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Sally Says

Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 74

Hi Everyone,

Mayor Sally here! I'm writing this quickly, because I have to pack!

My 'dopter is here to take me home, and I am so unprepared. I have to find my favorite catnip toy, and make sure I have treats for the trip. I won't be able to make my lunch with Shumara next week, so I'll have to let her know... Has anyone seen my collar?

It was such a pleasure to be Mayor of Cat Depot. I will treasure the time I spent here, and all of the volunteers, visitors, and staff who came by my pod for a little playtime. This 'doption has been a long time coming, but I hope it will prove worth the wait.

To my fellow kitties who remain at Cat Depot, good luck to you! Enjoy every day you spend here. Eat that wet food. Chase that toy mouse. Live every day to the fullest, so you will have no regrets. Be honest with the friends you make here, and cuddle your favorite socializers. You won't want anything to be left unsaid when your 'dopter comes and ushers you on to the next stage of your life.

(Outgoing) Mayor Sally.

PS Here I am with my adopter!

Sally with her adopter


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 70

Hi Everybody,

Sally here! I've been meowing with two kitties in the next pod over, and they got me thinking. I'm a pretty calico and people come in to see me all the time. Some cats aren't as photogenic as I am, and they often get overlooked. Isn't that sad?

Coalson, for instance, is a black cat who loses fur every spring to something called, "seasonal allergies." He looks a bit rough, but he's such a great guy. He's always friendly and never causes a fuss.

I hope someone will look beyond his appearance soon.

He has another roommate, Jewels. She has a unique face, a little scrunched up. I think it's cute, but the humans say she looks "grumpy." Well, if she looks sad she should get even more attention, not less!

As Cat Depot fills up with kittens, it seems more difficult for those cats to shine. I may be strong enough to assert myself and greet the visitors, but some are more introverted and prefer humans to approach.

I'll keep doing my best to help my fellow kitties, and I hope you'll look beyond the fur to see the purrsonalities within.


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 58

Hi Everyone,

Sally here! It was a very exciting morning here at Cat Depot. We shook things up. A lot of new kitties are coming in soon, so we had to make room. Tippy and I meowed our goodbyes and moved into new pods. I'm back in Donovan's Den, where I started my stay. I think it would lend a nice symmetry if I got 'dopted while staying in this pod.

I have a lot of new roommates, and the amazing thing about them is, they're all like me!

Tippy was fun and I liked living with him, but these kitties are more my speed. They're as assertive and confident as I am. Tom Mock is a riot to play with, and Chessa is really friendly. Beautiful was sleeping when I arrived, but she woke up just now to say hello. She's a little unsure of me I think, but that's natural. I'm sure it can be intimidating to meet a real, live celebrity: The Meow Mayor.

Anymeow, I have a new room to explore, a catio to christen, and new roomies to bond with. Come by and meet us sometime!


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 57

Hi Everyone,

I'm a little bummed since my one-year anniversary. I was staring longingly out the door of my pod when Shumara meowed at me from across the way. She reminded me that every day spent here is another opportunity to meet new people and cats. She thinks I shouldn't view every day here as a failure, but as an opportunity to experience more.

I've been thinking a lot about that, and meowed it over with my pod-mate, Tippy. He says I shouldn't rush things, and that not all 'dopters are right for every cat.

I'll find the right 'dopter when the time is right.

Until then, I'll keep entertaining visitors, charming volunteers, and being the confident, friendly kitty I was always meant to be!


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 51

Hi everyone!

Time goes by so quickly sometimes. 

My one-year anniversary at Cat Depot is coming up on Friday and, I admit, I am a little shaken. Last May seems like a lifetime ago!

I'm not the same kitty I was when I arrived; I've learned so much and made so many friends here.

Still, my upcoming anniversary reminds me that (while it can be really nice here at Cat Depot) this place is just a way station on the journey to my furever home.

So, in case my future 'dopter reads this, here is my 'doption Resume:


Previous Experience:

Part-time House Cat, Cat Depot, May 2016 - present

 - Played with guests and volunteers who visited my pod
 - Greeted passers-by from my seat at the the fence

Office Cat, Cat Depot, Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

 - Kept documents in order (by lying on them)
 - Assisted with typing (by walking on the keyboard)
 - Kept the office chair warm

Meow Mayor, Cat Depot, March 2017 - present

 - Represented Cat Depot to visitors and adopters
 - Welcomed visitors to the adoption floor
 - Communicated with the public through this blog

Other skills

Laser chasing
Feather catching
Jumping up the wall
Stalking toys
Making cute faces

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 47

Hi everyone!

