It is not unusual for a pet to receive Internet fame. Recently an online video of the family cat Tara, saving a young boy from a dog attack, went viral. There are many heroic stories about cats saving their humans from gas leaks, fires, and even calling 911.

It doesn't take an exceptional feat to make a cat a hero. When we need to laugh, be loved, or know we are appreciated, our cats become heroes to us each and every day.

Is your cat a hero?

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Koda, former Cat Depot resident


I adopted Koda from Cat Depot early 2016, and kind of thought I was doing him a favor. It turned out to be the other way around.

One night, Koda woke me up at 2:30 and wouldn't leave me alone. Believe me, I tried to go back to sleep, but the cat was insistent. Eventually, I was awake enough to think he might want something. Of course, I thought something would be along the lines of needing the water bowl filled.

I followed him through the house in the dark, and was surprised when he stopped by a wall. Turns out the AC was leaking water into the wall to the point where it seeped out and made a lake on the floor.

Koda supervised while I turned the AC off and dried up all the water, and once I was done, he went back to his favorite napping spot. Thanks to him I caught the water so early it didn't make any serious damage, and it was a manageable amount. Had I kept sleeping, things would have been much worse.

I always imagined one of my three dogs waking me up if there was a problem. Turns out the cat is the one to trust.



This story was sent to us by Boots Dumbaugh. She says, "Hobbs was adopted at PetSmart 12 years ago and is almost 20 years old. He is not an affectionate cat and does not normally want to be touched or held. He does not sleep me or my husband. 

One night, he started sleeping on my stomach every night. He was adamant about it and would not move. I finally decided to go to the doctor and was diagnosed with stage 3 gynecological cancer. I had no symptoms. After my recovery, Hobbs no longer slept with me.

When Hobbs started sleeping in the small of my husband's back, I immediately became concerned and insisted he see a doctor. After a lot of nagging and my husband saying the situation was just a coincidence, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had no symptoms. Now when he has recovered, Hobbs no longer sleeps with us.

Hobbs saved both our lives and gave us a true "cat scan"

Calli, hero cat


"My Calli was with me from an abandoned feral kitten until the age of almost 20. When I was very sick suffering from Hodgekins disease, I got strong chemotherapy and would be sick to my stomach for hours. I crawled up the stairs and lay on the floor near the toilet for hours. 

Calli would sniff me, circle me three times, and sit by my head, purring. She would not budge until I moved, often five or six hours later. She was my hero."

Thank you Catherine L. for sharing!

Gaia, Cat Hero


Gaia was adopted by a loving family in 2015. From time to time, kitchen lights flickered and kitchen appliances gave the family problems, and every time this happened, Gaia ran to a certain spot and chittered at the wall.

Her unusual behavior continued until a maintenance man arrived and discovered a faulty breaker inside the wall. The breaker would eventually have generated a house fire.

Thank you Kayla C!

Bella, feline hero


Bella spent the first month of her adoption hiding under a bed. Her shy, skittish behavior minimized with time thanks to her family's unwavering patience and kindness. While purring loudly, Bella now enjoys belly rubs, a cat's ultimate test of trust.

"Yesterday I opened the sliding glass doors to the screened in lanai. Bella ran out there and jumped on a four-foot rat snake that had somehow gotten in. She attacked it, putting herself between me and the snake the entire time. She was biting at it and stomping it with her back feet. My shy, scaredy kitty turned into a Ninja Cat!"

Thank you Peggie G for sharing! 

Clio, Hero Cat


When Clio was adopted her new mom was concerned about her fur-baby's reaction to Florida's frequent thunderstorms. 

Her worries were unfounded; this laid-back and courageous cat won't let a storm get between her and a nap. Clio makes an excellent role model for the family's two young sons, showing there's nothing to fear.

Thank you Allison P for sharing!