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Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 60, The Catnip Banana

Day sixty of my journal. Time sure flies. When I wrote the first few entries I thought I would have found my furever home long before thirty days, and now we're at sixty. If you have a pawsome friend out there in need of a cat, don't be shy: tell them about me. I'm here, and I'm waiting.

Today, my roommate has been really busy with meetings and such, and being confined to my room made me bored. I took matters into own paws and broke into her drawer where she keeps toys. I knew my yellow catnip banana was in there, and I was right.

Regular bananas are kind of boring, in my opinion. My catnip banana is the best thing ever. I spent a long time licking it and trying to pry it open to get to the stuff inside before one of the humans discovered it.

At this point it's difficult to imagine what my furever home will be like, but I do hope they'll be willing to get me a yellow catnip banana...

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 59, Lots of fun in Sonny's Playhouse

I was prepared for being really bored today, being confined to my room and all, but it turned into a good day. One of the volunteers came to play with me with a kitty playhouse. Mice live inside it, and sometimes they peek out!

To start with I approached the yellow building with caution. It could contain anything, except a cat. Much too small to hold a cat. Then, I got into it and did my best to get the pesky mice. 




Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 58, In House Arrest

I might have done something naughty. Not saying that I did, but claiming innocence didn't help me. I'm locked up in the office for a week and the other cats find it hilarious.

Bianca has been over to stare at me through the door, and I know she's laughing.

Simon also came over, showing off his leash and vest. He too looked amused. Luckily, my roommate forgets to close the door most of the time, so I've managed to sneak out and meow with typist. I curled up in my bed on her desk and she said, "I won't tell anyone you're here if you don't." It worked for a while, but other humans spotted me and said, "Sonny, go to your room."

I obeyed and jumped up in my bed on roommate's desk. It's really comfortable and offers great biscuit making as well as napping. Today, not so much. I was working on getting really comfortable when the bed fell to the floor. With me in it! I had no idea the edge was that close. 

My first instinct was to run out to the communication's office to tell them all about this and hide in the other bed, on typist's desk, but the door was closed. I will now proceed with napping on the stereo. Seems much safer. 

Meows from Sonny.


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 57, What a big box!

Today, the most interesting thing ever arrived to the office. It was a huge box, big enough to fit many cats. Or maybe a human and a cat. It was marked with a huge smiley face and the word Amazon. They must be the biggest manufacturers of cardboard boxes for cats anywhere.

I started with sniffing the outside, but soon jumped in. There were smaller boxes inside, but they were closed, so not interesting.

Sonny exploring the big box

There was also some packing paper. I made biscuits with it, until I realized the humans were sneaking on me with a camera. 

Hope you're having a good Friday, and happy weekend!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 56, Bianca the Bengal

This morning when typist came in, I sat on her desk. She seemed both joyful and surprised over me being there instead of waiting for my roommate in my office. I let her think I was there for her. No harm in keeping the humans happy.

What I was really doing? Well, her desk - and my bed on it - have a perfect view of Bianca. You know, the girl I mentioned who tried to help herself to my food a few days ago. Not that I'm interested, I'm certainly not, but as office cat it's my duty to keep an eye out for her. You know, see how she's doing.

Bianca, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Typist finally figured out what I was looking at and said, "If you like her, help her get a home."

I snuck over to meow with her through the door. Bianca says she likes people and loves giving out kisses, but she's not overly fond of other cats. Not even me! She would like a home where someone is with her a lot, because she gets really lonely.

And, she meowed that she's unhappy at Cat Depot. I'm pretty well adjusted here, but she doesn't like it at all. I think she's bored.

Typist said she's a Bengal and that they like to have room to move around. Some of them like weird things, like playing fetch, and water. I don't know if this is true for Bianca, but it sounds really strange to me. Water is so... wet!

Okay, I did my duty. Tomorrow we'll get back to the main subject: ME.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 55, My roommate is back!

I heard the humans say my roommate would come back from her vacation today. Happy day! The people in the next room are okay to visit, but my roommate is my Cat Depot human. I sat on her chair to wait.

Things happened outside. I saw Simon on his leash, and typist tried to lure me out to visit, but I stayed put.

I waited and waited, and just when I thought she wasn't going to come, she was there! Happy day! Hopefully she won't go on any more vacations before I get 'dopted, and if she does, I'll have to meow more clearly about bringing me along. I've spent all day in my room, just enjoying things returning to normal. 

Hope you're having a good day too!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 54, What is that human doing? 

I've seen a lot of peculiar things since my arrival to Cat Depot. I thought I was used to humans after living with one for so many years, but they still surprise me.

This morning I was hanging out on typist's desk, admiring a picture of me on the wall, when one of the cat care volunteers stopped by. He took the trash out of the trash can under the table. What would he want with that?

Typist said the can gets full and needs to be emptied, but then what do they do with it? Odd. They also seem obsessed with cleaning the floors. Vacuuming and mopping all the time. They claim it needs to be done, but I prefer to retreat to my room until the commotion is over.

A good side of having so many humans around is that a cat like me can get a lot of attention. I've gotten some fine chin rubs today, and I had some visitors. Now I'm going for a nap in my bed to try to figure out what really happens to that trash. Do they take it home? Move it to another, bigger trash can? Puzzling.

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 53, Expanding my office cat skills

Another weekend came and went, and another Monday is here. My roommate is still on vacation, and my typist doesn't work on weekends. Could have been really boring, but luckily I had visitors to brighten my days. Some came all the way from Massachusetts. I'm not sure where that is, but it sounds really far.

I was still happy when I realized today is return to normality after the weekend-thing. Typist gave me a good chin-scratch and I anticipated a long, good nap on her desk.

Didn't happen: she put me to work! I normally get away with helping her type and sitting on her calendar, but today she made me watch the phones.

This phone thing fascinates me. It rings, and then a voice comes out of it. Humans have their clever moments.

Rumors have it a Cat Depot cat called 911 a couple of years ago, and all sorts of emergency vehicles showed up, thinking there was a disaster. I'll try not to do that.

I still need to figure out the number system, but I know I can learn how phones work. Once I have this down, I'll call everyone and ask if they're my furever family!

Hope your day is going well too!

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 52, The new neighbor is here

Busy day today. Got a new neighbor after Jack. His name is Frosty, and he's black and white. Don't know how they get Frosty out of that, but it is what they call him. Maybe the white is the frost on the black? Who knows with humans...

I haven't meowed much with him yet, I just snuck up to the door to see who got the room. Typist says he's a good looking cat, but hurried to add I'm more handsome, so she's forgiven.

Simon, adoptable cat at Cat DepotJust when I was done with spy... I mean greeting Frosty, I saw the leash-walking cat again. Same guy as last time; Simon.

