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Farah, Meow Mayor


Farah, Meow Mayor of Cat Depot








Hi Everyone!

I'm Farah. I am happy to announce that as of this Election Day, I am Cat Depot's new Meow Mayor!

I promise to be a forward-thinking Mayor and am already putting together my Mayoral Council to help me lead with a tough but loving paw.

Whew... My first few days on the job have been jammed packed.

Right of the bat, I arranged Toby's and Jacques' field trips to the Cat Depot Education Canter where they were overseeing our Volunteer and Education Manager during her daily duties. Toby supervised yesterday and had a lot to report, so I hope Jacques is up to the task today. From the looks of it, he is.

Toby on the desk Jacques on chair
Toby Jacques

Farah assisting medical



The highlight of my day was when our Veterinary Team asked for a consult on how best to give kitties medications. My suggestion was to hide the medicine in some yummy treats and thankfully, for some medicines, our staff can do just that.

This meeting was followed by a visit from Cat Care who brought me lunch. A Mayor's job is never done, so having your lunch brought to you is a huge timesaver.

Farah and her puzzle feederOh sorry, you have a question? What is that odd-looking white thing holding my food?

That is my puzzle-feeder! Pretty neat, huh? My officemate says I sometimes eat a little too fast, so my crunchy food is split between my bowl and puzzle. It is quite fun and I can assure you I'm definitely the smartest cat here because of my mealtime brain teasers.

Any mews, I have to run and take a quick cat nap before dinner. If you are planning on visiting this weekend, make sure to ask for me. I staff the Communications Office when my officemate isn't here. No appointments needed for those offering head scratches and laps to sit on, just let one of our Adoption Counselors know you would like to meet me.

Looking forward to meowing with you all soon,

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


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