Mayor Sally here. I loved Tippsie's and Zahara's guest posts, and I hope you all did too. It was great for me to hear other kitties' perspectives, and it made me think a lot. Tippsie, Zahara, and I have a lot in common: we're playful, friendly, and great writers! But we also have different purrsonalities.

I'm a rough-and-tumble active girl, who is the first at the door to greet visitors. It's my duty as Mayor, after all. Tippsie is laid-back, and lets the other kitties in her pod shine. Azalea is laid-back too. She loves to be petted though, and will arch her back and push her face into your hands. Zahara is somewhere in the middle; she comes up to visitors and loves to play, but she doesn't mind having alone-time too.

All of the kitties here are unique. We have very confident, extroverted cats like Ryder, who wants to come to you. Then there are kitties like Azalea, who prefer for you to go to her. Some of us want to have someone with us all the time, like Valentina, and some of us are more independent, like Trickster.

Kitties come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and yes, purrsonalities!

Meow Mayor of Cat Depot


Zahara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 45

Hey everyone, Zahara here!

Spring is here. From my favorite spot on the Catio I can hear birds singing, smell the pollen in the air, and watch as people bring in litters and litters of little kittens.

I can't believe I was ever that tiny.

I'm not a big kitty, but it's hard to imagine a time when I was as small as these little ones. Every kitten who comes in for 'doption is at least two pounds, but I've seen smaller foster kitties come by in their cat carriers.

Sometimes I even see vet techs walk by with tiny little bottle babies curled up against their chests. These humans seem to really love kittens. If I didn't know better, I'd think these little guys were the humans' own babies.

I was raised with my siblings by our momma cat, myself. But it's wonderful to know there are skilled and compassionate people caring for the kittens who aren't as lucky as I was.



Zahara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 44

Hey everyone!

All kitties like to play. I've met a lot of different cats in my time here, but this seems to be a common thread. None of us can resist the red dot, the feather toy, or the crinkle balls. Maybe you don't like all of them, but I haven't met a cat yet who doesn't love at least one.

Take my pod-mate Athena, for instance. She loves crinkle balls. I hear the telltale sounds of her playtime deep into the night.

Milo, the orange tabby across the hall, absolutely loves feather toys. He has lived in Joe Bob's Caboose until now, but yesterday he graduated to a pod. He's like a totally different kitty!

Trickster was his neighbor in the Caboose, and she tells me he would sleep all day, only getting up to be petted. I can see him right now from my pod and he's running around, chasing that feather. I don't think anyone would guess he's eight. I thought he was Athena's age until Trickster clued me in. 

Me? I love laser pointers. I've never managed to catch that red dot in my paws, but I know with hard work and determination, anything is possible!



Zahara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 43

Hey everyone!

I was so shocked yesterday. We had a visitor at Cat Depot, and I wasn't sure what to think of her. She was so different from all the others...

At first, I thought I was getting a new roommate. But Mimi isn't a cat at all, she's a dog!

I've heard of d-o-g-s before, but Mimi didn't seem like a huge, slobbering drool machine. She's small like me, and polite, and sweet.

Maybe she's secretly a cat?

She visited to spread goodwill between cats and dogs, in the hopes that one day we can all live together. I still need to think about whether I could handle a doggy roommate full time, but I approve of her message wholeheartedly. Lots of the other kitties loved her idea too.

Mimi was very well received, and dozens of my fellow Cat Depot kitties have now been deemed "dog friendly."



Zahara, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 37

Hey everybody!

I bet you're wondering who I am, and where Tippsie is. Well, it's quite a story.

My name is Zahara, and I'm the cutest calico in Casa de Pablo! I've been at Cat Depot for almost as long as Sally and Tippsie, so Sally asked me to share my purrspective.

Speaking of Tippsie, she should have started helping Sally out earlier. I say that, because right after her first blog post, a nice couple came in to visit her. They just loved her. She went home with them today in a foster-to-adopt. That way, she can try it out to make sure this home is a good fit.

I meowed with her on her way out (my pod is right next to hers) and she said she was nervous, but excited. She looks forward to meeting new friends and seeing the world outside Cat Depot.