I guess he isn't used to being back here yet - he stretched as much as he could to see everything. He didn't look like a threat to my food or my room, so I just watched. He seems quite happy to lead a human around on a leash. Odd.

And, the excitement wasn't over. After seeing Simon, I had visitors. Several! I might have missed one, because I was napping, but I know there were people here.

Hope you're having a meowing good day as well.


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 51, Sleeping with one eye open

Today has been a pretty quiet day and I've pretended to nap. In reality I watched for the girl: Bianca. I anticipated more attempts on my food, but I haven't seen her. Guess the humans have been more careful not to let her out.

Typist says I'm long-legged and skinny like a supermodel, but that I should aim for a more buff look since I'm a cat. In other words, she's trying to trick me into eating more.

To that I meow, "Well then, keep the girls away from my dinner!" I tried to obey the advice anyway through stealing typist's sandwich. I don't think she saw that coming.

She said, "Sonny, you can't have that. You're on special food you know, and if you eat eggs and mayo I will have messed up your diet." I meowed, "It's my diet. Gimme the sandwich already." That approach did not work. Oh well, I got a couple licks of mayo in before she realized what I was doing. Yum!

What else is worth reporting... Jack, one of the office kitties, went to a foster family. I'm really curious to see who will come in his place. Wonder what color cat it will be, and if they'll be a good sport about me coming to visit.

Meows from Sonny



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 50, An abrupt awakening

This morning I was taking a nap in peace and quiet in my office. Shouldn't be much that can go wrong with that, right? Well, guess what, I was in for an abrupt awakening. All of a sudden there was another cat in my room, eating my food!

I had to get up to see what was going on, and the cheeky little girl was really surprised to see me. Even though she was in my room! One of the adoption counselors and one of the cat care crew came running, grabbed her, and put her back in her own office so I could go back to my daily schedule. I was so upset I couldn't return to napping for several minutes.

Typist says the girl's name is Bianca. She's kind of cute, but she still can't have my food. 

I recognize her too. Every morning she stands by her office door, meowing as loud as she can until her roommate arrives. Then she's all happy joy joy, kissy kissy, but by then she has already woken me up. From what I hear she loves the company of humans. Don't think she likes me much though - just my food.

I made typist go take a photo. Bianca is cute. I might sneak over and watch her through the door later. 

Bianca, adoptable cat at Cat Depot


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 49, Catting - I'm doing it right

Being a cat isn't as easy as it can seem. You have to practice doing things the "cat" way. Like, napping.

This morning I made my usual visit to my typist. Her desk held my bed, a soft and comfortable fleece blanket, and her calendar. To a human or a dog, the obvious options for napping would be bed or blanket. If you're a cat, you need to spend at least some time in a less obvious place. Because, well, you're a cat. She just assumed I picked the spot closest to her, and that delusion is okay with me. 

Later, I couldn't resist the allure of a catnap in the bed.

All this resting gave me energy to spare, so I've spent the rest of the day exploring the laundry room. I think it's my new favorite place - there are shelves filled with blankets and beds! Why hasn't anyone told me about this? What else are they hiding?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 48, Is that a cat?

My roommate is away for a few days, so I've graced the communication's office with my presence. My typist claimed she was cold, so I cuddled with her for a bit. A cat's job is never done when it comes to keeping humans in working order.

I was just about to curl up in my bed for a well-deserved nap when I saw something strange appear. It looked like a cat and smelled like a cat, but it wore a harness and a leash. As you can see on my photo, I didn't know what to think.

I stared and stared, and came to the same conclusion over and over again: this cat walked on a leash like a dog would. What an un-catty thing to do!

The humans said, "That's Simon. He's practicing life skills that may help him get adopted."

Being 'dopted would be nice, but I don't think the leash-thing is for me. I'll keep practicing my typing skills instead.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 47, My roommate left!

My roommate left for vacation today, so I am all by my lonesome self. I was really sad when I heard about her leaving. I think she should have brought me with her. I even found this bag that looks kind of like me, and packed myself for transport.

Maybe someone else will come pick me up if I stay in it?

I'll wait in the bag for a while, and if nothing else happens, I will run Cat Depot until my roommate comes back. I plan to use the time to order lots of catnip and treats.

Have a meowy good weekend!



Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 46, What a fun toy!

Yesterday, I was hanging out in the staff area when a fun toy appeared. I really like to play, and these feathers were irresistible. As you can see, I caught them, over the back of a chair. I had some pretty good paw-action going there for a while, swatting at the thing.

Later, they told me the toy was really Koda's. I'm sure he won't mind getting a present that smells like me. If he does, well, I'm not sorry. He needs to remember his old friends here at Cat Depot and I'm guessing he has a room filled with stuff.

Maybe if I look really cute, I can get one of these feather-thingies of my own.

Now, the thing we need to discuss is... I've heard rumors about the humans controlling the toys. I know this is hard to believe, because we cats get so focused on the fun part that moves, but I meowed with Jack about it, and he said the humans hold the stick and move it, and that's how the feathers move.

I'll take a better look next time, and try not to get distracted.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 45, Great day for a nap

Today was a chilly day, until I meowed with my roommate about turning on the heat. We haven't needed to use it since before I arrived to Cat Depot, so at first it gave a funny smell, but after a while the place became warm and lovely.

I've spent most of the day napping in my office and listening to music. As you can see from my photo, I'm the boss of what we play. If anyone wants to change the station they have to bribe... I mean talk to me.

The volunteer coordinator played with me for a bit, which was fun, but then they tried to film me. I wasn't in the mood for being a movie star today, so I ignored the bipeds and returned to napping.

Did you do something fun? Are you staying warm?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 44, Mr Vacuum is a noisy one

This morning my typist opened the door to my office, clearly expecting me to come hang out with her. I thought it was time for some fun, so I ran to the conference room and slipped in through the open door. 

I heard her walking after me, calling out, "Sonny, where are you going?" She peeked in, but I hid and she went on looking. It was really fun when she started asking people if they'd seen a yellow cat. I mean, this is a cat rescue. There are cats everywhere.

This human is difficult to fool in the long run. She came back to the conference room and said, "Sonny, I know you're in here. Come back to your office." No point in hiding anymore.

On the way back, I saw Jack heading for my room, probably to steal some of my food. I hissed at him just to let him know he wouldn't get away with it, and then I was scolded. How unfair is that? 

Later in the day, I was relaxing in the communications office in peace and quiet when a noisy monster approached. My typist said, "Don't worry, Sonny. It's just a vacuum cleaner. It picks up cat hair and stuff from the floor."

What do I care about that? It was still big and noisy. And, why would they want to get rid of cat hair? Silly humans. 

