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Meow Mayor Mavis

Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat DepotHi everyone, I'm Mavis, Cat Depot's 13th Meow Mayor. I'm certain it's a lucky number.

I came to Cat Depot when my owners moved to California. My best friend until I came here was an Australian Shepherd, so I'm used to dogs. I must admit, all the other cats here have been a bit intimidating. I didn't know there were other cats than myself.

I am curious, inquisitive, and I love being petted. Do you by any chance have a toy with a feather?



Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mavis Meows, Day 18

Hey Everyone,

Mavis again. We're having trouble selecting a Senior Affairs Adviser, because cats are being adopted so quickly. After Priscilla went home, Hobbes was our oldest kitty, but he was barely here a week before he was adopted. Now Vishy Swa is our oldest kitty, 11 years old, but I'm sure he won't be here long.

As kitten season begins, the kittens are trickling in. We've been getting a few at a time, and they don't stay longer than a day or two. Sometimes they're adopted within an hour of being available!

It seems like there are more days without kittens than with, which has been wonderful for adult cat adoptions. We've even sent home long-time residents Kimba and Beautiful Cat. 

I'm feeling a lot more carefree recently. Seeing humans come in and open their hearts to cats has really made me optimistic.

Mavis being goofyI find myself greeting visitors with a little more enthusiasm, and trying new toys instead of sticking to the ones I know. I think May will be a good month.


PS, I wanted to share a photo of myself in a more relaxed pose - less official. What do you think?







Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mavis Meows, Day 7

Hey Everyone!

We've had our first partnered event with SunCoast Blood Bank. Humans went in and out of the building all day and it took me a while to realize the ones with colored tape on their arms donated blood.

I was a little confused about the process, so I turned to Midnite, one of our feline blood donors. He says it's pretty quick, but that kitties get put under to donate, unlike humans. That way we don't even know it's happening. I thought that sounded scary, but he seems fine 24 hours after donating. I guess it's not as scary as I thought it was.

I really enjoy being Meow Mayor and getting paws-on experience with all Cat Depot's programs. I meowed about it to Roberto this morning. He's one of the office cats, and he has access to a computer. He knows all sorts of things and he told me about "term limits." It means a single person can only hold a political position for a set amount of time before another person gets a chance.

Traditionally, the Meow Mayor holds office until they are 'dopted, but Roberto has a point. I love my job, I suspect he wants it, and I should give other kitties the same opportunity. Cat Depot will benefit as well, getting more different purr-spectives to the table.

I have decided that starting with me, the Meow Mayor will have a term limit of 12 weeks.



Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mavis Meows, Day 4

Hi everybody!

I think I'm doing a really good job as Mayor so far. I've done an amazing job getting my roommates adopted. Yesterday, I sent home brothers PJ and Lolo to their forever home. Last week it was Bello, and before that Ziggy, Divinity, and Nosey. I think I'm good luck.

Now I have the whole pod to myself again, but I'm sure I'll have new roommates soon. Maybe even in time for the adoption event this weekend.

See, this Friday and Saturday, Cat Depot is partnering with SunCoast Blood Bank. They bring the Bloodmobile and we provide the location. No, we won't have kitties on the Bloodmobile. I checked. We do have feline blood donors at Cat Depot, but they won't be giving blood over the weekend; the blood drive is just for humans.

It's a great opportunity, because every visitor who donates blood or adopts a cat will receive a special Thank You gift: a cat carrier with toys, greats, gift cards, and many more surprises.

I wish I could donate blood this weekend. A little poke is definitely worth the treats I would get. Maybe I can organize a kitty blood drive next?



Mavis, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Mavis Meows, Day 1

Hi everybody!

My name is Mavis, and I am surprised and excited to be Cat Depot's new Meow Mayor. I planned on spending a few months as an understudy before being considered for this role, but all the more experienced kitties were adopted. I wish I had spent a little more time listening to them.

Still, I am thrilled to be considered Cat Depot's highest ranked kitty. I will do my best to roll with this and think on my feet - all four of them.

I've been at Cat Depot for six months now, ever since my owners moved to California. I have experience living with older children, dogs, and now cats too. I'm a pro at playing with a laser pointer and stalking my feather toys. I like to spend the day hanging out on the cat tree or on the bed at the front of my pod, so I can watch visitors go by.

I am excited to do my part, give back to Cat Depot, and help my fellow kitties find homes.




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