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Ivan, Meow Mayor

Ivan, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Ivan's Advice, Day 9

Good afternoon! It's me, Ivan!

I'm greeting my visitors with celebrations and a purr today, because I'm so happy to be off my medical hold. You may remember my advice to the kittens not to eat strange things they find lying around? I know from experience. I'm finally done taking dewormers from my last culinary adventure, and boy, have I learned my lesson.

It's so nice to be back in the office and have more space to walk around on. I'm not allowed to wander through the corridors anymore, but I'm not lonely. The staff comes by to pet me and say hello, and I can watch the comings and goings through the glass of my office door.

There sure are a lot of kittens coming through. When they say it's "kitten season," they aren't joking.

Love, Ivan
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Ivan, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Ivan's Advice, Day 1

It has been a busy time since Roberto got adopted. You heard about that, right? The day before we closed down to care for the sick kitties, a wonderful couple came in to adopt a cat. They fell in love with Gwen, the cuddly tabby cat, as well as our playful former-mayor, Roberto. They went to lunch to think it over, and came back to adopt Gwen.

She adapted to her home quickly, and they called in again, wondering if Roberto was still available. Let me tell you, Roberto was shocked. All the office kitties were settling in for the long haul, and suddenly Roberto was going home!

He meowed his goodbyes to his officemates, and we wished him luck in his new home.

I was elected Mayor soon after, but I've been busy directing the cleaning efforts and haven't had the opportunity to write a blog. I even tried to escape my office to look around, but the staff caught me.

Apparently, I'm "not allowed in the litter box room" and "need to stop pushing the door open."

I'm a little put-out, it's hard to be Mayor without investigating and supervising, but I also have to set a good example for the kittens.

So, from Meow Mayor Ivan, here's a message for the kittens today. Eat your dinner. Don't play in the litter box. Don't eat strange bits of dirt, bugs, or lizards. Take your dewormers, they're good for you.

Learn from my mistakes, kids.

Love, Ivan
Meow Mayor of Cat Depot



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