I went to sit right in front of her, just to be on the safe side. Not that I'm afraid of vacuum cleaners, just... to be on the safe side. In case she worried about it. Yes, that's it. Humans can worry about the strangest things, and as office cat, I need to offer moral support.

She said, "Sonny, do you really think that's helpful?"

Of course I did. Could there be a better view than having a handsome orange cat right in front of you? Mr Vacuum went away, but I stayed in front of the computer for a while, to make sure she had time to enjoy my company.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 43. Left behind, again.

Another weekend came and went, and I'm still here. I've hid in my office all day. I heard Koda went to a foster home and I don't think I'll see him again - he sent me a message telling how awesome it is to be in a home. Not helpful.

Tina went home, Nitro went home, all my friends have left. I see so many cats come and go, yet I remain. What is a cat to do?

I think I'm handsome, I keep my coat in shape, I look great on photos, and my colors alone should be enough to draw attention. I have a big purrsonality and will keep my human entertained. I know how to type and help around the office, and I've been working on learning the copier.

All these skills should be useful, right? 

If you're in the area, come visit me and cheer me up. I'll appreciate the visit, even if you can't take me home.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny learning to use a copier

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 42, Making friends with the bed

Yesterday, my typist brought me a bed and I refused to try it. Then I got so many recommendations on Facebook saying I should at least try, so I decided to sit on it, just to see what it would be like.

Much more comfortable than I expected.

She looked away and paid attention of her computer instead of me, so I could just as well lie down. I was there, and the bed was there...

I didn't intend to stay in the bed, but the next time I looked up, hours had passed. I slept through my exploring time, snacks, teasing the other office cats, everything I normally do in a day. I hurried to my own room for a late lunch, but after that the fluffy goodness called out to me again.

Sonny napping

I think people have been here to see me, because I remember being petted, but it has been a day of the most glorious naps.

Have a great weekend everyone. If you want me, you know where to find me...

Purrs from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 41, What am I supposed to do with that?

Today, my typist brought me a bed. I know she means well, but did she have to put it on my favorite resting spot? She kept trying to lure me into that soft and fluffy thing, but I refused. I like the desk. If I rest on her desk and her papers I know she's not doing something I wouldn't authorize.

I've been meowing with her about ordering more treats and toys, but she keeps saying she doesn't do those things. Silly human, can't she at least translate to the people who do it? They clearly don't understand me when I tell them. Being a cat is rough when the humans pretend to be deaf.

If you have a kitty, do they like beds? Do you think I should try it, or keep ignoring it?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 40, Oh the cuddles!

This morning, my typist arrived late. She had a rubbish excuse about a dog and veterinarian. Someone needs to get their priorities in order; staff should take time to cuddle the cat before doing anything with a dog, don't you think?

I waited by the desk and let her know she almost missed cuddle time. I like to snuggle in the mornings, as early as possible, and I demanded she make up for her tardiness. She did well; she found the special spot behind my ear that I really like rubbed. After that I took a good long nap on her calendar, to make sure there's no unauthorized dog activity going on.

If I had a schedule it would be cuddle, help in the office, nap, explore, nap, explore more, eat, nap... You get the idea.

As office cat extraordinaire I have roaming privileges and often make my way around the Cat Depot corridors. This is a great thing. You know what's not so great? They've put two other orange cats in the conference room, and these guys sneak out too. I wouldn't mind that, but some of the humans mistake them for me. They look nothing like me, but if the humans see an orange cat in the hallways they assume it has to be me, and they put the other cats in my office! Thus far they've realized in time there's one cat too many in the room, but I dread the day when someone will just toss one of these boys in with me and close the door. Horror!

Let's hope my fears aren't realized. And that someone will adopt me before this risk of mix-up increases.

Meows from Sonny!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 39, A sleepy day

This morning, I headed for the staff area outside my room just like every day, to oversee the work out there. That, and I wanted to sleep on the finance manager's keyboard. There's something special about a keyboard in use, and he's the first one in the office in the mornings. Thus, his keyboard is the best. Makes sense, right?

Anyway, you won't believe what happened: the door was closed and no one came to open it. Allegedly, they had other cats roaming around my corridors! I gave some upset meows and when someone finally came to let me out I didn't want to go anymore. I decided to just nap in my room instead.

Other than that, not much has happened today. I heard Koda was caught barepawed snuggling a teddy bear. How embarrassing for him. That would never happen to me. Not because I don't have toys, but because I'm much too stealthy to be caught snuggling one on camera.

We've had a cold snap and it's fun to see how the fur-less humans pack on sweaters and layers of clothes. It's not as warm as a cat would like it to be, but it's not all that cold. Not like they make it seem. I wonder how they would survive without all their technology. I'm a cat, I don't need clothes. Or shoes. 

I think I'll curl up for another nap and dream about toys. Technology might not be so bad after all, I bet we wouldn't have toys without it. Or string. And you know how much I like string...

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 38, Happy Meow Year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Meow Year holiday. I'm happy we're back to normal weeks, so I know when to expect my humans here in the office.

When the humans left on Meow Year's Eve, us cats threw a party. I think we might have gotten a little too wild, because during the weekend they brought in window washers. As if cleaning the building the regular way wouldn't be enough.

I supervised of course. I guess it is important to have clean windows so we can see what's going on outside, but not too clean - any nose-art must be saved for the future.

Today I started the day with helping the finance department, and then I went to my typist. I could smell a black cat on her clothes, I think it was Koda, so I rubbed myself all over to replace any black hair with my beautiful golden locks. I also made a point of standing on the keyboard to show that I can type for myself. 

Speaking of the typist, by now it's proven that she lacks math skills. It was day 37 when I last wrote to you, and as many days have passed as I have paws, so how can today be 38? She says it's day 38 of my journal writing, but I'm still suspicious.

How was your holiday?

Meows from Sonny


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 37, Great playtime!

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day: I had visitors! The nice person who made my stocking came back to see me again with her family. They played with me, and I really like playing. In my opinion, there's too little of that here at Cat Depot. I guess I can't expect them to play with me all the time - there has to be room for the occasional cat nap every now and then - but we could definitely do it more.

Anyway, as soon as everyone looked even a little bit distracted, I took the opportunity to enjoy the string. I nipped it right off the toy, and then we had to find something else for entertainment.

They can't take me home because they have other kitties, but I really appreciate the company and the visit. Not to mention people saying I'm handsome. When I started my journal I could never guess how many people would see me.

Today, the humans are preparing for the upcoming holiday, and I think my typist will be off tomorrow, so if I don't get to meow with you, Happy Meow Year in advance!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 36, Guess there's another holiday coming up.

