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Farah, Meow Mayor

Meow Mayor Farah


Meow Mayor Farah - Day 91

Everyone, I've been so busy with everything going on here at Cat Depot that I almost didn't notice the most wonderful thing. There's golf on Monday and the Meow Masquerade, and Meowentine's Day coming up, and I've had a lot on my mind...

Kind voices talking to me stirred me out of my deep thoughts. Yes, I was thinking, not sleeping. Thinking with my eyes closed is still thinking.

Anymeows, there were visitors in my pod and we really hit it off. We talked and they petted me, and I almost didn't believe my ears when they asked if I wanted to come home with them and be their cat!

They filled out the 'doption papers and took me to my new home. I got some time to relax in a room and then one of my new humans came in, looking about to take a nap. Of course I wanted to join. The ear scratches were so good I just had to purr. They give such good ear scratches that I boop their hands to get more.

I already love my new family and the future looks brighter than ever!

Thank you for following me, I've enjoyed meowing with you!

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Farah with her new family

Festive Farah

Meow Mayor Farah - Day 84

Hi everyone, it's me, Farah!

I have impurrtant news. We've been working on this for a long time, and the plans are finally coming to fruition: we're having a Catsquerade! A Meow Masquerade, I mean. There will be dressed-up humans, food, entertainment, lots of fun.

It's not until March and I hope to be 'dopted by then, but just in case I'm still here and the humans let me come, I'm wearing purple. I'm thinking this hat, and a purple masque. With feathers, I like feathers...

In other mews I heard there's a kitten bowl soon. I'm not sure how that works. Does kittens compete against other kittens, or against the d-o-g-s? Either way, I'll be rooting for any housepanther kittens on the field. Will you watch?

Love Farah,
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot



Meow Mayor Farah - Day 77

We're having busy days around here. There are several events coming up and so much planning to be done. I am happy to purr my input on everything from invitations to decorations.

The other night the humans went to a restaurant where eating could give money to Cat Depot. I'm not sure how that works. I eat all the time, does that give us money? I could eat more, especially if we're talking about treats. I'm sure the other cats would agree too.

That's not how it works? Odd.

Not everything I do is unselfish, though. I take time to look for 'dopters every day. You can see on my photo that I'm perched right by the corridor, to make sure I won't miss them when they arrive. I'm sure my family will find me soon, but I sometimes get impatient. I know that once they show up everything will feel right and I'll be super happy, but waiting is hard.

Oh, I have to go. I hear the kittens arguing about a toy, even though there are enough toys for everyone. I'd better go meow with them and tell them to behave. They're so small they sometimes forget.

Love Farah,
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Farah, Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Meow Mayor Farah - Day 70

Friends, the humans told me something upsetting: I am Cat Depot's longest resident.

I guess it's good for my Mayoral duties - no other kitty has been here longer than I, so no one has more experience - but I didn't count on being here this long. We meowed it over, and they made a poster for me. What do you think?

Farah's longest resident poster


At times, I wonder why I have been left behind. It's easy to wonder why no one wants me. But, the humans have coached me, saying my purrfect adopters just haven't found me yet. And until they do, I have a wonderful opportunity to help other homeless cats.

In other mews, we've worked on something called "golf." The humans have tried to explain the game to me. It involves playing, and that's good. I'm more confused about the 18 holes they mention, but I'm sure it makes sense to the bi-peds. If you're interested in this golf thing you should sign up - the event will be February 11.

I need to go take a nap now, but I will meow with you soon.

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Meow Mayor Farah

Meow Mayor Farah - Day 63

Hi everyone!

I'm thinking of treats. Can you tell? The humans say we should only have "so many" or we can get "fat." I don't believe them. No one has been able to prove the connection in a way I find convincing, and being the mayor, I have to rely on my own observations. Don't you think?

If I get to eat everything I want to and I do become fat, they were right and I can warn the other cats. Ooooor, I'm right and we can all have PartyMix for breakfast.

