I was on her desk, waiting for her. It's what Sonny told me to do. He meowed it's important to make the staff feel welcome and wanted. It makes them perform better.

Following Sonny's instruction we had a great morning cuddle and I took upon myself to expand my duties: I climbed up on her and kissed her chin.

Then, I supervised all sorts of work until I got sleepy. I like to keep physical contact with a purrson to make sure they stay where they are - and don't forget I'm there. Apparently, holding a paw on someone is counterproductive in the office, but typing purrson seems able to work just fine with one hand. I'm not worried about a loss in productivity.

I got some great news too. Apparently, Sonny's friend in Texas sent a package with goodies for the new Meow Mayor. That's me! I will get mail! I don't think I've gotten purrsonal mail before, and I'm really excited.

Carmen test-napping another deskWhat else... I checked out some donations that came in, and test-napped the Finance Manager's desk. He is very nice and his side of the room is neat, but typist has a window, so her desk wins. I also supervised some cat interactions.

Lots to be done in a mayoral day.

Oooh, can't forget this: I had visitors. It was wonderful. They already had several cats so not a good match for me, but fun to meet some new people.

~ Carmen ~

Carmen, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Carmen's Chronicle, Day 1

This weekend, the humans celebrated the 4th of July. I celebrated the 3rd.


I got my freedom. My predecessor Sonny was adopted and I moved from a pod with many other cats to his old room - Mighty Lou Central.

I love it.

Here, I don't have to worry about the other cats picking on me or making fun of me. They kept meowing I'll never get 'dopted because i only have three legs.

I feel like a new and improved kitty. I am able to walk the hallway without fear, and there are no other cats around to jump out at me. All the employees and volunteers marvel at me walking around, stopped to pet me, and I really enjoyed all the attention.

On closing time on July 3rd one of the Adoption Counselors came in to say goodnight. I was on the desk and when she petted me, I rolled over and stretched out. I was finally able to relax and not worry, and after all this time I really looked forward to a good night's sleep. The change will do wonders for my face; no more wrinkles because of stress. I feel younger already.

I have a good feeling that I will be adopted. Stop by and visit me, you will be surprised at the new me!

Sonny was Cat Depot's much loved Meow Mayor and before he left for his furever home, he held a vote. Imagine my surprise when the majority of people voted for me!

He left thorough instructions and today I have cuddled with his old roommate, I guess she's my roommate now, and visited his typist. My typist. It will take a while to get used to this new world being mine. I sat on her lap, head-bonked her, purred, sat on her calendar, poked her when she didn't pet me, and did all the other things Sonny told me to.

Actually, I expanded a little on his duties. I answered the phone twice, surprising both the typist and the callers. And, I wrote and sent an e-mail. It came back with the computer saying the address was unknown. Odd.

If you like to cuddle, please come see me. I'd love to have a home with a purrson I can follow all the time.

~ Carmen ~


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