I've seen a lot of kitties come and go, but I haven't lost my optimism. If anything, I'm more excited now. I know there's a special 'dopter out there for me, too!



Tippsie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 34

Hello everyone!

If you read Sally's blog on Wednesday, you know I will be helping her out. If you haven't heard, that's okay too. My name is Tippsie, and I'm one of Sally's best buds.

We've supported each other through thick and thin, through our rescue by Cat Depot's Emergency Response Team, and during our time here at the shelter. She's one of my role models, personally.

You see, before living here, we had never met so many friendly humans. We were overwhelmed at first, and became very shy. I was unsure if I was safe, and once I got more comfortable, I was still at a loss. I didn't know how to interact with potential 'dopters.

Sally was just like me when we arrived, but I can't believe how much she has blossomed. She beckons 'dopters to visit her pod, and she walks right up to people! I don't know if I'm ready to be that assertive, but I think I've made some progress too. Hopefully, it's enough to get me 'dopted.



Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 32

Hi everybody!

We can't always control the impression we give to others. As a kitty trying to get 'dopted, I think about this a lot. I think I'm a fun and active cat who loves to play. That's the impression I try to give.

It has come to my attention that I can sometimes come off as rude or mean, due to my direct and confident nature.

I don't mean to!

I just get so excited to see people that I might, sometimes, pull attention from the other kitties.

As Meow Mayor, this just won't do.

You know what? To demonstrate my kind and giving nature, I will use my platform to lift up the voice of another kitty.

I have invited a guest writer: my good friend Tippsie.

Tippsie, adoptable cat at Cat DepotTippsie and I go way back. In fact, we came to Cat Depot together, from the same rescue. We've even lived in the same pod for most of the last eleven months. All this makes us almost like sisters.

The next instance of my blog will be written by Tippsie. I hope you will enjoy her perspective and show her as much support as you have given me.

Meow with you soon.



Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 30

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, I am one of the longest residents here at Cat Depot. That means I know how things work, and I get to boss the other kitties... I mean, I get to show new kitties the ropes when they get here. Being Meow Mayor, this is a responsibility I take seriously.

I was rescued from DeSoto County last May along with 25 other cats. Most of them have moved on to their furever homes by now, except Tippsie, June, and me.

Something amazing happened over the weekend: June was 'dopted.

I am proud of my old friend and roommate. It takes a lot of perseverance and optimism to keep looking for a home after all this time. I credit her success to her upbeat and energetic nature, and I'm sure she'll be happy in her new home. I only hope Tippsie and I will be so lucky.



Sally, adoptable cat at Cat DepotSally Says - Day 25

Hi everybody!

The life of a kitty at Cat Depot is certainly exciting. From my spot in the middle of the adoption floor I can see all the visitors come and go.

I saw students sketching in Jack & Lucy’s, for instance. I’m glad they understand the regal beauty of felines like us.

I had some visitors of my own, too: the volunteer socializers came to play with me! I was so excited that I didn’t even mind Tippy playing with my toy mouse.

The best part of the day was when a new kitty learned to leash-walk. I saw Riviera strutting down the hallway in front of my bed, and I was so impressed! It takes confidence and patience to learn to walk on a leash.

Still, I can’t help but yearn for a home of my own…


Sally Says - Day 23

Hi everybody,

As you know, I stay in Taza Territory, one of the pods at Cat Depot. Life is good in a pod. I asked Typist to explain the layout of the pods and what luxuries we enjoy every day. This way, people who are unable to visit can understand what living at Cat Depot is all about.

You will note that all the pods are outfitted with color-coded fleece blankets and beds. The fleece makes everything, especially the cubbies and shelves, comfy and cozy so we can lounge around when we are not playing. Speaking of playing, there are toys everywhere so don’t be surprised if you have to move some out of the way when you enter. It’s hard not to notice the scratching posts and cat trees in the center of the pods. They seem to be a favorite place to relax and nap for a lot of kitties.

We are lucky to have such a loving staff to take care of our pods while we wait for our fur-ever homes. Now that you can see what Taza Territory looks like, don’t be a stranger!


Sally Says - Day 21

Hi everybody,

I remember when Crinkle was Meow Mayor and he received a package full of goodies in the mail. He was selfless and let other kitties play with his toys but I was secretly jealous of all the attention. Then a package came to Cat Depot addressed to Senior Affairs Adviser Shumara. And, you guessed it, it was full of fun surprises as well. I was especially envious of the Jackson Galaxy vibrating mouse.