I was taking a nap in peace and quiet when the Internet-human brought an assortment of shiny things. They turned to be out party hats and tiaras, and she asked me to pick one to celebrate New Year's. To me, they all look kind of girly, and I'm certainly not a girl. The green goes well with my eyes, but I had to tell her I didn't want any of them. I wanted the funny cone-shaped hat with a piece of string to hold it under the chin, and lots more string coming out of the top, but she saw right through that. 

She said, "Sonny, string is bad for you."

Her explanation of how it can wrap around my tongue and mess up my innards to the point of needing surgery sounded scary, but it's still so much fun! I don't know what to make of this... 

Do you have a party hat? Do you wear it? When do you wear it? Do you have any recommendations for us kitties to throw a party after the humans go home on New Year's Eve?

In other news, I've spent my day keeping our finance manager company. According to him my typing isn't all that helpful, and he keeps moving the keyboard so he can reach it. I'm thinking of asking to be his apprentice. Math skills and abilities to handle money would look great on my resume. I'm sure that would help me find a home, don't you think?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 35, Because my typist can't count.

I have four paws, and I know it has been as many days as I have paws since the last time the Internet-human let me post my journal. So, if last time was 34 and four paws have passed, how can today possibly be day 35? Makes no sense.

Anymeows, I hope everyone had a good holiday. I did - I finally got to see what was in my stocking, and I got a lot of toys. Loved it! I had some visitors too, and several came in with presents. If you ask me, we should do this more often.

Nitro found a home. I'm happy for him, but - and you absolutely cannot tell him this - I will kind of miss him. I'm a little envious too, but he deserves a place of his own. Out of the two of us, I definitely like Cat Depot better than he did.

His leaving gives me a problem: now who am I going to sneak out and meow with? I've inspected the offices around me, but haven't found a purrfect new counterpart. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens. Maybe Cookie or Jack will be 'dopted soon and someone who enjoys my company will move in. Or, maybe I will be 'dopted and all my problems will be solved? I sometimes fantasize about it and wonder what it would be like. 

I'm going to take a little nap now and think about it. Maybe if I can imagine my future purrson they'll show up.

Meows from Sonny.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 34, Is this supposed to be my home for the holidays?

Humans are so peculiar. I've been wishing for my own home for the holidays, and they brought me a yellow toy house. What am I supposed to do with that? I can't live in it. It's too small even to sit in, and I haven't seen it give out any treats or anything. I guess they're trying, but I don't feel that this is sufficient.

As I mentioned earlier, I've spent my mornings this week in the communications office. Because, well, they're there and they give me attention. Yesterday I jumped up behind my typist when she was talking to someone, and when she didn't pet me at once I meowed in her ear as loudly as I could. She looked quite startled, it was a lot of fun! And it produced the desired result: chin rub.

Today I've just been hanging out and relaxing. From what I hear, the holiday-thing is coming up, so if you don't hear from me, it's because the Internet human is away from her computer. Most upsetting if you ask me. I think I'm a clever kitty and they should let me do these things myself, but she says I need supervision. 

Have a meowy good holiday. You know Cat Depot is open on Christmas Eve too, right? In case you'd want to come in and take me home. If not, I'll just wait here for Santa Paws.

Purrs from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 33, Fulfilling my duties as office-cat

I felt a little lonely this morning, because my roommate hadn't arrived yet. Luckily, the solution was near: I decided to visit the communications office. I helped through napping on some keyboards and did some typing, and then I strolled to see if they dusted behind the monitors. Turns out at least this human has been a little slack in her corner. 

The funny thing is, she knew I was there and kept talking to me, but everyone else thought she had gone a little crazy, baby-talking to herself. Then, she pointed to me and they all discovered my hiding place. Busted! 

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 32, So much catching up to do

As you may know, I was away from my room for a few days last week, and when I returned, there was a lot of work to be done. I like to check out donations and I take this task seriously. Don't know how the humans will cope without me once I get 'dopted. Take the big gray space helmet, for instance. They seem to think it's a cat habitat, but I just know it's meant for insterstellar travel.

I found another interesting box too. 

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot












Many fun things to investigate!

Today, I spent the morning in the communication's office. I saw a pile of stockings on a desk and had to see if they held anything fun. Turned out they were empty, kind of disappointing, so I took a nap on them instead. If I'm sleeping on them, no one else can get whatever Santa Paws delivers, right?

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot











In other news, I had a visitor during the weekend, but they couldn't take me home, because they already have a cat. Maybe soon, you're keeping your paws crossed for me, right? Nitro is back from his foster experience. I wonder what that was like. I will sneak over and meow to him about that tonight. 

Purrs from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 31, Finally back in my room!

Good news: I'm back in my room.

Bad news: The humans gave me a bath. A bath! What do they think I am? Some kind of fish? Water holds fish, and fish are meant to be eaten. Every cat knows this.

I'm sure you can see my discontent on today's photo. It wasn't just the bath either - imagine the humiliation of being carried around Cat Depot wrapped in a towel!

To make matters worse, there has been another cat in my room. I can smell it. I think it's the black rascal: Koda. He has been on my favorite cat tower, and I think he has napped in my favorite spot by the window. I will have to check my stocking to make sure he hasn't been into my stuff.

Well, all that is over now. I'm back in my kingdom and it's really good to be able to roam around and do what I want to again. 

I hope the people who intended to come visit me this weekend will stop by and see me, even though I now smell like shampoo.

Meows from Sonny!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 30, Attempted a great escape

If you follow my journal you know I've been under the weather for a few days, stuck in medical. I feel a lot better, and I attempted a great escape when one of my purrsons came to visit me. She said, "Sonny, no, you have to stay here for now." Figures. At least she stayed for a while to pet me.

I meowed and showed my empty food bowl, but they wouldn't give me a refill no matter how hungry and pathetic I looked. Some rubbish about measuring and set times for feeding. I am a cat. I want to eat when I want to eat, and my breakfast was gone! Hopefully, they'll bust me out of here soon so I can get back to my regular routine in my own office. I miss my roommate, even the dog would be suitable company.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 29, I think Tina wants shiny objects

I'm feeling much better today, but I'm still in medical. Hoping to get back to my office soon - there's always something to see and do there, not to mention great places to nap, but nothing much happens in here.

I mentioned yesterday that the litter box in here is a perfect size to use as box for sleeping in. It's so perfect that I meowed with the humans to take a photo of me, just to demonstrate the correct in-box position. Anyway, besides snacking and napping I haven't done a lot since I ended up in here, so I'll just hand the pen to Tina again. 

Tina: I've had the best day. On Wednesdays the two-legged ones have meetings in here, so I've had company almost all day. Not just that; they brought in jewelry by Laurel Burch that looks like cats! This is for sale in the store, but I want it for myself. If I get to meet Santa Paws again I'll meow with him about putting it on my list. Imagine how good I would look with a collar with something like this on it!

