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Fawn - Meow Mayor


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 96

Hi Everyone,

Did you know yesterday was my birthday? I turned 7 years old. It was also my one-year anniversary of living at Cat Depot, or at least, it would have been. I was so preoccupied with my birthday and planning a party for April 1st I wasn't even thinking about getting 'dopted!

Saturday was drawing to a close and I was settling down for a well-deserved nap when I had one last set of visitors enter my office. They were a nice couple who had rushed over to meet me after work. They petted my head and cooed over my beautiful fur. I admit, I was impressed. Not everyone appreciates the gorgeousness of a tortoiseshell cat.

It was a nice birthday gift, I thought. A nice visit with gentle humans, and a day off to rest tomorrow.

Something even better happened.

They decided to adopt me!

By the time you're reading this, I'm probably lounging in a windowsill of my very own home. I probably won't have met my two new feline roommates yet, but I'm sure we'll work something out. I'm used to sharing my space, after all.

I missed my own anniversary, but that's one accomplishment I can live without, if it means I've finally found my people.

Best wishes,
Former Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 86

Hi Everyone,

We had a great week for FIV+ kitties. We welcomed four new kitties into our FIV pod recently: Chance, Siesta, Flynn, and Dwayne. Unfortunately for Buffy, she was far outnumbered by all these boys. It's not easy being the only girl! But, someone must be looking out for FIV cats, because Dwayne and Siesta have already been adopted.

I think Siesta must have been the fastest FIV+ cat ever adopted, with just five days from intake to forever home.

It warms my little heart to see humans who open their hearts and homes to the cats who need it the most. More and more, our 'dopters learn that FIV isn't something to be afraid of. Flynn for instance has reached his senior years with FIV, and shows no signs of slowing down.

I think Dwayne and Siesta got 'dopted because they kept their spirits up and were so friendly despite their hard beginnings. Dwayne came in as a big and rough tom cat, absolutely unafraid, but welcomed every visitor into his pod and loved to sit on laps. Siesta wasn't here long, but I remember him as a nervous kitty who reached out to humans for help and affection despite his fear.

Now I'm more sure than ever there's a purrson out there for me too!

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 71

Hey everyone, Fawn here.

We've been having a few changes in the roster of office cats lately. Raven was 'dopted by an adoring owner, freeing up an office for Lady Grace. Lady Grace is a dainty girl who has made vast improvements in her demeanor since I met her in late January. She has gone from a scaredy cat who hid in her litter box and hissed at strangers to a relaxed kitty who sits in the open and lets strangers pet her!

Now when Lady Grace is upgrading from a caboose condo to an office, I'm sure she'll get even more attention.

Trix enjoyed her office space too, and was 'dopted yesterday. I didn't have much time to meow with her on the way out, but I am excited for her.

If you follow us, you've probably also seen Tater Tot's adventures. His officemate likes to leave her door open, so he gets lots of exercise, patrolling the hallway. He also gets into trouble, like when the humans forget to close the door to the laundry room...

I've had a great time with my fellow office kitties lately. It makes me want to do something special for them. Hmm... I'll keep you all updated, we'll see what I can do.

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 69

Hello Everyone. It's me, Fawn.

The humans are all abuzz about a big event on Friday. My officemate says it's called Cat Tails - A Night in the Garden. I meowed my concern, but she assured me no real kitties were de-tailed for the event. I know we like our puns here at Cat Depot, but I needed to be sure.

The event is a cocktail party for humans at Marie Selby Botanical Gardens. I think it sounds really neat, but apparently it's for humans only. A few VIK (Very Important Kittens) will be attending with their human handlers, but I know I will need to stay put and take care of business here at Cat Depot that night. Our 'doption floor will be open until 5 PM, so I'll have my paws full. And even Meow Mayors need a break sometime.

I don't mind staying back with the other kitty residents. I like people, but I like small gatherings better than big parties, and I'm not allowed to eat flowers or cocktails anyway. My officemate promised to show me lots of pictures after the event, and I'm really excited.

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 43

I heard there was a lot of excitement among the humans last weekend. Something called the "Super Bowl"?