Well, guess what? It is my turn to be spoiled! A package from our loyal friend, Mike from Texas, arrived for me – the Meow Mayor. I was so excited I almost forgot about the toys and wanted to play with (and in) the bag. Eventually, after all the contents were presented to me, I meowed with excitement! Wand toys, treats with catnip, two squishy balls and balls with bells were inside.

Now that I have my very own Jackson Galaxy vibrating mouse, won’t you join in on the fun and play with me? Please come meet me in Taza Territory – I’ll be the one with all the toys.


Sally Says - Day 16

Hi everybody,

I recently met with the Critter Camp staff here and they are gearing up for the 2017 summer season. Critter Camp is open to children and teens ranging from ages 8 to 18 years of age. I think summer camp is a pretty neat idea, especially when the kids come play with me and the rest of my friends!

I heard that camp will be held in June and July, one week for each age range. Registration is $200 per attendee. The humans have added a Career Camp Year 2 for 15-18 year olds, which is $300 per participant. This fee includes camp T-shirt and daily snack. The staff says to visit catdepot.org for more information and to sign up.

I hope to have been ‘dopted in time for camp, so please don’t wait for summer to come visit me. You can find me playing the day away in Taza Territory.


Sally Says - Day 14

Hi everybody,

Have you heard that Cat Depot is one of only nine organizations chosen to participate in the Jackson Galaxy Foundation’s Cat Pawsitive program? The humans told me that this program was developed by the “Cat Daddy” himself, Jackson Galaxy, and a team of animal behavior experts. They explained that it uses positive-reinforcement clicker training while building new skills for us cats, promoting the human-cat bond and improving adoptability.

I was selected to be one of the cats to take part in the training. I think I’m doing pretty well so far! I’ve mastered the “come” command, where I follow a clicker stick around the pod. I get rewarded with baby food and treats as well as playing with the peacock feather and laser pointer.

Would you like to help but don’t have the time to work with us? You can donate chicken-flavored baby food and soft, breakable treats (not Temptations). We really enjoy these yummy treats!

Please come meet me in Taza Territory. I would love to show you my new Cat Pawsitive skills!


Sally, ad adorable and adoptable Cat Depot catSally Says - Day 7

Hi everybody,

My first week as Meow Mayor has been very eventful. I meowed with my feline friends around the 'doption floor about what they'd like to see happen under my leadership. I feel confident in my abilities to live up to their expectations.

Many people have come to see me because they heard I am the new Meow Mayor. They also come to visit Shumara, the Senior Affairs Adviser. I guess humans like to meet the leadership around here, which I think is pretty flattering. Do you think these blogs have something to do with that?

Another one of the "Desoto Kitties" went home this past week. Sunshine was 'dopted by a loving family. Tippsie and I are very happy for her. We are the last two rescued from the hoarding situation and will be coming up on our one-year anniversary at Cat Depot in May.

You can find me playing or relaxing in Taza Territory. I'm enjoying all the visitors so please come by! 


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sally Says - Day 1

Hi everybody,

It seems as though being Meow Mayor gets kitties 'dopted in no time. Momma was only Meow Mayor for one week before going home with her new family.

There were rumblings about me being named the new mayor and it became reality. I'm so excited!

My name is Sally, it's nice to meet you. I'm a five-year-and-ten-month-old calico. The other cats meow that I'm an energetic lady. I certainly love to play, especialy with the laser pointer.

Just like Momma, I was one of the 26 "Desoto Kitties." We were saved from a hoarding situation. Now there are only three of us left at Cat Depot: Tippsie, Sunshine, and me.

I have been staying in Taza Territory with some of my friends. I'd love for you to stop by and meet me.


Sally, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Sally - Meow Mayor

After a successful campaign among the Cat Depot cats, Sally will soon take her place as Cat Depot's seventh Meow Mayor.

This quiet and gentle five-year-old observes and notices everything going on, and meows she thinks she will be able to make fair and just decisions to benefit all cats.

Sally came to Cat Depot in a rescue operation in 2016 and has seen many sides of life. She knows the good and the bad, and hopes to draw on her experiences to comfort new arrivals and help them build confidence.

She says, "There is a home for everyone, and during my reign, we will find them."

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