Tina, adoptable cat at Cat Depot













These meetings have more perks than just the bling: I like to roam around the conference table and borrow people's pens. They're great for playing, especially if the purrson is trying to write. It's also a great opportunity to go from lap to lap. I make sure to rub myself against everyone. I'm hoping to have my own lap to sit on in not too long, but until then, the Cat Depot staff will do.

Oooh, more people coming in now. I have more purring and cuddling to do - important tasks for a conference-room kitty. 

~ Tina ~


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 28, Introducing a friend

I've been feeling under the weather lately, and it seems my ear infection might have been the tip of the iceberg. The humans are keeping me in medical and making me eat medicine. Blergh! My friends from the office have been here to visit through the day, and at first I thought they would give me more icky stuff. Thankfully, they just brought food and cuddles.

I'm used to having space to roam around and choose a comfortable spot to chill, and now I'm stuck in here. On the bright side, there is really small litter box that's almost like a cardboard box, so I've been using that as a bed. They gave me a real bed, but I like the box better.

Anyway, I meowed with my journal-helper, and we decided to let one of my friends guest write in the journal. I picked Tina, because she's cute. She had problems both holding a pen and typing, so I persuaded one of the purrsons in the office to help her use the computer. Here she is:


Tina, adoptable cat at Cat Depot













Tina: When Sonny approached to ask if I wanted to guest-write, I was terrified. He told me it was easy and all I had to do was pick a pen I liked. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold a pen when you don't have thumbs? I tried holding it between my paws, just like he showed me, but it didn't work out. Wonder if that's why Hemingway's cats had more toes than us regular kitties? Maybe they really wrote for him? Anyway, Sonny found me an assistant.

I'm nine years old, and I came to Cat Depot in August. I love snuggles, sitting on a purrson's lap, naps, and food. The two-legged ones say I like food a little too much and that I'm getting chubby, but that's just slander. They also say I'm special needs because I need a special diet. Definitely slander: I think I should be eating tuna and treats all day long.

Because of this diet thing, I'm not supposed to be in the pods with the other kitties. Not because they could get into my food, but because the two-legged ones think I would steal regular cat food. Again, slander. What do they think I am? A cat burglar?

I worry I might be in this kitty-hotel for a while, because I'm hard to find. I live in the conference room together with Koda. He's black and agile, and thinks he's some kind of panther or something. The bright side of rooming with him is he excels at purrsuading humans to come visit us.

What else? I got to meet Santa during the big 'doption event last weekend. I whispered my list to him. 


Tina, adoptable cat at Cat Depot, meeting Santa Paws
















He said he'd see what he can do about getting me a home for the holiday, but he wasn't sure about the hundred cans of tuna I wanted. According to him, it's too much fish for one girl, 'specially for a girl who's supposed to be on a diet. What's up with that?

Speaking of food, it's time for my afternoon snack, so I have to go. Maybe I'll get to talk to you again later, if Sonny will let me share.

~ Tina ~

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 27, Still at Cat Depot

The weekend came and went, and the adoption event with it. There were a lot of people here, really a lot of them, and more cats and kittens than I can count found homes. I'm still here. Go figure.

The dog - Mimi - even visited Santa and wished for a home for me, but it didn't help. If I hadn't seen him with my own green eyes this would make me think Santa Paws wasn't real! To make matters worse, my roommate said I have an ear infection. I might not have been able to go home even if I had one.

Not everything is gloomy. It's a fine day in Florida and I found a comfortable spot for a nap in a ray of sunshine. And, communications purrson said I might get a visitor on Saturday. Not sure how far away that is, but I'll make sure to look sharp. Keep your paws crossed for me!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 26, There is a dog in my office!

The silly human took my photo when I was about to meow. I look ridiculous - and I couldn't get her to delete the photo. Now everyone will think I'm goofy! 

Anyway, over to a more immediate problem: there's a dog in my office. I don't mind dogs. She sometimes tried to take my favorite napping spot on the desk, but I can share. The real problem is, she's getting all the attention.

This is a building filled with purrfectly good cats, like me, and when people see a dog they go crazy cooing, squeeing, petting, and crawling on their knees. What's up with that? There's a handsome yellow cat right here, and everyone wants to talk to the dog. Go figure.

In other news, I'm pretty sure there's a weekend coming up, but this won't be like the other ones. I've seen posters and heard the humans talk about a big 'doption event, and I think my roommate will be here to send people to see me. Just imagine, my very own humans could be just hours away! Keep your paws crossed for me.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 25, An adventurous day

I made a strategic mistake today: one of the humans in the staff area found me in her desk drawer. Yes, inside the drawer. I don't know why it surprised her so much - a drawer is kind of like a box and everyone knows kitties like boxes. Right?

Anyway, I heard her coming, but thought I would have more time to get out. I was just looking at her purse - for all I knew there could have been treats in it. Or money to buy treats. To hide my embarrassment at being caught, I ran into my office and swatted a toy mouse around. The distraction worked just as planned. She said, "Awe Sonny, you are so cute" and left me alone.

The next time my roommate left the door open, I snuck out not just of the office but away from the staff area, into the adoptions corridor. It makes perfect sense to me - more people would be able to see me if I could meet them as they come in. The plan worked too, until I spotted Misty in her office and became distracted.

She jumped down on the floor and looked at me, and she was so cute I didn't know what to do. This time it was a relief when one of the humans asked me to go back to my room. Once we got there, she wanted to show my stocking. The human, I mean. Not Misty. It's filled with stuff! Someone even put a whole other stocking with things inside it! I'm so excited, can't wait for Santa Paws to come!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 24, Helping to decorate

As office cat I sometimes get important missions, and yesterday the staff asked me to help make decorations for the holiday. First they asked me to wear a little red hat and a beard, but I didn't want to do that. I'm a dignified kitty.

 Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot









When they realized I didn't want to participate, they changed their approach and asked me to color ornaments instead. This isn't an easy task for a cat - the crayons just rolled away when I tried. I did my best, but then dinner arrived, and you know how much I like my dinner...

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot














I have to admit, I didn't accomplish as much as I thought I would, but it was still a fun day. 

Meows from Sonny!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 23, A Purrfect Plan

I'm sure you've heard there will be a big adoption event at Cat Depot this weekend. I hope this will give me a good chance to find my furever home, but even if my new family aren't here for the event, I have a plan on how to turn it to my advantage.

First of all, I'm counting on the kittens going away to homes, so visitors won't be distracted, They're all so small, soft, and playful. Kittens I mean, not the visitors. It's hard for a mature guy like me to compete for attention. I like to play too, but humans seem much more attracted to a tiny kitten doing it.

