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Samson's Story

Meow everyone, Samson here.

Samson relaxing by the windowDon't worry, I'm not back at Cat Depot. The humans asked for a cat with a story and I had to raise my paw, because I have experienced a lot.

I have a good life today. My favorite hobbies include napping on mom, exploring the closets, and practicing my daredevil stunts. I particularly enjoy balancing on the back of a kitchen chair to see how long I can stand there before it topples over. There's good food, toys, and things to climb on.

But, life wasn't always like this.

Before I moved home to my mom, I was surrendered to Cat Depot several times. The first time, the veterinarian discovered I had something the humans call "crystals." When you just hear the word it sounds really pretty, but it isn't. It makes peeing hurt.

I was treated with a special diet, got better, and a new family adopted me. The next time I came back, I was worse. The time after that, I was really sick.

This was in 2016 and now the crystals weren't small anymore - I had kidney stones. I had to go see lots and lots of doctors and they shaved my stomach to take ultrasounds. My beautiful fur, gone! It grew out again, but I didn't know that at the time.

The humans looked worried and talked about "blockages," "one kidney not working," and "decreased function on the other side."

There were so many tests. So many...

They said I needed to see a specialist at the University of Florida to get help only available there. This would cost over $5,000. I'm not sure how much that is - I can only count to four paws and a tail - but I think it's a lot of treats.

One of the humans said, "But, he can go to UF if we raise the money, right?"

So they started raising the money.

Samson at Cat DepotI didn't know if I should get my hopes up, but I saw my face on collection boxes and on the Internet. The boxes filled with money. People put in everything from coins to checks and my roommate said, "Every little bit helps."

I couldn't believe how so many people came together to help me. I mean, my life is obviously important to me, but that doesn't mean it's important to people who never even met me. There were even other organizations agreeing to help me - something called the IS Foundation sent me money. Sometimes, my mom points to an actor on TV and says, "That's Ian Somerhalder. He helped you. How awesome is that?"

People gave me their time too.

Volunteers came to see me to keep me company, played with me, brushed me, and drove me to appointments. One person drove me all the way to Jacksonville, waited there with me so I wouldn't be lonely and frightened, and brought me all the way back to Sarasota.

I know some people worried I wouldn't make it. Humans often think we cats can't hear or understand them, but we know. I'm still here, and it's thanks to all these people working together.

When all this was over and my new mom took me home, she promised I would never be surrendered again. She said if we move, we move together, and no matter what happens, we're in it together.

Koda and Samson on the bedSince then, I've been reunited with an old friend from Cat Depot - my brother-in-fur Koda used to share a room with me there. He's as black as I am white and we're like a living Yin-Yang sign. I also have three new friends who are dogs. They're kind of like cats, but much bigger.

I have traveled, been on airplanes, lived in hotels, and moved to Europe. None of this would have happened without the help I got from all of you.

Mom said I should mention some of the things that has happened at Cat Depot thanks to the support from the community. At first I meowed to keep her paws off my article, it's about me, but she petted me. I can't resist when she pets me.

My purrsonal favorite on the list is that Cat Depot now has its own ultrasound machine. I've had many ultrasounds and it would have been great not to have to leave the building to get them.

My second favorite is the new Save Our Seniors program. I don't think I'm senior at all, but if I were at Cat Depot, I'd be a part of it. Honestly though, I'm only nine. Okay, almost ten, but that doesn't count until I become ten. And it's still not all that old...

My third favorite on the list is, there has been five no-kill kitten seasons in Sarasota County in a row. I was a kitten once, so obviously I approve of that.

What else is on the list... Hurrichoc... Chocihurr... I can't read this. The human's handwriting is like a squiggly line.

Hang on...

MOM! Come over here and type this yourself. And pick a few of them, it's getting time for my afternoon nap.

She says:

  • Cat Depot has doubled its intake from Sarasota County Animal Services
  • 2016 was the first year we never ran out of food in the community cat food bank
  • 2016 and 2017, the community helped us help other organizations, like after the hurricanes


I have one too. My friend Bow-Tie helped create a Carriers for Cats program that makes sure all cats visiting the clinic can leave safe in a carrier.

Samson nappingAccording to mom, many of all these good things happen because of the Giving Challenge. I remember that - the humans stayed at Cat Depot and watched cat movies all night. That was a great event!

I've heard there will be one this year too, on May 1st. I will make mom stay up and watch cat movies with me, even though we're not in Sarasota.

Now, my nap is overdue. I'm going to relax for a bit on my favorite blankie. After that, I plan to watch some bird TV through the windows, and have a snack.

I hope you have a great day. Meow with you soon!



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