I don't know about that, but here at Cat Depot we're still cleaning up from the Kitten Bowl. Mavis and Tater Tot got the most points, so they got out of helping us clean up. They're not sleeping on the job, though. Right now they've both found high perches, so they can search for stray balls from a higher vantage point. Those ping-pong balls sure get everywhere. We found a couple in water bowls, one under a ferret cage, and I'm sure there are still a few lingering near the litter boxes.

I was going to let Squeakie tell you about the senior cats this week, but she went and got herself adopted! It will take a few days to select a new Senior Affairs Adviser, because we have two great candidates. Squeakie was our only senior kitty for a little while, but now we've welcomed Magic, age 12, and Leah, age 9 to Cat Depot.

Magic and Leah come from very different backgrounds; Magic is a long-time stray and Leah spent the last few years as a house cat. But they're both looking forward to making new friends and finding great homes.

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 31

Hello everyone!

One of my favorite jobs as Meow Mayor is helping cats transition from Cat Depot to living in a home. You may not know this, but while the Adoption Counselors help the adopters learn about their new cat, I coach the kitties on how to adapt to their new homes!

This past week I helped Almond, Chuckles, and lots of kittens pack for the road. I like to give them last-minute advice. It may sound silly, because I haven't been adopted yet myself, but I do have experience living in a home, which is sometimes more than the kittens have known.

This afternoon I had the honor of meowing with Loki while he prepared to go home with his adopter. Loki and I arrived at Cat Depot just two days apart. I was the new kitty on the block, alert and confused when Loki came in for emergency medical care. We've never been roommates, but we were both living in offices for several months. I feel like he's part of my Cat Depot family, and I'm so excited for him to finally go home!

I helped him gather up his ping-pong balls and told him humans really like it when you sit on their favorite chairs. "Make sure to steal at least three socks," I said, "The humans are always taking our toys from us. I'm pretty sure it's a sign of affection."

Loki wasn't convinced, but he pretended to humor me, which I'm pretty sure is what friends are supposed to do.

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 22

Good Afternoon, Fawn here!

Love is in the air at Cat Depot. The humans say Valentine's Day is a month away, but they've already strung up red tinsel and hearts on our doors. I don't blame them. Fun!

It seems like cats are going home faster than we can welcome new kitties in. Beemer, one of our Friends Like Me, went home this week, as well as a whole litter of FIV+ kittens. Even Sara, one of our longest residents who has been to three shelter in the last year found her purrfect match.

It really shows us that there's a family out there for every cat.

You may have heard I've been house-hunting recently. When I first came to Cat Depot, I was placed in a pod with other kitties. I didn't bother my roommates, but as time went on, it became clear to the humans that I was nervous. I was jumpy when I heard loud noises, and I began to pace back and forth in front of the door, waiting for visitors.

When a space opened up, I moved to an office where it was quieter and I could relax. It was great! I really showed my stuff as a lap cat. After the 'doption event in December, a whole pod was emptied out, and the staff moved me there, because they were concerned I didn't have enough space.

The adoption floor was just as intense as always, even with fewer cats, and I began pacing again. It wasn't all bad - it taught me about myself and my limits, and gave the staff important information to help place me in a home. I don't mind other cats as long as they respect my space and I have time to adjust. But, I would do best in a quiet home where I can settle in with my humans.

Wherever I am, I like to perch near the door to my enclosure, so I can watch what's happening and wait for visitors.

If you're in the area and want to stop in for a visit, I'm back in my office now, relaxing and napping. See you soon!

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Fawn, Adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Fun with Fawn - Day 1

Good Afternoon!

I've been so busy I didn't even introduce myself. I'm Fawn, Cat Depot's new Meow Mayor.

I'm a friendly, playful tortie who has been living at Cat Depot since April 2017. My hobbies include naps and chasing string.

I am a kitty from humble beginnings. I had a home once. I had an owner who kept me warm, safe, and fed. Unfortunately, something happened. I'm not sure what it was. All I know is, my owner started getting stressed out. One day, she took me for a ride and set me down in a carrier at the front gate of a vet's office. That's the last I saw of her.

I don't blame her. I know she loved me, and I know she was trying the best she could for me. But, this experience showed me any cat can be unlucky. I never thought I would be a shelter cat, but here I am, at Cat Depot.

Please don't feel sorry for me. I'm putting my best paw forward, and I will use this platform to help other kitties find homes.

Love, Fawn
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


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