Second, I'm sure there will be a lot of people at the event. I will use this to get on my roommate's computer and order more of these toys. I decided on this purchase a while back and the humans didn't act on it, so I have to take matters into own paws. Wish me luck!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny and Koda, adoptable cats at Cat Depot

Day 22, Caught Sleeping on the Job!

Hmm, I think today should be more than day 22, because the human won't post my journal on the weekends, so she just skips it. I'll have to meow to her about that... Anymeows, Monday is here. The weekend was pretty calm - to the point where I was caught sleeping on the job. In my roommate's chair. I like to sit in it and make decisions and I didn't mean to nap, it just kind of happened.

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Last week was anything but calm, though. Maybe you remember me lamenting Nitro leaving for a foster home? He wasn't even gone for an hour before the humans let another black cat roam the halls: Koda.

The woman at the communications desk - my employee who should be seeing to my needs - got all excited and started cuddling him and cooing about her "Koda-bear" coming to visit. She even talked about putting up a shelf so he can sit and look out through the window! Outright silly, if you ask me. I snuck around and spied on him. Good thing these doors have glass panes or I'd miss everything that happens around here.

There's a new guy in Nitro's office too, I think his name is Jack. I was going to check him out, but there's another room in between, and I saw a really pretty girl. I think her name is Cookie. I plan to sneak over there and take a better look later today. I'll let you know what happens!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 21, Changes in the office

Something just changed and I'm not sure what to think: Nitro is going to a foster home. I was getting used to seeing him across the hall, not to mention going over there to tease him. Now what am I going to do? I guess someone else will come in his place, but who? And when? What a confusing day.

My roommate isn't here, and when I tried to meow to one of the other humans about all this, she just said, "Cheer up Sonny, it might be a pretty girl." I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

On the bright side, I'm sure I saw someone put something in my stocking the other day. I think it was a toy mouse. Can't wait for Santa Paws to come so I'll get to see what's in there! I'm not sure how long is left, but I think it's pretty long. Maybe I won't even be here by then - do you think Santa Paws would find me even if I go to a furever home? It's time for another one of those weekends when a lot of people come visit, so it could happen.

Too much to think about at once, I think I'll just take a nap.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 20, Learning to appreciate the bed

I'm sure you've heard me meow about Nitro across the hall. He thinks he's so slick, black ninja panther, but today he showed a serious lack of judgment. My roommate let him out of his office - and he refused to go back in. I have extensive roaming privileges, because everyone knows I'll go back to my room if the need arises. That small obedience is a small sacrifice to make in order to gain a lot of freedom. Nitro is only six and he clearly hasn't figured this out yet.

The humans said, "Nitro, go to your room" and he ran in the other direction. I couldn't really see what happened after that - they disappeared out of view from my door - but I did see him being carried back to the room. I bet that was humiliating. My only regret is that my door wasn't open, so I couldn't run over and help myself to his food while he was out. 

In other good news, I have learned that this bed thing is quite comfortable. I've never had a bed before, and I've been staying out of it for quite some time. Today I stepped into it, and it was like a soft and fluffy cloud! I kneaded the edge to make it purrfect, and since it's been a rainy and drab day I decided to stay in it for a nap. When my furever home comes along, I hope they'll have a bed. Maybe I can ask my roommate if I can bring this one.

Hope you're having a good day!

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 19, New donations to check out!

As office cat, I feel responsible for keeping track of new things that arrive to Cat Depot. This morning I found a bunch plastic boxes. I test-sat them, but they weren't as good for sitting as a cardboard box. The person who keeps running after me with a camera suggested taking the stuff in the boxes out before sitting, but that sounded impractical to me. Much easier to check things out when they're close.

From my elevated position in the box, I noticed something interesting under the desk. The humans have apparently run out of room, because there were more boxes, real ones!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot













Even better, on top of them was just enough room for a cat!

Sonny doing mischief












Predictably, the human said, "Sonny, you're being silly. Get out of there."

Silly? Me? Never. Well, maybe, but only as long as Nitro doesn't see.  

I'm off to investigate some more goods now, and after that I think I'll take a nap. Hope you're all having a meowing good day!


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 18, 6 month anniversary at Cat Depot

Today is December 1st. I know this, because at least one of the people here has been running around the office saying, "I can't believe it's December already." I came to Cat Depot on the first of June. Half a year might not sound all that long to a human, but it is a long time in cat years.

The humans here say, "Don't worry Sonny, there are cats who have been here much longer than you," but it still makes me wonder about the future. Should I just settle in here and accept that this is my home now? 

Anyway, yesterday they let Nitro out to roam the halls. I saw him roam back and forth and he even made himself comfortable on my favorite spot in the staff area!

I couldn't let this go on, so the first chance I got, I snuck out of my office and confronted him. I wanted to make a stand and tell him that this is my office, my food, and my people. I think I got the message across before one of the humans told me to go to my room. I hurried to obey; I didn't want to risk her scooping me up and carrying me off somewhere. It would be too humiliating in front of another cat. I still see him over there in his office, but he hasn't been my way all day.

On today's photo you see me in one of my favorite spots: on my roommate's desk. She knows I like to lie there so she has even put a bed out for me, but I still stay on the desk. Why? Because I'm a cat! I have to show a little independence.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny inspecting his stocking

Day 17, Another weekend passed and I'm still here

The humans, all humans I've ever known actually, get overly excited over something they call weekend. Here at Cat Depot it just means parts of my regular crew go missing. I'm not sure where they go when they're not here, but it's an upsetting change in routine. Like, I can't get my journal published because that person has "weekend." Makes no sense. 

I've looked for journal-human for two days because I had a lot to meow about, I even searched under her desk, but she wasn't there. For a while I suspected Nitro had something to do with all this, the rascal, but he claims the same thing happens to him. 

Anyway, I wanted to meow some more about this stocking thing. On Friday, the humans went around to put up stockings all around the house. I didn't let them put up just any old sock - I demanded to be part of the process, and sniffed each one thoroughly until I found the one perfect for me. You can see me check it out on the photo. I've watched it all weekend. It's so red and pretty!

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 16, Still no turkeys in sight

This Meowsgiving/Turkey-Day is clearly a scam. I kept an eye on the corridor all day yesterday and didn't see even one turkey. I was hoping to get to chase one, but that didn't happen. 

Today, they people here keep talking about black cats and Black Cat Friday. What about cats with my regal markings? Is there an Orange Cat Wednesday or something like that? There should be.

More interesting is, the humans have put up stockings to help Santa-Paws collect toys for us. I have my own stocking and it's pretty big. Can't wait to see what they'll put in it! 