In other meows, I've worked on a project with the humans. All cats have different preferences on how we like to be touched, and respecting this makes us happier. Makes the humans happier too - some cats might get so annoyed that they bite. That's bad for everyone.

We put together a petting chart for me, so I can demonstrate.

How to pet Farah

The cat doesn't look like me - I do not have white eyes - but the principle is right. Pet me on the head? Oh yesssss, I start purring just from thinking about it.

If this works out, I'm thinking we can have petting charts for more kitties.

My tummy for instance is so soft and adorable it's virtually irresistible to humans. But I don't like being touched there, not even on the white spot.

Farah shows her tummy

With the petting chart, I'm sure all humans will be able to resist. Okay, I don't believe that myself - I'm too adorable - but it's worth a try.

Meow with you soon!

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Meow Mayor Farah

Meow Mayor Farah - Day 56

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a purring holiday season! I had a great time, but it was a lot of work. You know, I had to wave off all the kitties who went home, give advice to newcomers and help them find their place, welcome kittens, eat snacks, play with all the new toys...

During all this, I realized I was losing touch with the other cats. I had the inside scoop on everything the humans were up to, but I didn't meet the other cats. Not unless they went out of their way to see me. It didn't feel like good mayoring to me, so I made some changes. It's my prerogative as Meow Mayor, don't you think?

I have moved into a pod. I will have less contact with the human management from here, but on the other hand, I'll be on top of everything that happens on the adoption floor. And as a bonus, I might get to see more 'dopters myself.

I've heard that humans make New Years Resolutions. I have two: I will be the best Meow Mayor I can be, and I will be 'dopted. To accomplish my goals I will...

I will...

Hm, not sure. I think I'll start with taking a nap.

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Farah and Santa Paws


Meow Mayor Farah - Day 34

We have had some really busy days here at Cat Depot, and lots of cats found homes in our Whisker Wonderland adoption event. I lost count, but I think someone said 82 kitties in two days!

I chatted with Santa Paws and told him my holiday wish. This holiday season my wish is for ALL of the cats and kittens at Cat Depot (including myself!) to find their fur-ever homes! How wonderful would that be?

If you are looking to bring some feline love into your home for the holidays, please visit us online to view a list of our available cats and kittens.

Farah, Meow Mayor of Cat Depot








Hi Everyone!

I'm Farah. I am happy to announce that as of this Election Day, I am Cat Depot's new Meow Mayor!

I promise to be a forward-thinking Mayor and am already putting together my Mayoral Council to help me lead with a tough but loving paw.

Whew... My first few days on the job have been jammed packed.

Right of the bat, I arranged Toby's and Jacques' field trips to the Cat Depot Education Canter where they were overseeing our Volunteer and Education Manager during her daily duties. Toby supervised yesterday and had a lot to report, so I hope Jacques is up to the task today. From the looks of it, he is.

Toby on the desk Jacques on chair
Toby Jacques

Farah assisting medical



The highlight of my day was when our Veterinary Team asked for a consult on how best to give kitties medications. My suggestion was to hide the medicine in some yummy treats and thankfully, for some medicines, our staff can do just that.

This meeting was followed by a visit from Cat Care who brought me lunch. A Mayor's job is never done, so having your lunch brought to you is a huge timesaver.

Farah and her puzzle feederOh sorry, you have a question? What is that odd-looking white thing holding my food?

That is my puzzle-feeder! Pretty neat, huh? My officemate says I sometimes eat a little too fast, so my crunchy food is split between my bowl and puzzle. It is quite fun and I can assure you I'm definitely the smartest cat here because of my mealtime brain teasers.

Any mews, I have to run and take a quick cat nap before dinner. If you are planning on visiting this weekend, make sure to ask for me. I staff the Communications Office when my officemate isn't here. No appointments needed for those offering head scratches and laps to sit on, just let one of our Adoption Counselors know you would like to meet me.

Looking forward to meowing with you all soon,

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


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