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Cat Depot Classics Adoption Event

Cat Depot Classics Adoption Event


Cat Depot Classics Adoption Event, July 14-16


Don't miss this exciting adoption event for all our senior cats (ages 8 and up)

During the event, all seniors will have a reduced adoption fee of $25

All adopted seniors will also receive:

A $30 gift certificate to be used on a wellness exam in the Rose Durham Cat Care Clinic

A Kitty Care Package (cat bed, toys, and treats) valued at $40

Cat Depot Classics



There are many misconceptions about older cats, and many people think a cat past the stage of kitten is too old to get attached to.

In reality, many cats live to their late teens or even early twenties. Adult cats have a lot of love to give, and many wait in shelters, hoping for a home of their own.


Senior cats are stars and deserve a place in the spotlight. 

Click the movie posters for more about the cats!


Mattie Shumara


 Hetty Chong Patty Cakes
Shumara Kurtie Kurtie
Aslan Torrie Chong
Jupiter Lilly  Dallas


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