Sonny enjoys a box

Day 15, I had visitors!

Being a cat, I enjoy the occasional box. Being a cat who lives in the director's office, not many boxes come my way. When they do, I grab the opportunity with all paws. The box on the photo had low edges, not ideal for cat-sitting, but I still enjoyed it. And took the time to pose for a photo. I'm a good sport!

I had an interesting day yesterday - a sweet family came to visit me and played with me. They weren't here to take me home, but they saw me on the Internet and wanted to come say hi. It was a meowing good time. We played, and they were impressed with the speed with which I can eat string. I got a stocking too. The humans will hang it on my door to help Santa Paws collect toys. I have high hopes for this.

And you know what? I can see Nitro's office from my door. This morning I saw one of the humans bring him to the store, he gets to hang out there sometimes. Anyway, I meowed and tricked one of the staff into opening the door, and then I dashed across the hall to play with his stuff and take a nibble of his food. I got yelled at, but this in no way deterred me from doing it again. I'm not sorry.

Meowsgiving is coming up, so if you don't hear from me tomorrow I'm off chasing a turkey. Or, the humans are chasing turkeys. I'm not sure how it works, but it will be fun.

Purrs from Sonny

Sonny checking out donations








Day 14, Great adventures

The other day, someone brought in a lot of donated items to be sold in the gift shop. As office cat, I consider it my duty to check everything out. Nothing slips by my quality control.

I found this cookie jar among the donations. I sort of think it looks like me. Not exactly, but maybe the designer thought of me? Who knows. There were no cookies in it, no treats at all, which was kind of disappointing.

Once I finished this hard work, I saw one of the communications humans head for Nitro's office with a camera in hand. I snuck with her and she didn't even notice I was in Nitro's office until he started to glare at me. He said I was trying to steal his food. Slander I tell you. Slander. I would never. No, I'm not chewing. What makes you say that? 

Anyway, she told me to go to my room in that big voice humans get when they think you're being naughty. Not just a sweet, "Go to your room, Sonny," It was more of a, "Sonny, Go To Your Room Right Now!" I thought she would scoop me up under her arm and carry me and that would be too humiliating in front of Nitro, so I obeyed. What a day!

Meows from Sonny 

Sonny longing for home

Day 13, Am I really too old?

The weekend came and went, with but ups and lows. Quite a few people came to visit me, but no one took me home. They say I'm too old, and that just breaks my heart. I'm only eleven, and I have almost half my life in front of me! I still have a spring in my step and I still love to play. Age is just a number, but clearly the number makes a large difference to humans.

I really liked one of the families, I liked them so much I tried to follow them, but they opted for another kitty with less mileage. What's a guy to do?

Humans say this week is a time for giving thanks, so I will count my blessings. I have a place to stay, nice people who pet me, and I get fed. The people here have perked up on feeding after my lament about breakfast being late. Still, it would be nice to go home to a family of my own. 

Maybe Santa-Paws will come through for me. I've heard the kittens meow about him. Do you think he's real?

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 12, An unwanted visitor

I normally like getting visitors, because they might play with me. In the long term perspective I hope someone will fall in love with me and take me home, but short term I'll settle for being petted and maybe played with. Well, today I had a visitor that was anything but welcome.

It was the black cat from across the hallway! I know his name: Nitro.

I may have gone over there this morning and stared at him through his door. It really upset him and I thought I was doing great until one of the humans told me to go back to my room. She used a voice of "Stop that" so I obeyed.

A downside of being a cat is that we're small and it's much too easy for humans to just scoop us up and carry us away if they want to. Less humiliating to go back on my own.

Anyway, he got me back. This four-pawed scoundrel snuck out of his office and ran into my room. It's my room and he needs to stay in his! Luckily, the humans weren't far behind him, and they persuaded him to leave.

Hopefully I'll get some real visitors soon. With all these other cats crowding in I need to find a way to get out of here!

Meows from Sonny.

Sonny taking a nap

Day 11, Why are humans so busy?

I don't know if you've noticed, but humans always seem to be going somewhere. As a cat, I enjoy the pleasure of staying where I am, taking a long nap in a ray of sunshine. Or, on someone's computer keyboard. Both work. Humans rarely seem to think of where they are right now. They're either brooding over something that happened in the past, or thinking of what they will do in the future. I think there is a lot that species can learn from us cats!

I have a theory. I think it has something to do with their thumbs.

They get a really good grip holding things, which gives them an advantage except when they try to run. Somehow, all their inventions have made them impatient. What do you think? Am I on to something?

As you might guess, nothing much has happened here today. My roommate has scurried from one meeting to another, leaving the door to her office closed, so I couldn't even roam off on adventures. What's up with that? As much as I meowed, I only accomplished someone come in to pet me for a few - and then they left and closed the door again. Pfft! Guess I'll take another nap.

Sonny resting on the desk

Day 10, A Good Day in the Office

Today was a good day in the office. My roommate has had several visitors here, which means more people to entertain me - the cat. I know how to place myself to make the most out each visit, and I have developed good skills at keeping down papers and using the computer.

To make things even better, my roommate has left the door open several times, so I've had freedom to sneak out and look around. I like to go to the general staff area ; there's always something happening and someone to talk to. If I go too far towards the main area where all the other cats live, humans show up and tell me to go back to my room, but that's okay. If I obey they tell me that I'm a good boy, and who doesn't like a little praise every now and then?

Still no signs of my furever family, but overall an interesting day. And, it's not over. Maybe someone will come in to play with me! I'm keeping my paws crossed.

Meows from Sonny

Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 9, Kitten Mania

It's kitten mania at Cat Depot. I thought I was doing pretty well with getting some attention and working my way towards a home, but this week all of us adults are having a hard time. There are fifty kittens in the building. They're everywhere!

All this kitten cuteness is just too much. People won't even get past them to my side of Cat Depot. And, I overheard the humans talking about dozens more on the way. I think I'm both handsome and charming, but I don't know how to compete with all that... fluff.

To comfort myself, I snuck into my roommate's chair and used her computer when she wasn't looking. I like to eat string and play with string, but she claims eating string is bad for me. She took all my favorite toys away just because I wanted to eat them. Well, guess what, I ordered some more.

Meows from Sonny.

Sonny taking a nap

Sonny's Journal Day 8. Why would books need keeping?

Humans. I don't understand them. They ask me to write a journal, and when I do, they start going on this thing called "weekend." That's all fine and dandy, but they're not sharing my thoughts. What's up with that?

Today I was sure the "weekend" thing was over, but they still didn't pay attention to the cat. I heard a lot of rubbish about "Monday" and "bookkeeping." Makes no sense. The books stand on a shelf no matter what day of the week it is. They don't need anyone to keep them; they keep themselves.

