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Roberto, Meow Mayor

Roberto, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Roberto Purrs, Day 10

Hey everyone,

Roberto here. I've been the Meow Mayor for a little over a week now, and I feel pulled in every direction.

I sit on Jo's desk and hear her talk about the feral cat program. I sit on Sydney's desk and read e-mails over her shoulder. I sit in front of my glass door and see vet techs walk to and fro. I see foster kittens come in by the dozens, I see office kitties wandering the halls, and I see new volunteers taking tours of the facility.

It seems like such a busy summer, but I'm not sure what to help with first.

Calla already greets the new volunteers from her bed under Claudia's desk. BeBe helps with the hiring process by sitting in on interviews in Diana's office. Even Delores helps with adoptions by keeping the seats warm in Margit's office at the front of the Adoption floor.

There's so much that still needs to be done...

I know! I've seen shipments of toys for the retail store arrive. I can see the boxes stacked up outside my door. Maybe they'll let me test them out?

I love my turbo scratcher with the plastic ball and I'm sure I could find some time in my day to try out other toys...

What do you think?


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot

Roberto, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Roberto Purrs

Good Afternoon!

I'm Roberto, I was elected Meow Mayor after Tater Tot was adopted this past week. If you've visited Cat Depot in 2018, you might have seen me. I'm a stocky black cat with a big heart.

I spent some time in a multi-cat pod when I first arrived, getting to know the kitties and the volunteers. Now I live in an office and while my human coworkers give me lots of love, I don't see many visitors. I hope being Meow Mayor will bring me some more attention.

I'm also hoping that being Meow Mayor will help me be more involved in the community here; the other kitties, visitors, and volunteers.

I'm a playful cat. Maybe I could organize a kitty kickball tournament?


Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


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