On the bright side, both breakfast and dinner were promptly served, and I got a good nap. More because I was bored than anything else, but it was still a good nap. And, tomorrow is a brand new day. I hope someone will come and play with me.

Meows from Sonny

Day 7, I think this journal-thing is working for me

When my roommate first asked me to take over the journal I felt a bit skeptical. I like computers, but more for sleeping on the keyboard or ordering treats than for actual work. Now I'm starting to think it's working for me. I've had several visitors, and I've heard the humans say people have asked about me. Maybe my time to go home will be here soon!

My roommate also said I don't show well when people come look at me. I don't know what that's supposed to mean. If I came when someone called my name or did stuff on command I'd be a dog. I don't have anything against dogs, they can even be kind of cute, but I don't want to be one. Hopefully the right person will see me and take the time to get to know me anyway.

By the way, I bet you're wondering if my room service was on time today? Breakfast was served promptly, just the way I like it. Hopefully there will be no more glitches.

Talk to you soon!

Sonny waiting for something to happen

Day 6, Room service was slow today!

Room service here at Cat Depot is usually excellent. Humans come in at exactly the right time to feed me, both in the morning and evening. This morning I waited by the door as usual, at the time when breakfast normally arrives, and nothing happened. Do you have any idea how upsetting that is for a hungry cat?

I finally saw one of the office-humans outside and meowed to get her attention. She said, "I know you're hungry Sonny, I'll be right back."

She must have scurried in and out of my room fifteen times before she managed to get everything right and finally brought something to eat! By that time I had decided to take matter into own paws, and I snuck out of the room to go look in the fridge before I even saw she had my breakfast.

I'm embarrassed to admit she had to go look for me, and I refused to listen until she said the magic word: food. I ran back to my room and there it was, glorious breakfast!

She apologized, something about not knowing where everything was. All I heard was, "blah, blah, blah." Hopefully room service will be back to normal tomorrow, with the normal person who knows what they're doing. It's easy for the humans, they can go get a snack whenever they want. The cat has to wait. That's not really fair, is it?

One good thing came from all this. Since my roommate saw how much I enjoyed my food she promised that whoever adopts me will get a three month supply of my favorite meals! I look forward to it.


Sonny likes to play

Day 5, I'm not old; just mature.

I have to tell you something I overheard in the office. The humans think I'm not finding a home because I'm old. Can you believe that? I'm only eleven!

I'm old enough to know how to behave and stay out of trouble, but I'm certainly not ready to retire, and with any luck at all I can look forward to another decade in the sun. Kittens need constant entertainment, so much less hassle with a kitty like me.

While I do enjoy an occasional nap I still have plenty to give, and I don't just mean love. The ladies here in the Cat Depot office helped me make a video. Click here to see it! See the grace with which I jump, sneak, pounce, and play! I'm especially proud of my plan to hide in the paper closet and make a surprise attack.

Want to see for yourself? Come by and visit. Ask for Sonny!


Sonny relaxing

Day 4, A Dreary Kind of Day

Dear humans, I'm in a funk today. Ever since my person went to the big playground in the sky and I came to Cat Depot I've seen so many cats come and go. They come in, stay for a little while, and find new furever homes. Why am I still here? Is there no place in the world for a loving gentleman such as myself?

Maybe it's the weather. I normally enjoy my spot in the sun by the window, but today is gray and rainy. My roommate is at a meeting, and I'm lonely. I've been meowing for the other humans to come in and keep me company, but they only stay for a couple of minutes before hurrying off to whatever they're doing.

Do you have any advice to share on how to keep my spirits up? Would you come in and pet me for a few? I enjoy having my chin and cheeks gently rubbed.

Meows from Sonny.


Sonny, the DJ cat

Day 3, Humans are Silly

I bet you're wondering why you haven't heard from me for a couple of days? I missed two days of journal entries this weekend, because it was weekend. Evidently, it's okay for humans to leave the Cat Depot building and do other things that don't involve me. What's up with that? Imagine the commotion if I tried to leave for a couple of days.

You know what I did? I decided to throw a party for the kitties. I changed the radio station to music I like, and I changed all the DVDs shown in the kitty pods, and then I took a nap on the equipment to make sure no one could sneak in and change things back. All in all a productive weekend.

I have to get off the computer now, my roommate is having a meeting in here, and I think I should participate to make sure they make good decisions. I'll disguise my presence as lounging on the desk, but we all know what I'm really doing.

Meows from Sonny


Sonny is the boss

Day 2, Still waiting for my shipment of treats

Upon my arrival to Cat Depot a few months ago, the humans realized what an excellent helper I am and placed me in the Executive Director's office. This was a really good choice from my point of view, because when she leaves the office, I'm in charge. It's only logical.

My roommate went on vacation not long ago, and in the meanwhile I had the office to myself a lot of the time, and a full week to make decisions. Naturally, I took advantage of the situation and made many wise decisions pertaining to Cat Depot's future. Like, more wet food to all the kitties, more toys and entertainment, and more treats.

Since the humans seem to be hard of hearing - meow clearly means order more treats - I took matters into my own paws and placed some orders on meowmazon. I don't know why they're not here yet. I check the deliveries every day, but thus far everything has been for the store. 

I'm starting to suspect I might have pressed the wrong button and canceled the order instead of placing it, but that doesn't seem right. I'm a cat, and I know my way around computers. It's a keyboard, you sleep on it, how hard can it be?


Sonny, adoptable cat at Cat Depot

Day 1, Tiggy has left the building

As you might have heard, Tiggy who used to write the diary left Cat Depot yesterday. She went to go live with a family as a test, and they returned today to adopt her. I have mixed feelings about this. She was very cute and I enjoyed going over to her door to watch her, but my attention sent her into fits of hysteria. I'll never understand those girl cats, and her leaving might be for the best. Ladies will only get me into trouble.

I wonder who will have Tiggy's room now. I snuck over to peek in and it was completely empty of cats. I hope it will be another pretty girl.

My human roommate here at Cat Depot requested I take over Tiggy's diary. Writing might be a worthy venture for a gentleman such as myself. I am very fond of computers, and not just because they can be used for ordering treats. I like the feeling of a good keyboard. Other cats will know what I mean. Keyboards are meowing good!

Right now, I must round this off. Dinner-delivery just arrived and I need to give this food my full attention, but here are some photos of me to help you get to know me better.

Yours truly,


Sonny working in the office

On this photo I'm overseeing the Communication's department.


Sonny helping with the calendar

This is me helping a human fill out her calendar. I'm concentrating really hard to understand her handwriting.

Sonny in the office

Here you can see me give my input on some flyers. I'm very good at graphic design.